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Build Your Utopia is both honored and excited to have John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson from Entrepreneur on Fire, arguably the #1 podcast on iTunes. Entrepreneur On Fire, a Podcast interviewing today's most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week.  Entrepreneur On Fire was awarded 'Best of iTunes 2013’ and generates over $250,000 a month in revenue. John and Kate have founded 3 amazing communities: Podcaster's Paradise, Webinar On Fire, and Fire Nation Elite. With over 950,000 downloads a month, Entrepreneur On Fire has inspired Fire Nation to take control of their life and make the Entrepreneurial leap. Kate Erickson is the Content Creator and Community Leader over at EntrepreneurOnFire. She's also the Host of Kate's Take and the author of The Fire Path. John's Utopia is being able to have the life that he has created for himself, which is something he is really proud of. Kate agrees with John but also believes in a Utopia where she can call her own shots and also have financial freedom. With all the success John and Kate have had, at this point, they really do not know what their Utopia is 5 years from now, although they believe in staying nimble in business to be able to pivot with the industries' changes, which are frequent. The bottom line is that they want to stay on the cutting edge. John used a reference to Wayne Gretzky in explaining how he wants to end up in "where the puck will be." Utopian Quote of the Show "Entrepreneurs are willing to work like nobody else will now so they can live like nobody else later” - John Lee Dumas on Build Your Utopian. Click to tweet. John and Kate attribute pure hard work in attaining the success that they have attained. Kate never felt that she would be an entrepreneur and look at what she has done with John with Entrepreneur on Fire. The path up to this point has been brutal, plenty of hard work, and a plethora of lessons. John and Kate wouldn't change a single step up to this point since every step has had value. This goes to show how valuable it is to value every step along the way and to appreciate the path, stay focused, and not let stresses from challenges drag you down. John also recommends building up relationships along the way. There's a tremendous amount of value in relationships. John and Kate both maintain a semblance of a work-life balance by staying active, enjoying the beach, paddle boarding (as it has been publicized), and spending time with Kate’s family nearby. They've been able to do this while generating over $2.5 million in sales revenue. Overall, John gives himself a “D” for work-life balance in 2014 and is aiming for a B- in 2015. Using automation through Infusionsoft is a key for this. Finally, John and Kate left us with 3 super Value Bombs: If you want to be.. DO Understand that entrepreneurship is a journey and a process Use your experience and skills and make it happen Utopian Quote of the Show  "Success is the gradual realization of a worthy ideal" -Earl Nightingale. Click to tweet. As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
Happy Friday!  We are excited to come back to you, just Josh and Ben!  Part of our 'new format' of the show is to have a monthly recap show and discuss things we've learned from all the guests this month. First Ben and Josh talk about Brianna Wu's interview.  Josh is convinced, though Ben asserts Josh is wrong, that Ben has a crush on Brianna.  Crush is the wrong word, Ben admires what she does and how she does it.  Josh and Ben could agree on Brianna's value-bomb of "be honest with yourself, keep on your 'mission objectives'."  Ben and Josh also discuss what her message means to us. Next, Josh and Ben review their time with Josh's crush, Shannon Hernandez.  Josh clears things up and says Shannon is just a fun guy to hang out with.  We talk about some of the stories Shannon shared and we also agree on his value-bomb "stay persistent and allow yourself to grow in small steps."  This is huge and we talk about how Shannon is living this idea. Then Ben and Josh cover Susan Carlson.  Josh and Ben both enjoyed speaking with Susan and both have a ton of respect for her.  She is very articulate and passionate about her goals and thoughts on the education system here in Phoenix.  Susan's value-bomb that stuck with us is "keep on keeping on."  This point also echos Shannon's point. Before Josh and Ben discuss the most recent interview of the month, they get on a bit of a tangent about motorcycles (especially considering Josh just purchased a new bike). Finally, Ben and Josh speak about Brett Gajda.  Brett shared some fun stories in his interview.  While it was a great time, it was also super informative.  Brett left us with a great value-bomb "breakdown almost always comes before break through."  Huge advice, and something we all should keep in mind when things get difficult. As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
We are very pleased to present part 2 of our interview with Shawn Manaher, Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, and Podcast Host.  We are also very lucky to have former guest and friend of the show Shannon Hernandez guest hosting with Josh! Shawn Manaher shares that he is at the start of his 40s and does not feel 'old,' he feels like he is just on the start of his journey.  Shawn, Josh, and Shannon discuss how old you are verses how old you feel and act.  Huge difference and an important distinction in how you view your life. Shawn Manaher gives us a great example of a catalyst that lead him down the path he is on now.  He had a great job, doing well, getting promotions and raises, but he was also in pain.  He went to doctors, got put under, tested and ultimately was told nothing is wrong, he was just stressed and that stress was causing his physical pain. Shawn Manaher closes out his time with us with three value-bombs: Have a forgiving mindset Don't lose focus on the one thing you want to do/become We only have one life, live it at your highest potential Books we talked about during the show: The One Thing by Gary Keller on Amazon and iTunes Follow Shawn Manaher: Sidepreneurs Twitter As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
We are super excited to bring you part 2 of our interview with Jon Schumacher, Entrepreneur, Coach, and Fitness Guru. Jon Schumacher tells us of the benefit of learning from those who already know, but don't just stop there.  Jon spent a ton of time and money taking classes and working with other gurus in various fields to get better at the skills he deemed important.  Once you have that knowledge though, make it your own, put your own spin on it, and combine different areas of knowledge and expertise. Jon Schumacher reveals to us that he isn't the best at work life balance.  He worked a full time job and built his side career, which didn't leave a ton of time for himself.  He's aware of the issue, and he is working to fix it.  Now that he has resigned from his day job, he is going to take back some (not all of that time) for himself and time with his wife. Jon Schumacher then leaves us with three powerful things to think about: Life only gets better when you get better It's about connection, not perfection Persistence is key Get so busy that you don't have time to be disappointed Books we talked about during the show: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki on Amazon and iTunes. Follow Jon: Hangouts that Convert Twitter As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
We are very excited to bring you the second half of our conversation with Allyn & Greg Reid, authors, producers, entrepreneurs and chasers of freedom. We jump right back with another huge message from Greg, change your plan to a strategy.  Strategies are adjustable and flexible.  Greg makes another point that you have to adapt and illustrates this point with a fun story about a monkey and a nut. Next, Allyn and Ben talk about the advantages and drawbacks of having a set schedule.  As we know, Ben is very process driven and uses the "blocked time" mentality to get work done.  Allyn believes that being so regimented doesn't leave you open to unexpected events and opportunities. Finally, Allyn & Greg leave us with a huge value bomb each: Allyn -- Ask Questions, especially "How", how is the language of creation Greg --  We are a reflection of our associations Follow Allyn & Greg Reid here: The Secret Knock Sherpa Press Allyn Reid on Twitter Greg Reid on Twitter As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
We are very excited to bring you part 2 of our interview with Kavit Haria, musician, coach, and entrepreneur. Kavit Haria shares that he is a big proponent of journaling.  He loves writing down his thoughts, ideas, plans, and tasks.  He feels that once he writes it down it is documented and no longer taking up space in his head.  Kavit, Josh, and Ben then dive down a path talking about Evernote, a great app for many journaling features. Kavit Haria says one of the best ways for him to stay on task and also to make time for himself, is to have an accountability partner.  He has a friend the talks with at least once a month and they keep each other on track.  He also trained his assistant to manage him.  By that, he means that he shares his goals and schedule and his assistant makes sure he stays on topic and focused.  At the end of the day, it always comes down to self dicipline.  His accountability partner and his assistant can tell him what he needs to focus on, but he still has to be the one doing the work. Finally, Kavit Haria drops some huge value bombs on us: The more clarity you have, the more your confidence will increase. Come from a place of humilty. Realize you are an incredible unique potential to be the best you can for yourself and the society you live in. Check out one of Kavit's (and Ben & Josh's) favorite apps, Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and the Mac. Follow Kavit Haria here: Insider Internet Success Twitter As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
  Dominick is the great example of an individual who is high-achieving and working towards building a Utopia by working in both a corporate environment and by working at a startup, Internet Marketing Association. He is also a proud husband, father, and a MBA graduate from the University of Phoenix. Formerly he had worked for Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins. For the Internet Marketing Association, he also leads a podcast that you will want to check out if you want to learn more about internet marketing. You can click here to go and check it out. Altogether, he has an incredible resume and background. As a Utopian, the guy is busy! This is why… “If the stool ever gets completely stable, you go insane” is a phrase that Dominick lives by. By having many professional outlets working out, he is living by this phrase. In this show, you will learn from Dominick about how to treat a business partnership, from his past experience that didn’t work out. If you are in entrepreneurship or interested in it, there are some great takeaways from this part of the podcast. Rare to most, Dominick considers his Utopia consisting of less balance and more work. Following Ghandi and other high-achievers, he believes in throwing himself into work. He is well aware that he is 100% not balanced. And that is totally, 110% ok! It's ok to pour yourself into a goal, pursue it, and work. Entrepreneurship, like relationships, is a consistent mental challenge. To Dominick's point, you have to have self-awareness on whether or not outside forces are causing you stress or are you doing it to yourself. In entrepreneurship, you have to take responsibility for the factors in your circle of influence that are impacting your happiness. This rule applies to relationships as well. It comes down to you handle your emotions internally or, in other words, what is your Emotional Quotient? On a final note, the show had a great takeaway for high achievers. Go through the exercise on a consistent basis of what's most important from #1-#3 so you can hone in on what you should be focused on to prevent the feelings of overwhelm, which leads to stress. Great show with Dominick Sirianni! Listen to it and please leave your comments below. Utopian Quote of the Show "I don't look at the time that I'm losing as something that is getting sucked out of me" - Dominick Sirianni  As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
We are very pleased to share part one of our interview with Philip Beyer, Entrepreneur, Author, and Coach. Philip Beyer is a proud husband and father who is very involved in his community.  His wife, kids, and daughter in law all take part in the businesses and this helps to keep him happy and grounded in what matters most.  Having the people he cares about and trusts also helps to keep away the business chaos that Philip feels is one of the biggest hurdles of modern business. Philip Beyer hasn't always been a system driven, organized person.  He started out, in his words, as a mess.  He was even called out by one of his customers about the level of disorganization in his business.  After reading the book E-Myth by Michael Gerber, Philip really got into processes and systems. Philip also reflects on some of the business choices in his past, both positive and negative.  His software company was doing great and he had the opportunity to sell Beyer Printing back in 2008-2009.  At the time, he decided he would just run both, after all, they were both doing really well.  Then the market crashed, and Beyer Printing took a big hit and it took years of hard work to recover. Here are the books we talked about in the show: System Busters by Philip Beyer on Amazon and iTunes. E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber on Amazon and iTunes. Essentialism by Greg McKeown on Amazon and iTunes. Follow Philip Beyer here: System100 As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
We are very pleased to present part 1 of our interview with Shawn Manaher, Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, and Podcast Host.  We are also very lucky to have former guest and friend of the show Shannon Hernandez guest hosting with Josh! Shawn Manaher starts off the show with some huge value by sharing that it is about the content and creating a following before turning it into a sustainable business.  He also calls out a few of his inspirational people like Joe Pulizzi and Brian Gibbs. Shawn Manaher has a great view of Utopia, he wants to meet his potential on a daily basis.  He wants to do his best physically, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally to hit that potential every day.  Shawn and Shannon take a short tangent and explain how they feel with their physical journey in becoming a healthier and more physically fit person. Books we talked about during the show: The One Thing by Gary Keller on Amazon and iTunes Follow Shawn Manaher: Sidepreneurs Twitter As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
We are stoked to bring you part 1 of our interview with Ryan Levesque, Entrepreneur, Coach, and Author. Right out of the gate, Ryan Levesque hits us with a huge message.  He and his wife started their first business with just an internet connection and a $500 laptop.  Now they run a multi-million dollar a year company.  Huge insight that you can come from a humble start and make something giant out of it. Ryan Levesque then drops another insightful observation in our lap.  People tend to over estimate what we can do in a year, but underestimate what we can do in three years.  It's amazing to look back and see what happened this past year and compare that to what happened in the past three years. Ryan Levesque provides us with a great example of how decision making and scheduling can have a trickle down effect on the rest of the day.  His day starts (right now) with dropping his son off at school, next he goes to work out, and then starts his work day.  He starts with what is most important (family), then moves into what energizes him (exercise), then moves into what he needs to focus on (work). Ryan didn't figure this out all at once.  His first business iteration was a structureless business.  He worked when he wanted.  Next, he moved to a very structured business plan.  Currently, he has a blend of the two.  He has milestones and company goals, but can structure the rest of his time around what he wants. Ryan Levesque gives us a great example of 'riches in niches' and going an inch wide but a mile deep.  One of Ryan and his wife's first business was a scrabble tile jewelry business on Etsy. Their insight in the business helped them launch their location free business selling 'picks and shovels'. Here are the books we talked about in the show: Essentialism by Greg McKeown on Amazon and iTunes. Follow Ryan Levesque here and get Ryan's gift to Utopians!: RyanLevesque.Net AskFormula.Com and don't forget the coupon code Utopia As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
It is the final Friday in the month and it is time for Ben and Josh recap all the great guests from July. Josh and Ben start the show discussing Jon Schumacher. It was Ben's impression that despite the popularity and success that Jon has with his video podcast, Jon felt like he wasn't good at it. Seems that was all in Ben's head as Josh didn't get that impression at all. Ben then realizes that maybe he is projecting on Jon his own feelings about this show and the success it has and the guests that come on. Ben and Josh then jump into their favorite value bomb from the show. Next Ben and Josh discuss Mark Sumpter and really enjoyed the conversation with him. Based on some of the stories that Mark shared, it is very important to value your time. Make sure you enjoy what you are doing, or that you are getting paid for what you are doing (and if you're really good, get paid for what you enjoy doing). Then Josh and Ben discussed their interview with Shawn Manaher. This episode was even more fun for Ben to listen to and edit as he wasn't even on the show. Ben had a short notice work trip and couldn't co-host, and thankfully previous guest Shannon Hernandez joined Josh on the show to co-host. Ben really enjoyed Shannon and Shawn discussing their thoughts on working out. After that Ben and Josh talked about Zach Obront's interview. This show was also co-hosted by Shannon Hernandez in Ben's absence. Josh shares what one of Zach's value bombs means to him and how important it is to pivot. Things change and it is always important to see those changes and adjust your game plan to compensate for those changes while continuing to move forward and progress. Finally Josh and Ben recapped their interview this week with Ryan Levesque. Ryan was a great guest and had a great story to tell with his experience in the business world. Ben and Josh were also very grateful for the gift Ryan is giving to Utopians. He is giving away a copy of his book! Just go to and use the code Utopia to get the book for free and just pay shipping! Let's make sure that we take him up on that offer and clear out all the books he set aside for us! As a special treat, Josh brought on his son Benji! Ben spent a few minutes talking with Benji about his perfect day, and possibly setting Josh up to make that happen. As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
Today is the second half of Josh Marsden and Ben Thompson's interview with entrepreneur, game developer, podcast host and equality advocate Brianna Wu. Brianna Wu learned a ton from her parents and thanks them for a number of opportunities in her life. As a child, if she ever wanted to learn something, her parents gave her the resources and told her to 'go figure it out.' That mentality taught Brianna to be self sufficient and independent. When Brianna sets her sights on something, she sticks with it until she makes it happen. "The Giant Spacekat Starship should have exploded many times but we pushed through." This attitude is evident not only in her company Giant Spacekat, but also in her actions for equality in the tech industry. Brianna Wu left us with some valuable lessons: Exercise, the mind cannot live without the body Be honest with yourself, keep on your 'mission objectives' Get a support network of friends Here are some additional links: Google Guys on Amazon and iTunes Revolution 60 for the iPhone and iPad Follow Brianna on Twitter or just 'read the news' As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
Today is the first half of Josh Marsden and Ben Thompson's interview with entrepreneur, game developer, podcast host and equality advocate Brianna Wu. It is difficult for Brianna Wu to build her utopia right now, considering the stand she has taken in the fight for equal rights in the tech industry.  Due to this, she has unfortunately received numerous threats against her person and her life.  This is a deplorable situation and a testament to Brianna's conviction and personality to stand up to the threats and fight for equality. Brianna's commitment to better treatment in the tech industry is evident in her company.  Everyone knows about 'crunch time' in the game development industry and her views on how to handle it comes out in her interview. Part 2 of Brianna Wu's interview will be out later this week. Google Guys on Amazon and iTunes Revolution 60 for the iPhone and iPad Follow Brianna on Twitter or just 'read the news' As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
Jason Snell was lead editor at Macworld for a decade, and recently left that job to start Six Colors, an independent web site about Apple and other technology companies. He's also the host of numerous podcasts on the Relay FM network as well as his own The Incomparable network. He left his company to take on a new challenge because he didn’t like his previous job, it was too much management and not enough creativity. Plus, the company was showing signs of sliding downhill. Jason and his former employer parted ways mutually right around the time that the company was going through layoffs. Luckily, Jason was planning ahead and was actively setting up the foundation of his entrepreneurial path. Jason has a great office set up in his garage and has worked with his family to create separation. Jason feels close to being in his Utopia. With his Utopia, he’s not looking for complete security but more challenges, freedom to make creative decisions, and a focus on content and web publishing. He also likes putting the decisions on his shoulders and then not having barriers to having decisions implemented, unlike corporate settings. This is why he loves what he's doing with Six Colors. He has never had much of a work-life balance, whether it was in his previous media position or his current company. The challenge has been being aware of a dividing line of respect with time for work and time for family. It has been an on-going challenge for him.. sound familiar? Jason's 3 Value Bombs: Be open to new things Nobody is better than you and nobody is worse than you Find the things that you love and try to integrate them into what you do as much as possible BONUS Love your parents, pay off your student loans You can find Jason at The Incomparable, at Six Colors,, and on Twitter. As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
We are very happy to bring you part 1 of our conversation with Alisa DiLorenzo, author, coach, podcast host, wife, and mother of two. We start the show catching up with Alisa DiLorenzo. Her husband Tony was a guest on the show back on episode 44.  It feels like old friends catching up with eachother and really speaks to how open and easy it is to speak with Alisa.  We also find out that their show, One Extraordinary Marriage, is closing in on the 300 episode mark!  That is a great accomplishment and we are very excited for them both! Alisa DiLorenzo shares her view of her Utopia. It's an internal sense, it's a sense that she's living her life on purpose.  She invests in herself and the world around her.  She pours so much into her life with her husband, her kids, her business, and her podcast.  Alisa wants to make a positive impact in people's lives. With that in mind, Alisa DiLorenzo tells us the story of why she and her husband Tony wrote the book, The Seven Days of Sex Challenge.  Alisa and Tony were in a rough spot in their marriage.  They were living like roommates, not a couple.  They took a challenge of 8 weeks of sex and had a great response.  She also realizes that 8 weeks is a ton of time, but anyone can do something for 7 days.  To help other couples they sat down together and wrote the book. After sharing where she came from, Alisa DiLorenzo shares where she wants to go in the future.  Alisa loves public speaking and she's looking forward to more speaking events in the next few years.  She also has plans to continue to grow the audience of her podcast as well continuing to grow the company ONE Extraordinary Marriage. Follow Alisa DiLorenzo here: ONE Extraordinary Marriage Twitter As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
Why would a successful, top representative at a Fortune 100 company want to start Build Your Utopia, a podcast about identifying and crushing your goals while maintaining your work-life balance? Ben Thompson, co-host of Build Your Utopia, is this guy. Call him the "no" man.. just kidding. He's just not the typically, politically-charged, "yes" man, that you find throughout most corporate crypts.. I mean settings. What does Ben love? What keeps him happy? In this episode all this is shared and more. During this first interview led episode, Ben shares with Utopians what his personal Utopia is. Does he want to live on a beach? Drink mojitos all day? What is Ben's personal Utopia? Find out about Ben's background that led to his current Utopia with his lovely wife, Tahnee. This is the same interview structure that you can expect in our future episodes with some truly remarkable people that we have coming on the show. Finally, find out what you should be looking for in love. Not that we are love doctors... As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music! P.S. We recommend the TX-875... Utopian Quote of the Show "Happiness is a frame of mind" - Josh Marsden
On Build Your Utopia today, we have Dornubari Vizor, a 24 year old entrepreneur and co-founder of Yazamo, a Digital Marketing Agency. Dornubar is an Arizona State Sun Devil and graduated with a justice studies degree in 2012 while starting Yazamo. Yazamo specializes in Web traffic and sales generation for small and medium businesses. He attributes his success to his mentor Joe Polish Dornubari moved from Nigeria when he was a baby. At one point, he lived in a refugee camp for 3 years. Growing up he's always dabbled in entrepreneurship, for example he used to sell products on eBay while a teenager. Dornubari's definition of a Utopia is to have free time with his family and have a wealth of opportunities so he can be choosy and pick the ones that he really wants to focus on. Currently, he's at 20% of his utopia...this he attests...because he feels he has a lot more growth individual and professionally before he is truly at his Utopia. Luckily, he's made the wise move to turn to mentors and mastermind groups for both wisdom and inspiration respectively to help him reach his Utopia. His #1 motivation is to buy a house for his mom and take care of his family in Nigeria. Most of his relatives still reside in Nigeria. He feels that this is his purpose since he's fortunate enough to be in the United States, unlike many of his relatives. He realizes this path isn't easy and he has to focus on having a strong work-life balance. He gets regular exercise in to relieve stress and also has been investing, time and money, into a program called Strategic Coach that helps entrepreneurs put systems for life and business. Finally, Dornubari left us with 3 Value Bombs that all Utopias can appreciate: Learn how to say "no" to people and opportunities Get a mentor and mentor others Stick it out on your entrepreneurial path BONUS: Pivot if you need to Special thanks to Dornubari for being on the show. You can find him at Yazamo's Website, where they also have an incredible blog aimed at helping businesses improve their digital marketing. As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
We have a great show for you today about riding the Gravy Train to Utopia Town! You will understand what we are getting at by the end of these show notes. To start off the show, Ben and Josh discuss their current Utopias. Ben just got a promotion to a senior level at his company! Yay Ben! He anticipates his coworkers won't be too thrilled since some have been there much longer than him but that just shows that hard work and exceeding expectations pays off. His promotion will be officially announced next week at his company's "Town Hall" meeting. With this, he received a pay grade that gets him one step closer to his overall Utopia. Ben's wife went back to school so that means that Ben now has more freedom! Just kidding.. Ben loves his wife very much. Josh has had a very busy life lately. Between providing impactful service to companies and becoming a charter member of the Digital Marketer Certified Partner program, Josh feels very fortunate he is being bombarded with a wealth of opportunities. His Utopia currently consists of continuing to provide the services that his team provides to clients while also expanding on, what he now calls, the Accelerate brand. He is currently in the midst of launching the CVO Acceleration brand. CVO stands for Customer Value Optimization. (You can learn more about it here.) This new brand is going to offer a much more intensive, intimate, and extensive level of service so he can help companies that are successful but are still missing opportunities in the online space. As far as the show, downloads have increased consistently every month so far, and we have received a wealth of positive reviews. Just this past week, Josh and Ben also planned some exciting improvements and developments for the podcast and business for 2015.For one, Josh and Ben improved on the questionnaire that serves as the basis of the discussions with guests. This reflects on one of the overall takeaways up this point that the show has provided: the value of planning! Planning is huge and everyone should be doing it throughout the year to make 2015 the best year ever! Josh even took a tip from Graham English on our show about planning tasks daily! He now uses one of his smaller whiteboards to plan out his tasks on a daily basis. In this show, Josh and Ben also spend time reflecting on this past week with Joe Fairless, who was a fantastic and inspirational guest that gives back in many different ways. This also led to Ben and Josh mentioning why Joe stays in NY, because of his flag football team. Josh says it is because Joe is from Texas. Ben, who knows very little about football, doesn't understand. Josh believes Texas produces more collegiate football players than any other state. Ben, who knows nothing about football, would not take Josh up on this bet. Which actually led to Ben bringing up how Josh owes Ben pizza and a pitcher of beer from a previous bet in Episode 15: Is there more coffee in tea vs. coffee? Joe left a wealth of value bombs in this past week's episode. Joe believes that everyone should be a "Sampler of Experiences." Josh and Ben couldn't agree more and reinforces Joe's recommendation to use Groupon to be able to do this. Utopian Quotes of the Show "You only have a limited time on Earth so maximize it!" -Josh Marsden, Build Your Utopia  Joe also recommended to Utopians that people know what they are good at and go all in. Ben and Josh discuss how some people possess limited beliefs about what they are good at and that everyone should build themselves up to believe in themselves. Everyone has something of value to offer the world. Believe in what you are good at and follow through with it. Finally, Joe also recommended to Utopians that they realize how they are benefiting others. This caused Ben and Josh to reflect on the show and how the show provides value to Utopians. This is what Josh and Ben hope Utopians get out of the show: Inspiration from our valued guests Relatability to us, our guests, and the challenges that everyone faces with work-life balance Tips on how to overcome that work-life balance challenge To be thankful for everything in your life To set goals, daily, weekly, yearly, and more To wrap the show, Ben says that Utopians should join us on the Gravy Train to Utopia Town, be inspired, and keep working towards your Utopia! (This is the same Ben that cringes at the term "value bombs" and he comes up with this?!) As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
Brandon Epstein is our honored guest on episode 8 of Build Your Utopia. Brandon is a leader in work performance optimization by optimizing emotional and health in his clients. He does this with his specialty in helping people get into a "flow state". He's also the CEO of Entrepreneur Fitness, is a former collegiate athlete, and former fitness model. In college is where he learned how to unlock certain "flow states" to help perform your best in different scenarios. The core principle of "flow" is mind body actualization – this is when your thoughts, your spirit and your mindset are all in complete harmony with your movements, your biology and your physiology.  He uses this consistently and effectively to make positive impacts on his client's emotional and personal health. This allows his clients to optimize their minds and body in unison so they can be their best. (If you want to learn more about a flow state, go read Brandon's article on his blog about flow states here) Brandon wasn't always focused on positive outlets to accomplish his best performance. At one point, he was what he calls a "sicko" drinking coffee all the time and chewing tobacco constantly! His unhealthy addictions led him to a crash, as you can imagine. It was at this low point that he turned to chinese medicine and valuable books in the marketplace that turned around the path that he was on. Starting in business has had it's share of challenges for Brandon. Just over 6 months ago, Brandon didn't know anything about internet marketing! Luckily, he's had a valuable mentor in Jamie Tardy of Eventual Millionaire. With a niche focus, hard work, focus, incredible self-confidence, and by maintaining a strong work-life balance, Brandon has been able to be very successful. This topic had a strong impact on Josh and Ben in this episode. For example, Josh shares with the audience how fitness goals led him to overwhelming himself and not optimizing his emotional, physical, and mental health. Ben shares how he was overwhelmed by volunteering for too many responsibilities at work. Finally, Brandon's 3 impactful takeaways for Utopians are: Define your values and decide exactly what is important to you. Write down 3-5 values that you want to define yourself by. Be true to yourself. This is a great episode with highly valuable content that you won't want to miss. As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
Happy Friday!  It is the last Friday of the month and that means it is time for just Josh and Ben to talk about what has happened this month and review the great guests than graced us with their presence on the show. We start off the show discussing networking at conferences.  What does it mean for Josh to put his game face on when he attends these events.  What does he get out of it and how does it help him professionally and personally?  This also leads into a discussion on why we started the show.  Learning from those who are out there doing the things they do while still making time for themselves. Next Josh tells a story of revenge!  Revenge in a pure form of being the best that he can be.  Josh went to Pei Wei after recording an interview and ran into an old friend that he lost after a breakup.  We're sure that after a couple breaks up, friends sometimes choose one person or the other to maintain the friendship.  This friendship was one of those where Josh was on the losing side.  It was very satisfying to talk with this lost friend and tell him how well Josh was doing and how satisfied Josh is with his life. Getting themselves back on track, Josh and Ben talk about Kavit Haria.  Ben really wanted to talk music with Kavit, after all he's played with some stellar musicians!  Staying on theme for the show, Ben really tried to keep on work/life balance.  The music conversation then moved to a previous guest, Graham English, who also came from a music background.  Finally, Josh & Ben talk about their favorite Value Bombs from Kavit. Next Josh & Ben talk about Ed O'keefe and their favorite Value Bomb from him.  In a rare turn of events, Josh and Ben both agree on their favorite Value Bomb.  This leads us down a conversation about what spirituality means and of Ed's views on how to take care of yourself, what does spirituality actually mean?  Josh also shares a valuable part of himself, he is not very woo woo. After that, Josh & Ben cover what they learned from Austin Iuliano and what we learned from him.  Ben reflects a bit about Austin revealed that while he was speaking with us, he was also Meerkating the show.  At first Ben was very concerned about the world listening to a very unpolished, raw show and on the heals of that, how awesome that Austin's fans were listening live and enjoying the conversation!  Would you Utopians out there enjoy listening to the shows live as they are recorded?  Should we try and make that happen?  After much speculation, Josh & Ben speak about their favorite Value Bombs from Austin. Finally, Josh & Ben review our guest from this week, Alisa DiLorenzo.  For Ben, it was like catching up with an old friend while speaking with Alisa.  That speaks highly of how easy she is to speak with. Josh & Ben then get to their favorite Value Bombs from Alisa (again, not agreeing). Before closing out the show, Josh & Ben tease about the upcoming 100th show As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
In today's show of Build Your Utopia, we do as we usually do every Friday and review this past week's excellent content from our honored guests. This past week, we had Graham English. Graham was dropping Value Bombs left and right throughout the episode. If you haven't listened to it, you need to by going here. To start the episode we dove into the last 3 reviews that we've received for Build Your Utopia on iTunes. (If you haven't left us a review, please go here to do so) Special thanks to RiaWindcaller, The Entrepreneurs Library, and Mother Jen on iTunes for the fantastic 5-star reviews! Thank you! We then transitioned to speak about how Josh closed out 2014 with his business ICE Accelerate Marketing Automation Services. Josh had the best month of business ever in December 2014 and was able to bring in 12 brand new clients within the last few days of the year. Josh also shared on Build Your Utopia how he went on two back-to-back trips. The first trip was mostly a vacation where Josh was fulfilling his work-life balance need by snowboarding in Breckenridge and Vail, Colorado. The second trip was back to business in Austin, TX where Josh became a charter member of the Digital Marketer Certified Partner Program. This was an eye-opening and beneficial experience for Josh. You'll have to listen to this episode to hear a bit about what he learned from the experts at Digital Marketer. Ben and Josh, reflecting back on this past Tuesday's excellent show with Graham, then discussed the 80/20 rule which was mentioned by Graham. For those of you that haven't heard of the 80/20 rule, or the Pareto Principle, you can find out more about it at Forbes here. Josh is currently reading a fantastic book called 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall. Have an interest in making more money and having more time for yourself? I bet you do. Whether you are working in a corporate position or are an entrepreneur, you need to read this book. Next on Josh's list is Tony Robbins new book, Money: Master the Game. Finally to close out this Friday's episode, we also discuss the 5 (+1 BONUS) Value Bombs that Graham drops on this past Tuesday's episode. As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
Today's episode is on of tremendous heart, commitment, and drive from Darieth Chisolm. Darieth is a truly inspirational guests. She had a successful job working in broadcasting but decided that she had sacrificed far too much time to her career, missing out on her only son's activities, and quit. She was able to match her income with hard work produced success in Wrap It, a network marketing company. After that accomplishment, she decided to start up her own company, write a book, and start up a podcast called Hustle and Heart TV. It was through the love for her son and her purpose that has propelled her from success to success. Josh, as an entrepreneur, can relate to Darieth as a father to his 5 year old son who serves as his #1 motivator to stay the course and overcome the many challenges of entrepreneurship. Josh and Darieth are both great examples of what's possible right now in entrepreneurship. Twenty years ago, it wasn't possible to start up a business with minimal (if any) overhead or to run a company virtually from anywhere! Now it is and as a Utopian, you have a chance to do this, just as much as anyone else. The barriers of entry towards running a business has dropped significantly in the past 5+ years. Both Darieth and Josh agree that one of the hardest challenges is turning the "switch off" when you work from home and run a business. Darieth even turns an alarm clock on to remind her to step away and turn her "switch off". Darieth leans on reading, meditation, and fitness as hobbies in her life that helps her maintain a work-life balance. This is an incredibly, impactful episode of a truly inspirational story. As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music! Utopian Quote of the Show "If you get caught up on being perfect, sometimes you never get out of the gate." -Darieth Chisolm 
In today's episode of Build Your Utopia, Josh sings throughout the entire episode! ... Kidding, we wouldn't put you through that pain. Actually, it's a great episode. This week we hosted Michelle Corr, branding expert, entrepreneur, TV/radio show host, and just all-around awesome person. During today's episode, we discuss our thoughts on her Utopia, being able to be location independent and live between three exceptional places Hawaii, Alaska, and Arizona. Also, we talk about the value of having someone in your circle that is a "connector" like Michelle. Whether you are in corporate or on an entrepreneur path, you want to align yourself with successful people. Take Joe Montana.. without Jerry Rice, he wouldn't have been one of the greatest Quarterback in NFL history. Ben, by the way, didn't know who Jerry Rice is! Josh takes some time during this episode to educate him to raise his sports knowledge profile. From there, Josh and Ben discuss Josh's company ICE Accelerate Marketing Automation Services branding referencing Michelle's tips on how to brand effectively. Josh admits this is an area that he knows that he needs to work on in his business. His brand doesn't truly show as much as it could about Josh's character and how it is injected into his company, team, and more. In addition, Josh is in the process of starting a 2nd brand to break off a piece of his company.  This will allow him to sell Digital Marketing Services and Infusionsoft, his two core offerings, from two different brands, which has marketing benefits. For the 2nd brand, these are some ideas that Ben and Josh came up with: Marsden Marketing (M&M.. Ben's idea) Josh Marsden Marketing Munchkin Marketing (Joke... named after Josh's son) Listen to the show to find out how these names came up and let us know which is the best! This is a great show to follow up to an awesome guest that we were honored to have this week. Listen to it, leave us a comment below, and let us know your thoughts on where you would ideally want to live if you worked virtually. Utopian Quote of the Show "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
We are stoked to bring you part 2 of our fun conversation with Omar Zenhom, Educator and Entrepreneur. Our conversation so far meanders and we finally get to hear Omar Zenhom's definition of Utopia.  Omar feels it is important to do what you feel like doing. Next, we learn what helps keep Omar Zenhom balanced.  He works out because he feels it is important to keep your body in a good place because it impacts your mental attitude.  We also learn that Omar spends time watching movies with Nicole (his significant other, who went to film school).  It's also critical to take time off, some of his best ideas came out when he was on vacation. We close out the conversation with Omar Zenhom with his 3 Value Bombs: Know the fundamentals and then rehearse (in business, life, and even dance) Completely focus on one task at a time Whatever you choose to do in life, want it bad Follow Omar Zenhom: The $100 MBA Webinar Ninja OMar Zenhom on Twitter As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!
Today on Build Your Utopia, we had the honor of having John Allen Mollenhauer as our first guest.   For those of you that do not know about John, you are in for a real treat. John is a expert in every definition of the word in Superfoods and Life Optimization.   By definition, Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods that are considered to be beneficial for both health and well-being. John is a great advocate of following a plant-based diet with 80% plants. However, he wasn't always this way.   A former bodybuilder, at one point he was quite the opposite as you can imagine. His current philosophy came from years of abuse on his own body with high protein, highly-supplemented diets that led him to a path of discovery, research, education, and enlightenment.   This new found purpose led him to creating Nutrient Rich, a leader in Superfood Nutrition with a breadth of fantastic Superfood products.   John didn't stop there. He also co-wrote The Curse of the Capable with Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli, a former instructor at Harvard specializing in clinical psychology. You can check out the book yourself here as well as others mentioned in the episode:   The Curse of the Capable, read in iBooks or Amazon Performance Addiction, read in iBooks or Amazon The Pleasure Trap, read in iBooks or Amazon   Finally, John is also the founder of a leading online program focused on helping others optimize their lifestyles and manage their stress levels through Performance Lifestyle. With Performance Lifestyle, he has been able to bring together leaders in psychology, nutrition, fitness, and more in an online community devoted to helping people just like you achieve and maintain proper work-life balance leading to optimal performance in all areas of life.   John is a truly brilliant leader in this space.   You are going to love learning about: Humanities true nature and how it hurts you in today's lifestyle Performance addiction and how society today has produced this epidemic How to use your emotions as a guidance system to maintain your work-life balance And more! I know you are going to enjoy this episode just as much as we did.   As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music! Utopian Quote of the Show "Live an ideal life, not an idealistic life." - John Allen Mollenhauer 
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