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Often described as a catalyst and nonconformist, branding expert Tom Asacker writes, speaks, and coaches Fortune 500 companies about radically new practices and ideas for marketplace success in times of uncertainty and change. He is a former GE executive, recipient of the George Land Innovator of the Year Award, and cohosted Media Unplugged with media researcher Mark Ramsey. Insights you won't want to miss: (1:57) From Covid to civil unrest, we live in interesting times…Tom predicts that no matter what ‘it’ is, it will change the world. We ask Tom what this means for the notion of BRANDS and branding in general, and specifically...MEDIA BRANDS? (5:59) We learn why only the CREATIVE survive and explores ways that radio people can harness creativity to remain relevant enough to KEEP their audiences. (8:07) Tom reveals how today's successful brands differ from others ─ and what that means for future marketing and advertising – especially in an audio medium? (9:51) We learn the key questions Tom thinks traditional broadcasters should be asking themselves now to be ready for our increasingly ‘on-demand’ mediascape. (11:44) Tom shares the marketing concept of “TILT”, and explores whether we've reached it in media?
R Dub! is the creator, producer, and host of the internationally syndicated radio show, (Sunday Night Slow Jams), currently heard on over 200 radio stations in 14 countries. He started the show when he was just 16 years old, and has gone on to win numerous industry awards, and has been nominated for Billboards Music Director of the Year three times. His second passion is travel: he's currently on a mission to see all 193 countries on the planet…which he’s on pace to do in the next two years. He pitched his concept on SHARK TANK, and just released a book, “ (GO SYNDICATE YOURSELF”, from Local to National: Six Steps and Countless Secrets to Radio Syndication). In his spare time, he also programs Z90 and Magic 92.5 in San Diego, where he also handles afternoon drive.
Seth Resler is a 20-year broadcasting veteran who worked on the mic and behind the programming desk in markets ranging from Providence, St. Louis, and Seattle to Boston and New York City. He also did radio in Silicon Valley before crossing into online marketing. Now, as the “Digital Dot Connector” for Jacobs Media, Seth works with radio stations across the U.S., helping them design and implement action plans that combine websites, social media, email marketing, SEO, content marketing, lead generation, and other online tools. Seth's blog:
In this bonus episode, (Musicmaster Scheduling) Founder & President (JOE KNAPP) returns to share what prompted him to focus his programming, music, and engineering chops on a futuristic approach to scheduling music with (…gasp!) a computer. He shares some of the initial objections to using a software program inside a radio station ─  and how some radio people still exhibit those prehistoric concerns. He outlines the initial priorities in a pre-Windows computing world, and how Musicmaster has evolved to multi-faceted, the any-platform/any-device resource it has become. Joe also shares some of the ‘secret sauce’ that has made MusicMaster the world's leading music software, including a focus on superior station support and the ongoing training they are noted for.  
If you’re paying attention to where radio is headed, it’s very likely that you’ve encountered the work of Kurt Hanson. As Publisher and Founding Editor of RAIN ─ Radio And Internet News and the popular RAIN Summits ─ he is also the founder and CEO of the online streaming service If you’re not familiar, his insights, observation and experiences will help you take your media brand to the next level online!  
If you're wondering what a post-pandemic musicscape will be like in 2021 and beyond, you've come to the right place! Sean Ross is an industry expert on music,, the evolution of formats, and the evolution of radio programming strategy in a world of audio choices. He’s programmed at the station level and worked in A&R for the recording industry. He now serves as Edison Research’s Vice President of Music and Programming. A longtime journalist coving the radio industry for Billboard, R&R and others he now publishes the influential (ROSS ON RADIO newsletter) 
Roula Christie has a storied career in radio. Beginning as an hourly employee answering request lines at a hometown station, she moved to morning show host in a top 10 metro. Along the way, she’s been an integral part of a team that was named Station of the Year, took home a Marconi Award, and she received named MIW Airblazer of the year by The Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group, the MIW. After dominating mornings at stations like Q102, Philly and her current home KRBE, Houston, she’s just rolling out the nationally syndicated WEEKENDS WITH ROULA program thru Westwood One.
David Cannon and Ritchie Beams have been (Ace and TJ) since the early 90’s when – as the only two single guys on staff – the Louisiana natives were paired up for the first time on a local Top 40 station near their hometowns. They moved from nights to mornings, then on to Baton Rouge, then to stations in Huntsville and Birmingham in Alabama, before being hired to do a morning show in Charlotte.  Ace & TJ were eight-time nominees for (CHR) "Personalities Of The Year", and now host a hilarious network show originating from there. In this episode, they share their journey, how they’re staying ahead in content and marketing, share the secret appeal of the “ (ACE & TJ Button)” ─ and more! (  
Why were the recent political polls so far off again? What does this mean for radio measurement and ratings?  We ask Leigh Jacobs, a prominent research and perceptual wizard why, and what radio can do about it. Leigh got his start with a 15-year career as Program Director for AC, Hot AC, and Classic Rock stations in Louisville, Detroit, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and for iconic talk station New Jersey 101.5. After nearly a decade as EVP of Research for Critical Mass Media for nearly a decade, VP, Research, for the Tribune Company. Now, as EVP and co-founder of (NuVoodoo Media Services) he heads the company’s perceptual studies services, analyzing consumer research for radio stations and other media.
We didn’t get into radio to make average audio for average people. Master Marketer SETH GODIN shares why we don’t have to. This best-selling author (Permission Marketing, Tribes, Purple Cow, and others) shares an elegant gameplan that inspires radio people and other creative types to stretch and commit to putting our best work out into the world. Despite budgetary pressures that can make our industry seem like it’s racing to the bottom, in this interview Seth assures radio people that there IS a way to do the work we want to do ─ and gives us some great tips on HOW. It just takes The Practice.
Valerie Geller is president of Geller Media International, a broadcast consulting firm, which has trained broadcasters throughout the world at more than 500 stations in 27 countries, including the BBC, NPR, CBS Radio and more. She’s the author of three books about radio, and her latest, BEYOND POWERFUL RADIO is about to be released in Audible form. With radio facing the triple-whammy of COVID, the local ad economy, and fewer people expected to do more, Valerie shares some stations that have really handled the pandemic well and she explores how a local PD or HOST can (and should!) ‘triage’ duties; to ensure continued relevance as we pivot to media’s ‘new abnormal.  
If the name Joe Knapp rings a bell, it will be properly sound coded, categorized, and separated from other plays, since he is the ncer and creator of Musicmaster...the world’s most popular music scheduling system. On the station side, Joe has been a chief engineer, PD and air talent for various stations throughout the midwest including the legendary WZUU FM & AM in Milwaukee. Then, he was challenged to solve a programming problem, and ended up building a better mousetrap…known as (Musicmaster)! In this wide-ranging episode, Joe reflects on the reasons he was first drawn to radio, to some of the biggest tech changes he sees on the horizon. He also shares his perspective on how radio is likely to operate in the “new Abnormal” and explores the skill sets that will be needed for success in the future.
Robin began her radio career at KGO San Francisco working under Jack Swanson. She was then hired to program KOA Denver. Later, when former KFI needed to find their next PD, Robin was the obvious choice. Since then, she’s kept the ratings high, helped steer KFI through a couple of snags, won some awards for the ongoing commitment to public affairs, the community and education, and keeps the promise of “More stimulating talk radio.” In this episode she also shares ALL the things she listens to (besides the radio) that help keep her stations on top.
Steve Goldstein is recognized as a foremost audio innovator and thought leader in programming, marketing and management. His track record of success spans virtually every major radio format for some of the nation's top broadcasting companies. Steven has created and developed numerous successful radio brands and nurtured and advanced local and national talent.   After holding on-air positions at several local radio stations, networks including The NBC Radio Network, and ABC Radio , he was a  co-founding partner in Saga Communications, serving as Executive Vice President and Group Program Director from the company's formation in 1986 until 2015, when he founded AMPLIFI MEDIA.   Steve now helps media brands create, develop, and monetize "original branded content” on any number of platforms…and is instrumental in creating winning recipes with audio ingredients.
For several decades, the term “Mainstream Media” has been weaponized, first by scrappy fringe voices railing against legacy networks and newspapers; and more recently by cable outlets like FOX News and MSNBC. Our guest finds this ironic since ratings qualify them as “mainstream.” And, in his view, the obsolescence of the term has never been more painfully obvious than lately, especially during the George Floyd episode. Holland Cooke is a media consultant, working at the intersection of radio and the Internet. His Website: His book:  
You may wonder why (Mix 92.9) has been the perennial ratings leader in Nashville, and how they maintain their market leadership. The reasons are not always obvious. And you heard right…it’s not even a Country station! WJXA & WNFN OM Barbara Bridges been named one of the top 50 Programmers in the nation four times by Radio Ink magazine and has been featured in Billboard and numerous other publications for many things, including her understanding of the relationship between sales and programming. She knows how to win in revenue as well as ratings…and you’ll learn some concepts you can put in place tomorrow!
When we want to find out what’s happening next in radio and the audio space, there’s a reason so many media pro’s contact BUZZ KNIGHT.  As the CEO of Buzz Knight Media, he specializes in providing strategic insight and guidance for media brands to achieve their rating and revenue goals ─ but that’s just the start! Buzz got his start in radio & has used it as a springboard to gain proficiency in other spaces. After holding a variety of positions ranging from on-air to Brand Manager/PD, SVP of Programming and EVP Strategy and Innovations for high profile companies like Saga, CBS, Greater Media and most recently, Beasley Broadcasting,  Buzz has deep experience and a strong affinity for audience measurement including the ratings, as well as insights into mobile, social, and the connected car. He also shares insights regularly in Radio Ink, and on his own podcast, BUZZ CUTS. And this episode, he shares them with YOU!  
Darren Wilhite and Tim Wall have been doing radio together for almost 25 years. They’ve got a couple of CMA Awards and can boast having the highest-rated morning radio show in the country. They’ve met just about every music artist they play, and likely have a story to share about each encounter. Their brand of humor can be pretty twisted, yet most stories don’t include police being called. In this episode, they share their view on the changing industry, how a network morning show fits in doing multiple formats at once, and how affiliate stations can make the most of ANY network show. They also offer tips for anyone considering starting their own show.  
Randi West has been entertaining radio audiences for more than 20 years. While she’s been on-air for most of her career, Randi’s also handled Music, Promotions, Marketing and more during  stops in Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina and most recently Tampa. No sooner does she accept the primo position of PD at Hubbard's WRMF, West Palm beach that the nation locks down to fight the Pandemic. Add a few Hurricanes and Randi is just now entering the building! Hear how she managed it all -- mostly by remote control, and how lessons learned will make her team even stronger!    
John Wetherbee is familiar to audiences all over the country for years as a Radio and TV personality, radio PD and GM. He’s even in the Georgia Broadcast Hall of Fame. Now as an AMS certified meteorologist, his RADIO WEATHER SERVICE provides a one-of-a-kind, customized lifestyle weather forecasts to nearly 200 different radio stations and three networks.  In this episode, John shares how listeners are depending more on local radio for information, and how your station can make the very most of your outsourced content providers ─ and why you should! FREE! Get (John Wetherbee's Guide to Severe Weather Coverage) This episode made possible by MUSICMASTER. See how they can help your station through the current weirdness:
We’ve all felt the impact of the coronavirus. We’ve seen what’s it meant for our operations, promotions and revenue. Now, veteran ratings expert Charlie Sislen reveals what his firm, (The Research Director, Inc) is seeing in early PPM breakouts, and shares what is likely to happen next, both in metered and diary markets. (Click here for free show notes)  
It’s not every day that we get to hear from America's top-rated midday host, from America’s #1 Market. HELEN LITTLE of New York City’s 106.7 LiteFM takes us inside a workday that includes both show and life prep necessary to entertain millions of listeners while they work. She’ll also voice a show for Philly’s 106.1 The Breeze. In non-COVID times, between station events, concerts, and client events, her days can easily stretch 18-hours. She also hosts one of America’s first podcasts, The Public Library. Helen has learned a LOT along the way and shares her secrets to connecting, wherever her audience is whether on-air, online, or (quarantines permitting) on location! Get complete show notes HERE.
It’s not every day that we get to hear from America's top-rated midday host, from America’s #1 Market. HELEN LITTLE of New York City’s 106.7 LiteFM takes us inside a workday that includes both show and life prep necessary to entertain millions of listeners while they work. She’ll also voice a show for Philly’s 106.1 The Breeze. In non-COVID times, between station events, concerts, and client events, her days can easily stretch 18-hours. She also hosts one of America’s first podcasts, The Public Library. Helen has learned a LOT along the way and shares her secrets to connecting, wherever her audience is whether on-air, online, or (quarantines permitting) on location! Get complete show notes (HERE).
The name Gary Berkowitz is synonymous with winning radio. On the station side, he’s been involved in every aspect of programming and managing some of America's most successful radio brands. Gary was the founding Program Director at the legendary PRO-FM, Providence. He transformed WROR, Boston from an Oldies station to one of the first AC formats in the US. Next came Detroit program News-Talk powerhouse WJR and CHR WHYT.  Then it was on to launching one of the first Hot AC's, Q95-Detroit (WKQI) which propelled his transition into consulting. Today, Gary consults many of the most successful AC radio stations in the US with a single focus: -Improving ratings for increased revenue, especially in the post-COVID era!  
Erica Farber has really climbed the ropes throughout her impressive radio career, making her one of the industry’s most respected and influential people. Many know her as the former head of R&R but it didn’t start there! After leading an impressive array of stations, she’s held nearly every position in Radio Sales & Management including Executive Vice President/Radio Development Director at INTEREP. Now, As President and CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau, Erica leads Radio's advocacy efforts by helping to drive business, grow advertising revenue, and communicate Radio's digital transition. And in this episode, she shares some key insights on how radio can thrive in the post-COVID era.  
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