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Show Summary: Under the pressures of the unprecedented-in-our-life-time COVID19 crisis, even libertarians are floundering philosophically. Some are willing to tolerate the wholesale “temporary” suspension of our inalienable rights. Others indee
Show Summary: Libertarian principles of self-reliance and minimal government have been around for centuries. But they are being tested as never before in a time when much of the world, and many of their adherents, see a clear role for governmen
Show Summary: Spike Cohen is a podcaster who runs Muddied Waters Media and is an ally of performance artist Vermin Supreme, who ran for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nomination in 2020. As a matter of fact, The Libertarian National Conve
Show Summary: How can you tell if someone running for office will do a good job? How can you ensure that he or she will improve your party, not get your party further into debt? How can you figure out whether this candidate is going to uphold l
Show Summary: What disasters should one plan for? What are some of the things that everyone should be ready for? And ultimately Why should we prep instead of panic? It could be anything from economic collapse, social unrest, food shortages, unc
Show Summary: Despite all the governmental actions, from lockdowns to bailouts, the current coronavirus pandemic is a calling for libertarian action. Lockdowns sit uneasily with libertarian instincts. What can be done? Today we talk to Adam Kok
Show Summary: Stephen from Anarcho-Christian podcast joins Johnny and Raylene to dig deep into the spirituality of libertarianism, despite the masses' fear of organized religion, dogma, and statism in the philosophy. Christian Libertarianism is
Show Summary: Johnny and Raylene have a great discussion with Moral Bob about how free markets would utilize private insurance with no government interference. Bob gets into an in-depth analysis of how free markets are not just the logical solu
Show Summary: Show Summary: Can Zoning protect and enhance property values? Does zoning prevent the mixing of incompatible land? We’re told, without the zoning of neighborhoods and cities, they would be crowded and chaotic. Would there be broth
On this special edition of Blast Off! Johnny is joined with popular podcaster Sherry Voluntary to discuss the ridiculousness of the Corona Virus Frenzy. We also discuss the state's sudden grab for power, the incredible amount of spending in cor
Show Summary: This week on Blast Off! Buckle up because we have lift off with Virginia’s best-selling author Remso W. Martinez! Remso talks about his new book How to Succeed in Politics “and Other Forms of Devil Worship” by Remso Martinez. His
Banned by your governor My fellow Americans, P.T. Barnum once famously said, there is a “sucker born every minute.” I have always been a skeptic of the State, and the powers that they hold. It is incredible the power not only the media bears, b
Show Summary: This week on Blast Off! we are rockin’ out with Richard Longstreth! Richard is running for vice-chair of the National Libertarian Party and is planning on doing some radical things! When it comes to party politics, the duties of t
Show Summary: The Campaign of Principle has begun! This week on Blast Off! Johnny and Raylene interview the titan of Mises caucus the Libertarian presidential candidate Jacob Hornberger!  In this in-depth interview, Mr. Hornberger talks about w
Show Summary: This week on Blast Off! We talk to the co-founder of the Free Thought Project Jason Bassler! The Free Thought Project started with activists and liberty-minded people who wanted to reach people through social media and approach li
Show Summary: In this episode of Blast Off! We introduce Jordon Johnson from the podcast “Veterans for Voluntaryism”, and how libertarianism has snuck its way into the military, and how a large number of veterans are steering far away from what
Show Summary: Although he's currently in the midst of a career; Rocky’s focused on using the fruits of his labor in helping the less fortunate, playing music, and podcasting. Rocky never forgets what he's left behind because he understands that
Show Summary: Johnny is alive and back stronger than ever!! Recorded before his absence, Johnny and Raylene talk to Marc Clair of the Lions of Liberty podcast about their documentary, “…And Live Free!” - Marc confides what he would most like to
Show Summary: On this week’s Electric Libertyland, Brian, Marc, and John are joined for their traditional liberty Thanksgiving feast by the “Blast Off” @onthelaunchpad crew of Johnny “Rocket” Adams and Raylene Lightheart. All the drinks, all th
Show Summary: In a world filled with a lot of news outlets, is Libertarianism enjoying a recent renaissance? Has libertarianism become an emotionally charged, and often misunderstood word in our current political climate? Some people associate
Show Summary: Social contract is an implicit agreement among the members of a society to cooperate for social benefits, for example by sacrificing some individual freedom for state protection. Theories of a social contract became popular in the
Show Summary: Mises university the world’s leading educational program for the Austrian school of economics. For over 30 years it had been vital incubator for scholars, professionals, and entrepreneurs throughout the globe. The program offers c
Show Summary: Tricia Stuart joins the Blast Off! Crew as we take her into the stratosphere of libertarianism! The war in Yemen has killed over 10,000 people and endangered millions more. Now questions are being raised on Capitol Hill and inside
Show Summary: Assistant economics professor, editor, and codebreaker, Patrick Newman joins Johnny and Raylene to talk about the amazing opportunity he had to decipher the fifth installment of "Conceived in Liberty", by Murray Rothbard! His uniq
Show Summary: Private Property Society theory was developed by Robert Wenzel as a theory on a type of societal structure that could exist where respect for private property is preeminent. Each property owner is free to set any rules he chooses
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