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Slade - "Radio, Wall of Soud" Bill Nelson - "Golden Days of Radio" Connie Smith - "Tiny Blue Transistor Radio" Benny Hill - "Transistor Radio" Hoosier Hot Shots - "Since Our Henhouse Has a Radio" Elvis Costello - "Radio Radio (Capital Radio Version)" Marshall Crenshaw - "Radio Girl" Cheap Trick - "On the Radio" Wurzels - "Rock DJ" Hackamore Brick - "Radio" Beach Boys - "That's Why God Made Radio" Music behind DJ: Who - "Sodding About" Ramones - "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?" Ren & Stmpy - "I Wanna Be a DJ" Hank Harrel - "DJ Blues" Power Salad - "Classic Rock Cutoff Date" Chris Witting - "WOWO Staff Meeting" Bobby Roberts - "Russian Bandstand" R Stevie Moore - "Pledge Your Money" Bessie Griffin - "Heaven's Radio" Power Salad - "Voices in Your Head (Have Started a Podcast)" Alex Bevan - "Buzzard Song" Fishbone - "Modern Industry" Music behind DJ: Beatles - "Flying" Power Salad - "Gas Station DJ" Flotsam & Jetsam - "Little Betty Bouncer" Android Sisters - "Ray-Dee-Oh"
Joe & Harmony - "Save the Hippie" Ari Lesser - "Hippie Dance" Ethan Lipton - "Hippie Song" Big Bang Boom - "Hippie Mom" Victor Lundberg - "To the Flower Power" Harry H Corbett & Unidentified Flower Objects - "Flower Power Fred" Sheb Wooley - "Love-In" Barry Mann - "Young Electric Psychedelic Hippie" Moe Averick - "Middle-Age Hippie Blues" Hollywood Argyles - "Long Hair, Unsquare Dude Called Jack" Lester Flatt - "I Can't Tell the Boys From the Girls" Sanctified Glory Mtn Revival Family Band - "Your Hair's Too Long" Rucka Rucka Ali - "Hippie Song" Music behind DJ: Lowney's Chocolates - "By-Cracky Beat" Jack Webb & Harry Morgan - "Dragnet Speak" Red River Dave - "California Hippie Murders" Alvie Self - "Hippieville" Guy Drake - "Marching Hippies" Joe Richie - "How Do You Get Rid of a Hippie" Marcia Strassman - "Flower Children" Spinal Tap - "Listen to the Flower People" Earth Screams Uncle - "Hippie Dance" Wild Bill Cooksy - "Mississippi Hippie" Chesley Carroll - "Hippie from Mississippi" Homer & Jethro - "Hillbilly Hippie" Homer & Jethro - "Santa Claus, The Original Hippie" Don Sneed - "Santa Claus is a Hippie" Ian Kelleher - "Happy Hippie Song" Music behind DJ: Funky Morons - "Have a Happy Day" Tim O'Brien - "Dance, You Hippie, Dance" Pat Ramsey - "Hippie Song"
Amos Raber Jr - "Truckin Song" Pure Grain - "Truckin Song" Gary Allen - "Highway Junkie" Bobby Braddock - "Gear-Bustin Sort of Feller" Junior Brown - "Semi Crazy" Kitty Wells - "My Big Truck Drivin Man" Lee Ann Womack - "I Love a Man with 18 Wheels" Chris Sprague - "Diesel Made for Two" Johnny Cash - "All I Do is Drive" Del Reeves - "Trucker's Paradise" Ray Stevens - "Ethelene the Truck Stop Queen" Bobby Bare - "The Jogger" Stompin Tom Connors - "Bud the Spud" Music behind DJ: Stu Phillips & Orch - "Tropical Summer" Them Fargo Brothers - "Ain't No UFO Gonna Catch My Diesel" Willis Brothers - "Alcohol & Number 2 Diesel" Dave Dudley & Charlie Douglas - "Where's the Truck" C W McCall - "Four-Wheel Drive" Jimmy Simpson - "Alcan Run" Ladislav Vodička - "There Ain't No Easy Run" Willis Brothers - "Diesel Smoke on Danger Road" Jay's Booming Hat - "Big Ass Diesel" Heywood Banks - "Eighten Wheels on a Big Rig" Dick Curless - "Drag em Off the Interstate, Sock it to em J P Blues" Tim Wilson - "Peterbuilt Prison" Cledis Maggard & Citizen's Band - "Kentucky Moonrunner" Anonymous - "Lucky Strike" Music behind DJ: Carl Stevens - "Call of the Jungle" Credibilty Gap - "Hello World, This Here's Wrong Number" Firesign Theatre - "Whazz Reeeal!"
Radio Free Vestibule - "Bulbous Bouffant" Bob Newhart - "Stop It!" Lewis Black - "Climate Change" Phil Austin - "Art of the Insane" Mike Toomey - "What it Was, Was a Strip Club" Bob & Ray - "Garish Summit [507]" Rowan Atkinson and Angus Deayton - "Fatal Beating" Frantics - "Last Will & Temperament" Lew Bedell - "Dear Madelyn" Music behind DJ: - "Fawlty Towers Theme" Abbott & Costello - "Jonah & the Whale" Hudson & Landry - "Nobody's Business" Not the 9:00 News - "Hi-Fi Shoppe" Congress of Wonders - "Pigeon Park" Phil Austin - "Art of the Insane 2" Ernie Kovaks - "Mr Question Man" Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre - "Taconite" Clarke & Dawe - "Real News" Andy Griffith - "White Lightning" Music behind DJ: Stu Hamm & Larry Mitchell - "Fleetwood Mac" Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner - "Two-Hour-Old Baby" Eddie Lawrence - "Blackouts of 1984"
Power Salad - "In My Driverless Car" Len & Henry Spencer - "Rube Haskin's Ride in the Cyclone Auto (1903)" Tex Williams - "Ballad of Thunder Road" Jim & Jessie - "Diesel On My Tail" Charlie Moore & Bill Napier - "Hot Rod Kids & Women Drivers" Don Sargent & His Buddies - "Leadfoot" Mad Magazine - "All I Have Left is Johnny's Hubcap" The Browns - "Draggin Main Street" Gene Simmons - "Peroxide Blonde & a Hopped-Up Model Ford" Eddie Ringo - "Full Racing Cam" Heywood Banks - "I Don't Buy My Own Tires" Hanley Johnson - "Wide-Track Tire" Brownie McGhee - "Auto Mechanic Blues" Punsters - "My Heart's in Gridlock" Music behind DJ: Spike Jones - "Frantic Freeway" Pinkard & Bowden - "Blue Hairs Driving in My Lane" Irving Kaufman - "Henry's Made a Lady Out of Lizzie" Doug Harden - "Dig That Ford" Chubby Checker - "Toot" Troggs - "Jaguar & Thunderbird" Cowslingers - "Rick Wilson's GTO" Four Imperials - "Santa's Got A Coupe Deville" Don Churchill & Texas Mavericks - "Cadillac Blues" Bill Brandt - "Pink Cadillac" Two Petes - "57 Chevrolet" Greg Brown - "Brand New '64 Dodge" 1965 Corvair - "This Baby's Got Style!" Kings of Leon - "Camaro" Junior Brown & Beach Boys - "409" Music behind DJ: Butch Ross - "Sweet Spotted Pony" Pete Townshend - "Goin Mobile (Lifehouse)" John Prine - "Automobile" Paul Evans - "Seven Lirttle Girls"
Anonymous - "Sleeping Beauty Song" Mother Goose with a Beatle Beat - "Hickory Dickory Rock" Chubby Checker - "The Class" Anonymous - "Mary Had a Little Lamb" Tex Cameron - "LIttle Bo Peep" Dale Hawkins - "Little Pig" Green Jello - "Three Little Pigs" Lynzee - "Mutiny in the Nursery" Steve Allen - "Red Riding Hood" Sham-Ettes - "Big Bad Wolf" Jazzbo Collins - "Little Hood Riding Red" Louis Prima - "Robin Hood" Glen Grey & Casa Loma Orchestra - "Nutty Nursery Rhymes" Music behind DJ: Ferrante & Teicher - "Jungle Rhumba" Fractured Fairy Tales - "Rumpelstiltskin" Shelby Taylor - "Fairy Tales" Heywood Banks - "Humpty Dumpty" Thunder & Sunshine - "Jack & Jill" Jazzbo Collins - "Jack & the Beanstalk" Clint Eastwood & General Saint - "Jack Spratt" Archibald - "Little Miss Muffet" Little Richard - "Itsy Bitsy Spider" Jack Ross - "Cinderella" Carey-Garfin Four - "Three Bears" Jazzbo Collins - "Snow White" Music behind DJ: Edmundo Ross - "Rhumba Rhapsody" Monte Python - "Fairy Tale" Trout Fishing in America - "The Window"
10cc - "Marriage Bureau Rendezvous" Paradise Hammer - "She is Love" Bad Boys - "Love" Toby Twirl - "Romeo & Juliet" Kim Fowley - "Memories of a High School Bride" Leona Anderson - "Limburger Lover" Sondra Prill - "Addicted To Love" Marga Benitez & Mello-Tones - "Man Loves Woman" Tom T Hall - "I Love" Tex Ritter - "I Love My Rooster" Terry Corin & Her Boyfriends - "Sick! Sick! Sick!" Frank Sinatra & Dagmar - "Mama Will Bark" Jordan & Fascinations - "I'll Be Forever Loving You" Brother Bones & His Shadows - "Sweet Georgia Brown" Guns & Roses - "I Used to Love Her" Donnas - "Get Rid of That Girl" Francis Xavier & Holy Roman Empire - "I'm Bored with Your Face" Tommy Sena - "I'm Gonna Laugh Instead of Cry" Jim Kweskin Jug Band - "When I'll Come Back to You" Lily Allen - "Never Gonna Happen (It's Not Me, It's You)" Bobby Easton - "Baseball Song" Steve Goodman - "You Never Even Called Me By My Name" Hank Williams - "Lovesick Blues" George Weston - "Sneakin" Otis Blackwell - "Back Trail" Yat Kha (Albert Kuvezin) - "Love Will Tear Us Apart" Paul Gilbert - "Six Billion People" Music behind DJ: Frontline - "The Happy March" Rev. Billy C Wirtz - "Just Friends" Woody Garrett - "If You Won't Get Out of My Life ..." Vincent Laguardia Gambini - "Take Your Love & Shove It!"
Camille West - "Nervous Wreck of the Edna Fitzgerald" Procol Harum - "Wreck of the Hesperus" Alestorm - "Shipwrecked" Sea Shantie - "Worst Old Ship" Longest Johns - "Wellerman" Brian Gulland · Robin Jeffrey · Tim Laycock - "Sailing Over the Dogger Bank" Oscar Brand - "Good Ship Venus" Bird E Bath - "A Naughty-Cal Tale" Bobbie Comber - "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" Ed McCurdy - "Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor" Clinton Ford - "He Played His Ukulele as the Ship Went Down" Pirateers - "You Can't Hold a Good Man Down" Thurl Ravenscroft - "Asleep in the Deep" Music behind DJ: Mike Shapiro - "Spooky" 97th Regimental String Band - "Saturday Night at Sea" Lonely Island - "I'm on a Boat!" Rapskallion - "Captain Crow" Pirates for Sail - "Time Flies When You're Having Rum" Adam & Ants - "Jolly Roger" Alestorm - "Keelhauled" Ewan MacColl & A.L. Lloyd - "Haul on the Bowline" Trailer Park Boys - "Kittyman Sea Shanty" Johnny Collins - "Hard on the Beach Oar" Clancy Brothers - "Shoals of Herring" Wayne Bruner - "T.R. Special" Johnny Collins - "South Australia" New State Singers - "Mighty Blue Whale" National Lampoon (C Guest) - "Whaling Song" Beggars - "Whale Song" Music behind DJ: Anon - "Hawaiian War Chant" Bobbie Comber - "Return of Barnacle Bill" 97th Regimental String Band - "Leave Her Johnny"
Bill Boyd & Cowboy Ramblers - "Jig" W Lee O'Daniel's Hillbilly Boys - "I Like Mountain Music" Red Foley & Ernest Tubb - "Hillbilly Fever #2" Bill Boyd & Cowboy Ramblers - "Wah Hoo!" Red Foley - "Rockin & Reelin" Carson Robison - "Rockin & Rollin with Grandma" Joe Carson - "I'm Not Allergic to Love" Tune Wranglers - "Oh Look at That Baby" Smokey Wood & Modern Mountaineers - "When My Baby Comes to Town" Hal Lone Pine - "Honey, Honey Mine" Curly Williams & Georgia Peach Pickers - "Honey Do You Love Me" Hank Thompson - "How Cold-Hearted" Crystal Springs Ramblers - "Tired of Me" Jimmie Revard & His Oklahoma Playboys - "Someone Else You Care For" Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody - "I'm Talking, Start Walking" Music behind DJ: Brother Bones & His Shadows - "Sweet Georgia Brown" Adolph Hofner - "Shiner Song" Hank Thompson - "Older The Violin, The Sweeter The Music" Billy Jack Wills - "Rock-a-Bye Baby Blues" Sid King & The Five Strings - "Sag, Drag, and Fall" Hartman's Heartbreakers with Betty Lou - "Feels Good" Tune Wranglers - "Sweet Mama Blues" Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys - "I Can't Tell a Waltz from a Tango" Pee Wee King - "Tennessee Tango" Johnny Lee Wills - "Bees in My Bonnet" Johnny Tyler & Riders of the Rio Grande - "Troubles in Your mind" Betsy Gay - "Hound Dog" Jerry Irby - "Nails in My Coffin" Gene O'Quin - "Butane Blues" Johnson Sisters - "Hillbilly Soldier Joe" Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith & Crackerjacks - "Mr Stalin" Johnny Lee Wills - "What'cha Know Joe" Music behind DJ: Booker T & MGs - "Green Onions" Jimmy Revard & His Oklahoma Playboys - "Dirty Dog" Bob Wills - "Gambling Polka Dot Blues" Tex Ritter - "Go On, Get Out"
Happiness Boys (Jones & Hair) - "Pardon Me While I Laugh" Fats Waller - "Everybody's Truckin'" Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees - "Kitty From Kansas City" Kay Kaiser (Sully Mason) - "Collegiate Fanny" Larry Clinton - "College Humor" Happiness Boys - "Pastafazoola" Slim & Slam - "Tutti Frutti" Hazel Acker - "Duck Soup" Red Nelson - "Motherfucker" Nat M Will - "No News (Or 'What Killed The Dog')" Flotsam & Jetsam - "Is 'e an Aussie, Lizzie, Is 'e?" Clifford Jackson - "Rip Van Winkle was a Lucky Man" Ella Mae Morse - "Rip Van Winkle" Music behind DJ: Rudy Wiedrof - "Saxophobia" Rita Herzig - "Do This, Do That" H-Bomb Ferguson - "Bookie's Blues" Choclateers - "Bartender's Blues" Wilmoth Houdini & Calypso Parliament - "Bobby Sox Idol" Spike Jones - "He Broke My Heart in Three Places" Al Jolson - "I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now" Helen Kane - "He's So Unusual" Sweet Violet Boys - "Show Me a Man Who Won't" Prairie Ramblers - "Stamp Collector" Prairie Ramblers - "What Will You Give in Exchange for Your Mother in Law" Tune Wranglers - "Sarah Jane" Prairie Ramblers - "Yip Yip Yowie, I'm an Eagle!" Prairie Ramblers - "Open Up that Door Hiram" Music behind DJ: Django Reinhardt - "Annabelle Lee" Freddie Slack Orch [Ella Mae Morse] - "Pattycake Man" Johnny Mercer - "Ugly Child" Bing Crosby - "Swinging on a Star"
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - "They All Laughed" Comic Relief - "Laughing Record" Lothar & Hand People - "Ha (Ho)" Guess Who - "Laughing" Bruce Cockburn - "Laughter" Donald O'Connor - "Make em Laugh" - "Unique Laughing Record" Spike Jones - "Now Laugh" Richard W Sherman - "I Love to Laugh" Olsen & Johnson - "Whole World is Laughing at Me" Albert Brooks & Albert King - "Don't Make Me Laugh Blues" Music behind DJ: Hastings Street Irregulars - "Laughing in Rhythm" Laffy - "Carol of the Bells" Hysterics - "Gesundheit!" Spike Jones - "Jones Laughing Record" Dozier Boys - "Laughing in Rhythm" Couplings - "Dill Tickle" Yodelin Shorty - "Crazy Laughing Blues" Pinto Colvig - "Bozo's Laughing Song" Penrose & Whitlock - "Laughing Twins" Charles Penrose - "My Laughing Friend" Frank Crumet - "She Gives Them All the Ha Ha Ha" Merrymakers - "Laughing Trombone" - "Pathe Laughing Record" Laughing Cal Stewart - "And I Laughed" Jesters - "I Laughed" Laughing Yoga - "Laugh at Yourself" Music behind DJ: Happy Monsters - "Clap Your Tentacles" Gypsy Roots - "Laugh & Sing" - "Okeh Crying Record" Salut Salon - "We'll Meet Again"
Old & In the Way - "Old & In the Way" Billy Edd Weaver - "I've Outlived My Ding Dong" Snake Oil Willie Band - "I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore" Jane Freidman - "I Feel Shitty" Gardenias - "What's the Matter with Me" Perch - "Everything" Vincent Laguardia Gambini (Joe Pesci) - "Old Man Time" Mary Martin [Peter Pan] - "I Won't Grow Up" Ramones - "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" Slim Beach - "Three Times Seven" John Entwistle - "No. 29 (Eternal Youth)" Music behind DJ: Dean Elliott & His Big Big Band - "I Didn't Know What Time it Was" Alan Parsons Project - "Games People Play" Bob Rivers - "Middle Age Waistline" Jimi Hendrix - "51st Anniversary" Kim Fowley - "I'm Not Young Anymore" Rev Billy C Wirtz - "Too Old" Bobby Bare - "When Hippies Get Older" Bob Rivers - "Prune Juice" Gene Sisco & Ramblin' Ramblers - "Grandma Rock n Roll" Jack Person - "Senior Moments" William Shatner - "It Was a Very Good Year" Johnny Cash - "I'd Rather Die Young" Maurice Chevalier - "I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore" Music behind DJ: Dean Elliott & His Big Big Band - "All of You" Smiley Burns - "Will You Love Me When I'm Old & Feeble" Willie Nelson - "It Gets Easier" Jake Holmes - "Signs of Age"
Roger Hallmark & Thrasher Brothers - "Maharishi" Suzanne Vega - "Predictions" David Byrne - "In the Future" Darlene Love - "Today I Met The Boy I'm Going To Marry" Cordelia deMilo - "Ain't Gonna Hush" Ten Years After - "Year 3000 Blues" Sheldon Allman - "Big Brother" Be-Bop Deluxe - "Panic In The World" Paul McCartney - "Hope for the Future" Music behind DJ: Die Zorros - "Stairway to Heaven" National Lampoon: Progressive Trends - "Bill Murray & Christopher Guest" Randy Evans - "1983" Hartnoll & Young - "I'm Going Shopping" Steve Miller Band - "Brave New World" Kidney Stone 4 - "100 Years from Today" Grandpa Jones - "In the Future" Colt Brothers - "1992" Harry Shearer - "Years in Your Ears" B-52s - "Song for a Future Generation" Jawbreaker - "Save Your Generation" Music behind DJ: Shibboleth - "Black Onions" Flight of the Conchords - "Humans are Dead [AKA Robots]" Tim Wilson - "Jetpack"
Uncle Bonsai - "Voice of God" Lanie Walker - "When You Meet Your Lord" Burress Family - "I Found Jesus at Walmart" Bobby Bare - "Dropkick Me Jesus" Barnes & Barnes - "Jesus is Groovy" Evolution Control Committee - "Jesus Carp, Son of Cod" Gary Green - "Jesus Christ was a Republican" Rev Billy C Wirtz - "Will There Be A Shopping Mall in Heaven?" Rodd, Teri & the MSR Singers - "God Gave Us Richard Nixon" Johnny Tyler - "God's Gonna Turn Us To Dust" Marilyn Manson - "God's Gonna Cut You Down" Doobie Brothers - "Disciple" Music behind DJ: Django Reinhardt - "Annabelle Lee" John Entwistle - "Heaven and Hell" John Congos - "Jubilee Cloud" Bobby Bare - "Praise the Lord and Send Me the Money" Charles Haid, Dabney Coleman - "Buck Sunday" Middle Georgia Singers - "Call on Jesus" Golden Tones - "Operator" Tommy Tucker - "Sign of the Judgement" Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - "Rocky Road" Johnny Tyler - "Devil's Hot Rod" Big Daddy - "Daniel Webster & the Devil" Coasters - "Great Big Idol with the Golden Head" Ouffs - "Flying Spaghetti Monster" Music behind DJ: Hank Penny - "Chill Tonic" Freddie Martell - "President's Prayer" 180 D-Gs - "I Am God"
Tim Dinkins - "Xmas on the Moon" Sister Hazel - "Xmas Time Again" Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes - "Yulesville" Lenny & Squiggy - "A Christmas Carol" Hanson - "Everybody Knows the Claus" Sister Hazel - "One Little Xmas Tree" the Beatmas - "Rockin Around the Xmas Tree" Straight No Chaser - "Carol of the Bells" Squirrels - "Frosty Freeze" Tim Dinkins - "Tinkle Toes" JD McPherson - "Socks" Research - "For Xmas I Got Pityriasis Rosea" Lord Weatherby - "Santa Claus is Freaking Me Out" Music behind DJ: Duck Sauce - "Barbra Streisand (Xmas Edit)" Pat Bullard - "Hurry Up Santa Claus" Clarke & Dawe - "A Last Minute Technicality" Wurzels - "Come on Santa" Stevie B - "Fuck-All this Xmas" Gripweeds - "Santa Make Me Good" Vellum - "Santa's Ho Ho Ho" Jack Scott - "There's Trouble Brewin" Billy Cotton - "When Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney" Theocracy - "Rudolph v Frosty" Hot Buttered Elves - "Snowdome" Music behind DJ: Jethros - "Slay Ride" Difuser - "Hey Mr Santa Claus" Chris Stamey - "Xmas Time" Sister Hazel - "It's a New Year (Just Get Along)"
Shirley Bassey - "Get the Party Started" Rare Earth - "I Just Want to Celebrate" Collins Kids - "Party" Billy Warden - "Country Jamboree" Tommy Collins - "Shindig in the Barn" the Lacs - "Shindig" Von Steins - "Girls Get Crazy" Nick Nack & Patti Wack - "White House Xmas Party" Exterminators - "Beatle Wig Party" Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes - "Saturday Night on Sunset Strip" Blue Dots - "Saturday Night Fish Fry" Don Ho - "Hukilau Song" Annette - "Beach Party" Barbary Coasters - "Frosty's Beach Party" Andrew W. K. - "Party Hard" Music behind DJ: John Beasley & House Rockers - "Johnny's House Party [part 1]" Hugo & Luigi - "Rockabilly Party" Strawberry Shortcake - "Celebration" Oingo Boingo - "Dead Man's Party" Albert Brooks - "Party in Outer Space" Allan Sherman - "There are Cups" Toby Keith - "Red Solo Cup" Andrew W. K. - "Party Party Party!" Stevens & Grdnic - "Party Patty" Beatrice Lillie - "Marvelous Party" Joe Haynes - "I'm the Life of the Party Now" Flight of the Conchords - "Prince of Parties" Jack Herbst - "Jimmys Party" Flo Rida - "My House" Etta James - "In the Basement" Music behind DJ: Wally Stott - "Xmas Sleigh Bells" Teenage Rebellion - "Pot Party" Was/Not Was - "The Party Broke Up" Jethro Tull - "Last Man at the Party"
Neil Young - "Home on the Range" Todd Snider - "Fortunate Son" Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Suzie Q" Tony Randall & Jack Klugman - "You're So Vain" Paul Frees - "Everything Is Beautiful" Wild Voices of the Marty Cooper Clan - "Walk Don't Run" Brown Derbies - "Who Are You" Spy Eye - "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" Ska Men - "Day Tripper" Peter Sellers - "Never Never Land" Carey-Garvin Four - "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" Gripweeds - "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" Gloria Balsam - "High Hopes" Music behind DJ: Roger King Mozian - "Doin The Cha Cha Cha" Penn Gillette - "Great Green Gobs" Old Codger & R Stevie Moore - "Hotcakes and Sausage" R Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders - "Mysterious Mose" R Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders - "Hula Girl" Weird Al Yankovic - "Polkas on 45" Dickies - "Banana Splits Theme" Tiny Tim - "Juanita Banana" Wally Cox - "There's a Tavern in the Town" Fibonaccis - "Purple Haze" Fratellis - "All Along The Watchtower" Sebastian Cabot - "It Ain't Me Babe" Mae West - "You Turn Me On" Stereophonics - "You Sexy Thing" Deviled Ham - "Ooh My Soul" Wildman Fisher - "Young at Heart" Music behind DJ: Fernando Juarez - "Cheek to Cheek Cha Cha" LeGarde Twins - "I've Been Everywhere" Charlie Drake - "Sea Cruise" Artie Chicago from the Bronx - "Wanderer" Roto Rooter Good Time Xmas Band - "Happy Trails"
Rhinoceros - "Chickens" Brushy One-String - "Chicken in the Corn" Ozark Mountain Daredevils - "Chicken Train" Merle Haggard - "I Set My Chickens Free" M.D.C. - "Chicken Squawk" Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan - "Legendary Chicken Fairy" Johnny Cash - "Chicken in Black" Alora - "I'm a Chicken" Parry Gripp - "Chicken Bop" Cibo Matto - "Know Your Chicken" Kenny Lackey - "Go to Church on Time (Chicken Wings Song)" Here II Praise - "Chicken Song" Anonymous - "Chicken Attack" First of April - "Chicken in the Jungle" Music behind DJ: Who - "Sodding About" Prairie Home Companion - "Chickenfest" Nancy Cassidy - "Chicken" Cracker the Box - "Chicken Song" Charlie & Charles & Guitar Gockers - "Chicken Thief" Anonymous - "Big Chicken Song" Mr. Garth Culti-Vader - "Weed, Waffles & Fried Chicken" Yo Yo Pumphouse - "Kentucky Fried Chicken Song" Hasil Adkins - "Cookin Chicken" Mel Smith - "Chicken Backs" J C Davis - "Chicken Scratch" Pico Pete - "Chicken Little" Warren Robbe - "My Chicken Pen" Lightnin Slim - "Rooster Blues" Zac Brown Band - "Sic em on a Chicken" Tom T Hall - "Song of the One-Legged Chicken" Music behind DJ: Anamanaguchi - "Helix Nebula" Beans on Toast - "Chicken Song" Adam Sandler - "My Little Chicken" Muppet Chickens - "Forget You"
Those One Three Guys - "Hamster Love" Pepper Tree Market - "Thanksgiving Song" Dickie Strickhead - "Turkey Song" Circus Maximus - "Cooking in My Kitchen" Giovanni & Sebastian - "Bream in Cream" Vincent Price - "Roast Pork" Rick Moranis - "My Mother's Brisket" Wallis - "Meatman" Quill - "That's How I Eat [Woodstock]" Bobby Moore & Rhythm Aces - "Hamburger Song" Music behind DJ: Ren & Stimpy Prod. Music - "Crepe Suzette" Who - "Heinz Baked Beans" Shapes - "Wot's For Lunch, Mum? (Not Beans Again!)" Leona Anderson - "Fish" Detroit Cobras - "Hot Dog" Hudson & Judson - "Hold the Mustard" Bob & Ray - "Dining Out with Bob & Ray" Botnik - "Arby's Things that are Yum" Macka B - "Cucumba" Chips - "Rubber Biscuit [alt]" Rusty Canyon - "Banana (What a Crazy Fruit)" Stinky & Spuds - "Breakfast" Heywood Banks - "Teeny Tiny Balls of Hamburger Meat" Barry Louis Polisar - "I Eat Kids" C W McCall - "Comin Back for More" Music behind DJ: Soundtrack - "Halloween Theme" Hoagy Carmichael & Orchestra - "Thanksgiving" Undertones - "Mars Bar" Van Halen - "Ice Cream Man"
Head & Leg - "Poke You In the Eye" Beach Boys - "Amusement Parks USA" They Might be Giants - "Alphabet of Nations" Felix Figueroa and His Orchestra - "Pico & Sepulveda" B-52s - "52 Girls" Todd Pundgren - "Onomotopoeia" Moxie Fruvus - "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors" Darrell Fancourt - "If You Want a Receipt for that Popular Mystery" Mike Phirman - "I-C-A-N-T-S-P-E-L-L" Dave Frischberg - "Blizzard of Lies" Pete Townshend - "It's Not True [demo]" Alice Cooper - "It's the Little Things" the Deep - "Color Dreams" Harlan Howard - "Heartaches by the Number" Hoyt Axton - "You're the Hangnail in My Life" Harley Poe - "Class of 97" Music behind DJ: New London Orch - "Winter Bonfire" Allan Sherman - "Hungarian Goulosh #5" Ethel Merman - "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" Dick "Two-Ton" Baker - "Stinky Cheese" Scary Sale - "Mutt & Smutt (FST)" Toni Basil - "Shoppin from A-Z" Cyril Richard - "Come to the Market in Old Peking" Brown Bag Blues Band - "Recession Menu Mess Call" Weird Al - "Couch Potato" TISM [This is Serious Mum] - "Jung Talent Time" Bill Oddie - "Harry Krishna" Heywood Banks - "President's Birthday" Carole Bayer Sager - "You're Moving Out Today" Music behind DJ: 101 Strings - "Astral Freakout" Heywood Banks - "Hickey Hockey Holy" Jay Foreman - "Every Tube Station (London)" jomo87 - "Toronto Subway Song"
Gypsy Boots - "Learn to be a Drinker" George Thorogood & Deleware Destroyers - "I Drink Alone" Savoy Brown - "Everybody Loves a Drinkin Man" Bill Johnson's Louisiana Jug Band - "Don't Drink it in Here" Albert Collins - "I Ain't Drunk" Leoncie - "Love in a Pub" Slim Gaillard Quartette - "Atomic Cocktail" Bill Samuels - "Port Wine" Firesign Theatre - "Wne Testing" Hollywood Argyles - "Watermelon Song" Julie Brown - "Another Drunk Chick" Todd Snider - "Late Last Night" Dave Edmuds - "What Did I Do Last Night?" New Wavers - "Too Sober to Fuck" Music behind DJ: Raymond Scott - "PowerHouse" Jerry Lee Lewis - "Let a Soldier Drink" Jumpin Joe Williams - "Hey Bartender, Give That Man a Drink" Lauren Aitkin - "Hey Bartender" George Jones - "Bartender's Blues" Eddie Noack - "Sleeping Like a Baby (With a Bottle in My Mouth)" Fats Domino - "Whisky Heaven" Andy Griffith - "White Lightning" New Lost City Ramblers - "Kentucky Bootlegger" Waylon Jennings - "White Lightning" Hugh Porter - "Hello Mr Bottle" Cowslingers - "Good Idea" Johnny Paycheck - "Drinkin & Drivin" Brandy Clark - "You're Drunk" Jerrod Niemann - "One More Drinkin Song" Music behind DJ: Raymond Scott - "Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals" Rum Rebellion - "Another Drinking Song" Larry Krone - "I Can't Do Anything" Dead Kennedys - "Too Drunk to Fuck"
Zombie Ghost Train - "Graveyard Queen" Zombina - "Nobody Likes You When You're Dead" Apollo Zero - "Don't Scream" Voicedude - "Killer Pig Comes Out at Night" DJ Cummerbund - "Thrill it to Me, Baby" Dan Ackroyd - "Bat-O-Matic" Judson Fountain - "Two Boys in a Haunted House" Andrew Gold - "Spooky Scary Skeletons" Harley Poe - "Herschell Goes to Heaven" Music behind DJ: - "For Madmen Only - Part 1" Buchanen & Ancell - "Creature" Capt. Clegg & Night Creatures - "Honky Tonk Halloween" Cowslingers - "Dead Girlfriend" Drivers - "Dry Bones Twist" Nightmares - "Headless Ghost" Cab Calloway - "Ghost of Smokey Joe" Leslie Holmes - "There's a Ghost in Our House" Inflatable Boy Clams - "Skeletons" Eric Ode - "Old Owl Said 'Who'" Al Kooper - "Nightmare #5" Krazy Ben - "Monster of the Crypt" Cheekyboy - "Thriller Tag Team v Michael" Teresa Brewer - "Punky Punkin (the Happy Pumpkin)" Music behind DJ: Borah Minevitch & Harmonica Rascals - "Ghost Walk" Trump v Biden v Yankovich - "We're All Doomed!" Neil Young - "Looking for a Leader 2020"
Aquateen Hunger Force Song Aqua Teen Dream - "Patti Smith" Bugs Bunny - "Baseball Bugs" Banana Splits - "Doin the Banana Split" Dickies - "Banana Splits" Dickies - "Bowling with Bedrock Barney" Heywood Banks - "Cartoon Animals" Betty Boop & Grampy - "Hot Cha Nan" Bullwinkle Show - "Quick and the Dead" Senors - "Searching For Olive Oyl" Jack Mercer & Mae Questel - "I Have a Little Friend" Starbomb - "This Song Sucks" Music behind DJ: Carl Stalling MargeSimpson - "Springfield Soul Stew" Colonel Bleep - "War in Robot Land" Mike Phirman - "Not This Time (Kaiju Song)" Great Gildersleeve (Harold Peary) - "Gerald McBoing Boing" Our Cartoon President - "Debate Off the Rails" Avengers - Endgame Cast - "We Didn't Start the Fire" Family Guy - "The Freaking FCC" Ren & Stimpy - "Powdered Toast Man - Commercial" Miller Sisters - "Woody" Kay Kyser (Gloria Wood & Harry Babbitt) - "Woody Woodpecker" John Hubley - "Rooty Toot Toot" Music behind DJ: Carl Stalling Stan Freberg - "Three Little Bops"
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