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Investing in People - Jeremy Holland

Released Tuesday, 17th November 2020
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Investing in People with Jeremy Holland 

Today’s guest is Jeremy Holland, Managing Partner of Origination at The Riverside Company,  and he understands that building relationships is the key to creating long term value. Jeremy joins us today to share the secrets he’s learned from the world of deals about why investing your time in people can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Jeremy explains that while hardly anybody is willing to invest their time in something that does not present an immediate benefit, the fact remains that the more you help others, the more they will want to help you later. What’s more, relational encounters are far more fulfilling than transactional ones. Jeremy shares some tips for how to build meaningful relationships with your team, stressing the value of private, candid conversations. Regarding external relationships with his firm’s clients, having a ‘how can I help attitude’ has proven to pay back its weight in gold, long term. We also get into the idea of goodwill impairments today – situations where an angry outburst can destroy trust built up over years; we talk about how to avoid having these, and the idea that if you take bad news professionally today, you might be able to turn it into the good news you were hoping for in future. For all you need to know about building long term value by investing in relationships, tune in.

Key Points From This Episode:
  • Jeremy’s belief that investing in meaningful relationships is key to creating long term value.
  • Private, candid conversations with people as a way of building meaningful relationships.
  • How much a person would appreciate honest feedback about their behavior.
  • Using a ‘how can I help?’ attitude to build meaningful relationships outside of your firm.
  • What it takes to truly invest in a person who can’t immediately help you: A time investment.
  • The delayed, long-term payback that comes from investing in helping others.
  • Examples of goodwill impairments and the work it takes to repair those relationships.
  • How to curb a potential goodwill impairment by taking bad news professionally and scheduling a follow-up.
  • The idea that you’ll often win the same deal later if you take an initial rejection well.
  • Discussing James Carse’s idea that the vitality of a garden does not depend on a harvest.
  • An example of how Jeremy helped an old friend get a job at a top tier firm.
  • The immediate rewards in terms of fulfillment that come with helping others.

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