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Opportunity: personal care finally takes its show on the road. NOTE: This episode and its claims have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. So, you're welcome. Please step inside the perimeter of the temporary fence line, then
Opportunity: A grand roving dignity sink The Soft Boys add frisson to any streetscape. Editor: Paul O’Mara (This episode is available only in audio, to honor the richness of Homeric oral tradition.)
Opportunity: Take a page from a storied American industry. Ask your doctor if our juice is right for you. Editor: Paul O’Mara (Be sure to check out the YouTube video (https://youtu.be/2g7JO9NWWGQ) via this episode's show notes (https://www.cali
Opportunity: Helping you become more comfortable in your skin. Editor: Paul O’Mara (Be sure to check out the YouTube video (https://youtu.be/Gc0gdH3xlcE) via this episode's show notes (https://www.californiaking.org/24). It's way better that wa
Opportunity: Radical Proximity should be an immersive experience. First off: this is not a cult, okay? Look, if an Aerie of Randies is a little hot under the collar and wants to be stone soup with some other hard-working men, who are you to jud
Opportunity: A fresh look at a storied neighborhood. Editor: Paul O’Mara (Be sure to check out the YouTube video (https://youtu.be/38KxMABsyZY) via this episode's show notes (https://www.californiaking.org/22). It's way better that way.) The
Opportunity: Your bar may be unfinished, but your cassette deck is definitely done. Editor: Paul O’Mara (Be sure to check out the YouTube video (https://youtu.be/6rppgALHrSA) via this episode's show notes (https://www.californiaking.org/21). It
Opportunity: home is where you hang your backpack stay at home https://files.fireside.fm/file/fireside-uploads/images/2/25ae8b6b-86ed-4952-bb55-3c077517b85e/hikFJeKs.jpeg Editor: Paul O’Mara (Be sure to check out the YouTube video (https://yout
Opportunity: who arted? In the liminal space between life and performance, there exists a certain hallway. Editor: Paul O’Mara (Be sure to check out the YouTube video (https://youtu.be/Wg0wl7F7Sk0) via this episode's show notes (https://www.cal
Opportunity: There's no "I" in "mistake." Let's be honest. If you had to do it all over again? Yeah, you'd probably do even worse. I mean. Look at you. No, seriously, it's fine. Well. It's not "fine," but it is universal, and that's ultimately
Opportunity: sometimes, the best couple skate is the one you skate alone. Listen: it's your room now. Mr. Sandwich is only here to act as a guide. And, while vaping is not encouraged, Ms. Menounos will be happy to repair your phone screen at B
Opportunity: Improve the quality and reliability of online ratings systems with the assistance of little Philipe and a VHS tape of the pain you've caused. There’s a 2½ star Popeye’s in Tracy, and a 5-star Taco Bell in Pacifica with thousands of
Opportunity: an immersive journey inside of another immersive journey. When Hobbes first stipulated that Man's primal instinct naturally reverts to a state of mall against mall, he probably had no idea how prescient he barely was. But, what if
Opportunity: a destination holiday you just can't wait to leave. Isn't it finally time for fun Dads to get their dream vacation? Just submit your dossier, pack your toilet, and get ready for some long-overdue Aloha. Please be sure to include an
Opportunity: monetize the admittedly thin line between jape and assault. There's a party in the boy's room, and you're invited. Your Scoutmaster is here to encourage wholesome habits and gently dissuade you from doing your business in a swim su
Opportunity: turbocharge your brand influence with these mind-blowing tricks. Listen. Sometimes, we all need a little help. Maybe you broke a gear tooth or even a toe. Maybe, you just can't remember whether Hegel played Dr. Who or Elvin Tibidea
Opportunity: A man, a plan, a canal, Erie! What is it going to take for me to put you on this ship today? Revive the recycling economy, and pick up your own slightly stained "Dirty Venice" tee. Not the golf kind. Although, you can buy that too.
Opportunity: medical appliances that go ham. In these challenging, sexy times, your industry is probably suffering a grave synergy crisis. Maybe it's time to accept that there's no box to think outside of. So, drop a coin in the bed, and strap
Opportunity: sometimes, inspiration can be a breath of fresh steam. Just because we can't be "near" each other doesn't mean we can't enjoy an intimate environment. Whether that's a museum on the Mall, or an antiqued vivarium in the woods, or ev
Opportunity: one man's plank is another man's treasure chest. Now, more than ever, many Americans hunger for travel and adventure—while some yearn merely to be something besides an American. Well, your time has arrived, so, come aboard! We're e
Opportunity: appreciation is the ultimate adaptogen. Do you suffer from moderate to severe dyschlamydia? Still stalled on your first set of braces? Tired of stuck-up "health doctors" always acting like they're the boss of you? Well. Check your
Opportunity: a fashion revolution that sticks. Are you concerned about your presentation? Hate that bulging wallet? Feeling like there's nothing particularly talismanic about the body you're working with? There's no longer any need to feel lef
Opportunity: a unique educational environment for students who like to use their hands. Thank you for applying to Flair School. You will soon be receiving a packet containing your spider, your practice juggling bottles, your fountain pen, and y
Opportunity: Bespoke pairings in a safe environment. Welcome to Love Pharmacy. Please touch the button corresponding to the assistance you will need today. Do you need to lie down? This bed smells like your college girlfriend. And, it is very e
Opportunity: Beauty is a one-way street. Ring Light Parade - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niLeyecaMxM)
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