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Blissful Living - Rochéle M. Lawson, RN, BSN, AHP, CMS

A weekly Arts, Food and Home podcast
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Episodes of Blissful Living

How do you manage your health and well-being? Do you solely rely upon your doctor to help you manage your health and well-being or do you take an active role in managing your health and well-being?  Do you know why you should never leave the do
How often do you say yes to your life? Do you truly listen to your heart? Are you in touch with your heart’s desire or do you dismiss it and think it’s all in your mind? Do you know the difference between being happy for a reason and being happ
Are you someone that is suffering from ill-health? Did you know that what you hold in your subconscious mind can affect your state of health and wellbeing? Are you aware that the energy that you hold within you can actually keep you from experi
Are you ready to achieve, build and sustain wealth? Do you know how to invest and why it is important to have a strategy? Have you ever invested in stocks or the stock market and lost money? Would you like to learn how to invest in the stock ma
Are you ready to discover the best version of you? Are you tuned into your energetic frequency? Do you even know what an energetic frequency is and why it is important for you to know this information? Did you know that one of the most profound
Are you ready to take your life back and reclaim your wellbeing? Are you suffering from chronic kidney disease, fatty liver disease, diabetes, asthma, eczema, leaky gut syndrome, fatigue, obesity, or any other digestive challenges?  Are you awa
Are you a procrastinator? Do you put off doing things for later when you should address them now? Are you the type of person that says ” oh I will do it later” and later never comes? Have you been told that you are a procrastinator? Have you ev
Everyone suffers from a sense of overwhelm in their lives at one time or another but it is how you handle the challenge of overwhelm that can have a profound effect on your life. Are you aware of how you feel when you start to feel overwhelmed
Do you know the importance of honoring the rhythms in your life and how this helps you to balance your life? Do you know how to connect with yourself at a deeper level when it comes to your life? Are you aware of the importance of embracing sel
Do you suffer from digestive challenges such as diarrhea, bloating, gas, pain? Do you suffer from “poor digestion?” Have you been told that you have a leaky gut syndrome or that you are Gluten-sensitive? Are you aware that you may actually have
Are you struggling with food addiction? Are you overweight and have been told that you need to lose weight? Do you struggle with overeating or managing your weight loss? Are you a “stress eater?” Do you know the reason why we overeat, binge eat
Have you ever thought about the true meaning of inner wisdom? Are you curious about the wisdom of the elders of the world and how you can use their wisdom in your life? Do you know what a Shaman is and why they exist in our world today?  Did yo
Have you ever thought about all the toxins that exist in our environment that are hidden from us but wreak havoc on our bodies? If you are like most people you don’t even think about things like that. I know I didn’t until I had a conversation
What is your relationship with money? Do you see yourself as a wealth attractor or a wealth detractor? Are you a saver or are you a spender? When it comes to money are you focused on the past, present or the future? If you are a business owner
When we trust someone, we believe we can be vulnerable, we’re loved, protected, valued and safe. We believe that the other person has the same values, beliefs, and level of integrity that we have. We believe that they’re honoring the same agree
Are you a person with a passion and would love to turn your passion into a business and are stuck in a 9-5 rut? Do you have an inkling to start a business doing something that you are passionate about? Have you caught yourself in a mode of self
What if you could discover a way to think that elevates your lifestyle from a drab life to a Dream life? Are you aware that the thoughts that flow into your mind actually create that life that you are living?  Did you know that there are 7 dime
Are you struggling with alcoholism or do you know someone that is? Have you been told that alcohol may be a problem for you? Are you in denial about the struggle that you are experiencing with alcohol? Is someone close to you struggling with th
What if there was something available to that could cure millions of people of Herpes, HIV, Cholera, Malaria or Tuberculosis and it was kept a secret from the world, would you be interested in learning about it? What if infectious pathogens cou
Have you ever been curious about the power of positivity? There is a lot of talk about positive energy but rarely do we hear about how this positive energy works. Did you know that the power of positivity is just as profound as the positive ene
What is the truth that resides in you? Have you ever stopped and taken a moment to think about your truth? Do you ever think that there is more to your life than what you are currently doing or that your life has more meaning than what you thin
What is the truth that resides in you? Have you ever stopped and taken a moment to think about your truth? Do you ever think that there is more to your life than what you are currently doing or that your life has more meaning than what you thin
Have you ever  heard of Reiki? Do you know what Reiki is or how it works? Are you aware that Reiki is a form of energy that is used in healing the body? When it comes to Reiki, are you aware that Reiki can be performed in person or at a distanc
Is negativity affecting your life?  Have you thought about the thoughts you think or the way you speak? Do you ever catch yourself having negative thoughts or speaking in a negative way? Are you aware of all the negativity that is being broadca
Is stress getting the best of you and creating havoc in your life?  Have you heard that meditation can decrease stress and invigorate your life? Are you someone that believes that mediation is difficult to do or takes a lot of time? Did you kno
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