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I chat with right-wing political commentator, Nick Fuentes, about his opinion on Trump's presidency so far, the sex-robot industry, conservative women who are traditional only in name as opposed to in practice, women in politics, how we can reb
For her first-ever interview, I chat with right-wing activist, Angie, about how she came to be interested in politics, what she believes the biggest threat Islam poses to Western Civilization is, her opinion of the term ‘hate speech’, how impor
I chat with author of ‘Wage the Battle’ and congressional candidate running against Paul Ryan, Paul Nehlen, about his motivations for running against Paul Ryan a second time, whether he believes Paul Ryan is undermining President Trump, his opi
I chat with Austrian author and Identitarian activist, Martin Sellner, about the #DefendEurope mission, from it's numerous setbacks and struggles all the way through it's eventual success documenting the actions of the NGOs in the Mediterranean
I chat with right-wing and four-time light-heavyweight kickboxing champion, Andrew Tate, about his professional career as a kick boxer, why he feels it's important to talk about politics online, whether he believes race relations are as bad as
I chat with Alt-Right YouTuber and fantasy author, Bre Faucheux, about the political agenda of the writing industry, the backlash she faced from the YA book community upon going public with her political beliefs, why she believes we're seeing s
I chat with anonymous right-wing Twitter personality, Paul Town, about why the right memes so much better than the left, whether he thinks the internet has a negative affect on social skills, the definition and objective of 'thot patrol', and m
I chat with political/cultural YouTuber, Coach Red Pill, about the goal of his YouTube channel, whether he believes politics is dehumanizing us, what he believes makes a good man, the future of right-wing channels on YouTube, whether he believe
I chat with Scottish YouTuber, Millennial Woes, about the danger of placing people on a pedestal, his definition of masculinity and femininity, how important he believes morality is to a progressive society, his advice for finding a wholesome p
My co-host, Tara, and I chat with author, Dr. Bill Warner, about what he believes Western society would look like if Muslims gain a dominant position, sacred deceit or "Taqiyya" in Islam, why Europeans are so naive regarding Islam, why Islam is
I chat with 15-year-old traditionalist, Stell Bell, about how she defines traditionalism and why she believes traditionalism is important, her chaotic upbringing, how she became interested in politics and was red-pilled, why she believes femini
My co-host, Tara, and I chat with right-wing political activist, Tanya Tay, about her recent engagement and whether she's always wanted to get married and have a family, how her home country of Belarus has been affected by the migrant crisis, w
My co-host, Tara, and I chat with right-wing political activist and author, Baked Alaska, about what compelled him to make the switch from the Alt-light to the Alt-right, whether or not he's a White Nationalist, the difference between White Nat
I chat with Russian translator, Inessa S, about what motivates her to translate Putin's videos, tensions between Russia and the U.S., her opinion of the "Russia hacked the U.S. Presidential Election" accusation, whether she believes Putin is mi
My co-host, Tara, and I chat with right-wing YouTuber, political writer and part-time reporter, James Allsup, about about the important of following ideas as opposed to leaders, his college experience, the unification of the right, whether gett
Link to the video that Imam Tawhidi and I discussed: https://twitter.com/DrEstella/status/873453799272136704 I chat with practicing Muslim, educator and scholar, Imam Tawhidi, about what Sharia Law is and whether or not Sharia Law is truly vio
My co-host, Tara, and I chat with libertarian YouTuber, Barbara4U2C, about how her home country, Slovenia, is dealing with the migrant crisis, the objectification of men, female involvement in politics, what it was like to move from Slovenia to
I chat with Suidlanders member, Simon Roche, about the White Genocide currently occurring in South Africa, why he believes it's soon to erupt into a full-blown race war, the rape epidemic in South Africa, why he believes the Mainstream Media is
I chat with scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, about his legal immigration journey to the U.S., how he invented Email, why he supports Donald Trump, why he has decided to run against Elizabeth Warren in the 2018 United States Sena
My co-host, Tara, and I chat with right-wing YouTuber, Rage After Storm, about why she made the shift from being an SJW to a right-winger, the problems with art and popular culture, whether she believes the Left is losing its influence, whether
My co-host, Tara, and I chat with author and independent journalist, Mike Cernovich, about what he believes is the number one mindset shift the right needs to make, how to exploit the greatest weakness of the Left, how he deals with attacks on
I chat with /Pol/ News Network creator, Levi Smith, about the ever-increasing influence of /pol/, how /pol/ impacted the U.S. Election, /pol/'s twitter account, /pol/'s role in battling Antifa, and more. Please donate if you have the means as
My co-host, Tara, and I chat with Swedish YouTuber, The Golden One, about inspiring and encouraging men to become better, modern society's current obsession with self-love, gun laws in Sweden, the negative effects of porn, and more. Please don
I chat with politically incorrect YouTuber, A Bit Of Britt, about how she became interested in politics, her thoughts on the body positivity movement, feminism, the Women's March, free speech, alternative media, and more. Please donate if you
I chat with Daily Caller editor and columnist, Scott Greer, about what motivated him to write his book, No Campus For White Men, identity politics, diversity, hate crime hoaxes, the MSM's role in fomenting anti-White rhetoric, and more. Please
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