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Imagine advancing local+global connection, economic development, entrepreneurship, transportation and community-development… all through an existing asset. That asset is the major airport. A new kind of community and economic engine can be buil
Humanity is at an inflection point. We can spiral up to abundance and equity—or spiral down into division and despair. It’s up to us. All of us. To chart a positive path, we need to have the tough conversations and challenge our assumptions. We
Place-making and the built environment is extra special when it combines the visual with other senses. It’s called Content Driven Design. Content Driven Design tells stories, heightens our awareness of the world and informs us about humanity an
What makes a stink bug an entrepreneur? Maybe he takes more risk than other stink bugs do. Maybe he sees patterns that the other little creatures don’t. The entrepreneur-stink-bug’s friends tend not to understand him. Whether stink bug or huma
The very act of creating art is the art. Creative Contact is when we do so, together. Creative Contact helps us truly tune into (and understand) each other. And, when we do it right, we integrate life, humanity, place-making and nature.  We can
Humor can connect us. When we laugh together, we’re less likely to harm each other. Humor also brings new perspectives. Perspectives that produce possibility and creativity. In this episode, Comedian+Leadership Speaker David Horning and Host Cr
Have you ever experienced a synchronistic moment when time and space bend—and someone (or something) else seems “in control”? You realize something special is happening, but you can’t quite put it into words. Guess what: Love has probably got a
Did you know that the word “Network” has 43 meanings? Yep, 43. Like the case with so many words, there are many meanings. It’s important to be specific and clear about what we’re discussing. During this conversation, host Craig James and his gu
Culture makes us better human beings. Music is a great example of culture. In fact, one could argue that music is a necessity—not a nicety. It’s an international language.  Creating music is an elevated act like no other. Performing music conn
Imagine looking upon the Earth with millions of brilliant stars in the background while you “walk“ through low Earth orbit toward the Hubble Space Telescope.  Upon arrival at the Hubble—you’re reminded of the fact that it sees 13 billion years
We’re in a unique time. What will leadership look like in the future? How can a leader help other leaders grow their leadership abilities? How and when should we conduct courageous conversations?  Host Craig James is joined by Scott J. Miller,
Why does Capitalism exist? Should it be reimagined? How do we define opportunity equality? Is American democracy at stake? Host Craig James is joined by Peter Georgescu, Chairman Emeritus of Young & Rubicam. Peter has a gripping life story. Whi
For most of history, healthcare has been a centralized system. But with today's advancements in information technology, artificial intelligence and social platforms; aspects of healthcare can be reimagined. Care can become increasingly patient-
We are experiencing the arrival of the Internet of Value. What does that mean? What might it bring to Business and the World? What is the underlying Technology? Have our methods of transacting become outdated? Does it mean the end of cash? Exec
Can we see into the future? How can we better prepare ourselves to alter outcomes in the future that we deem damaging or negative? In this episode of Big Audacious Idea, Host Craig James is joined by Senior Executive Advisor, Jens Ulrik Hansen.
What truly is code? How can the definition of code be better associated with the progression of humankind? Can this adapted understanding influence our relationship with progress? In this episode, Host Craig James is joined by economist and aut
How is trust most effectively built? How does trust impact a team? What type of environment will help a team thrive? Greg Wooldridge is a former member of the Blue Angels and is the only person to have led their flight demonstration team three
Host Craig James returns with today’s most provocative thinkers to explore the meta-questions of life. It's 35 minutes of deep and thoughtful discussion guaranteed to feed the curious mind. Please join us for a second season as we explore theme
Can we ensure a bright future? Is holding true to our beliefs in a world of technological and social "progress" really possible? Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of Big Audacious Idea. In this episode, we will sum it all up. During the seas
How will augmented and virtual reality shape the future? Will 3D-printing impact our everyday lives? What’s real and what’s not? This episode is going virtual! Host, Craig James, will be joined by Aaron Frank, one of the first faculty members
Does time move backward? Can we change time? Can we move through it? Does time even exist? Host, Craig James will be joined by an expert in the field of Time, Alan Burdick, who authored the book, “Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investiga
Will we ever get rid of money? Is cryptocurrency just a trend? Who is more valuable, a rich person or a volunteer? Money, with its complex implications for humans, raises some huge questions: questions that can only be answered by world-renow
Are we all connected? How do we use memories from the past to heal the present? Is our reality an illusion? Host Craig James welcomes guest Gordana Biernat, a world renowned author, speaker, and explorer of the physical. She was named by Opra
What is technology’s impact on humanity? Is our ability to be empathetic disappearing? Are we living in a Dark Age? Host, Craig James welcomes awarding winning author and journalist Maggie Jackson to explore what it means to be human. Maggie’
Is reincarnation real? Where do you go after you die? What is an out of body experience? Skeptics beware! This episode adds powerful evidence that consciousness never ends, exploring the possibilities of life after death. Host, Craig James, v
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