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24 Hour Movie Marathon
In this weeks episode we decided to host a 24 hour movie marathon joined by special guests Kevin and Dennis Meffert. The rules were simple. Everyone gets to pick three films and after each film we record a 5 minute podcast segment. We decided to start the marathon in the evening after a day of work, so that at the end of 24 hours we could just go to bed. Here is a list of the movies we watched in order.1.The Italian Job - Peter Collinson - 19692. Touching The Void - Kevin Macdonald - 20033. Only God Forgives - Nicholas Winding Refn - 20134. The Boondock Saints - Troy Duffy - 19995. Borg McEnroe - Janus Metz - 20176. The Hunt - Thomas Vinterberg - 20127. Bottle Rocket - Wes Anderson - 19968. Gladiator - Ridley Scott - 20009. Booksmart - Olivia Wilde - 201910. Princess Mononoke - Hayao Miyazaki - 1997 11. The Imposter - Bart Layton - 201212. Jackass: The Lost Tapes - 2009We give our ratings, reviews, and thoughts about each of the films as we slowly get more delirious and more tired. We also talk about Dennis's law degree, Kevin's career in architecture, what happens when Taylor gets tired, and the art of subtitling.   https://www.patreon.com/burningboatCheck out our Website - https://www.whyburningboat.com/Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WhyBurningBoat/Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/burning.boat/Listen to our Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/burning-boat-business/id1395110720Support the show
Karl-Emil Beier: Anxiety & Depression
Karl-Emil joins us this week on the Burning Boat show!! Find out how Mads’ upcoming feature debut started with an idea almost three years ago. After recording a series of conversations, Mads and Karl-Emil released a video called “A conversation about depression and anxiety” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcPwfPLuCow, the success of which led them to start laying out the idea of a documentary. Karl-Emil talks about his struggles back then and how the filming of the documentary affected him. A lot of questions come up regarding the original intentions of the filmmaking crew and whether or not some of the intentions we’re potentially naive. Karl-Emil also talks about recently finishing a six-month sports program and the effects that has had on him, as well as narrowing in on what he would like to study next. Oh, and we finally catch up on a much needed review time. https://www.patreon.com/burningboatCheck out our Website - https://www.whyburningboat.com/Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WhyBurningBoat/Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/burning.boat/Listen to our Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/burning-boat-business/id1395110720Support the show
Episode Motherfuck'n 50
This week Taylor and Mads Celebrate their 50th episode!!!They talk about their future plans for Burning Boat, especially getting that sweet sweet office, which has been a goal since day 01. They go into detail on what they'd want in an office, always fun to brainstorm. Taylor gives praise to his mom who after nine years finally settled her divorce case. He talks about how proud he is of her and how coming out of the situation on top has put her in a new light for him. They quickly talk about the need to figure out some legal questions with the company, namely 'what if one person wants to work with a company the other person doesn't like", or "what happens if someone dies". Fun stuff.And finally Mads and Taylor dive deep on what it means to be ethical, vegan, a human, and how one justifies negative impacts on the world. Support the show
Esben Seir
https://www.patreon.com/burningboatTurns out we do have friends, so suck it. This week we talk to our good FRIEND Esben Seir about fear, comfort, awareness, movement, living, energy and much moreeeeeeeeee.Esben Seir is a passionate climber, mover, climbing instructor, outdoor guide, yoga instructor, personal trainer and mental coach. He’s worked with The Danish Special Forces, Paul Petersen’s Idrætsinstitut, BetaBoulders, Blocs & Walls – Copenhagen’s Climbing Centre, Adidas, Carlsberg, Zahle Seminarskole, Move Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Kommune, Københavns Kommune, Red Barnet, and much more. Esben has coached everything from criminal youngsters to elite athletes and directors.Finally he was the national coach of the Danish Youth National Team in climbing for 7 years and travelled the world coaching and helping the youngster at competions.Follow Esben on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esben.seirEsbens’ Website: http://www.nogravity.dk/en/about-v1/Check out our Website - https://www.whyburningboat.com/Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WhyBurningBoat/Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/burning.boat/Listen to our Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/burning-boat-business/id1395110720Support the show
Annnnnnnnd we are back ladies and gentlemen. This week is focused on The Kungsleden, the psychology of money and eating, and hobbies vs. passions. The Kungsleden is a 440km thru hike trail that runs from Abisko to Hemavan. Taylor talks about traveling 23 hours via bus from Copenhagen to the start of the trail, only to have an old knee injury flare up 3 hours into the trip. He originally decided to cut the trip short and head back to CPH, but ended up changing his mind to see how far he could get. 4 days later he made the first section to Ammarnäs and felt he might as well continue onto Jäkkvik. Having asked a friend on the nearby island of Manshausen if he could partake in a work-away, he would find out soon how beneficial his decision to not turn around would be.Taylor spent 2 weeks on Manshausen as a workaway, and while there found out that when presented with free food, he ate significantly more than he had been in copenhagen. They discuss the meaning of that, and why trying to save money when it comes to basic necessities is definitely a bad idea. Taylor thinks saving money with food was something he was doing completely unconsciously and now that he is happy that he is at the very least aware of it. He also mentions a decision to move his diet from strictly plant-based to something a little looser and more vegetarian.Finally Taylor talks about a bit of an epiphany he had on the trail regarding his passions vs his hobbies. How he has now separated them and what he feels are the most important priorities in his life, namely film and relationships. Support the show
Two boys contradict themselves and need Nervous Management Classes
This week Taylor and Mads Discuss Rock Climbing, The difficulty of Editing Live Music Performances, Taylor's upcoming walk in Sweden, and whether it's possible to change a nervous demeanor in social situations and how one might do that.Support the show
Dad listens to boy talk about crying
Baby we're back! It's time for a new episode, this week they discuss Mads having a baby and finishing his script, Taylor crying, and an update on the past two months. So much to catch up on!Support the show
This will be the last episode for the next 2 months! Tune in to hear us talk about the last year, Mads and Phoebe's baby, Our past two jobs and Psychedelics. Support the show
Bring Back DVDs!
This week Taylor and Mads start a new segment called "It's Review Time!". They finally catch up after 3 weeks of non-business chatter. They discuss company goals, hiring, walking a thru hike and much more.Support the show
It's Nicklas Kingo
This week Taylor and Mads have a special guest on the show and boy is it a good one! It's Nicklas Kingo! We discuss Tinder, Modeling Professionally, Acting, Living a Happy Life, IBS and much more! Oh, and Taylor touches him one too many times on the shoulder. Enjoy!Support the show
This week Mads discusses the reason for wanting to run his Iron Man, past struggles with addiction, and life going forward. An amazing episode, enjoy :). Support the show
One Degree Further And You're A Total Lunatic
Taylor and Mads talk business again! It's been a busy two weeks and they discuss shooting a campaign, comedy and an animal sanctuary. Mads also goes over his 12 week iron man training program and Taylor questions him regarding his confidence in having a baby. Support the show
This week Taylor and Mads hit the big leagues and talk about Veganism. Support the show
Michael Jackson
This week, Taylor and Mads go on a massive tangent and talk about Michael Jackson and the new doc Leaving Neverland. Oh, and dvd compression.Support the show
I don't believe in Karma
This week, Taylor and Mads kick things off with a riveting discussion on the pop-up toilet in Mads' apartment. They then move on to talking about their business teacher who can't get over his divorce, planning a charity run and thru hikes vs. Mountains.Support the show
Free Solo
Screenwriting, the Oscars, Free Solo, acceptance speeches, and other film related conversations occupy this weeks episode. We get into things like plot points, log lines, structure, and the many tools writers and filmmakers have to complete the puzzle of telling their stories.  Support the show
This week Taylor and Mads discuss why the hell people should care about anything they do... they also talk changing the podcast format, filming a documentary on Mads and his upcoming baby boy, and cryonics.Support the show
The Patrons
This week Mads and Taylor thank their newest patrons and discuss sound designing Boris and Johan, what the hell non-diegetic means, Taylor's jazz habits, Mads working on his film, and them doing some of that HUSTLE!Support the show
The Bets
This episode Taylor and Mads discuss finishing and starting new bets. Mads reviews waking up at 5:00AM for a month. Taylor wonders what the hell everyone does after work to entertain themselves. Do people still have hobbies these days? They also discuss starting a patreon and what Elon Musk has been up to.Support the show
Lil & Phoe
Lily and Phoebe stop by for a quick conversation about their company, veganism, dachshunds, selective breeding, Instagram engagement, mountains and more.Support the show
The Little Rebel
In this weeks episode Taylor and Mads talk about Black Panther being nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. They don't quite agree. They also talk about clearing the mind, watching movies in the morning, and addiction. Support the show
The Unknown
Taylor and Mads discuss the unknown in their lives and how that can lead to stress. They also discuss short films from their past, film school, and life ultimately being meaningless. Support the show
Rising Early
In this weeks episode Taylor and Mads talk about their new habit bets for the next month. Mads is waking up at 5am while Taylor has decided to take on 5 challenges at once. They also talk about finishing the rough cut of their first feature length film and how they need to invite guests onto the podcast.Support the show
The First Summit
Taylor and Mads finally make it to season 2 of Burning Boat Business! (Which is totally arbitrary cause we just decided a few minutes ago that we will switch seasons at the end of every year) but woohoo for us. We talk about our recent trip in too much detail so don't have a lot of time to talk about much else. Enjoy though.Support the show
McDonalds & Mental Toughness
In this weeks episode Taylor and Mads talk about how they could be making more money working at McDonalds, having a purpose in life, running to build mental toughness, and why sharing goals with other people isn't always beneficial. Support the show
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