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Danette May On Soul-Writing Her Way To An 8-Figure Business

Released Friday, 20th September 2019
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“I owe other humans my honesty”- Danette May

Today we have a great episode with Roland Frasier and Danette May, the founder of Mindful Health and iRise organics. She’s a world-renowned motivational speaker, #1 best-selling author (of seven health and empowerment books), and former celebrity fitness trainer.
Just a few years ago she was a single mom with nothing to her name, but she had a clear dream to "Inspire women to change their bodies through healing foods, healing movement, and healing mindset - so that they could rise up”. Her companies are now scaling so fast that she has to be fiercely intentional about keeping the brand authenticity.
Roland and Danette get into some great topics and takeaways today, but if you want to dig deeper, visit Danette’s website and connect with her on social media (scroll down for links). 
It's been 5 and a half years. We literally started with $47. I had $47 to my name and then in 5 years we hit the high 8 figures” Danette May
Listen for,
  • The #1 Key to building a loyal customer fanbase.
  • What ‘soul writing’ is and what it looks like for Danette.
  • The key partnership that she knew she needed that preceded her success.
  • The questions she ritually asks herself and the success she attributes to this practice.
  • The question to ask yourself as an entrepreneur that’s more. effective than broad big thinking: “What’s the next big move that I can take right now?”
  • The key thing she believes is often standing in the way of more sales.
  • Danette's advice to entrepreneurs on developing and staying true to what you stand for.
  • The marketing tactics wins, and pitfalls Danette has used and still uses now. 
  • The Facebook Ads breakthrough that took her business to another level.
  • What she found was the best content for her Facebook Lives and why.
  • The progression of her content and the offers she’s been making along the way.
  • How Danette approaches and combats her everyday stresses.
  • How she builds a company culture (with everyone working remotely).
  • How she stays inspired and fiercely committed to her mission.
  • The biggest challenge in her fast-growing companies.
  • How she goes about finding the right employees and what she looks for in prospective leaders. 
  • Roland shares what his current challenges are and how he's going after what he wants to do next.
  • Danette’s favorite travel hacks
  • Roland’s recommendation for THE best hot chocolate in the world
"The entrepreneurial journey is the most spiritual journey you'll ever take. You'll learn every facet of yourself: the shadow, the light, all of it... It's quite fascinating." - Danette May 
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References and Links Mentioned:
Danette’s Sleep Crown Pillow
The Stages of Business Growth(Roland refers to this in their conversation)

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