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We’re continuing where we left off with integrating the blindspot. — (6:00) Hitting the soc-last pain back walls harder exploring our toxic traits — (26:18) Introduction to the instinctual approaches and needs — (40:20) Self-pres approaches —
We’re continuing to discuss John’s new instinct book. This week we’re getting into the instinctual blindspot. — (3:17) How we’re invested in not understanding or grasping what the blindspot really is — (5:17) Our experiences of our blindspots
John’s instinct book is finally here. The crew is back together to discuss the instincts book to rule them all.  — (4:03) John’s thoughts and experiences writing new instinct material for his book — (7:58) The clarity of understanding how we’r
We’re back with two contrasting social types thrust into a social hell in this surprise face/off between Koala CQ Alexandra and Untouchable Prince Joseph. — (2:39) Social attachment vs social hexad — (5:36) How does Joseph navigate being socia
We’re descending into the hell of the self-pres instinct with this face/off between Dominatrix Nancy and Cult Daddy David — (5:20) The hellish fear vs the comfort stages of self-pres — (9:09) The friction between the pursuit of money for a cer
This week the enneagrammer boys got together to rant and share tips and tricks on the skill of typing.  — (3:53) Our experiences with self-typing — (10:01) How is it that we can type someone we don’t know? — (14:22) How to approach typings and
Continuing where we left off with Courtney on hexad vs attachment. — (1:26) How do frustration types relate to one another? — (5:18) How attachment gets in the way of relating to others — (7:46) Hexad vs attachment perspectives and reactions t
Courtney joins us to lend her insightful point of view to the hexad vs attachment discussion in this two part conversation. — (1:26)  An overview of Object Relations and what hexad and attachment mean — (10:40) Why is attachment triggering to
We’re back with new insights to share continuing our hexad vs attachment series. — (1:26)  Revisiting the curious case of David Gray and his hidden very weird attachment — (9:09) Reviewing the last episode’s insights on the individuated vs att
We’re continuing our explorations of attachment with a face/off between Cult Daddy David and Undignified CQ Alexandra. Venture into this double 9 labyrinth and you *might* emerge from the mist with insights from below and above attachment. — (
We’re landing on major discoveries exploring hexad vs attachment. Undressing the invisible assumptions of attachment explains so much about how the world functions, and how oppositional hexad and attachment orientations are. — (2:41)  Parasoci
We need to talk about attachment some more. Interesting new questions and insights about attachment have emerged as a result of our soul intercourse series. Let’s spin. — (4:03)  Inner disagreement and ongoing friction fueling attachment — (9:
Continuing where we left off with our beloved CQ Alexandra joining us to excavate the challenges attachment types face in love, intimacy, and sexuality.  — (4:17)  Attachment types individuating by facing fear, leaving ‘home’, and being alone
The soul sex saga continues. Our beloved CQ Alexandra joins us to excavate the challenges attachment types face in love, intimacy, and sexuality.  — (1:27)  Addressing excuses and deflections — (7:49)  What social blinds are missing and how th
This week we’re responding to your comments on our soul intercourse series. It’s gonna get spicy.  — (2:59)  Can we discuss this topic from the queer perspective? — (5:48)  David’s favorite stripper with mother issues has an amazing sex life —
We getting all up in DG’s grille this week. What’s his deal with sexuality and relationships anyway?  — (2:32)  David unpacks his significant age gap kink   — (7:01)  DG’s childhood and how that influences how seriously he takes himself as a p
We’re getting all up in your soul g-spot this week, exploring the different dimensions of sexuality and chemistry. How to meet someone energetically during sex. — (4:02)  Emeka’s revelation about his sexuality   — (9:32)  How Nancy senses a se
This week we’re getting hormonal with your submitted horny kinks and sexual fantasies. Hide yo kids, it’s about get hot in here. — (3:56) David’s ‘Daddy who buys shit for stockholms’ kink — (10:14) Breeding kink and sexual selection — (21:30)
This week we’re joined by two twos, Alex Giroux and Fay Willow, to unpack our negative bias against 2s. We attempt to atone for our sins. Forgive us for we shall sin again. — (10:06) The collective shadow that type 2 represents culturally — (1
We’re picking up where we left off unpacking how terrible and misleading Countertype is. — (4:11) How Countertypes create the wrong implications about the types — (10:57) Self-pres 4 Countertype - “Tenacity” — (19:41) The horrendous sexual 4 d
This week we’re unpacking Countertype, a deplorable concept plaguing the enneagram. — (1:26) The origin of subtype — (5:43) What is Countertype? — (11:23) Social 9 Countertype - “Participation” — (16:37) Instinct is the basis of the personalit
This week we’re getting into the objective competency triad as we wrap up our series exploring the harmonic groups. — (5:32) What makes a competency type competent? — (10:20) 3s needing parameters to gauge performance — (13:12) Nancy’s swirl a
This week, after another heart-opening transformative meetup in the zone, we’re discussing our experiences with breathwork.  — (3:24) We recount a powerful spontaneous breathwork session in The Zone — (7:52) What is a breathwork session and ho
This week we’re diving into the often negative reactive types as we continue our series exploring the harmonic groups. — (3:42)  What are the assumptions of the reactive type lens?   — (6:06)  How each harmonic group is disconnecting from the
We’re back at it with another thirsty LoveLine Q/A episode. — (2:22) What archetypes and myths do we each identify with and how does the shadow show up in relationships? — (33:16) Criticism that we could end up going off the rails with the pot
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