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066 - Jonathan Rivera - Going From a Blue Collar Job to Entrepreneurial Success

Released Monday, 16th November 2015
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Jonathan Rivera is a very successful real estate investor and entrepreneur, helping podcasters create a successful following through this highly esteemed site, The Podcast Factory.  This wasn't always his story, as he worked as an Electrician's Apprentice, commuting 60 miles each way to a job he didn't like, listening to the same boring songs on his drive.  That's when he discovered Howard Stern.  He started to look forward to his drive, so he could tune in to what Howard and his team had to say.  This later became the inspiration for The Podcast Factory, but at the time it was just a means of making his challenging commute more palatable.  For 9 years, he continued to go through the same routine, going to the same job, which he new was not his future.  That's when he jumped into the real estate investing game, where he built up a very nice business, which began to flourish.  That is, until the bubble burst and he lost it all.

He knew he didn't want to go back to his blue collar career, so he picked himself up, dusted off and rebuilt his business to create a very stable.  The first thing he did before jumping back into the investment game was he studied sales and marketing and started to learn about podcasting.  It was a tougher business then than it is now, but he saw this could be a potential area for him to dabble.  He began rebuilding his investment portfolio and gained as much experience in the podcasting arena as he could.

Today, Jonathan is living the real 4 hour workweek dream, creating his own schedule and having a blast doing it.  He believes every entrepreneur can create this for themselves and is here to help inspire you along the way.  If you want to learn more about Jonathan and his mission, I encourage you to visit: http://thepodcastfactory.com.