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An Open Discussion on Diversity – Christine Nowaczyk & Rich Grant

Released Monday, 26th April 2021
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Creating an inclusive environment is key to a more equal society as well as success in our business and personal lives too. Here on the show today to discuss the important subject of diversity are Christine Nowaczyk,  Arizona Corporate Banking Executive for BOK Financial, and Rich Grant, Director of Business Development at Northlane Capital Partners. Rich and Christine bring their experiences of being minorities in their work environments to bear and share the ways that they are pushing the conversation about diversity and inclusion forward. We talk about the need for everybody in a team to work together to create an inclusive environment, especially the leaders who have the power to make decisions and hires that shape a company. To this end, they both weigh in on the value of simply being excellent as a way of reinforcing their value to their teams every day. We talk about the idea that diversity is achievable by simply being kind to other people and share some ways that can help us learn to listen to perspectives that are not our own. Our conversation also covers the importance of networking in success and the need to offer everybody equal opportunities to networks that can help them grow and flourish. For valuable perspectives on achieving a more diverse workplace and the professional and personal benefits of this, be sure to tune in today.

Key Points From This Episode:
  • How Rich is being intentional about having conversations about diversity in the workplace.
  • Christine’s thoughts on the value of treating others kindly toward the project of diversity.
  • How Rich sets an example as a Black man in a largely white industry.
  • Christine’s approach to conducting herself and staying strong in a male-dominated world.
  • The value of being good at what you do for encouraging diversity as a minority.
  • Rich’s thoughts on the need for management to be on board with the diversity project.
  • Not employing somebody as a token, but to recognize the value they can bring.
  • The need for upper management to give everybody in the organization a chance to be heard.
  • Different ways of learning how to see things from other people’s perspectives.
  • Creating a safe environment that lifts everybody up.
  • How Rich got to where he is by putting himself in uncomfortable situations.
  • Giving people access to mentors that push them so they can grow.
  • What Rich has learned about the willingness people have to work towards diversity.
  • Lessons Rich has learned about the value of networking for increasing diversity.
  • Normalizing a culture of inclusivity and diversity initiatives.
  • Encouraging diversity is about more than just a wish: It’s about having a plan.
  • Tackling the things that you can control as a way of encouraging diversity.
  • Encouraging diversity through recruitment but also enablement afterward.
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