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the campaign comes to a close. how will it all end????
this is the penultimate episode of BKORPP. it's almost over. wow!!!!
our heroes storm the floating McDonald's Playplace Fortress to have a word with some old "friends" of theirs so they can obtain the enemy's secret location. friend of the show derek wilds is still here and he makes us laugh really hard.
this episode is shorter than usual but it's probably one of the more wild ones. there's a lot of antics on a giant boat captained by Colonel Sanders. what else do you want out of a podcast??? a murder mystery involving a guy in a totoro costume
some familiar faces return alongside some enormous warships as our heroes inch ever closer to the end of their journey in the flooded land of McWesterly Plains
part 2 of the endgame. it's a big battle with a necromancer, and lo croix's original body is at stake!!
this is it. the grand finale arc begins.
ok. this episode is a wild one. we messed up recording the first part of the finale so we had to scrap it and we made this instead. it's completely off-book. it's still canon. strap in.
the trial is coming to a close, and Court himself is on the witness stand. is it time for a boss fight??? how will this all end??? those are the huge questions we're all wondering!!!!!!
it's a star-studded court case with a cavalcade of BKORPP all-stars returning to testify for or against our heroes, as The Duo continues their defense against Burger King (honorable Judge Mike Judge presiding)
with the boat race over, it's time for our heroes to finally show themselves in court!!! with expert representation by famous retired lawyer The Duo, how could things go wrong???? how???? how could they????!?!?!?!
it's time for the big boat race!!! the crew teams up with Yannie, Donny's sister, to defeat The Duo (guests Nate Lamagna and Yvonne Martinez) in a sailing competition. it gets a little wild though trust me!!!! thanks for listening
Donny finds himself in the mysterious land of Miami, FL where he comes face to face with someone (or someTWO?) that he and his friends have been looking for... ok listen. we've got some new guests for this arc: Nate Lamagna and Yvonne Martinez.
lost and looking for a refresher? late to the show and feel like skipping ahead? friend of the show Curt Franklin takes over for an in-depth recap of everything that's happened in BKORPP so far... right before our next big story arc begins!
"WOW" is what you'll be saying when you're done with this bad boy story-arc finale of an ep!! david clay and arby's oven mitt reach the summit of Mt Everest and meet who they're searching for. lo croix and donny daisy reach the final gate of he
david and arby's oven mitt climb mt. everest in search of baby michael... while donny and lo croix delve deeper into the underworld in search of escape and fresh bodies or whatever they're looking for!!! this one's got lots of riddles and fable
a party divided!! donny and lo continue searching for an escape from the underworld, while david and arby's oven mitt try to climb mountain everest. descent and ascent... do you see what we're going for here... it's good...
our heroes have split up!!!! david and the Arby's Oven Mitt take off towards mt. everest in search of Baby Michael, and... uh... lo croix and donny are... kind of... they've got their own bad situation brewing. oh well!!!!
things really heat up as our heroes get some helpful legal counsel from an old friend and face down a few new enemies at the Val Kilmer Museum???? yes
our heroes compete in an anime cosplay competition for the chance to win some legal counsel from their old friend, High Elf Drakkenbarge. i hope you like anime and/or family guy!!!!!
our heroes finally take a trip to the Elven city of Lansing, MI in search of an old friend who may be able to help them... poet August Smith returns to reprise his role as the Arby's Oven Mitt... okay this is a really good episode.
it's part 2 of our relaxing and not-at-all-stressful desert island storyline! special guests Aleks Sennwald and Pete Toms reveal their characters' true identities... and it's pretty good! you'll like it.
guests Pete Toms and Aleks Sennwald join our heroes for a desert island survival adventure!!! will they survive???? that's the driving dramatic question for this episode of BKORPP... so i'm not going to answer it here. thanks and sorry
the Arby's Oven Mitt leads our heroes right into the Disenfranchised HQ's Research & Development Wing... but there may be some dark secrets hidden away inside!!!! what secrets, you ask???? let's find out... together.
Jack and Wendy greet our heroes at the Disenfranchised HQ, where Colonel Sanders is leading the resistance against the Burger King... and they get some help from an anime-loving fast-food mascot... pretty cool episode summary if you ask me!!!
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