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The women share their personal journals while reading the first part of “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle. In the group discussion, they dive into the topics of white privilege, antiracism work and needing representation of different perspectives, ending in a heated debate about tone policing. The discussion will be continued in next week’s episode. Discussion Points: Upcoming contest for fans to win a waterproof Amazon Kindle Oasis The women share their personal journals while reading Untamed How Glennon made her book both easy to read and dealt with difficult issues Can you live your beautiful life and not have to burn everything? Sensitivity and the balance of emotions in life Becoming untamed/wild is a lifelong journey Stop living a “should” life and start living a “could” life God versus church Untamed, Glennon Doyle and white privilege White saviorism  Desktop activist, white exceptionalism  White supremacism The need for fan engagement and representation of different perspectives Doing the work of antiracism and being open to correction Tone policing Mentioned on this episode of Book Interrupted:   Win a Kindle Oasis! Win a 3-month membership with! Book Interrupted Website  Book Interrupted YouTube Channel Untamed by Glennon Doyle Lise Clark Astrology  The Seattle Times. “Is Glennon Doyle’s new memoir ‘Untamed’ inspirational or heavy-handed?” by Sarah Neilson  The Cut. “Glennon Doyle Is Coming to Get the White Women” by Ann Friedman Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad Jimmy Kimmel Live “Mean Tweets” Nonviole
Continuing the discussion on “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle, the women discuss how words can change culture; the unfortunate value placed on women’s appearances; gender and relationship roles; consumer susceptibility to trends; cancel culture; and, of course, the book. Discussion Points: Upcoming contest for fans to win a waterproof Amazon Kindle Oasis The problem with the words “be a good girl”. How words can change our culture. How Adele was affected by reading Untamed and how the media misconstrued her words Why is it always about what women look like? How does this affect the next generation of daughters? Gender roles in society and conformity Defining roles in a relationship Emotional support for men - is there enough out there? Glennon Doyle’s first two books - how has she changed since then? Is there a way to determine the ‘right way’? Consumers’ susceptibility to the next big self help trend  People change—allowing people to make mistakes Cancel culture Resources: Win a Kindle Oasis! Win a 3-month membership with! Book Interrupted Website  Book Interrupted YouTube Channel Untamed by Glennon Doyle Lise Clark Astrology 
The Book Interrupted women begin their first conversation on their Series 2 book choice: Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Each member expresses individually how they feel either before reading or beginning to read Untamed, then they continue the discussion into a group chat. Through the topics of selfishness, sexuality, gender, societal conditioning, bravery, raising children, feeling your feelings and doing hard things, they talk about their lives, inspired by the words of Glennon Doyle.     Discussion Points:   Upcoming contest for fans to win a waterproof Amazon Kindle Oasis The high sales numbers and popularity of Untamed Should there be a balance when discussing putting yourself first? Examining preconceived notions of sexuality and gender. Loving the person and not the gender. Societal preconditioning about wanting to want our own home and hit particular life goals. What’s true to us? Are we born into a society or role that is being marketed to us?  The story of the therapist, when Glennon Doyle said she’d fallen in love with a woman and the therapist told her to give her husband a blow job. Is a blow job less intimate? The societal idea that there is no other option than staying in a marriage. Follow your truth. Feel your feelings. Surviving. It’s hard and we can do hard things. Children’s books on doing hard things. Can we undo the conditioning, and teach something different to the next generation? Teaching children about bravery and different kinds of bravery; saying no is also brave.  The paradox that women should be genuine, but also conform. Sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall is confusing; don’t let strangers touch your body, except this stranger.      Resources:   Book Interrupted Website  Book Interrupted YouTube Channel Untamed by Glennon Doyle Lise Clark Astrology  Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo MarieTV Schitt’s Creek wine clip I Can Do Hard Things: Mindful Affirmations for Kids by Gabi Garcia It’s You I Like by Mister Rogers
The six women discuss feedback they’ve received from episode one through five based on their discussions of “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. They also call themselves out on times they were insensitive and speak about their privilege.  Between laughing at their own mothers’ responses to the podcast, debating suggestions of the male version of “Women Who Run with the Wolves”, diving deep into the self help industry and trying to answer whether we need to fix ourselves, they are honest about their views and their lives. They ultimately discover how important storytelling is in all environments.  Discussion Points: Kim reflecting on the group’s Coyote Dick conversation and possible insensitivity/the importance of coyote as the trickster in indigenous cultures in storytelling Storytelling as a valid form of education Acknowledging the group’s privilege in regards to discussion of the Ugly Duckling - not everyone can pick their group The book interrupted members’ mothers’ and mother-in-laws’ support and feedback Meredith’s Down The Rabbit Hole blog every Sunday and responses to it Lindsay’s feedback about episode three and not being a mom in a group of mothers Suggestions of male versions of Women Who Run with the Wolves and discussion on whether it fits: “The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire” by David Deida; “I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression” by Terrence Real; “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” by Miguel Ruiz How Kim should write Coles Notes of spiritual self-help books that annoy her Response to a fan feedback of “the topic is basically like fixing yourself which implies that you are broken”  The self help industry - do you need to fix yourself or not? Is ignorance bliss? Is the podcast and club only for women? Is Women Who Run with the Wolves only for women? Other feedback Kara’s boss’ way she applies storytelling (and particularly “Women Who Run with the Wolves”) in a corporate environment Resources: Book Interrupted Website  Book Interrupted YouTube Channel
The group of women that make up “Book Interrupted”, in today’s episode round-up their in-depth analysis of the book - Women who Run with the Wolves. Sarah and Kara share some of the specific details around a few of the stories that resonated with each of them. Kim and Lia, note that while they enjoyed parts of the book, they most definitely did not enjoy the overall experience of reading it - so much so that they would likely never make the effort to finish it -  and today they explain in a bit more detail why not.  These ladies are all very honest and definitely not shy, which means that this episode is once again packed with laughs and some risqué comments.  Discussion Points: Share favorite stories from the book Comparing strategies for reading the book Not being in the right place to read the book Ugly Duckling story and it’s meaning Kara shares her love for the book and the changes the book inspired Bluebeard story - trusting your instincts Society’s expectations around gender distract from the content of the book Book Report and Recommendations - The group shares final thoughts on Women who Run with the Wolves Resources: Women Who Run with the Wolves Book Interrupted Website  Book Interrupted YouTube Channel Eat Pray Love Carl Jung Joseph Campbell Untamed Book
This episode is, once again, entertaining, brutally honest and insightful as this group of ladies continues their discussion on the book “Women who Run with the Wolves”. In this episode, they go into some specifics on why the book had a big impact on some of the members and why others struggled to get through the first few chapters.  Sarah and Kara share the stories in the book that they each found most meaningful and note elements of their personal history and personality that more than likely is what drove them to enjoy the book so much. In contrast, the other four members explain why the book did not quite grip them in the same way.  Discussion Points: Meredith describes her method of reading this book Sarah and Kara share why they liked the repetition in the book Lindsay shares her thoughts  General Wolf Rules for Life The ugly duckling  Sarah shares her favourite part of the book Naming your ego/emotions/state of mind to cultivate mindfulness Kara Shares her favourite part of the book Acceptance and Commitment therapy Trusting your Intuition Resources: Women Who Run with the Wolves Book Interrupted Website  Book Interrupted YouTube Channel Eckhart Tolle - A New Earth Acceptance and Commitment Therapy  Non-violent Communication
In this episode, this group of women talk about their feelings and frustrations around raising children in our modern society. They point specifically to instances where they felt judged and pressure to conform to societal norms when it came to parenting.  In this day and age - where judgement and outside opinions on parenting are rife - the moms in the group vent their frustration with this status quo. The women share their thoughts on how we should be supporting each other instead of judging each other in order to pass that “way of thinking” along to the next generation. They each point out a specific short story from the book that held personal meaning for them and this just highlights the fact that this book potentially has a message that can speak to anyone.  Discussion Points: Instincts vs Society’s expectations Raising Children while being judged by society Instincts around raising children Children’s instincts Parent’s being judged  Making decisions that will allow your child to be themselves Women supporting other women raising their children Should judgement affect how you raise your children? Parents feelings about their kids often go back to their own past experiences Book for men on the male stereotype and vulnerability  Members’ Personal Journals Resources: Women Who Run with the Wolves Book Interrupted Website  Book Interrupted YouTube Channel The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle 
Continuing on from the previous episode, this group of six women delve deeper into the book “Women who Run with the Wolves”. They discuss their personal views and whether they think the book is a valid observation of the female psyche. Interestingly, they all agree that regardless of who you are, the book is sure to envoke deep thought about society’s expectation of women. They guide listeners on parts of the book that resonated with each of them as well as things about the book they didn’t enjoy.  Discussion Points: The importance of the timing of reading this book Author’s writing make getting into the book difficult  The audiobook version is more palatable  Critique of the book’s over analysation of meaning and symbolism How music relates to the book Kelly Lee Owens Album - Innersong Thoughts on Music Fiona Apple’s Album The “cage” of being categorised by society A perspective on society’s expectations of men  Resources: Book Interrupted Website  Book Interrupted YouTube Channel Women Who Run with the Wolves Book Interrupted on Spotify Pitchfork Article - Kelly Lee Owens Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters
Listen to these six women discuss, rant, cry and laugh about each of their individual experiences while beginning the classic book “Women Who Run with the Wolves”. Through storytelling, this book dives into the wild woman archetype and how it can be restored. Currently considered a staple in most bookstores this book brings out strong opinions in its readers. Whether they love the book or hate it, these six women make a point to encourage each other to share their honest opinions. And boy are they honest… On the fence about reading “Women Who Run with Wolves”? This episode may be exactly what you need to help make that decision. Discussion Points: Sarah’s review :-) Lindsay’s review :( Lia’s Review :-| Meredith’s review :-| Kara’s Review :-) Kim’s review :-| Group discussion on combined thoughts on the book Freedom getting affected by the roles you take on  Women’s roles and society’s expectations Conforming vs Non-Conforming  Magical Experience of reading this book (and not reading it) Resources: Book Interrupted Website  Book Interrupted YouTube Channel Women Who Run with the Wolves Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
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