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Ep. 009 Tuesday Tirade--Persistent Patience

Released Tuesday, 4th June 2019
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Hey, what is up everyone? This is Anthony, your military millionaire mentor and host of boots to billions podcast. I'm with my special guest, Phoebe as say hello. Oh, such good kisses. For those of you out in podcast world, you can't see my, my wife's beautiful dog here. You can flip over to our youtube channel. Boots to billions are probably catch us on Facebook. Uh, Instagram. You can see Phoebe beacon. Love that puppy. She is very, very cute. Aww, you can't resist her. But anyway, today is our Tuesday tirade. Hey, that's a name. I just came up with the Tuesday tirade. Even though it's not going to be a tirade, it's going to be me giving you some useful information. You know, it's funny. So last night I was driving home late from work and uh, I was talking to a client of mine. We're talking about Patience and you know, we were talking about the long game and how we're in it.

And, and people, you know, they're not Patience or when people talk about Patience, they think it means you don't do anything. Well, I'm here to tell you that as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, you know, we have to be persistent in what we do. So while we, you aren't going to get rich quick and while stuff doesn't happen overnight and those who think it is going to happen overnight, while you're sadly mistaken, uh, I'm talking about persistent patients. So what is persistent patients? You know, shout out to mark my boy Calvin in a Missouri. I talked to him this morning, had a good chat. You know, we talked to him about that long game and about how, you know, people always want it now and how you got to be persistently patient. So what that means is that every day you show up, it means that you're still grinding every day.

You're still hustling every day. You're still doing what it takes in the military. You know, when you enter bootcamp, let's say when you inner boot camp, you go in and you know that in, if you follow the rules and you do everything you need to do to graduate, you're gonna graduate and they'll say 16 weeks. I actually don't know how long bootcamp is anymore, but my point is, is that you are persistently patient. You wake up every morning, you make your bed, you shine your boots. You do, what do you need to do to get to graduation? You are persistent in achieving your goal. Just like, I think I talked about it in a post or something, you know, a couple of weeks ago when my daughter was climbing the incline and that person quit 20 steps up, she wasn't persistent. She didn't even give it a go. And you know, as entrepreneurs, you know, we can't think that stuff's going to happen overnight.

You've got got to realize that it's gonna take awhile. If you want to make 1 million bucks, you're not going to make it in a month. Well, you could, but you know, it's Kinda hard. Uh, but you can do whatever you want to. I'm just saying you've have to have the right kind of systems in place. You've gotta have the right clarity. You've got to be gaining momentum. You got to know exactly what you're doing. And then you've got to scale and you've got to do things at the right time, in the right order. So that's a whole nother set of things we could go in. In fact, I should probably do a week long segment or a couple of things on the right things in the right order. In business, if you do the right things at the wrong time, you're going to fail and you're not going to be successful.

If you do the right things at the right time, you will be successful. So, you know, persistent patients, that's what it's all about. Uh, you've got to go in there, you've got to try every day. You've got to show up. I don't care if I don't care. If you don't feel like doing it, get up and go do it. You know, just do what you need to do to be successful. Because if you're not, I'm telling you, people like me, whatever space you're in are going to crush you because there's someone like me that's hungry and I'm hungry and I want more. You know? I want to help people achieve their dreams and to be able to do that. They've got to want it. I can't help people. And I figured that out on my journey. I figured it out over my coaching and consulting career that if somebody doesn't want it, I can't make them want it.

I could give them all the tools and the playbook. But if you don't want it, you're not gonna succeed and you're, you're not going to get to where you want to go. So you have to internally want it and you've got to show up every day and you've gotta be patient and don't think that patients means not doing anything. You still need to work. And I'm a true firm believer. Hard work, you know, trumps everything. If you have hardworking, you execute. And we're going to have a whole nother podcast about execution. If you execute, you're going to do better than 97% percent of the people out there that's just sitting there on their phones, on Instagram or saying whatever. Uh, you're going to do way better than them. So this was a real quick, Tuesday tirade coming at you. I just want you to hope you take something away from it.

Let me know in the show notes. Ah, are you going to see in the show notes, you're going to see links to not only the podcast, which you're on, but you'll see links to millionaire mentor, uh, the military millionaire mentor, uh, that I started. And then you'll also see links to where you can find me on Instagram and everywhere else online, whatever your favorite platform is. So this is Anthony and Phoebe, a coming out on Tuesday. Make this an amazing day. Live with passion, do something for somebody else, impact lives, and you will be a success. All right, I love you military mentor out. Alright. Talk to you soon.
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