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Broken Salespeople

A Business and Entrepreneur podcast featuring Red Stafstrom
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Episodes of Broken Salespeople

Sales has always been heavily focused on interpersonal skills and learning how to talking to people the right way, however there has not been much in terms of helping people increase their intrapersonal skill. In this episode Red talks about ho
Closing techniques have been discussed before on this channel, but in this Episode Red explains a better way to see closing techniques in the larger sales world using Usain Bolt as a reference point.If you want more information or want to get i
Gatekeepers have been a headache for salespeople since the creation of the phone. There have been thousands of pages written about how to get "past" the gatekeepers in order to get to the decision makers. Red discusses a new way to get the gate
All the time salespeople get told they need to build better rapport with their customers, but that is always easier said than done. As someone who is a "Recovering awkward person" (Shoutout to Vanessa Van Edwards), Red Stafstrom explains a way
There are a bunch of metaphors used to explain sales, but many of them leave something to be desired. Some of them, while they work from a marketing standpoint, explain sales the wrong way and in a manner that can actively hurt your perceptions
For the last thirty years, technology has continuously heralded the "death of the sales call".  With the invention of the answering machines, caller ID, and modern cell phones people have thought that making sales calls would become a thing of
The cancel culture debate has taken up a lot of oxygen in the US, and today Red discusses Gina Carano and Dr. Suess being "canceled" and how to look at it from a sales and business perspective. For more information and training blogs go to brok
Bad things happen, but people do not hate when things go wrong as much as they hate being SURPIRSED by things going wrong. In this episode Red goes over how to avoid getting objections and building more trust with clients. For more information
This is Episode Number 50! It has been less than 6 months since the creation of episode one or the Broken Salespeople Podcast, and we have discussed a ton of sales strategies for how to get sales TODAY. This episode Red talks about the past and
A mistake that many people have made, include Red, is that all sales are created equal. That is not the case. The skill set needed for retails sales compared to business to business style sales. Red explains the difference between the skills ne
Red Stafstrom does something he normally doesn't do, get political. He talks about the political theory behind running a team and helping to grow your business and sales career. Don't worry, it is not the kind of "Political" most people talk ab
Sales trainers have talked about non verbal communications for years and have cited a study they never even read!!! In this episode Red talks about the biggest false statistic revolving around nonverbal communication an d gives you some lessons
Red has spoken to many small business owners over the years, and they are not all created equal. That goes from people who create millions of dollars in revenue to solo-prenuers who are struggling to manage the day-to-day. In this episode Red g
“Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words? He thinks I don’t know the ten-dollar words. I know them all right. But there are older and simpler and better words, and those are the ones I use.” - Ernest HemmingwayAs Sa
After making the list for top 21 Psych podcasts for Business People, Red decided to talk about Nature versus Nurture and creating great salespeople. What are some of the things you cannot explicitly train and may need to work around in order to
Sales and marketing are similar to one another in a lot of ways, they both focus on the idea of persuasion. However many salespeople do not understand how marketing is really created. In this episode Red Stafstrom helps explain the differences
It has taken Red years to understand that each kind of sales role has its own associated personality. However it is tough to understand without knowing a lot about personality theories such as DISC personality profiles or Meyers Briggs personal
Sales people get a negative reputation and so many of us avoid calling ourselves "salespeople" in our day to day lives. Red Stafstrom discusses how people view things like salespeople and the similarity to war. For more free training, please vi
Shopping cart theory has become insanely popular over the last couple years, however there is a major gap in the theory. Red explains the theory, talks about the gap and how it all relates to sales. For more information and free training tools
Handling objections does not have to be a one-sided affair. By constantly working to overturn a customer's objections you may be neglecting the other side of potential deals. If you would like more training tools you can find more at brokensale
We have all been told we should never criticize our competition, but what if it is down yto you and your competition in your customer's eyes? How do you tell your customer the differences in a way that doesn't make you look bad. That is what Re
In comedy it is very important to know your strengths and stay in your wheelhouse. You see all the greats do it, both in comedy and in sales. Sales scripts usually do not work for the very same reason Bill Burr cannot do the same material Jerry
Systems have been a buzzword for a long time. I have spoken to a ton of business owners who want to get their "systems" in place, but not everyone knows how to define what a system is. In this episode Red talks about a way to put systems in pla
Michael F. Schein, the Author of The Hype Handbook, joins me to take apart Red's business in a way that few other could. Taking lessons from the greatest hype artists and propagandists in history, Michael F. Schein talks through building a hype
Today being New Year's Eve, Red talks about a way to created goals that you will actually follow through on and accomplish rather than simply forget them by the third week of January. If you would like to connect with Red, feel free to go to br
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