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Ep. 007 Be Fearless, Be a Kid Again--Special Guest My Grandson Caleb

Released Sunday, 26th May 2019
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Be Fearless, Be a Kid Again--Special Guest My Grandson Caleb

00:03Welcome to the boots to billions podcast, a podcast that gives anyone with a military background the tools they need to become a successful entrepreneur. Each week we will delve into the secrets of what it takes to create wealth and success in the civilian world. Get ready for some fire with your host. Retired major Anthony Lee.

00:26Hey, what is up? It is Anthony from boots to billions and military millionaire mentor. How are you doing today? I am with my grandson Caleb. He is our special guest. Look at that little guy right there. So Caleb is around seven months old right now and his, first podcast. This is his first podcast. Yeah. Where do you think this is going to be? Cool. Huh? So I bet you're wondering why I have a seven month year old on a podcast in the studio. What I wanted to talk to everyone about is, do you remember when you were seven months old? Do you remember when you were, you know, a little kid and anything was possible? Can you remember back when you want it to be an astronaut or a fireman?

01:23What did you want to be a fireman? I know. What did I, what did you want to be when you were growing up? I know I wanted to be a fighter pilot. And while I might not have been a fighter pilot, I still got to jump out of planes and things changed. But remember when you were a little kid and anything was possible, anything's possible with dreams, with vision, without limiting beliefs. You know, this little guy right here, uh, out there in podcast land, you can't see them. But this guy has no limiting beliefs right now. In fact, you know, he doesn't know what he doesn't know, of course, of what he doesn't know and he's just willing to try things. He goes up, he wants to bang on things, he wants to touch stuff and you want to do things and you never know what's possible.

02:09This guy could be the next, the next big thing. He's the next Caleb. Right. He's not going to be the next to me. He's not going to be the next mark Zuckerberg or the next what? At Bill Gates and he's going to be the next Caleb. He's gonna do his best to yeah. Tell him you tell him. What did you want to tell the people today? So he's in the studio day. This is going to be a real quick podcast. You're probably gonna see this after he goes back home. He lives in Ohio with his mother and father and we are here in Colorado. And you're visiting. Huh? You're visiting and what? He's visiting. He's come here to see GRANDPA and hang out. And so every time he gets to come back, I'm pretty soon, hopefully he's going to get to start recording podcasts with me as soon as he can talk because I think he'd be a great guest.

02:58 I knew our boy, Adam Carolla had his son on there early and now look at him. Now he has his own show. Go back to when you were a kid. Get your limiting beliefs out of you. There is no limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are bad. You know it's your own. It's the 12 inches in between those two years is the reason why you're not achieving what you were born to achieve. You know, think great things, go do great things and life's going to be amazing. Anything is possible.. Anything. I mean I remember I was there a few years ago with some of the older kids and you know, I was sitting there, I was like, wow, anything is possible. You know, I can do anything and I have done anything. I'm living my life truly by design and truly on my own terms. And what I want to do and I'm forging the way for this young man. You ask about, everybody asks about what's your why and what is your why. Well, my why is this little guy right here because I want to show him that, you know, no matter what I served 22 years in the military, I have three college degrees and yet I'm creating my own business, learning along the way. And you know none of that, none of that.

04:31Being in the military did provide a lot of discipline and gave me that I'm never going to give up and I am grateful for that. But all the stuff I've learned, I've taught myself since I got out and it's been great. And this little guy here, I'm going to show him that anything is possible no matter what age. It doesn't matter. You could be 22 you could be 12 you could be 25 36 I don't care, man, female, it doesn't matter. Anything is possible in life is long as you want it bad enough, you have a big enough why and Ooh, look at that hair and you just go after it and you don't quit. That's the biggest thing is don't quit. You know, yesterday I was at the incline with the little guy, we were just hanging around the bottom waiting for his mom and about 20 steps up, this girl quit 20 steps.

05:18I mean, it's a long way. You don't have to go. But she didn't even give it a try. And you know, I was sitting there and thinking, you know, she didn't even try. She walked up 20 steps and said I quit. And she was young. She wasn't overweight. She just quit because she didn't want to do it. How many times in life have you not wanted to do something? Well, you don't want to do it. You just get up and do it, but you don't quit after 20 steps. You keep going, right? Caleb, you just keep going. So I hope everyone out there is having a great start to their summer. Look forward to many more episodes. You know, interviews with Caleb are great. Yeah. He's trying to tell everyone something right now. He's telling you, you can do it. You could succeed, and you're going to be successful. Just believe in yourself. Yeah. You hear that. Believe in yourself and know that anything is possible. All right. This is Anthony from the Boots 2 Billions Podcast and the military millionaire mentor. I will talk to you all very soon
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