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In this epsiode Caspar speaks to 32 year old online business entrepreneur Jaryd Krause. After leaving school, Jaryd did an apprenticeship to become a plumber and fast-rack to economic independence. He quickly found he had a knack for managing p
Caspar speaks with 29 year old Young Workers Centre Director Felicity Sowerbutts about the successful campaign to make Wage Theft a crime. After growing up in the UK and moving to Australia as a young politics graduate, Felicity worked retail j
Caspar speaks with young upstart theatre producers Amy Johnson and Nathan Alexander about how they started Australia's best immersive psychological mindbending theatre company Realscape Productions. The two discuss meeting while Nathan was work
After knocking the first wave on its head and coming back outside for air (read beer), the fine people of Melbourne have again been overrun by the coronavirus COVID-19. While Australia is yet to experience the case rates of countries like Italy
For many years the world has been facing the biggest mass movement of people since the second world war. Destabilized countries like Syria, Yemen, and Libya have seen millions seeking safety in neighbouring countries and beyond ethnic violence
Did you ever watch those TV legal dramas like Law & Order? Have you ever wondered what it's like inside a criminal case in Australia? What do defence lawyers do? Is it like the movies? And what is the morality of trying to defend drug dealers,
Like many young people, you may feel like you'll never own your own home. Between stagnant wages, a never-ending property boom, tax breaks like negative gearing and a general sense that the system is rigged, many young Australians feel that the
As the initial wave of coronavirus recedes and we begin reopening our economies, what should we expect to find? Come binge thinking with 29 year old macro economist David Murakami (@hirothreading) and 31 year old Health Economist Jay Stiles (@j
In our first episode for Season 4, Caspar is joined by two Binge Thinking "All Stars": epidemiology expert Alex McLean & psychologist Vicki Smith. They discuss COVID-19 and its impacts on youth development and mental health. Alex explains how t
The world has changed, and Binge Thinking must change too. In this Bonus Binge Nina and Caspar speak directly to the audience about the COVID-19 crisis - what it means for young people and how they are dealing with it personally. The two also s
Have you ever wondered how furniture is made? How is it possible to bend wood? Perhaps you’ve considered going into a new career but you wish you could do it without years of training and studies? Meet 27 year old furniture maker Nathan Lawrenc
Why did local councils stop taking our recycling in recent months? Why did some people blame China, while others thought the EPA had a role to play? Have you ever really understood what happens to your garbage, recycling, organic waste and hard
You know how when you search something in Google, it says it finds 185 million results in less than a second? Have you ever wondered how Google decides which webpage to list first? Think about it, how do you rank hundreds of millions of web sea
Caspar goes binge thinking with 31 year old osteopath and small business owner Jemimah Nicholson. They discuss what osteopathy is and how it differs from similar allied health practices such as physiotherapy. Jemimah outlines the history of the
Episode 54 covers three topics: Mentoring and closing the gap between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians, finding musical feet and balancing everyday life with creativity, and the future of democratic participation through te
This episode brings you Caspar's conversation with 23-year-old social entrepreneur Rona Glynn-McDonald. Rona is a Kaytyete woman from Central Australia, and the founder and CEO of CommonGround, a not-for-profit organisation that shares First Na
What do you know about Virtual Reality technology? Maybe you've seen those photos of people with VR goggles on and wondered how they avoid walking into things? You might have been curious to know if the technology is used beyond video games and
Have you ever notices on ads for pads and tampons they’re always shown absorbing blue liquid instead of blood? Have you ever had to dash from a meeting at work with a tampon discreetly in your hand so that no one notices? Maybe you got your per
Tax is the system that funds our roads, schools, hospitals, welfare and more. Without it, the government has less money to spend. But what happens when our jobs and economy change so radically, that people no longer earn enough money to be taxe
What is mechanical engineering and why do we need it in our lives? According to our guest, 28 year old Aileen Ng, mechanical engineering enters most facets of our lives, from our train system and bridges, to our toasters, our renewable energy a
Press freedom is not a new issue, but many listeners in Australia, and even some overseas may have noticed that it has come into the spotlight again, with the recent AFP raids on ABC journalists.Of course, many places in the world are still fig
One in three young people (26 and under) are either unemployed or underemployed in Australia. Our youth rate for unemployment is at its highest in 40 years, and the Newstart allowance for young job seekers has not increased in over 25 years, ev
Have you ever wondered how we make decisions in Australia about health? Who came up with the anti-smoking laws and why? How should we approach childcare, high blood pressure, diabetes and or even just how many days we should work in the week? T
Caspar speaks with 33 year old ‘alternative’ personal trainer Jess Daly about how she went from travelling the world as a professional dancer to becoming a fired-up physical and mental coach working with Melbourne’s queer, female and alternativ
We begin season 3, the only way we possibly could, politically. Most listeners will be aware that Australia is currently in the midst of an federal election. Here at binge thinking, we wanted to speak with youth representatives of each the part
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