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With the first act behind them, it seems as if our hapless heroes have no means of fending off the giant irradiated centipede... granted, punching it seems to work pretty well as a stopgap, but we need long-term solutions and not everyone is as
It's The Revenge of Die Laughing! Elliot returns with Saturn, Levi, Owen, and Sara to explore a new side of horror-comedy: the kind that isn't intentionally comedic but was made on a shoestring budget in 1953 and is thus the funniest thing imag
With their latest mission gone horribly south and resolved as well as they can hope for, the Forget-Me-Nots prepare to cut their losses and live to negotiate another day. However, one of their number has had a change of plans: Giuseppe "Golden
With the situation at the Ironbreaker Mechforge reaching a volatile head, the Forget-Me-Nots must pull out all the stops to get out alive, let alone succeed in their mission! Will getting messy pay off, or just get them in deeper trouble? Arabe
As the Forget-Me-Nots once again find their party split and the circumstances desperate, only quick thinking can save the day. Incidentally, remember that time Pfeffer managed to fast-talk his way past a whole squad of mechs? Good times, good t
With pre-mission prep behind them, the Forget-Me-Nots must choose a plan of "attack" for their diplomatic mission with a potentially dangerous and duplicitous labor strike. As they deploy, once again splitting the party, it quickly becomes appa
The Forget-Me-Nots have a new mission... and it's a delicate one! A labor strike has struck at the chief Tychonian mech factory, and they seem more focused on arming themselves than negotiating terms. Will our robot-riding diplomats be able to
With their mission completed, our newly Tier One heroes return home to recuperate and make the most of their time. However, they'll soon learn that their victory has earned them more trouble than expected, and the threat of retaliation now hang
The orbital auction reaches its second, extra-juicy half as the Forget-Me-Nots find themselves in a tight spot, with half their members in a perilous (but lucrative) situation and a quarter of their members getting actively whaled on. But they
It's the second half of our holiday-travel-horror special, and things are not going well for this gaggle of hapless victims! No one's died just yet, but guards are low and Brian's goals are still unknown. What will happen when an actual confron
As a delayed holiday special that still turned out to be seasonal, it's time to DIE LAUGHING with Saturn, Levi, Pixie... and our special guest star, Elliot! Listen as they concoct four doomed oddballs, stranded in a crowded airport with a malic
Things heat up in the orbital auction as more high-tech surplus is put up for grabs and the competition becomes increasingly personal. Gabrielle mingles with some new faces (and one uncomfortably familiar one), Pfeffer draws aggro, Arabella fal
On their latest mission, the Forget-Me-Nots are sent into high orbit, where battles are fought not with giant robots, but with giant bank accounts! Can they bring home glamorous prizes from this ADVERSE auction without breaking their budget, an
We're jumping back into Beam Saber exactly where we left off, as the Forget-Me-Nots recuperate from their messy last mission and see what they can do with the spoils of cold war. Featuring: an employee performance review, the difficulties of fi
After a rough fight with an awkward resolution, our heroes need to step up their game, and what better way to do that than some old-fashioned training? However, some friendly sparring could turn unfriendly in a hurry when the heat of mock battl
As the team's second mall throwdown continues, they quickly realize that they could be in over their heads. Luke leaps into peril, Pipa pulls off an awkward rescue, Pate looks for common ground, and Juno tries out some new moves. Will their wit
A supervillain threatens the nearby, shockingly-alive mall, and they're a lot more of a threat than the Alternatives were! How will our heroes respond--especially since one of them is on the clock at her civilian job when it happens? Tune in to
It's time to find out just how much trouble our heroes can get up to while separated! How will they fare without the power of Friendship to save their terrible rolls? Luke goes looking for answers, Juno and Pipa escalate their situation, and Pa
As the dust of their latest brush with high-concept miscreancy settles, our heroes set about their own personal agendas. Juno and Pipa join forces, as the former abides by her corporate caretakers' wishes to distract from the latter's unsanctio
And we're back, with our still-unnamed team of superheroic young adults! Turns out they've been up to some things while we haven't been looking, and I know catching up on canon can be a real hassle for some people, but let's see if we can't smo
The calendar is ticking down until the big fencing tournament, and our fops have to make sure they're as prepared as possible to gain glory for themselves and their respective schools... but there are always more important things to focus on, l
We return to our quartet of rival foppish duelists to see how they handle themselves in more... random circumstances. What shall they do when, say, the proletariat gets sick of them? Or when their inadvisable love affairs don't play out nice an
It's a BGN Bicentennial! For our 200th episode, friend of the show (and of the RPG world at large) Greg Stolze has provided us with an exclusive advance (and we mean ADVANCE) copy of his newest game! Watch as we roll up a handful of sword-wield
Armed with an awareness of the time loop and the vaguest sense of what's causing it, July the undertaker has one last shot at saving the town of Bitter Branch from endlessly recurring destruction! But can she overcome the conflicting interests
Things heat up as July becomes more aware of the time loop! But what extreme measures will she have to take to uncover the murderous mystery at the loop's core, and how much progress can she make before everyone dies yet again? Listen on to fin
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