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Spring is a time of awakening, transforming, and cleaning out things that no longer serve us. When I say spring cleaning, the most obvious form is probably clearing out clutter, sorting and giving away clothes that no longer fit, throwing away items, scrubbing and dusting.But what if in the Spring we also make it a habit to clear an important part of our energetic field, and that is relationship cords. You don't necessarily need a specialist to clean and clear your cords that are in relatively good shape. One way to do that is to visualize the many cords that we have inherited over our lifetime, the more years the more people, places, things, and pets we become connected to. For more information about the five types of energy cords, where they attach and their purposes, you can refer back to Episode 33. But for today's session, let's just relax into a comfortable position, close out all distractions and follow along with my voice as I lead you through a simple cord clearing sequence for relationship cords. Follow along with this guided visualization episode to recognize, clean and clear both female and male relationship cords.  Relax into the process with ease and flow.  Call in the bright essence of who you are! Call in clear, beautiful relationships! Call in clear, beautiful relationship chords. Call it into existence! “Call IT in With Dar!”
Energetic cords: Energy cords are similar to an umbilical cord that connects mother and baby, but they are usually invisible to the human eye. The more experience I gain within healing sessions, the more variety of energy cords I've been able to encounter, which I'd love to share with you in today's that you can uncover what energetic cords you might have. Some of you might even want to go a step further and learn to clear and clean them. As with all of my episodes, I'm sharing what I believe to be true from my own experiences. So, thanks for allowing me to speak my truth and to call it in, call it in like I see it!Relationship cords or energetic cords are often light blue, translucent, flexible, hollow hoses, through which our energy flows and this is energy from all the senses.  The people and animals who we are connected with flow energy into the tube as we flow energy out from it. Keep in mind that physical distance doesn't matter and neither does the fact that the other person has passed on and is no longer in a physical body. Energetic exchange through these cords can still take place for years, even for centuries. Food for Thought isn't it? If you have started to view your energetic body in the shape of a spider or an octopus with multiple tentacles when I started talking about cords, you certainly aren't the only one. The longer we live the more numerous the cords. In this episode you will discover the 5 common types of cords, how to create a firm foundation for energetic relationship cords, how male and female cords connect to the body and chakras, how to intuitively recognize healthy cords, as well as, what are the distortions that can occur with unhealthy connections. For all that and more, tune into this episode on Energetic Cords at Call IT in with Dar!
Positivity! This episode applies the positive resonance of high vibrational words. Words that have been researched to resonate between 500 - 700 hertz. To learn more about word resonance, refer back to the previous episode number 31. But for this particular episode close out all tabs, all distractions and find a comfortable position and listen. Relax into the music entitled “Cosmos Anthem'' and let the words flow into your mind like a stream of consciousness. As you fall deeper and deeper into a relaxed state...let the following words become a stream of positive consciousness gently floating in and out of your mind with ease and flow. If any of the words become emotional triggers, just gently note that and recognize the emotion and release it. Let's begin alphabetically... amazement, affirming, appreciation, ascension, abundance, acclaim, achievement... balance, blessing, bliss, bounty... calm, caring, cheerfulness, comfort, consideration, courage, courtesy, and creativity…. The flow of words and the music continue throughout this relaxing visualization. The words applied were taken from Mark Stanton's “List of Positive High Vibrational Words” document. So, call in a positive vocabulary, call in high resonance words, call in positivity and call them into existence. “Call IT in With Dar!” 
The resonance of words... As an educator, I had always been fascinated with the power of words, and how it could evoke an emotional response in people. It didn't seem to matter whether or not the words were heard directly, or read in print. Then I became even more fascinated, as I immersed myself in a variety of healing modalities, some of which use the power of words, sometimes applied in mantras, chants, meditation, or in positive affirmations, either spoken out loud or inside my mind as the healer. When one of our listeners suggested an episode about the vibration or resonance of words, I happily obliged, and the following episode is the result.Sharon Anne Klinger in her book entitled “Power Words”, states that “every word carries an energy that can be sensed, regardless of whether you're thinking it, speaking it, hearing it or reading it, on the page. A lot of elements impact, a word's energy.” She goes on to say that “the language you use brings forth the life you create.” Which brings us to words used in the “law of attraction”, where you can attract positive energy into your life with high vibrational words. Like love, joy, peace, and enlightenment, for example, resonate at 500 to 700 hertz. This is in contrast to words like shame, guilt, grief, and fear, which resonate from as low as 20, up to 100 hertz. So, comparing 500 to 700, and then 20 to 100.Let's do a quick experiment with this concept. Think of a joyful experience full of love and happiness recreated inside your mind. Tune into how you feel, what emotions arise with that beautiful memory of joy, love and happiness. Now for experimental purposes, let's think of something that we feel guilt or shame around. Did you quickly feel a shift without even replaying that negative experience all the way through? I know I did. I felt a heaviness around my shoulders, the back of my neck, almost like wearing a heavy lead cape, there was definitely a difference for me. So, if we surround ourselves with positive words, we can raise our vibration and resonate at that higher level that helps us feel better. We can follow along with Sharon Ann Klinger’s theory about words being energy, as well as, explore more examples and resources in today’s episode.  So, listen in and see the value in using positive affirmations, uplifting words and higher vibrational positive vocabulary! Call in high word resonance, “Call IT in with Dar” 
What do you think of when I say “living a five-dimensional life”? Does happiness, healthiness, lightness, brightness, peacefulness, abundance, feeling deeply connected spiritually, do all those things come to mind? “Yes!”, 5 D living is about all of those things, as well as, vibrating at a higher level. Today let's set our intention to move into the fifth dimensional space. We'll be diving in by following a guided visualization or meditation. Simply relax, close out all distractions and release all stress and worry by clearing your brain. How do you do that? Well, let's try some concentrated breathing. Get into a comfortable position and breathe in through your mouth... swallowing the sweet essence or the sweet nectar of life. Picture it as sunshine and happiness... lighting up your tongue, your mouth and warming your throat. Feel it slide like sweet honey, down your esophagus into your heart space warming and soothing your entire chest area. Next, breathe out through your nose and imagine all negativity, all toxins, and all debris, being gently removed from your entire body. Again, in through the mouth and swallow the bright, sweet essence of life. Feeling the rich nectar roll down your throat into your heart space behind your ribs and down even further, filling your belly with warm, cheerful sunlight. Now breathe out from your nose, setting a clear intention to release all stress, all worry and all negativity from your entire body. In your mind's eye or imagination see it leave your body and fall like rain down into the earth to be recycled. In your mind's eye...see yourself as a beautiful, bright column of sunlight as the sweet essence of life dwells within you, moving around front to back, left to right. See your personal column reach up to the sky and down into the earth. As your light gets brighter and brighter, think of it as a method of levitation, or your own private elevator system. Feel your body begin to tingle and to vibrate slightly. You're feeling almost weightless.  Follow along with this episode’s guided visualization to discover with certainty, that even when you're living in the 3D and 4D struggles of life, you can control moving into fifth dimensional enlightenment. So, call in happiness! Call in peacefulness! Call in healthiness and call in abundance. Call in the possibilities of fifth dimensional living! “Call IT in with Dar”!  
Fifth dimensional reality, what does shifting from three dimension to five-dimension, reality mean?  To simplify, three-dimensional reality is the belief that there's nothing that exists outside of what we can see. It's a state of ego self. It's like the old adage, “I'll believe it when I see it” mentality. Then four-dimensional reality is starting to believe that there is “more to life than meets the eye”, that we are spiritual beings... there is more out there... more unseen. Five D reality is not just a belief that there is much more to life than what we can see, but is actually resonating at a higher vibration. For example, if we align with the “Love Tuner”, a sound at 528 hertz, the vibration of love and compassion, one can sample that type of higher vibration. Refer to the show notes for more information on the love tuner, but it is using sound to raise our vibration. The fifth dimension is unconditional love, peacefulness and happiness that resonates at an exceedingly high vibration. What I find extremely interesting is that we were born into the fifth dimension, that we are living basically from birth to about age one in the fifth dimension. But then we forget it. Our parents have integrated us into their 3D reality and in some cases 4 D. Have you noticed children being born right now seem to be very aware, have you looked in the eyes of a newborn lately, there is deep wisdom there. It's like they already know you and know all about you, when they just look into your face. It's amazing. They are existing in that higher vibration. In 5D reality, we know that we are deeply connected. As adults, our self-mastery becomes very focused on fulfilling a purpose that involves serving others. 5 D is about living fully in the present state of “now”. Leaving the past in the past and not worrying about what the future brings.'s about accepting all that is and embracing life with all five of your senses. Because your vibration can fluctuate, various activities can cause you to go back into the other dimensions.  Learn about these activities to avoid and which things to call in for fifth dimensional living by listening to this episode of “Call IT in with Dar”!
Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word, basically meaning wheel. There are thousands of chakras found throughout the body.  They're primarily found where the meridians of the body cross the seven chakras (that we've been discussing in the previous “Chakra Clips Series”). They are basically created, where a large number of meridian points cross to form a large wheel. Therefore, creating a chakra, or vortex of colored light, a rainbow inside you so to speak. Each chakra relates to certain traits and characteristics in our life journey... mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are the focus of our life force energy, and each vibrates at a specific color frequency. Today's episode is the finale in the “Chakra Clips Series”. Our intention is to apply a color visualization to bring the seven main chakras into harmony for all levels of our well-being. I strongly recommend listening to this recording daily for the enrichment of your energy system. For even more options and deeper chakra knowledge, check out my new “Align Your Chakras” 30-day experience.  As you listen to this episode relax deeper and deeper into experiencing each energy center’s specific color and unique characteristics for your life’s journey. Call in your own personal rainbow as you participate fully!  “Call IT in with Dar”! 
The Lotus flower can be found growing at the bottom of muddy swamps and streams. Then it blooms with an array of beautiful colored petals above the water's surface, fully grounded in the mulch, and muck of the earth, but beautifully blooming towards the divine... towards the sky. This is a symbol of our crown chakra. The deeper and thicker life's mud, the more beautifully the Lotus blooms. So too it is with us! Metaphysically speaking, we wear the purple or violet Lotus, like a royal crown on the top of our head, a symbol of our resilience and spiritual connection.  Today's episode is the seventh in our series of chakra clips, where each week we've discussed a brief overview of the seven main energy centers one at a time. When we nourish our chakras, on a regular basis, we reap the awesome reward of overall well-being and heightened confidence. It is actually simple to clear, clean and balance our chakras by practicing techniques like color visualizations, meditations, sound therapy, gemstones and crystals and other energy healing techniques. All of which I cover in the “Align Your Chakras” course that I'll discuss later.  The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head in the​  middle of your skull. It's ancient sanskrit name is Sahasrara and it is often referred to as simply the seventh chakra. This chakra resonates with the color violet, the deep purple of a sparkling amethyst gemstone. Sometimes it looks almost white, when activated. The Crown Chakra aligns with our spiritual source and virtues, a connection to the higher realms. When the chakra is clean, clear and balanced it brings in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It helps make us feel complete and able to shine our light in service to others. Join us for this episode to learn about the 7th chakra and how to balance its energy to call in a clear spiritual connection!  “Call IT in with Dar”! 
The mysterious deep navy blue color of the nighttime sky is often called Indigo. And it is the color that vibrates and resonates with the third eye chakra. Characteristics associated with this chakra, are clear thinking, intuition, insights, wisdom, and spiritual awareness. When the third eye is open, clear, clean and balanced, the more clarity you will receive in your life. Also, the more messages you'll recognize, in your dream state, and sometimes in your waking state. The third eye connects you to your intuition and your psychic abilities. On the other hand, if this chakra is imbalanced, there are signs like being skeptical, closed off, naive, and rigid, and sometimes, avoiding psychic connection or not believing in intuition.  Today's episode is the sixth in our series of chakra clips. When we nourish our chakra system on a regular basis, with each chakra being just as important as the next, we are able to reach an amazing, almost magical feeling of well-being in our lives. How do we nourish clean, clear and balance our chakra system? Well, it is easier than one might think. All it requires is setting a clear intention and applying your favorite energy techniques, ranging from color visualization, to meditation, to positive affirmations, to applying gemstones, sound therapy, or various healing techniques like EFT, Reiki, or Healing Touch just to name a few. If you are interested in learning more about some of these techniques, keep listening to find out about my 30 day “Align Your Chakras” experience that we'll discuss later. The third eye chakra is located between the​  brows in the center of the forehead. Its ancient Sanskrit name is Ajna and it is often referred to as the sixth chakra.   Listen to this episode to learn more about the 3rd Eye, your 6th chakra, and a key to unlock your intuition and psychic abilities.  Call in perception, call in deep inner truths, call in a clear, clean, and balanced 3rd eye chakra.  “Call IT in with Dar”! 
Do you speak your truth and say what you mean with confidence? Do you listen to other people as they express themselves? This is the effective ebb and flow of having a clean, clear and balanced throat chakra, whose primary purpose is communication, and creativity. A great example of this is the ancient practice of using a “talking stick”. During a gathering of several people, only one person, the person who holds the stick, tells their story to completion. Everyone else listens without comments or questions until the end when the stick is passed to another speaker.  This is a beautiful example of speaking your truth or your story and listening with deep intention. Today's episode is the fifth in our series of chakra clips. When we nourish our chakra system on a regular basis, we are able to reach an amazing sense of well-being in our lives. Doing this is easier than you might think... all it requires is combining your favorite energy techniques, ranging from color visualization, to meditation, to applying gemstones or sound therapy, or vibrational energy healing techniques, like EFT, Reiki, or Healing Touch. Many of those I teach in the Align Your Chakras 30 Day Experience, that I'll talk about​ later. The throat chakra is located in the center of the throat area, and holds the key to speaking one's divine truth with ease and grace. Its ancient Sanskrit name is Vishuddhi, and is often referred to as the fifth chakra. It resonates with the color blue of a cloudless sky. When balanced, it is all about communication, self-expression, effective listening, as well as, expressing our soul's purpose clearly. On the other hand, when imbalanced... things like stage fright, secretiveness, evasive behavior, shyness and self-righteousness can occur.  Learn more about the Throat Chakra in this episode of “Call IT in with Dar” to call in a clear, clean, and balanced throat chakra! 
Are you feeling compassionate, forceful, joyful, peaceful and trusting? Are you open to give and receive love? If so, your heart chakra is likely to be clear, clean and balanced. Today's episode is the third in our series of “chakra clips”, where each week we present a short overview of each of the seven chakra energy centers. When we nourish our chakras regularly, our energy experiences over our well-being. It is actually easy to clear, clean and balance our chakras with regular practice of easy techniques like color visualization, various meditations, crystals, sound therapy, or other vibrational energy healing techniques, all of which I cover in the “Align Your Chakras” course. Find out more here: Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest, and is probably the most well-known energy center of the seven. Its ancient Sanskrit name is Anahata and it is often referred to as the fourth chakra. This chakra resonates in a deep emerald green color, and signifies unconditional love of self and others with expressions of compassion, acceptance, nurturing, inner peace, as well as giving and receiving when it is fully balanced, clean and clear. On the other hand, when the fourth chakra is out of balance, self-pity, judgment, resentment, and insomnia are common indicators. Inner Child, forgiveness practices and play help strengthen the heart chakra. Listen to this episode to enhance your heart chakra, with simple tips and techniques, so that you can call in compassion, call in peacefulness, and call in love, “Call IT in with Dar”!
“When the sacral chakra is clear, clean and balanced, it is a sign of creativity, self-acceptance, sensual expression, and relating to others with ease and grace.”  Today's episode is part of the “chakra clip series”, where each week we will briefly discuss one of the seven main chakra energy centers. How each center affects us spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally is summarized. When we nourish our chakras on a regular basis, the awesome result is balance and overall well-being. With concentrated awareness, it is easy to bring your chakras into alignment using such elements as color, intention, visualizations or meditation, crystals or sound, or other energy healing techniques. All of which I cover in the Align your Chakras course that we'll discuss in detail later.  Today's episode is about the Sacral Chakra located in the lower abdomen, about two fingers below the navel. This is often identified as simply the second chakra... it's ancient sanskrit name is “Swadhisthana”. When this chakra is healthy, we feel inspired, creative, sensual, and self-accepting. As with our opening quote,” when the sacral chakra is clean, clear and balanced, creativity, self-acceptance, sensual expression and relating to others with ease and grace will follow. On the other hand, when this chakra is imbalanced, it's easy to feel repressed and unattractive, overly sensitive, immobilized, or even experiencing addictive desires. The Sacral Chakra resonates with the frequency of the color orange. So, a simple activity to start getting it aligned is to visualize a beautiful, bright, shining ball of orange light, visualize it centered about two fingers below your navel within your abdomen. See it growing and circling. front to back, left to right, glowing brightly. Feel the warm and healing light energy!  When the sacral chakra is aligned, we can experience acceptance and gratitude for our families, ourselves, our friends, and all the pleasures and passion that life has to offer!  So, listen in to this episode of “Call IT in with Dar” and call in a clean, clear, and balanced Sacral Chakra! 
“When the root or base chakra is clear, clean and balanced, it’s a sign that your material needs are being met, and you are flowing with physical well-being and stability.” Today's episode is part of the “Chakra Clips Series”, where each week we will briefly overview one of the seven main chakra energy centers.  We'll talk about a few of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical traits related to each chakra. When we nourish our chakras on a regular basis, the amazing result is balance and overall well-being. The good news is that with simple awareness, it is easy to bring your chakras into harmony or alignment by using intention or color visualization or meditation, crystals or sound or other energy healing techniques, which I will be covering in the “Align Your Chakras program that we'll discuss later.  But let's begin with the root or base chakra, which is located where your legs join together at the base of your spine. This is often called the first chakra, and the ancient Sanskrit name for it is Malahundra. When this chakra is healthy, we feel balanced, centered and deeply connected to living life. As with our opening quote,” when the root chakra is clear, clean and balanced, your material needs are being met, and you flow with physical well-being and stability.” Signs of the opposite... of being imbalanced... are fear, insecurities, low immunity, and some fogginess of thinking or lack of clarity. This chakra resonates with the color of red. So, a great beginning activity is to simply visualize a beautiful apple red ball of light. Having it shine brightly at the base of your spine. visualizing it growing and circling that entire lower hip area, front to back, left to right. Pretend that it is bright, vibrant, red, warm, and healing. Use your imagination to clear out any toxins, negativity, debris, fears, insecurities, anything that isn't bright, apple red. Sometimes these appear as little dark green flecks in your imagination or your mind's eye when you gently let your eyelids close.  Let's take a few minutes to visualize this beautiful red light, circling your entire lower body...front, back, left, right. Feel it travel down your legs into your thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet. Imagine it connecting down into the earth for stability. As you continue to visualize a clean, clear and bright red first chakra, feel at one with your family, the wisdom of your ancestors, all that you have learned so far in your life and visualize being balanced in all areas. As the primary goal in this chakra journey in today’s episode is to know with certainty that healing is occurring. It is your natural state to be healthy!  So, enjoy this session and visualize that every little cell in your body is happy and healthy as you “Call In” a clear, clean and balanced root chakra!  “Call IT in with Dar! “ 
Today's episode is a guided visualization, or sometimes called a meditation, applying a series of mantras or statements, as well as, the images of various colored candle flames. The four flames guided visualization uses a mantra, or repeating a positive affirmation or statement, which can be a deeply empowering technique, as well as, applying the element of color. The “philosophy of color” was previously discussed in episode nine of this podcast. Let's begin by breathing evenly in a relaxed manner, close out all distractions, clear your mind. Think about only the here and now. Feel your breath coming in through your nose and gently out through your mouth...peace and relaxation. Breathe in calmness...breathe in peacefulness. Let it light up your entire body from head to foot. Then breathe out gently all that no longer serves you... everything you don't need in your life any longer, any toxins, debris, or negativity. Relaxing every part of your body relaxing more and more. Turning your head to the left breathing in any beautiful memories of the past and breathing out any challenges that have presented for you. No need to replay these in your mind. Just let them float in and out. Honoring the past and who it has caused you to be in this present moment. Breathe in the past through your nose. Breathe out through your mouth. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Still turn to the left, in through the nose, out through the mouth, slipping deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. Now let's turn to you right representing the future. Think about your dreams, your goals, your aspirations ... how you picture your best life to be in the future. Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, in through your nose, out through the mouth. Breathing in those dreams and aspirations through your nose. Breathing out any doubts or worries breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth, visualizing the beautiful future sometimes called future casting. Now let's end this series of breathing, facing front in the present moment, breathing in through your nose, in the present moment of here and now. Breathing out through the mouth, any negativity, anything you don't need. In through the nose, out through the mouth, in through the nose, out to the mouth. Relaxing more and more into the present moment... in through the nose, out through the mouth. Let's visualize four candles placed in front of us, in our mind's eye or in our imagination. These are four beautiful candles. The first candle represents love and compassion and its flame is pink. Watch it flicker and glow. Visualize the wick, the flame, the melting wax. Watch the wax fall like a waterfall down the side of the candle and this beautiful flame before you. Next bring your attention to the second candle. The candle of wisdom has a yellow flame like sunshine Watch it flicker. Watch the wick shorten.Watch the wax pool and flicker then drip, drip, drip down the side of the candle. Candle number three is the candle of power. Feeling empowered and in your full life purpose is a blue candle with a blue flame. Watch the blue flame flicker and change the slight breeze in the room. Watch the warm wax begin to pool, the wick begins to shorten and the wax begins to fall over the side of the candle forming beautiful blue waves down the side. The final and fourth candle is a deep purple, it could be called magenta. It is a beautiful flame and candle about ascension... about awakening... while being open to receive a divine upgrade. Moving from the old self, to a new consciousness represented by the four flames. Loving compassion in pink, wisdom and knowledge in yellow, power and self-fulfillment in blue, and ascension and awakening in purple. Thus, begins the “Guided Four Flames Visualization” on the “Call IT in with Dar” podcast! 
What does awakening mean to you? Awakening as defined by spiritual teacher and bestselling author Eckart Tolle is actually a “personal or collective challenge that promotes change”. When that happens, we have two choices, we can either turn to deeper, egocentric patterns of negativity and magnify the conflict and the unconscious reactions...or the other choice is we can become more conscious. And we can shift out of reactive mode and out of egocentric patterns to awaken to other possibilities, and positive outcomes of change. By making the personal decision to listen to today's session, you have already made a conscious choice, a conscious choice to awaken and find out more.  In this episode, we will clarify some of the assumptions about spiritual awakenings, and discuss a few of the symptoms or clues that people might possibly go through. The story of the “Eagle And The Crow” by Solera provides us with a basic framework on what it's like for the ego to be awakened. In the following story, imagine that you are the eagle in this scenario, the only bird that dares to pack or pester an eagle is the crow. The crow sits on the eagle’s back and bites at his neck. The eagle chooses not to respond nor fight with the crow. It does not spend time or energy on the crow at all. Instead, the eagle just opens his wings and begins to rise higher and higher into the heavens. The higher the flight, the harder it is for the crow to breathe and eventually, the crow falls off due to lack of oxygen. We can learn from the eagle to not fight the crows in our lives and to just keep ascending. They might be irritating, or they might be along for just the ride. But they'll soon fall off as you continue to ascend. Do not allow yourself to succumb to distractions. Keep your focus on the awakening. Keep your focus on the things above you as you continue to rise, says Solera in the lesson of the “Eagle And The Crow.”  When we apply Eckart’s definition of awakening to this story, there is a beautiful analogy as the eagle makes a conscious decision to ignore the challenge of the crow and to continue to rise until the problem falls away. Admittedly, awakening means several different things to several different people. In the following episode we will explore a variety of symptoms or clues that accompany the awakening process. So, call in awakening, “Call IT in with Dar” 
In my garden is a beautiful memorial plaque that says: “may the heavy sorrow lift and the precious memories linger on”. I love this statement, and I find it comforting. It was my inspiration for today's episode on processing grief and loss with a guided visualization on memories. Let's begin first, with setting a clear intention to reduce emotional and physical pain, feel less loneliness, improve sleep, increase optimism and enhance emotional stability. These benefits are supported by multiple research studies, ranging from fortune 100 corporation’s subjects to Harvard Medical School results. These results were for people who regularly practice guided visualization which makes them very appropriate intentions for us today in this experience. So let's start by closing out all distractions, closing down any open tabs, finding a comfortable position and breathing in and out in a relaxing rhythm with the ebb and flow of life. Continue to relax every part of your body starting at your feet. relaxing your toes, relaxing your arches, relaxing your ankles and your calves. Relaxing both knees, both thighs. Continuing to relax more and more with the music entitled “Ebb and Flow by Kevin MacLeod. Front back, left right up into your hips. Relaxing as you move your focus to your stomach and then your rib cage. Breathing gently in and out with the ebb and flow of life. And up into the chest, across your shoulders. down each arm, down into wrists and hands. Left and right moving it back up into your biceps back up into your shoulders, across your collarbone and into your neck...relaxing your jaw, your cheeks, your ears, your eyes, your eyebrows and your forehead. Front back, left right, feel the calmness throughout your entire body sinking deeper and deeper into the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Breathing in and out with the ebb and flow of Mother Earth. The ebb and flow of life.  Now in your mind's eye or imagination, visualize a beautiful cobblestone path stretching out in front of you. With inviting sunlight streaming down in front of you. Begin began to walk this path. Walk until you reach an ornate garden gate and the intricately carved signs reads: “Please Enter - The Reconnection Garden”. Think about that. Think about who or what you would like to reconnect with and who or what you are grieving. As you walk inside, what lives would you like to reconnect with? Call them in during this visualization with Dar! 
Wisdom from Winnie the Pooh: “If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your​ heart. I'll stay there forever. Remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart, I’ll always be with you.”  Beautiful words of wisdom to take to heart, aren't they? In this episode about grief and loss, we are going to talk about some common emotions or symptoms of loss, and then a few tips and techniques for processing. If you feel that grief has taken over your life, and you are unable to function normally, please reach out and I will connect you with a grief therapist or a support group specifically trained to help you process the feelings of loss. And be aware that sometimes during the holiday, grief can kind of sneak up on us and come around at unexpected times. Grief can arrive in our life in many ways...and loss of a loved one is probably the most common, but it can also be loss of a job, loss of a way of life, loss of a physical relocation, loss of freedom, loss of a relationship, loss of a hobby or a sport that you once enjoyed but now can't...loss of a pet and pretty much loss of anything that has value to you personally. Some commonly felt emotions include anger, sadness, anxiety, avoidance, fear, helplessness, guilt, loneliness, unacceptance, numbness, bitterness, and yearning for life to return to how it was before the loss. Grief can also have physical symptoms, like muscle weaknesses, over sensitivity to noise, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, tightness or heaviness of the chest, and stomach problems. Overall behavior can also be affected with things like frustration, or easily irritated, direct disruptive sleep or insomnia, dreams that are disturbing, feeling isolated and detached from others or even avoidance. When you feel overwhelmed by any of these symptoms, it's important to recognize if. Name it and remind yourself that this is only temporary and that will come and go over time. It is unrealistic to think that we can process grief or cope with loss once and it will go away forever. But it is realistic to believe that we can recognize or acknowledge how we are feeling and use a technique to release the pressure, or even distract you from your pain, emotional or physical. This episode discusses over a dozen possible techniques to call in tranquility and to process grief and loss.  So, call in peacefulness, call in tranquility! “Call IT in with Dar”!  
Gratitude. Gratitude helps us to see all of what is here instead of what isn't here. Today's episode is a guided visualization, surrendering to the energetic vibration of gratitude to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, boost the immune system, improve sleep, and achieve a higher level of positivity overall. Let's begin by removing any distractions, close any tabs that you have open and find a comfortable position. Then relax into the “wind of the rainforest” music by Kevin Mac Leod.   Imagine yourself in this beautiful tropical location surrounded by the relaxing sounds and smells of pure, untouched nature. This is the perfect place at the perfect time to surrender into the moment of now and begin to melt into this peaceful environment. In your imagination or mind's eye, picture the lush green forest around you and feel the light, relaxing breeze. Breathe in vitality and breathe out all negativity and toxins. Again...breathe in vitality and the beautiful environment around you. Breathe out negativity, toxins, and any thoughts that are cluttering your brain. Breathe in. Breathe out gently and easily with the ebb and flow of your environment and Mother Earth. Now place your hands together. palm to palm in a prayer like position. Thumb to thumb and each finger matching a finger. Bring your energy and thoughts consciously into the here and now and the space between your two palms as they come together. Breathe in the present moment in gratitude. Gratefulness for the breath of life. Breathe out all negativity, all toxins, all cluttered thoughts. Breathe in the present moment. Feeling gratitude for the breath of life and breathing out all that no longer serves you. Concentrating on the feeling of your thumbs touching. Thumb to thumb, thumb print to thumbprint we will move through each finger experiencing its corresponding element...ether, air, fire, water, earth, and its acupressure body part...brain, lungs, intestines, kidneys, and the heart relaxing as we go.   So, listen to this episode and call relaxation, gratitude and abundance into your life! “Call IT in with Dar”! 
How do you practice gratitude? Have you found a daily ritual or a habit that works well for you? There is no right or wrong way to express gratitude and to be able to reap the many benefits, becoming a magnet for happiness. That is the value in a practice of gratitude. Today's episode is about regular everyday gratitude, not just feeling thankful during a certain time of year, on a specific holiday, or during a specific month. Not just being grateful when things are going extremely well, but also during those tough times, those times of struggle. Why gratitude? Well, based on a current research study by Robert Emmons, grateful people have 10% less stress related illnesses and are overall more physically fit than those who do not practice gratitude. They have more self-reported satisfying relationship relationships, also an average of 12% lower blood pressure. Grateful people give 20% more time and money to their community. They enjoy a 7% longer lifespan, and 7% higher income with 13% fewer arguments. In Emmons’ study of thousands of people, who practice gratitude regularly over a variety of age groups, he found even more similar benefits. He divided these into three categories: Physical, Psychological, and Social...further discussed in this session.  This episode also dives into 16 or more gratitude practices that you might want to try to call the energy of gratitude into your call it in! “Call IT in with Dar!” 
Today's episode is an ​Archangel Guided Visualization​ with the archangels of the four​ directions. Before we begin, I'd like to share my personal, probably my most miraculous experience with these angels. The encounter took place a few snowy winters ago, while driving home one night, I was on a backcountry tree lined road in sleet and snow. I was aware of patches of black ice, so I was being extra cautious. But all of a sudden, two deer appeared in my headlights. So, I began to systematically tap, tap, tap on the brakes that you use for icy driving, but was unable to avoid hitting the second deer as it crossed the road. So, my car just flew across the icy road and headed straight for the line of trees. I remember speaking out loud: “angels, please surround me and keep me safe!”. I envisioned additional angels all lined up in front of the line of trees, kind of like tin soldiers.  I saw the angels of the 4 directions and visualized those surrounding the car.  Then in mid-air, my car turned around, it turned away from the tree line and when it landed, I was in the ditch almost back up on the road. And I was turned around facing the way I had come parallel to the tree line. I'm happy to say the deer made it safely across the road. When the tow truck came, the driver asked ”How did your car ever end up where it is, without leaving any tracks in the snow?” I remember replying... “I guess it was because I was airborne. It seemed like I was in the air for an awful long time!”. He laughed and replied that the deer left some of his hide on the front of my car, but the car appeared to be okay and the deer appeared to still be alive. Anyway, that was one of my most exciting archangel experiences. (Although I have a few others to share at a later date. The following guided visualization will help you become connected to these four main archangels, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Auriel. So, call in relaxation and let’s begin to “Call IT in with Dar”!  
Today's episode is about the four main or four most well-known Archangels, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Auriel. There are multiple accounts of this angel hierarchy, in literature, songs, and in various religions around the world. The names and the functions are varied, but being of a higher divine realm remains a constant. Another constant is the belief that Archangels are here to assist us and can see the steps we need to take ahead of time. But we need to ask for their help, because we as humans have free choice. Some people consider angels as a figment of their imagination, mainly because we are trained since childhood, to recognize only what is visible to our physical eye, and therefore deemed rational, or something that quotes:” makes sense”. My favorite personal story about the four main archangels or for the purpose of clarity here, the Archangels of the Four Directions​ took place a few years ago, when a friend of mine​ was really worried about her elementary school son walking to school by himself. Every day, day after day, he insisted that he was old enough to walk the few blocks to school. Although it was a seemingly safe neighborhood, there was one relatively busy road to cross and that was what, as a concerned mother she was worried about. So, she always escorted him to that street, safely across and then would let him walk the rest of the way. But each day as he got older, he kept insisting that he was old enough to safely make the trip alone. So finally, his mother privately called on the angels of the four directions for help, without telling anyone, she called in Raphael to walk in front of him, Michael to walk on the right of him, Gabriel to follow behind him, and Auriel to the left of him. Then she let him walk to school on his own to his delight. After secretly repeating this daily for a couple of days, one morning she expressed her continued worry and concern for her son on his walk. And he said, Mommy, “I don't know what you're worried about. I have all these angels around me every single day. It's going to be just fine.” Awesome testimonial from a child, right? Archangels are here to help us not just to be safe and protected, like in this case, but healing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and help make decisions for our highest good and communication. To express our soul's truth and share it out others can help us embody and expand our spiritual gifts and manifest what we desire and need in our lives. Every source differs as to what people believe. So, the following information in this podcast is based on my two decades of energy healing experience and personal research in the area.  So, sit back and enjoy this episode of “Call IT in with Dar!” 
Today's episode begins by setting a clear intention to personally connect with your primary spirit guide. Are you ready to form a deeper connection and a more personal relationship with your guides? If so, give the next 20 minutes or so your undivided attention. Putting aside all distractions and getting into a comfortable position. Breathe in and out with the ebb and flow of Mother Earth. Gently and naturally, breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. As you relax, let your eyelids close gently in through the nose, out through the mouth... in through the nose, out through the mouth. Relaxing deeper and deeper. Feel the divine bright light energy shining down on you like sunshine on the top of your head...relaxing your entire body now from head to toe.   Feel it tingle as you fall into deeper and deeper relaxation, feel the energy wrapping around you like a large, comfortable heavy quilt. Feel it around your shoulders, wrapping around your heart. You are thoroughly relaxed and falling into a deep peacefulness. You feel anticipation, for you are about to meet your primary spirit guide. Within the darkness of your mind's eye or your imagination, a beautiful rainbow-colored orb appears in front of you. Like a giant soap bubble catching the light. You realize that this is a gateway to the meeting place. As you confidently walk through the vortex (the bubble) you are relaxed and at peace. Breathe in the sweet change of air. Enjoy the process of calling in your primary spirit guide.  “Call IT in with Dar!” 
Do you connect with your spirit guides? Today's episode is on the audience selected topic, spirit guides. This is an extremely broad topic. So, for today's purposes, we're going to narrow it down to my personal experience with spirit guides, and five steps to connect with them. My experience begins with the Eastern philosophy, which is the ability for the subtle body of the soul to separate from the physical body during sleep, which is in my case, or in death. Perhaps you've actually experienced this by waking up in the morning, or by waking up at times during the night and it seems to take you a moment or two, to physically move your extremities. That is actually an example of your subtle body, taking a moment or two to align with the physical body after dream state. Anyway, we can all learn to do this… we can all learn to sense the subtle energies around us. So not just our subtle body, but the subtle body of others. Basically, the variety of spirit guides are all subtle energy. So here I want to mention a distinction, that we're not talking about angels, who have never lived on earth in the physical form. When I talk spirit guides, I'm talking about those subtle bodies of energy that have actually been here on this earth before.  These subtle bodies are as diverse as the different kinds of human beings we encounter during our life. And I also believe that these subtle bodies, these other people, in their soul form met with you before you came here to be on earth and you made a plan that they were going to watch out for you and help you with various things, to help you in following your life, purpose or path. Although we have a number of guides assisting us, they are not observing everything we do 24 hours a day, they are working on their own wisdom and self-growth. They're in their own soul schooling so to speak.  (Truthfully, it would be boring to hang around me all the time. I don't know about you.)  There are no tricks or shortcuts in working with your spirit guides. It is called a work because the connection is strengthened over time. If you wish to talk to your guides, it usually takes practice and focus unless you started to talk to your guides from childhood on. Working with our spirit guides is basically a creative process where our subconscious is actually the key. I invite you to listen to this episode where we will talk about how guides communicate and 5 steps to help you develop clearer communication with them. So, call in your personal spirit guides, call them in, “Call It in with Dar “ 
Crystal prisms, what do those words remind you of? To me... I have visions of rainbows bouncing off of every shiny crystal surface. That's what it means to me. Today's episode is a guided visualization with the crystal prism. There are multiple benefits within the power of visualization, like lowering stress, developing greater clarity, increasing productivity, breaking bad habits, becoming more resilient. Some of the more recent studies substantiate a happier life reported by subjects who use visualization regularly. The crystal prism brings out integrity, clear thinking, the body, mind and spirit connection and overall self-awareness. I had the unique privilege of digging crystals in the Ozark Mountains, and a few of them were natural prism shapes, often called generators, made by nature, untouched by human hands until we found them.  This visualization applies the crystal prism, explores refracted colors and the various emotions that color can evoke.  So, call in rainbow-like color…” Call IT in with Dar!”  
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