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Gun control is tied to politics.  It is one of the evergreen subjects of American politics.  As soon as you legally purchase a gun you become a part of the system that blames you for every mass shooting.  It doesn’t matter if you think that it is only a certain caliber or type of firearm that anti-rights politicians and the public is after or not.   What do they want? It is not the assault rifles.  It is not the large capacity magazines.  It is not the firearms used in the crime.  It’s yours too.     It’s not fair.  It’s not practical.  It’s not ethical but it is how it is.  You will be looked at funny if you don’t agree to give away a gun you paid more than $400 for.   You will be falsely accused if you disagree.     Welcome to gun ownership community.  We are a pretty diverse group.  There is a group for everyone.  In my 30 years in this space I have seen  groups that are a melting pot of Americans.  I have seen the all black ones, all white ones, the GLBT ones, the latin and asian ones, the women only ones, the military wannabe ones, the police ones, the NRA ones, the state ones,  the high powered rifle ones, the 22 rifle ones, the hunters and the weekend warrior ones.  There are the tactical ones, the urban ones, the former combat military ones, the ones that love training, and those that don’t, there’s the social media ones, the competition ones, the rich people only ones, Trump supporters and “Never Trumpers”, Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives and independents, militants and uncles and ants, and a mixture of all the above.   What is funny is that we may be separate but we ain’t equal.  We may be different to each other, but we are all the same to the politicians and people that don’t know that AR doesn’t stand for assault rifle.  The people that think and believe if a This is an invitation and plea for new gun-owners and trainers to consider becoming activist our your state houses.  With the increase of black, brown and other gun owners from what is called Traditional, there is a need for us to also step up and represent our clubs, associations and rights.  Due to the recent political situation, many of the old “white guys” in the movement will quickly be dismissed and labeled.  This will hurt us all.  The time is now for you to decide if you can be the person in your group that keeps up with new bills, bad laws, the Law, who is in the House, the Senate and what is going on nationally.  As America mends, as the Republic repairs itself it is going to be slow.  Our enemies will take this opportunity to hurt the future of ALL gun owners.  This is my appeal.  Uncle Kenn Wants You!      6 reasons why are they Anti -Gun Loss Political  Fear Programming  Ignorant  Ego   Gun control is the most supported in the urban areas, where the absence of police is going to felt the strongest. Rethink that folks.  There are more good police officers than bad.  Shout out to all that are out there right now, getting no love but doing what is necessary.   A big concern is really not where we stand at the moment but in what direction we are going. Are you standing still, going backwards or moving forward.  We still only have one life to live.  And if you do it right, that is enough. All the arguments for gun control are OLD.  They are not new.  Grab a couple and work out an original response to it.  Make it your own so when you hear it or read about it you can respond.   We need more activist.   Gun controllers twist words to distort the debate in their favor. “Gun violence” is a propaganda substitute for crime, murder or assault. A so-called “assault weapon” is a normal popular household firearm — “assault” is a type of criminal behavior, not a kind of hardware. Look up “Politically Corrected Glossary” to understand how language is used against you. After the invention of gun powder by the Chinese - there has been a struggle for who owns it.  Gun powder and the components of most bullets still come from china by the way so that is why there has been a ammo shortage.  President Trump pissed off China so …  History The history of gun control in America started in 1634 when in the first laws in the colonies was to make sure the African, Native American and the Chinese didn’t have access to guns.  It kinda continued from there, the Dred Scott case denied Mr. Scott was even human so he therefore had not right to arms.   The first Supreme Court case involving the Second Amendment denied a group of negroes the right to  free speech and bear arms while trying to vote.  C. 1872    But these days we as a people are throwing around racism, sexism and using fear like its popcorn.  Folks are walking on eggshells, avoiding good conversations, not trying, becoming more segregated, separated, irritated and frustrated than any time I have seen before.   After the civil war - black people became republicans.  My ancestors were republicans until MLK made the tactical move to change parties.  We followed.   After Trump the GOP changed again.  Not quite sure where we are as a nation now but history looks like it is repeating itself.   What does all this mean?   It means beloved, friends, family, that if you own a gun, participate in this community you have to get involved. You are the gun lobby.  You are those people.  It doesn’t matter what you identify as. Pronouns, parties, pistols or revolvers.  Rifles or shotguns, jew or gentile, Protestant or Catholic - gay or straight, disciple or atheist    Time for you to step up.  Think about it.  there is bondage in racism, sexism, and negative thinking.  Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.     Politicians are not trying to solve our problems, they are trying to solve their own problems which is getting elected and re-elected    This podcast is free.  As are my opinions. You don’t have to agree.  I have a reason for being here though.  I know that I have smart friends.  I know good citizens.  I know we all want the same things.     As we work to accomplish our mission we will be guided by our beliefs:   In the worth and dignity of every person. That all are entitled to equal rights, justice and opportunity regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability. That free enterprise and individual initiative are the cornerstone of economic growth, opportunity and prosperity. That honest and responsible government must be limited in its scope of authority, efficient in its operations, transparent in its dealings and accountable to its citizens. That the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, leaving them free to create, achieve and succeed on their own initiative. “As for me, I  trust God, and our better judgment to set us right. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which will destroy that union upon which our Republic was built    I’m putting this podcast out not to build myself up, make myself famous, get money from you or the gun industry.  I am through with chasing influencers, organizations, and so called stars.  You are the stars of this union.  You are the stars in my life.  I don’t want you to fall for the coonery, tom foolery, foolishness and misinformation campaigns of social media and those that seek their own.     This is uncle Kenn talking.  And I care about you.  It’s not about guns its about freedom. Https://      visit and subscribe at   
Unless you have been asleep, the world is a little crazy.  There have been shootings and killings all over the US and the gun control people are happy.  What we can do now is not be stupid.  You don’t have to respond to inquires, news reporters, or speak out of school just to keep your face, name, or media presence going.  It is too easy to slip, fall, and mess up your face.   And then others in the community will eat you because many are like that.  What you can do now, is train, yourself and your groups.  Take care of what you have been blessed with.  This too will come again.  You aren’t missing anything.  The truth about Gun Control.   Support your bro. monthly support    Http:// -get the book on amazon   Https://  - one time   New podcast at  
#stopasianhate  Asian history of hate in California Listen to a conversation with the CEO of SilencerShop, David Matheny and Kenn Blanchard.  Dave Matheny has over 20 years of experience as a software engineer. After two failed attempts to purchase a suppressor, Matheny formed Silencer Shop with the primary goal of simplifying the buying process for consumers. Silencer Shop has become one of the largest suppressor dealers in the country by maintaining a steady focus on providing excellent customer service and great prices, as well as constant improvements to internal efficiencies and processes.   Dave has created a process to make it easier to get a suppressor.  Https://  A silencer, also known as a sound suppressor, suppressor, or sound moderator, is a muzzle device that reduces the acoustic intensity of the muzzle report and the recoil when a gun is discharged, by modulating the speed and pressure of the propellant gas from the muzzle and hence suppressing the muzzle blast. I know you are going through this because I feel it.  You are wondering if the world has lost its mind.     Is the news the news anymore.  A commentary on the news.     Support your bro. monthly support    Http:// -get the book on amazon   Https://  - one time   New podcast at and   
Kenn remembers when he was accused of being a militant/dissident and revolutionary.  The Mulford Act. "Blacks with Guns Me Very Uncomfortable" supposedly connected to Gov. Ronald Reagan 1967 The Black Panther Party for Self Defense and Justice The new podcast  if I died tonight. SIGN UP 
My special guest this week is my favorite trainer, a friend of over 30 years.  Massad Ayoob  of  Make sure you don't miss the gems of knowledge he drops in this episode.  New podcast coming in April. check out the other youtube channel for details and all my other shenanigans     
super short episode Freds Outdoors is robbed- News -    Vice TV on Showtime airs March 7, 2021 -  Vice TV episode 1 Season two is about Armed and Black - the rise of African Americans in the gun culture.  It will be sensationalized of course with the “Kardashians ” of the movement.  I may be pictured doing an podcast interview with the host.  We shall see.  Comes on the second half  Advantages of owning a Semi-Auto pistol over a revolver Why not having n AR 15 right now is no big deal.   Support  In a weird headspace about the gun community right now.  What do you think?  Is something wrong with me?
There are secrets for surviving as a black man in 2021 that are included in this episode.  Many will miss it.  For information purposes only.  Your mileage may vary.  On Bullet proof vest Revolvers - pros and cons  African American history in the Army 1700s - 1946   KeyChain and Book $20 for the book,  $5 for the keychain + shipping $28 for both 
Things to make you think this week: History -  Genocide, Indigenous People, African Slavery, the Holocaust- and how it connects to our Gun rights  Type A personalities Plus and Minuses  Thank you for supporting this podcast and my efforts. Thank you for being a PATRON member    Send me your address and preference of which you want    $20 each for the book, shipping extra $5 for the keychain + .50 shipping Https://PayPal.Me/kennblanchard  
  The reason I lost my SilencerCo gig. Five reasons people chose to be anti-gun  How laws and politics were affected in PA, CA and DC by historical events  MOVE Mulford Act Siege in DC   Cult of Personalities Perception and Reality The reason you have to be wiser in the future if you are going to be pro-Gun   Support the show:   Get yourself a keychain or autographed copy of my book by emailing me at 
  What do you do after you buy your firearm, learn, train, share your knowledge and have fun with it?  You have to defend it.  Politically gun control is a staple in America.  And after the past four years this country is more divided than it was since 1975.  I am asking you to consider being a gun rights activist.  If you belong to a new gun club or group, I am suggesting that someone be designated at the legislative rep, the one that learns about gun laws, state bills, issues for the rest. One that will make time to go and sit, talk to, represent gun owners of color...    With the increase of black, brown and other gun owners from what is called Traditional, there is a need for us to also step up and represent our clubs, associations and rights.  D  As America mends, as the Republic repairs itself it is going to be slow.  Our enemies will take this opportunity to hurt the future of ALL gun owners.  This is my appeal.  Uncle Kenn Wants You!  To do more than wear black and parade around.  More than post on social media... Please subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel.  Support the show.    thank you,   Kenn     
Our words. Our language. Our image. Gun Safety Rules    We need to mend fences  and work with each other.  Time is not ours to squander.     “Well I don't know why I came here tonight. I've got the feeling that something ain't right. I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair, And I'm wondering how I'll get down the stairs. Clowns to the left of me! Jokers to the right! Here I am stuck in the middle with you.”
Episode 660 What should you buy?   Where do you get it? Tips for the gun owner.   Straw purchases  Don’t buy your girl a pink gun. Try before you buy.   Support your bro. monthly support  Http:// -get the book on amazon Https://  - one time
Origins of Watch night and Celebratory Gun Fire Happy New Year.  Thanks for being a part of this shows success.  Hope you are well and will continue with me in 2021.  Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel.   Support the show, encourage kenn:    Contact me: 202-579-9435   
5 Firearms You Should Get  A rant this week about how divisive we have become. How we have been duped into being polarizing and how it will hurt us in the future as gun owners. Is this the end of ...? Let me know. Its a thought provoking episode. I hope. In my honest opinion. (IMHO) This is not the season to rant but I am not feeling festive.  Please comment on this weeks food for thought.  I talk about our history of segregation, polarization and racism and how we are duplicating it now.  Are you making things better or worse?   Merry Christmas.  Kenn 
Kenn gives some suggestions for your holiday shopping guide. Clip or magazine (details) check out for a cool interview with a US Navy Seal, Thom Shea. Fight for your Life.  Short episode  thank you for your continued support:       
The story of Jeanne Asssam Childproof your Guns Question of the Week:  Should I get back in the training game?   Fishing Trip -     Support 
Consider hunting and farming in 2021 Interview with Dr. Tantillo, Hunter Safety and Ethics interview with Patrick Collins   Happy Thanksgiving.  No show next week.     
Unsolicited advice - 23 Things Good and Bad  Old interview with  Things to make you think.    Get a copy of my book at Amazon.    Check out my new site on
Kenn talks about how some instructors can ruin the learning experience for a new shooter. News: NY based manufacturers move south, Kimber, Remington... SilencerCo wins an award Show sponsored by You can support the show / encourage kenn:    Contact me: 202-579-9435    Rev. Kenn Blanchard 
What if I taught a class during the apocalypse on what weapons to use during a zombie attack.  Just having fun with this zombie theme. It may be silly but I had fun.  I hope you like it. 
Hunting With Suppressors.  7 Common Sense things to Remember in the Art of War  News Support the show, encourage kenn:  Contact me: 202-579-9435  Rev. Kenn Blanchard 
Interview and conversation with trainer Gerald Bailey and reboot of episode 140 where I interviewed Charl van Wyk, who wrote a book about the terrorist attack in South Africa. (Shooting Back: the right and duty of self defense),Firearms trainer Gerald Bailey , author of: Children and Firearms Combative Red Dot Pistol Dynamic Vehicle Combative Self Defense and the law Home Invasion survival The Christian Warrior 
Ammo Shortage  - I just became a part of the blogging team.   Conversation with Barbara Baird    Masaad Ayoob is the new president of the Second Amendment Foundation,    Rick Ector is a National Rifle Association credentialed Firearms Trainer, who provides Michigan CCW/CPL Class training in Detroit for students at his firearms school – Rick’s Firearm Academy of Detroit.    Things to think about if you are a new gun owner or a firearms instructor. Sponsor the show.   Want more insight on your particular level.  Email me at    Join us on Facebook ; or on     Kenn    Michael J. Woodland  - (cover model and great guy) 
To all the new gun owners, this is some mental stuff for you to consider when choosing what ammo to buy or what caliber to use for self defense. Things to think about if you are a new gun owner or a firearms instructor. Sponsor the show.   
Welcome all gun owners regardless of political party.  Some people forget that all of us care about our families and personal safety.  If you are a new gun owner and identify as NOT being a republican or conservative, please understand that you as a gun owner will be demonized, vilified, and marginalized for your purchase, ownership and use of a firearm.  Know that you can be a gun owner and not be a Conservative.  I support you.   Just know that there are not that many pro-gun and LOUD supporting organizations although they do exist.   Please prepare to fight for your right as a liberal gun owner in your party, home, neighborhood because it matters.     The System Has Failed People of All Races—I Know From Experience   Things to think about if you are a new gun owner or a firearms instructor. Sponsor the show.   Want more insight on your particular level.  Email me at    Join us on Facebook ; or on     Kenn 
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