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Nikita asks: Who are “my people”? ... How much responsibility do we bear for the actions of our governments? ... The problem of racial affiliation ... The use and abuse of group identity ... Is Glenn “authentically black”? ... The incompl
John reports on his rustic Catskills bungalow ... Parents protest Princeton public schools “dumbing down” their math curriculum ... How much educational transparency is owed to parents? ... How many DEI initiatives and administrators do we
Glenn asks: Is Jon’s heterodoxy insufficiently pugilistic? ... Jon’s theory of social media-driven “structural stupidity” ... Do the Republican Party’s structural flaws negate its policies? ... The rise of social media and the disappearance
Race and economics in the UK ... How long will the concerns of native-born Black Americans drive the race conversation? ... The shaky “people of color” coalition ... Trying to account for racial disparities in the commission of violent crime
The work of the Woodson Center ... Sylvia’s recent five-city tour to support victims of violence ... How tragedy moved Sylvia to start Voices of Black Mothers United ... Sylvia: We must work with the police in our communities ... What role
John: We need a word besides “racism” to distinguish racial inequities from what happened in Buffalo ... Glenn: I don’t agree with everything Tucker Carlson says, but he’s not a racist ... Demographic change is happening in the US, but how sh
How scientific are the social sciences? ... Glenn defends the reliability of economic predictions ... The strengths and weaknesses of “natural experiments” ... How much does culture affect economic behavior? ... New insights from behavi
Why Ed is being removed from the directorship of the Institute for Freedom & Community ... The pressure campaigns waged against past Institute events ... John: Administrators at St. Olaf should be ashamed of themselvesc ... Are right-wing ca
Acknowledging the black middle class ... How the Democratic Party works against progressives ... Briahna: The interests of political parties no longer reflect the interests of voters ... Should we increase taxes on the very rich in order
Greg’s work with the Jazz Leadership Project ... How does a “black” art form operate within a corporate environment? ... What’s left of the legacy of Ralph Ellison, Albert Murray, and Stanley Crouc ... Black culture after the postmodern tu
What is Glenn’s goal as a public intellectual? ... Glenn has his critique of affirmative action … ... … but is articulating the critique enough? ... Glenn: My raison d’être is to give voice to my contempt for the failures of my people ...
The NYT commemorates the tenth anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death ... What really happened between Martin and George Zimmerman? ... How John’s relationship with The Root frayed ... Learning from the O.J. Simpson case ... Trayvon Martin
Some unspeakable truths ... Are comics now afraid to speak their minds onstage? ... The difference between telling the truth and getting a laugh ... Can jokes actually do harm? ... Nikki Jax on comedy and trans issues ... Who actually “can
The principle that race shouldn’t matter and the fact that it does ... The high stakes of affirmative action ... In defense of Charles Murray ... Are there facts we’re better off not knowing? ... When does affirmative action make sense and
Matt’s brief career as a professional basketball player in Mongolia ... What drove Putin to invade Ukraine? ... Are there limits to Putin’s power in Russia? ... Putting ourselves in Russia’s geopolitical shoes ... The appeal of Russian nati
Daniel: Putin’s actions in Ukraine demonstrate the decline of American global hegemony ... Did the Soviet Union have the same expansionist ambitions as the US? ... How the war in Ukraine could increase nuclear proliferation ... Daniel: It’s
Glenn contemplates exiting academia ... Why should Jeffrey Lieberman lose his jobs over a tacky tweet? ... The historical significance of the word “Negro” ... The revolt against “Latinx” ... Why Glenn doesn’t capitalize “black” ... Why doe
Matt’s new book, What Next, Chicago?: Notes of a Pissed-Off Native Son ... Piecing together the puzzle of race, crime, and corruption ... Some Chicago success stories ... Matt: Charter schools are a necessity in Chicago ... Chicago’s thrivi
John: Don’t dismiss West Side Story just because it was written by white men ... If the Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action, will higher education “resegregate”? ... Are meritocracy and racial diversity initiatives inherently oppose
Steven’s recently reissued and updated book, The Economist’s View of the World: And the Quest for Well-Being ... Why is Steven, a political scientist, interested in how economists think? ... The virtue of markets ... Opportunity costs expla
Ilya Shapiro’s controversial tweet about Biden’s imminent Supreme Court nomination ... John dips out and Glenn delivers a soliloquy ... John returns and clarifies his academic resume ... Why John thinks that Georgetown shouldn’t fire Ilya S
Larry’s new book, Money Magic: An Economist’s Secrets to More Money, Less Risk, and a Better Life ... Why did Larry, a serious academic economist, write a financial advice book? ... Why investing in stocks may not be as safe as it seems in th
What political values does Joe Biden represent? ... Do new election laws amount to race-based voter disenfranchisement? ... Glenn: Black people are free. But what should we do with that freedom? ... John changes his mind about Eric Adams .
Heather’s deep dive into African American literature ... The impact of George Floyd on violent crime rates ... Heather: Why doesn’t the mainstream media cover the violent deaths of black children? ... The difficulty of addressing black out-o
The significance of Sidney Poitier’s Caribbean origins  ... Revisiting the Lani Guinier controversy  ... How Guinier’s views eventually triumphed ... Where are the “heterodox” black women?  ... Glenn: I’m worried about the stability of o
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