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A Nature, Natural Sciences and Science podcast featuring Mo Stych
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The holiday season is upon us and nothing says "festive" like a warm, cozy, sweatshirt...screenprinted with some birds on snow-covered branches and probably some pinecones or other ambiguous "outdoor" motives. That's right: put away your ugly s
IT'S SUMMERTIME, BABYYYY! We're coming at you with the hottest facts about some beachin' North American shorebirds, as well as ways you can help keep the shores safe for birds. Cool down with this tall glass of bird banter!We also share some of
We hope you're ready for some tea. The National Audubon Society is front and center of a lot of important conversations regarding race, inclusivity, and equality—both in the workplace and the great outdoors. In the past few months, the majority
We're back! After welcoming our own little baby birds into the world, we wanted to share our favorite bird moms for our first episode of 2021. Yes, this episode is coming out after Mother's Day, but we were able to record it on Mother's Day so
Every joke about "Corvid-19" has already been made, so let's skip to the good stuff: BIRDS! We'll share some fascinating, little-known facts about one of the bird world's smartest families (but let's be honest, ALL birds are smart). Corvids—aka
It's one thing to admire birds in the wild, but it's rare to find people who dedicate their lives to helping injured birds return to the wild. Suzie Gilbert is one of these impassioned birders. Luckily for the world, she picked up a pen to star
Spring is upon us and the birds are gettin' busy. And what does that mean? That's right: lots of little baby birds will soon be entering the world. Not all nests are created equal. Some birds lay eggs in giant piles of composting garbage that t
Bird Sh*t Podcast is officially one year old! Sarah and Mo have been talkin' birds, interviewing amazing birders, and sharing badass bird facts for 365 days. Thank you so much for listening and being a part of this adventure!To celebrate our "b
Stephanie Seymour has been a musician her whole life and an avid birder for the last 15 years. Her latest album, There Are Birds, brings together her love of birds and vast musical talents. Don't be fooled by the album's name: this is not an al
When we first recorded this Spring Break episode, we didn't anticipate half the world being on COVID-19 lockdown. But now seems like as good of a time as any to take a mental vacation to the sunny regions of Mexico, Central America, and South A
Corina Newsome grew up in Philadelphia and has always had a desire to participate in, and advocate for, the protection of wildlife and natural spaces, and encourage people of color in the U.S. to explore the great outdoors. These days, you’ll c
While counting down the days until spring migration, we might as well go full-out WINTER. Embrace your cold side and learn about some awesome birds that call the Arctic their home (for at least part of the year). Learn about: a bird that sprays
Grassland bird populations are declining more than any other bird group in North America. Rather than spaz out—our normal reaction to bad bird news—we had a conversation with Alyssa DeRubeis and felt a lot better about the work being done for g
Ever wonder what bird species your favorite characters from the hit TV series "The Office" would be? Wonder no more. In this episode, we correlate characteristics of different bird species to some of the rowdy bunch of characters from "The Offi
Before we dive too deep into 2020, let's reflect on 2019. Some big things happened in the bird world last year. Scientists identified the remains of a 15-pound, 3-foot-tall parrot named Squawkzilla. US cities adopted bird-friendly laws. We've l
Some people think it's weird that many gifts in the "12 Days of Christmas" carol are birds. We're not those people...because BIRDS. Impress your friends and family this holiday season by spittin' some fun facts about the birds mentioned in this
We always hear how climate change impacts birds, but what does it feel like to *be* a bird living through this unfathomable change? Producer, songwriter, and filmmaker Ryan Moritz set out to answer this question. He’s spent the last five years
You know how everyone is always talking about the cool rare birds they've seen? Time to shut up the haters with these amazing facts about common birds. We believe that all birds should be appreciated every day...so why not learn more about the
Ever wonder who the people are that named the birds named after people? Well, we wondered about it and decided to do some research. This isn't a collection of hum-drum stories about old white dudes. That's not how we roll. We uncovered tantaliz
Pack an extra pair of pants because we're playing scary bird calls for our Halloween episode! Play these creepy bird calls at your Halloween party or listen to them late at night when you can't sleep. (Don't worry, it's totally normal.)In addit
You asked, "how can I help birds?" We said, "HELL YES LET'S HELP SOME BIRDS." Turns out, there are some very, very simple things you can do to help birds everywhere have a better chance of surviving. From your daily cup of coffee to just apprec
Andrés Jiménez, a biologist and conservation advocate, has found a snowy owl in downtown Toronto, searched for snakes all across Costa Rica, and rediscovered a toad species that was missing for 30 years. His 9-5 job is leading urban birding pro
These birds are not like the others in their scientific families. Meet some fascinating birds defying their taxonomy or going through some kind of weird identity crisis. A parrot that lives in the mountains?! A songbird without a song?! Learn a
Turns out that birds are just as pissed about the changes to the Endangered Species Act as we are. In this episode, we highlight birds who fight back and give humans a taste of their own medicine. GO BIRDS, GO!! Note: if we're being real, these
We first reached out to birding expert Laura Erickson to talk about the birds of Harry Potter (check out episode 11!). This episode—the second half of our conversation with her—is filled with her inspirational perspective on life, relatable obs
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