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Tonight we’re going to talk a little bit about anxiety and fear. There are ways that we can reengineer our thoughts in order to use fear and anxiety to our advantage. Remember, you are not alone and you can’t expect to avoid these your whole li
Tonight, we are going to be talking about limiting beliefs. What are limiting beliefs you ask? A limiting belief is a belief that you have about yourself that hinders your ability to achieve any goal. The tough thing about limiting beliefs is t
Today we’re going to dive into just who Brendan Lund is and his transformation. Brendan’s rags-to-riches story is nothing short of miraculous. He never accepted the depressing day to day 9 to 5 gore that almost everyone goes through just to get
As individuals, we form our own ideas about people based on their social media. That’s why it is so important to be as real as possible whether you are online or offline. When you’re real, people know exactly what they’re going to get when they
A lot of people listening to this focus on surviving instead of thriving. Having that mindset will hold you back from success. Everyone wants to eat better food and safest car and comfiest clothes. The entire point of having extra income is to
Being multi-passionate keeps you from feeling burnt out and helps you stay passionate about all of your different projects. Your days have much more diversity that you normally would if you stuck to one thing. The reason that people become burn
When you get a mentor that is incredible that tells you, “you can do this,” you develop the confidence to go for your dreams. In order to be that mentor to someone else, you have to be down in the mud yourself at some point. Adversity will show
There is nothing wrong with trying different routes to achieve the big vision. What’s the worst thing that could happen when trying new things? Negative visualization is key because it prepares you for the worst, thus creating more confidence.
As human beings we influence people on a daily basis, whether you have Instagram or not. You don’t have to wait until you have 10,000 followers on Instagram to have a positive influence on people. Everyone has influence in some capacity, but it
Before you can achieve constant growth, you need to know who you really are. As human beings, we don’t like to change because it makes us uncomfortable, but there is both pain and pleasure on the path to knowing who you are. Letting yourself go
You’re never too young to dominate. Age is just a number and you can’t let that number define how you feel or how you carry yourself. If you go on places like instagram, you can almost always find someone that is doing better than you or younge
It’s impressive to be in a place where you enjoy what you are doing, only to transition to a place that you like even more. You can be happy with something but it may not be what you want to do with your life. If you know in 30 to 40 years that
Being in business for the right reasons is very important. That being, making money vs. making a difference. Having previous struggles can help you relate to clients that you are genuinely trying to help. The ability to relate to clients is a h
When you start to limit what you eat for the sole reason of restricting calories, when you stop eating food here and there, feel ashamed when eating this, there is a problem. Different diets can be forms of control. Nutrition is an easy thing t
Motivation comes and goes; that’s why it is so important to stay disciplined so that when it goes you don’t get off track on the way to completing your goals. It is unreasonable to assume that you can walk in and accomplish a goal on a dime. Se
If you are at an unhappy point in your life, if you have a defeated mindset, if you know that there is more in this life, then you need to fiercely invest in yourself. You are either growing, or you are dying and there is nothing enjoyable abou
You have to decide who you want to be before you can find yourself, and you have to find yourself before you can start loving yourself. No one likes to admit that they are lacking in some areas because self-reflection can be scary and painful,
If you want to be a fitness coach, your are someone that people should be looking up to. However, it’s few and far between that you meet a trainer who’s the same on the internet as they are in person. Bridging the gap between the science and ho
Hosted by, Founder of BrainsforBrawn and BrainsforBusiness, Brendan Lund, BrainsforBrilliance is a podcast focused on helping you reach your highest potential, and enhancing your personal development. Brendan and his guests discuss their succes
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