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Michael Gelb is an author and public speaker specializing in creativity and innovation. He is the founder and president of The High Performance Learning Center, a firm specializing in consulting and training for organizations interested in developing more innovative cultures. His newest book Creativity on Demand will fan your business creativity. The post BUFF 092 | Michael Gelb Author, Consultant & Speaker | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
For more than three decades, Herb Cohen has been a practicing negotiator, intimately enmeshed in some of the world’s headline dramas from hostile takeovers to hostage negotiations. His clients have included business executives, entrepreneurs, sports and theatrical agents plus large corporations - as well as governmental agencies, such as the Department of State, FBI, CIA, The US Conference of Mayors and US Department of Justice. He is the author of You Can Negotiate Anything, Negotiate This & Negotiating The Game. The post BUFF 091| Herb Cohen Author & Negotiator | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Todays Business Buff Entrepreneur Chip Bell is going to walk us through his experiences as an author and consultant. His team is constantly available to his clients and he knows that in today's competitive environment, his "sprinkles" methodology makes a difference. Marketing guru Seth Godin has endorsed his Sprinkles book as well. Chip is the expert at creating cult like brands, and in his words "I not only want my customers to come back, I want them to bring their buddies." You are gonna love this conversation [spp-player] [spp-tweet tweet=""] BUFF Take Away: It's the little things, not extravagant things, that add in the sprinkles that help clients to keep coming back. BUFF Giving Highlighted Charity: BUFF Coupon Code for Fundraiser: buff090 Contact Chip Bell: Twitter: ChipRBell Book: Sprinkles The post BUFF 090 | Chip Bell Key Note Speaker, Consultant and Author of Sprinkles | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Colin Rath is a successful entrepreneur, Manhattan real estate developer, and author. He grew up in Connecticut and started his first business—a house painting and refurbishing company—while still in college. His new book It Is What It Is A true manhattan nightmare with a silver lining has received high praise and has been featured everywhere! Colin is persistent and is living proof you can make it thought tough times and come out ahead on the other side. The post BUFF 89 | Colin Rath New York Real Estate Developer & Author | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Maigen Sawyer is in the business of professional branding and photography. Maigen works with clients across the United States and network with talent all over the world. She is currently living out one of her dreams by photographing events for the Houston Rockets in a lifestyle and considerably documentary way. Two of my passions, sports and photojournalism have collided. Maigen will share how she buffed up through the hard times and came out a winner! The post BUFF 88 | Maigen Sawyer Professional Photographer & Owner Maigen Sawyer LLC | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Stephen Denny is a competitive strategy + marketing consultant, helping emerging brands define their competitive positioning, communication strategies and implementation plans in the market. He is the author of Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliath In Your Industry. Stephen has been through ups and downs in the corporate and business world and can give you advice on how to weather the storm! The post BUFF 87 | Stephen Denny Founder Denny Marketing, Author Killing Giants, Keynote Speaker & Consultant | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Having started five successful companies and consulted to leadership teams around the world, Russell has become a recognized expert in personal and organization transformation, helping individuals and companies create unparalleled success. His new book Workarounds That Work will show you how to take control of challenging situations at work, enabling you to accomplish more of what matters, even when systems, processes or other people seem to get in the way. These are just a few reasons why Russell is the mentor for you! The post BUFF 86 | Russell Bishop Executive Coach, Author, Contributor, Founder Insight Seminars | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Dr. Gary Bradt gained national attention in 2000 when Dr. Spencer Johnson, the renowned author of Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life chose him as the leading speaker on the message of that blockbuster bestselling book which has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. "Cheese" gave thousands of people the chance to get acquainted with Gary’s extraordinary ability to cut through their frustration and fear and get to the heart of the matter; delivering powerful tools that help them adapt when going through change. Today, Gary shares his story of success through hard work with Business Buff Entrepreneurs. The post BUFF 85 | Gary Bradt Executive Coach, Author, Clinical Psychologist & Keynote Speaker | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Today's Business Buff Entrepreneur Dave Delaney brings it to the front and center with some great insights from his experiences as CEO and Founder of If you are a kid from the 80's you will appreciate the conversations regarding the movie War Games, Commodore 64's and all things getting connected on the net. Dave's insights are straight from the heart and will help you get Business Buff. [spp-player] [spp-tweet ""] BUFF Take awary: Know why you want to be an entrepreneur and then live it. You are gonna work more, but make sure to get that time with the family. BUFF Highlighted Charity: BUFF Coupon Code for Fundraiser: buff084 Contact Dave Delaney: Twitter: @DaveDelaney The post BUSINESS BUFF 084 | Dave Delaney CEO and Founder of and author of New Business Networking | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
CEO and President of Sandler worldwide headquarters, Dave Mattson oversees the corporate direction and strategy for the company’s global operations including sales, marketing, consulting, alliances and support. His key areas of focus are sales leadership, strategy and client satisfaction. Dave has amazing advice for entrepreneurs just starting out as well as the seasoned entrepreneur. Find out how his parents had a huge role in helping Dave follow his passion! The post BUFF 83 | Dave Mattson CEO & President of Sandler Training, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Trivinia Barber CEO of Priority VA is a Virtual Assistant, Consultant and Entrepreneur who helps the overworked, overwhelmed and overloaded, understand how they can delegate, outsource and eliminate tasks so they can focus on what they do best to move their businesses forward. Business Buff Entrepreneurs can give Trivinia and her team two thumbs way up, we know first hand the dedication and care Priority VA puts into each client; because we are one! The post BUFF 082 | Trivinia Barber CEO Priority VA | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Ali Becnel Solino Founder & CEO of Josephine, a company that makes one-of-a-kind laser cut art and gift items for consumers and businesses alike. Josephine strives to create unique, beautiful and technically sound graphic design driven by intelligence and wit. Find out how this driven entrepreneur found her niche and how she thrives in it! The post BUFF 081 | Ali Becnel Solino Founder & CEO of Josephine LLC | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Today's Business Buff Entrepreneur Chris Brogan is the CEO of Owner Media Group and New York Times bestselling author of 8 books. He also rocks the mic like no other on his podcast The Owner's Mind with Chris Brogan. Chris explores how people use media and community to build marketplaces around areas of belonging. One of his quotes from our conversation that I just absolutely love is: "In a world where you can buy from anyone, why should they buy from you?" Figure out what makes them feel like they belong and serve them. Powerful words and insights. Buff Nation, you know that it is all about serving your supporters so that they become successful through your service. His thoughts on traditional power lifting as a work out and squatting a couple hundred pounds of weight, lit my mind on fire. The idea of digging out of that hole with "You are gonna die if you do it wrong, " being a great motivator, can definitely inspire us to focus on executing our plans so that our businesses get buff. Bottom line: Chris Brogan is a definite Business Buff Entrepreneur and you don't want to miss this conversation. Did I mention he shares a few insights of his interview with Sir Richard Branson? [spp-player] [spp-tweet ""] BUFF Take Away: Don't be afraid to fail. Serve others. Help create a sense of belonging. That is where the magic happens. BUFF Giving Highlighted Charity: BUFF Giving Coupon Code for Fundraiser: buff080 Contact for Chris Brogan: The best way is to sign up for his newsletter at Owner Media Group and hit reply on one of his newsletters. He answers all his own email. The post BUFF 080 | Chris Brogan CEO of Owner Media Group, Sought After Public Speaker and Podcast Host of The Owner’s Mind with Chris Brogan | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Today's Business Buff Entrepreneur Logan Lenz is the Founder of and an active Angel Investor. I personally just love his website and the page titled: How I make money. Tune in and find out why he put that together! A hint: It is great for Thanksgiving chats. Logan's BUFF Runway is a great example of learning and growing rapidly. I am not just talking about revenue growth, but also personal learning. What I am best at along the way and only doing those things. Streamline all other items that I can delegate and automate. This is was a core focus as he built out his business. Two inputs: People and Processes. Have the right talent to embed into the process. Here here my friend. You are gonna love listening to Logan and I guarantee you he is going to help you get BUFF. [spp-player] [spp-tweet ""] BUFF Take Away: Put your customer first and maintain the best possible product before your customer even comes across a problem. The best customer service is one that is not even discussed. If a client doesn't come to us with a problem, it is because there isn't a problem and we are doing a great job. BUFF Giving Highlighted Charity: Rock For Hunger BUFF Giving Coupon Code for Fundraiser: buff079 Contact for Logan Lenz: @LoganLenz on all social networks: Twitter, Facebook etc Email: Logan also set up a discount coupon code for 50% off lifetime service (full disclosure no affiliate commissions paid to Business Buff so enjoy!): buff The post BUFF 079 | Logan Lenz Entrepreneur, Founder of and Active Angel Investor | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Today's Business Buff Entrepreneur Brad Bangerter is the Founder and CEO of Did you know you can buy the same prescription for different prices within the same city? That is what the LowestMed app does for medical consumers: Helps you save money, with a free discount program that everyone can use. Brad has a long career in medical benefits and had a Buff runway of years worth of knowledge and experience. Very importantly, he also had a solid 4 year runway before needing to take any money out of the business. Rock solid plan that enabled him to reinvest the revenue back into the business. Every penny that they earned went back into public relations and advertising until he could hire a staff. You are gonna love this conversation. PS - Next time you get a prescription, download the app and save some money for your next project. In fact, LowestMed did something really cool and have set up the following code for Buff Nation as a sponsoring organization that will give the following donations of $0.50 to each of the following non-profit organizations: The Wounded Warrior Project and NAMI The LowestMed sponsoring organization code for Business Buff Entrepreneurs is: buff [spp-player] [spp-tweet ""] BUFF Take Away: Find a niche that you have knowledge and experience in and get after building your business offering in it. Have tenacity and grit to keep going while you are expanding into areas that you might not have experience in just like Brad did with learning about digital advertising. Just get out there and try. BUFF Giving Highlighted Charity: National Alliance on Mental Illness Utah BUFF Giving Coupon Code for Fundraiser: buff078 Contact for Brad Bangerter: Download the LowestMed App here for iOS and the LowestMed Android App here. The post BUFF 078 | Brad Bangerter Founder and CEO of | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Today's Business Buff Entrepreneur Aaron Ross is the founder of Predictable Revenue. His Buff Runway was 10 years in the making, starting as a sales rep for Aaron hits on some very salient points regarding the importance of taking the long term view of building a business and not to expect miracles in 6 - 7 months, instead build for a 6-7 year horizon. It has obviously worked out very well for Aaron as his company is a sought after resource in helping companies improve their sales performance. You are going to love his take on kids and just expanding the family. Not to mention the drive that is ignited with having a large overhead! The post BUFF 077 | Aaron Ross Founder of Predictable Revenue | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Mike Goldman Founder of Performance Breakthrough is our Business Buff Entrepreneur today. Most companies have the right goals but don't execute. That is why Mike Goldman is so successful in his business consulting business Performance Breakthrough. He helps companies identify: The right priorities, the right metrics and the right meeting rhythm to review and ramp back up. One message that I really liked was to identify that one obstacle each company faces that if we can breakthrough it, we will be on the road to progress and then start measuring the key performance indicators. BUFF Take Away: Passion - Have passion for what you do. People - Surround yourself with the right people that are smarter than you. Ponder - Find time to think. BUFF Giving Highlighted Charity: BUFF Giving Coupon Code for Fundraiser: buff076 Contact for Mike Goldman: Twitter: @mgoldman Facebook: PassionateOrganizations Website: Phone: 201.301.2841 Book: Performance Breakthrough The post BUFF 076 | Mike Goldman Founder & Author of Performance Breakthrough |Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Coming from a corporate background, Anil show's Buff Nation on how to transition out of high paying jobs into starting your own firm and helping your clients thrive. Pursuing his own business, he also is a family man and counseled with his sweetheart to carve a path forward which included some contract work as his businesses grew stronger. His mindset was always: Whats the worst that can happen? I can always go back and get a job. You are gonna love this conversation. The post BUFF 075 | Anil Jwalanna Founder & CEO of Witty Parrot | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Nonstop. Focused. Crushing it. These are a few of the words that you will walk away thinking about after learning from AJ Agrawal the CEO and Founder of Alumnify. Leadership by example is his key. Living in a small room with other members of the team to save money? Check. Getting accepted into an accelerator but with only $70 in their pockets, thus sleeping on the floor and in their car? Check. Staying up for days on end preparing for a make or break presentation? It should be obvious, triple check. Get your learning ears on as AJ is gonna show Buff Nation how to get it done. [spp-player] [spp-tweet ""] BUFF Take Away: Find your business' focus, align everyone that is smarter and more talented than you to that focus and get after it. BUFF Giving Highlighted Charity: Coming soon BUFF Giving Coupon Code for Fundraiser: buff074 Contact AJ Agrawal: Twitter: @AJAlumnify Email: The post BUFF 074 | AJ Agrawal CEO and Founder of Alumnify | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Tanya McCaffery is a bundle of not only energy but also amazing talent and experience in helping small businesses get their accounting and finances aligned for growth. Her Amazon best selling book Entrepreneurial Standard: Taking Your Company From Garage to Growth is a helping thousands of businesses get in gear and aimed for strategic growth. Her family heritage is working with small businesses and she learned and applied the lessons into her own Buff Runway and business. Buckle up, Tanya is going to get you moving. Did I mention that her nickname is the Financial Bodyguard? [spp-player] [spp-tweet ""] BUFF Take Away: Every business owner needs to know where your money comes from, and where your money goes. Know where "there" is: What is your goal? Define your overall plan for your company. Be fiercely protective of your time, and even though you are a super hero, there are time vampires everywhere. BUFF Highlighted Charity: Rotary Club of Reno Nevada BUFF Coupon Code for Fundraiser: buff073 Contact Tanya McCaffery: The post BUFF 073 | Tanya McCaffery Founder & President of The CFO Group and Author of Entrepreneurial Standard | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Libby Gill is the former head of communications and public relations for Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting. She is the founder and CEO of executive coaching and consulting firm Libby Gill & Company. An international speaker, bestselling author, and former Dallas Morning News columnist, she has shared her success strategies on CNN, NPR, the Today Show, and in BusinessWeek, Time, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more. The post BUFF 72 | Libby Gill Founder & CEO Executive Coaching & Consulting firm Libby Gill & Company | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Over a decade ago, Nick Friedman used and old beat up cargo van and started hauling junk. Nick co-founded College Hunks Hauling Junk, now a multi-million dollar national franchise. This success set off a chain of dominos, as Nick became not only an entrepreneur – but a dominant speaker, author, and TV personality as well. Nick has been on Millionaire Matchmaker, The Pitch, House Hunters, Jobs That Don’t Suck, and Below Deck. Check out this gregarious entrepreneur and learn from his sound business advice! The post BBE 71 | Nick Friedman President & Owner College Hunks Hauling Junk & Author of The Effortless Entrepreneur | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Michael Parrish DuDell is an entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business—the official book from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. Recently ranked as one of the top three most popular business authors by, Michael is a recognized television pundit and business expert who is regularly featured across numerous media outlets. Find out what inspires and energizes Michael, his enthusiasm and zest for business and life will inspire you! The post BBE 70 | Michael Parrish DuDell – Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, BestSelling Author | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Lars is a Northeastern University student, young entrepreneur, and lifelong learner. His experience ranges from working with or creating startups, accelerators, non-profits, online businesses, and world-class events. Lars' most recent work experience was at Summit. Summit builds community and places that catalyze entrepreneurship, creative achievement, and global change in an effort to create a better world. The post BBE 69 | Lars King Founder of | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
Matt Abrahams is a passionate, collaborative and innovative educator, coach and Co-Founder of Bold Echo Communication Solutions, which is an industry leading communication coaching consulting practice. Nervous about public speaking? Matt recently published Speaking Up Without Freaking Out, a book written to help the millions of people who suffer from anxiety around speaking in public. If you need a communication and speaking coach and cheerleader, Matt is the man with the plan for you! The post BBE 68 | Matt Abrahams Co-Founder Bold Echo Communications & Author | Business Buff Entrepreneurs appeared first on Business Buff Entrepreneurs.
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