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The Flop House joins Blank Check to talk about this remake that was like okay, but definitely better than the last Demme remake. Is Meryl good or weird? Why is a pack of cards so sexy? How many films and TV shows are there about last men? How do you get rid of ants? What mysteries are still left unanswered? And what does the Flop House think about Trolls the Experience?This episode is sponsored by:BombasKeepsMack Weldon (Code: CHECK) SFX: "Organ" by caquet; "movietheatreambience"  by NoiseCollector;  "curtain on rail" by Khanyi_190188; and "COUCH - falling on couch" by Jay6Waza. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License.
No boys allowed, although gender is a construct. It's an all-women special! Ang Ferraguto is joined by Emma Stefansky, Ashleigh Heaton, and Preeti Chhibber. This PodSkwad is NOT here to complain about Star Wars, but to talk about this women-powered DC movie full of hammers and hair ties, fun guns and fun outfits, and women helping women by kicking ass. How can you tell this was made by a woman? And which psychopaths are Griffin and David? #Let men have nipples.This episode is sponsored by:TalkSpace Code: CHECKHimsBrooklinen CODE: CHECK
Blank it, thank it! J.D. Amato (The President Show) returns, in the last episode of our mini series devoted to the filmography of director Ang Lee, to discuss 2016’s high frame rate Iraq War drama, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. But what makes this movie so revolutionary? What is the evolution of frame rates in film? Who are the shortest and the tallest actors according to IMDB? Together they examine the history of cameras from film to digital, the BIG3 basketball league and never doing an episode on The Happytime Murders. This episode is sponsored by Away CODE: CHECK, Brooklinen CODE: CHECK and HowStuffWorks’ The Soundtrack Show. For your very own “I Talked the Walk 2018” merch goto TeePublic! On Thursday, look out for our bonus episode on the Ang Lee directed short film “Chosen” part of the BMW film series The Hire and then next week will begin our new mini series on the films of Nancy Meyers! David Sims’ Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk review on the Atlantic
Filmmaker Ray Tintori joins Griffin and David to discuss 2012’s Oscar award winning drama, Life of Pi. But was Tobey Maguire in an early cut of the movie wearing a terrible wig? Did Ray’s mother work as a script supervisor on this film? Does Ang Lee know about this podcast? Together, they examine the early stages of development for this project, working with VR technology and Griffin sets the record straight about his father. This episode is sponsored by Casper CODE: CHECK, Vanity Fair’s Little Gold Men podcast and Abrams Books’ new release Typeset in the Future: Typography and Design in Science Fiction Movies by Dave Addey. Halon Entertainment - Life of Pi Previs Highlight Reel Dennis Hopper reading “If” by Rudyard Kipling on the Johnny Cash Show
Director, screenwriter and producer Chris Weitz (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Twilight Saga: New Moon) joins Griffin and David to discuss 2007’s extreme erotic espionage period thriller: Lust, Caution. But what makes this NC-17 rated film a blank check? How was Tang Wei’s career affected after the release of this movie? Did one of the hosts go through a Jessica Alba phase and can the listeners guess who? Together they examine green lights in Hollywood, scoring films, Wetflix and foregrounding the mahjong. This episode is sponsored by Hims and the Bechdel Cast on HowStuffWorks. And check out Operation Finale staring Ben Kingsley, Oscar Issac and directed by Chris Weitz!
Host of Filmspotting: SVU podcast, Alison Willmore (BuzzFeed), joins Griffin and David to discuss one of the three magician films of 2006, The Prestige. But is this movie a sequel to Twins? How does it fit into the Nolan canon? Piper Perabo tho? Together they examine Hugh Jackman’s ham, ScarJo’s career trajectory, Theseus's paradox and throwing playing cards into melons.
Amy Nicholson (MTV News) joins Griffin and David this week to discuss 2000’s fractured crime drama, Memento. But how was Christopher’s brother, Jonathan Nolan, involved in this project? What is it about this strange art film that enabled it to crossover into the mainstream? Are there any tangents about Tom Cruise during the conversation? Together, they examine Guy Pearce’s career, the movie's brilliant storytelling devices, their mutual joy for some great Pants and share gym class stories from growing up. Also, be sure to listen to Amy’s podcast The Canon on Earwolf!
This week Blank Check begins a new mini series reviewing the filmography of director Brad Bird with a discussion of 1999’s critically acclaimed animated feature, The Iron Giant. But does the Iron Giant wear a shirt? Did the studio request this movie be set in present day and have a hip hop soundtrack? Should Griffin and David fight more? Together, in their worst episode ever, they examine Brad Bird’s origin story, the hotness of Harry Connick Jr. as beatnik industrial artist Dean McCoppin, the upcoming Blank Check Pictures slate and booger stores.
Emily Yoshida is back to welcome you to Marwen! This episode is sponsored by:Noom ( ( ( Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch at
Now in the final stretch of the Zemeckis mini series, Chris Weitz returns to discuss 2016's WWII spy thriller, Allied. This episode is sponsored by:Betterhelp ( ( MUBI ( Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch at
!erom dna ,tsinogatorP eht sa notgnihsaW divaD nhoJ fo ecnamrofrep eht ,nosnittaP treboR fo reerac eht thgiltops ,DOV ot yenruoj lausunu "s'ameniC fo roivaS" eht ssucsid sdneirfowteht# rehtegoT .teneT ,mlif noitca sdrawkcab wen sih htiw naloN rehpotsirhC rotcerid stisiver kcehC knalBThis episode is sponsored by: (CODE: Check) Brooklinen (CODE: Check)Hims ( Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch at
On the week of its release in December of 2020, Griffin and David discussed Wonder Woman 1984. Together they examine the heated online discourse, Wiig's film career post-SNL, the state of the superhero movie and of course wish stones and how they work!Special thanks to The Great American Novel for the new studio version of the theme song! Please check out their music on Bandcamp and Spotify. This episode is sponsored by:MUBI ( Fresh ( CODE: blankcheck10Mack Weldon ( CODE: Check) Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch @
In 1974 Philippe Petit performed his infamous walk between the Twin Towers. Director Robert Zemeckis many years later after discovering the story in a children's novel would create a 3D film based on this event. But most importantly in 2018, J.D. Amato appeared on Blank Check to discuss the motion picture technology of Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. Continuing in that tradition, J.D. returns for the third annual Talking the Walk. But this time instead of high frame rate, J.D. explores The Walk's cutting edge use of visual effects.Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch including this year’s commemorative Talking the Walk design @ shopblankcheckpod.myshopify.comMusic selection: "Night Break" by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.
After twelve years since releasing a live action film, Zemeckis comes back to the living with 2012's addiction drama, Flight. Olivia Craighead (Iconography podcast) joins #thetwofriends to discuss the misleading trailer and marketing, consider Melissa Leo, and help answer technical questions like how to roll a plane.This episode is sponsored by: Theragun ( Mack Weldon ( CODE: Check) Brooklinen ( CODE: Check)  Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch @
What's today? Why its Christmas Carol day! Film critic Emily VanDerWerff (Vox) returns to discuss Disney's 2009 take on the classic holiday tale. The gang talks Jim Carrey's career, the best and worst Christmas movies, and Keeping up with the Clauses.Check out untitled slow christmas compilation volume 1!This episode is sponsored by:Stamps ( CODE: Check)Keeps ( ( Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch @
This is Beowulf! Yes, in 2007, Bobby Z took the Old English epic poem and, once again using cutting edge mo-cap technology, delivered a 3-D movie that this week's guest, Jordan Hoffman, aptly describes as "resembling a PlayStation 3 cut scene". Also discussed is Crispin Glover's performance as Grendel, Angelina Jolie's hatred for this film, the background behind the Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary screenplay, and the PG-13 rating despite all the violence and horniness. Check out Jordan's new podcast, The Dune Conversations with John and Jordan, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your pods! This episode is sponsored by: Legacy Box ( Indeed ( Hims (  Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch @
In the final days of 2020, Blank Check enters Zemeckis' motion capture technology period with The Polar Express. Joey Sims joins as we discuss the nuance of the Train Conductor character, North Pole logic and delve into everyone's personal relationship to the holiday season and Christmas. This episode is sponsored by: The New Yorker ( Mack Weldon ( CODE: Check)  Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch @
Zemeckis and Hanks reunited once again. Another box office and critical success. Filmed over two years, Cast Away captures both talents performing at the top of their respective games. Writer and director, Nia DaCosta (CANDYMAN) joins BC this week to discuss the movie's legacy after 20 years, the different elements that make a story about one guy stranded on island so compelling, Wilson the volleyball, and of course extensive talk about another classic American film: Sully.This episode is sponsored by: Hello Fresh ( CODE: Check90) Bombas ( Werner Herzog's NOMAD ( Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch @
The central thesis to this week's episode on What Lies Beneath: folks, they just don't make them like they used to! Starlee Kine (Election Profit Makers) joins to discuss the "grown-up" movie, the performances from Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford, where the screenwriting falls short, and the paranormal. This episode is sponsored by: Indeed ( Ritual ( Brooklinen ( CODE: Check)  Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch @
Actor, Jamie Bell joins this week to discuss 1997's Contact!This episode is sponsored by:Theragun ( ( ( CODE: Check)Join our Patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram!Buy some real nerdy merch @
Jamelle Bouie (NY Times) returns to Blank Check to discuss Forrest Gump!This episode is sponsored by:The New Yorker ( Weldon ( CODE: Check)Hims ( to our patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod onTwitter and Instagram Merch is available at
Now armed with an arsenal of wild special effects, Zemeckis takes it up a notch with 1992's Death Becomes Her – the first to include computer-generated skin on film. Katey Rich returns as we reminisce Bruce Willis putting effort in, irritating European monologues, the thrilling billing and why Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn make a perfect cult pair.This episode is sponsored by:Bruush ( CODE: Check)Bombas ( ( to our patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod onTwitter and Instagram Merch is available at
In Back to the Future, Marty ends up in 1955, the same age as his parents. In the sequel he has to jump between that timeline and a bizarre 2015. The natural conclusion to this blockbuster trilogy? A wild western! It's a classic formula! For Back to the Future Part III, we're talking ninja turtles, the magic of Tom Wilson and Mary Steenburgen, and why ZZ Top should be in more movies. The bad boy of the internet himself, Josh Gondelman, (Desus and Mero, Make My Day) joins!This week is sponsored by: Brooklinen ( CODE: Check)Indeed  ( ( to our patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram Merch is available at
Man wouldn't it be weird to have a future controlled by a rich blond bully who hates women, steals things and is awful to everyone? Robert Zemeckis predicts a wild, kooky, and somewhat accurate 2015 with Back to the Future Part II. Comedian Nicole Byer (Nailed It, Newcomers, Why Won't You Date Me) helps us make sense of the different timelines, unpack the connection to Trump, analyze the film’s strategic approach to the sequel and the ultimate disappointment that hoverboards continue to not exist.This week is sponsored by:Theragun ( ( CODE: check)Ritual ( to our patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod onTwitter and Instagram Merch is available at
A noir for kids. Disney and Warner Bros characters together for the first and last time. Live action drama with kooky Tex Avery-style animation. There's really no movie quite like Who Framed Roger Rabbit. How long did "bumping the lamp" take? What's a contemporary take on Jessica and Roger Rabbit's relationship dynamics? How does the film's story mirror Hollywood? We invited the Doughboys themselves, Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger to help us find out! This week is sponsored by:Hims ( ( CODE: Check)Noom ( to our patreon at Follow us @blankcheckpod on Twitter and Instagram Merch is available at
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