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How to Use TikTok for Business with Kyle Kaplanis

Released Tuesday, 16th February 2021
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By now most of us have heard of TikTok, and it’s easy to fall into scrolling for hours! But do you know how to use it from a business perspective? Are you questioning if it is a good use of your time and wondering how you can use it to market? Today I am chatting with Kyle Kaplanis, Head of Talent for PRJT Z Talent and Host of the BizTok Podcast, all about marketing strategies that work on TikTok, How TikTok Influencer Marketing works and how it can help your brand.
Main Topics:

- Marketing Strategies that work on TikTok
- How TikTok Influencer Marketing works and can help your brand - Building your personal brand via TikTok
Key Takeaways:

- Build your personal brand on TikTok
- Key strategies to growth on TikTok
- Insights on behind the scenes of influencer marketing