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This episode concludes a chapter in which Jesus speaks in riddles, revealing the hidden things, the wonderful secrets of the new society. Again, nothing is as it seems. Jesus attempts a great scribal reversal, making the peasants scribes, and l
The widespread dissemination of disinformation by major media networks, political parties and politicians, and foreign governments has caused great division in American and constitutes a major threat to democracy. The Freedom to Vote Act ad
The movement for the "New Society" is sneaky and spreads its message through parables so that the authorities do not understand.  To support Rich Procida and Bible Study for Progressives.
When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared it a “day that will live in infamy.” On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked our nation. They destroyed the World Trade Center and attempted to destroy the Pe
Jesus starts talking in riddles to hide the wonderful secrets of the new society from those who would destroy it. The wise will understand while those in power will not. This episode and the next two regular episodes, numbers 33 and 34, explor
In this episode, we talk about democracy at the local level with Whittier Mayoral candidate Rolando Cano. We discuss the ultimate voter suppression: believing your vote doesn't count. When we understand what's at stake and recognize that ou
In this special episode, Bert Newton interviews Dr. Sebastien Doane, Professor of Biblical Studies at Laval University, in Quebec City, and author of Zombies, Unicorns, Cannibals; Strange Tales from the Bible (published by Paulist Press).  
This is the premiere episode of Democracy Under Fire! My new YouTube and Facebook show. My guest is Shawn Cassey O'Brien. He is the author of "For the Love of Long Shots: A Memoir on Democracy." We discuss the current crisis for democracy with
As Trump continues his ongoing coup plot to overthrow our government, we read about the seven demons that return to make matters worse than before. In this episode, Bert Newton tells us how to store up treasure in heaven and how to bring the ki
On Saturday, August 7th, I held a Democracy Can't-Wait Town Hall in the City of Whittier with City Council Member and California State Senate Candidate Henry Bouchot. After I and Council Member Bouchot speak, the community weighed on the import
We must fight for and protect our God-given right to rule ourselves. In this episode, Jesus diagnoses the problem of demon possession differently than his upper-class opponents. He finds the root cause of the problem not in the demon-possessed
Jesus calls for a more humane application of the Law and defeats the elite legal scholars of the old society in public debate. To support Bible Study for Progressives. 
Our democracy is threatened. We just escaped an attempted coup and another is on the way. Republican legislators, emboldened by the "Big Lie," are passing laws restricting people's right to vote. This episode offers a biblical and spiritual ref
Ever wonder about that parable about the children playing games in the marketplace? Bert Newton will unpack this parable and the lesson of the light and easy yoke from the second half of chapter 11 of the Gospel of Matthew. As we will see, Jesu
Matthew has been showing how Jesus and his movement fulfill the visions of the prophets. In chapter 11, the fulfillment theme gets stated so forcefully that it becomes evident that Jesus does not merely fulfill the visions of the prophets but r
Tell your story about why you believe in and are willing to fight for democracy, the Constitution, and the For the People Act. We will review the For the People Act. Then I and Elly Levi, an attorney, and immigrant from Israel will tell our dem
What does Jesus mean when he says that his disciples will not finish their mission of going through the towns of Israel "before the Son of Man comes"? Listen to this episode to find out. Support Parody and Subversion in Matthew (https://paypal
On Tuesday, June 29th, we expect the Senate to vote on the For the People Act. This act establishes basic commons sense standards for federal elections. In this episode, we will learn why the For the People Act is so important and what we must
We need a pro-democracy movement in America. To that end, I will be conducting a virtual Democracy Activist Training on June 27th. For Jesus, this included an army of healers to heal the nation of Israel. To support Bible Study for Progressive
Israel's recent incursion into Gaza provoked the typical Hamas response which Israel always uses to justify bombing a largely defenseless civilian population. Israel now wants the United States to resupply them with weapons. Meanwhile, Palestin
Jesus has to explain to his allies why he is partying with the sinners rather than fasting with revolutionaries. Then, after having gathered in the lost - the tax/toll collectors and "sinners" - he suddenly gets called to a high-status househol
Abraham Lincoln, quoting the Gospel of Mark, said that “a house divided against itself cannot stand” (Mark 3:25). In this time of disinformation and division, we should take these words of Jesus seriously. May we seek to resolve our differences
I held a press conference as a part of the National John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Day of Action on May 8th, 2021, in Whittier, California. The speakers include Rich Procida, Maggie Moe of the Whittier Voter Coalition, Lolleta Barrett of
In celebration of the National John Lewis Voting Right Advancement Day of Action, we look at the state of voting rights and the need to protect our vote. 
Bert Newton will read Matthew Chapter 9 verses 1 through 8 and then verses 9 to 13 and discuss how Jesus’ healing of a paralytic and the calling of Matthew, the disciple, are both social and political ways of healing the nation, granting people
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