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Another great week a' comic-in'!   Manus and Eli are back and they are diggin' into all things comics. New books, old Books and some bEntertainment news. Also this week, we check back in with the KizzNii in BlizzNii...THe King in Black. Eddie's dead baby...Eddie's dead...but Dylan ain't, and he's splashin' Symbos off people...tune in for more comic greatness!
Eli and Manus are back with their full and complete coverage of the King in Black Marvel event. They love Venom and you know what...Knull is INSANE. bEntertanment news also abounds with Marvel and Star Wars acting like they Knulled out and announcing a ton of stuff!! So much to cover and talk about this week so tune in!! @Can_I_Thwipp_It Manus Dunbar @ManusDunbar @JanMichaelVintage for killer vintage Tees Spotify: Apple Music: Eli Schwab @CosmicLion Home of Wizerd: The Comix Megazine
Eli and Manus have finally returned. Returned to save you from the KING IN BLACK!! Knulled out Symbos are erupting from the ground and Knulled out dragons are flying into earths orbit. Earths mightiest heroes fall one by one. Heroes get ripped in half? Stegmans' crazy...let's talk about it. Featuring Manus' hit new track, "On Top!" @Can_I_Thwipp_It Manus Dunbar @ManusDunbar @JanMichaelVintage for killer vintage Tees Spotify: Apple Music: Eli Schwab @CosmicLion Home of Wizerd: The Comix Megazine
Manus and Eli are back to talk about comix and life and missing SDCC this year. Shout out to Greg Horn. So much life happens man, it's like...2020 man.. you know... oof. So glad we have comix. New Books from Manus and Eli SDCC@Home news for Star Trek Lower Decks, Bill & Ted Face the Music and New Mutants. Manus also has a new album coming out and his song Animebae is featured in the new Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men) and Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) film that was just released called The Rental. Check that! Podcast version on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or
Another great week in comics and in friendship! This weeks new books Decorum, Moebius.Fr and a J Skizzy Black Cat cover. bEntertainment news with Falcon & Winter Soldier, Bill & Ted Face the Music and Super special guest...Damon Wayans Jr.!! We talk about Damon's nerdy roots, art, comics, Prince and our mutual love of Akira. Tune in for WAY more! This is a killer ep! Episode art by Christian J Meesey @Meesimo
This week new Marvel Comics return and we take a Deep Dive into Venom #25.   Venom is a book we have really been following here on Can I Thwipp It? and the Knulled out Symbos are reaching a boiling point. Dylan and Venom and Carnage...Oh my!! Sleeper save us! So much fun delving deep into a book we all love. Another great week for comics and this week we are joined by Peter Our Friend!  Eli  @CosmicLion Manus @ManusDunbar Spotify: Apple Music  Peter  @Peter_Type_Beat    
Another great week in collecting with Manus and Eli. This week we catch up on new toys, new books, new podcasts and even...NEWS! Starhawks, Grendel, Spidy, Tank Girl, BWS Machine Man and tons more on video and podcast.   YouTube Vodcast Link: Eli's Links: on insta @CosmicLion  on Twitter @Elonifi on Twitter Cosmic Lion Productions: Cosmic Lion Radio:              The Devil in Detail (Grendel Re-Read Podcast): @CanIThwippIt on Insta Manus' links: on insta @ManusDunbar  on insta @JanMichaelVintage Bomb Vintage T's for Sale! SoundCloud: Spotify: https://open.spotif Music:
Another Giant Sized ZoomCast special! A league of Extraordinary Gentlemen once again organized to give a glimpse into their worlds! Comics and art and tons more featuring: William Hoffknecht, Gilbert Leiker, Peter Our Friend, Doug Schwab, Chris Pitzer, Christian Meesey, Gregory Giordano, David Brouwers, Mike Schulties and Ben Granoff. These creators and fans show off some amazing items from in their collections and then let us know what their up to. We ever got some breaking news from Chris Pitzer about Jim Ruggs new Kickstarter! Dig in! Check out the ZoomCast video here:
Can I Thwipp It? returns with the second giant sized Quarantine Special!! This week we are joined by a huge group of comic fans for a show in tell from all over North America and Canada! Fans brought in something special to show, talked about their lives, what they are creating and what makes all of that special. It was amazing to be joined by so many friends and even our super special guest Cartoonist Kayfabe's own Jim Rugg!! Check the video here: Guests this week include: Joe Perl Dave Baker @xDaveBakerx Geno Frazier @Truce2HeadRush Rocko Jerome @RockoJerome Craig K. Jamie Jones @ArtOfJamieJones Jaide Le'Jeune @Jaide90 Zack Johnson @LazerDisk Jim Rugg @JimRuggArt David Brouwers @SavageBrouwers Kevin B Hawkins @MageHeroDescribed @KevinBHawkins Mike Schulties @TrippingwithBricks Mitchell Coleman @MitchellDColeman Jerome Cabanatan @JRoamcab TT
Manus & Eli return from the depths of Quarantine. April 2020 is a strange time and place to be but the boys make the best of it by reading comics. Eli and Manus delve deep into this weeks "New to them" books, bEntertainment News and of course, the friendship that makes them great! Next week more!! Vodcast version also available: ALBUM ART BY CHRISTIAN J MEESEY! CLICK HERE FOR MORE!
We are back...WOW!! Been a while.  2020 is here and we are back to legacy numbering.  No more season two, only season. Episode 66 is here!!  This week we visited Collectors Paradise, Alternate Universe and A Shop Called Quest.  The usual haunts. This week Eli is excited to welcome Wizɘrd: The Comix MegaZine #1 into the world. Inspired by Cartoonist Kayfabe and It's a big, huge, beautiful tribute to the comics magazines of yor, so grab one while you can.  Manus read runs, he had the runs this week:  Green Lantern Amazing Mary Jane  Eli Read:  Decorum #1 Strange Academy #1 The Man Who Fucked Up Time #2 bEntertainment News:  Taskmaster talk Eli's goes hard into Picard we end up with Manus' song Dungeons and Dragons enjoy!!!  Grab Wizɘrd: The Comix MegaZine #1 here  
Welcome back!! This week we are out and about! Thwippin' it in public...for ALL TO SEE...clad in VINTEE...check it..  This week we stop by Alternate Universe to wish Chris well at his 5 Year Anniversary party and check out a hidden treasure trove of Marvel Universe figs. Then we battle with getting dinner for like....3 hours... It was hell.  Then we got drunk...then we talked about comix!  We love comix.  WE love film.  Some great bEntertainment news too. Black Widow, called some pre-trailer Ghostbuster stuff.  Another fun week.  Put us in your earholes.  Hit up @JanMichaelvintage  on instagram for all your Vintee T needs!  Eli's TMNT Viking comic art book is available here:
We are finally back and there is a lot to talk about.  Manus first brought Eli into his Vintee-T showroom and he was blown away. Tons of comics to chat about and also...THE MANDALORIAN!! Huge releases this month as well.  Huge books in the world of Grendel and Spider-Man. We had to go over them but man, do we get lost in the splendor of the Mandalorian. Quit a week and we were psyched to be back together. Listen in to the fun!!  Boba Fett cartoon Click HERE But Vintee-Ts from Manus, Click HERE and follow @Janmichaelvintage      
This week Eli received a pallet of all the crap from his childhood bedroom. Comics, books and Vintage Tees. Manus wants to buy them...but for how much?  Find out this week...  Tons of new books this week but we go hard into Absolute Carnage #3 and Venom #18.  Recommended reads:  House/Powers of X Star Trek Year Five New Mutants War Children Ghost Spider Is This Guy For Real by Box Brown and more, so listen in and enjoy!  Also tune in to our new YouTube show "Collecting is Tite!"     
This week we got to meet the creative team behind "Drawing Blood" and we dive back into "Absolute Carnage," and all the wild Knulled Out Symbos! Dive in, cause COMIX ARE TIGHT!! Recorded on the birthday of Jack "The King" Kirby!!    Another great week with tons of great books!  We talk about our day meeting Kevin Eastman and David Avallone at Golden Apple Comics and then dive deep into Venom #17 and Absolute Carnage #2.  Then we'll talk about all the great bEntertainment News!  For more on Drawing Blood Vol. 2 please check out the Kickstarter page HERE Also we are doing Can I Thwipp It TV so check that our HERE!!
Forever together, Forever together CARNAGE IS COMING!!! Manus joins the Cult of Carnage this week and things get all Knulled out. Knulled out Symbos everywhere!!!  This week all praise is due to our lord and savior Carnage and his disciples Ryan Stegman and Donny Cates. WE go deep into the history of Carnage and Cletus Kassaday and then look into the new blockbuster Absolute Carnage. These new books are killing it almost as hard as Cletus himself!  Web of Venom: Carnage Born  Absolute Carnage Silver Surfer Black #3 House/Powers of X  Then we get into some jusicy bEntertainment news chatting about a new Obi Wan TV show, a Spider-Man show by the creative team of Lord & Miller and then talk about Star Trek: Picard.  A great ep, so blast it and get blasted!  COMIX ARE TIGHT!! 
We are back from SDCC and man oh man did we rage! We sold mad prints for Greg Horn and we got some amazing stuff, interviews and memories. All that and more this week...  Wow man!! What an amazing week. It's a really amazing addition to get there early and set up. To be in the hall when it's empty of Con-goers, to set up and then see the onslaught when it happens. It's just great.   We had an amazing time and got to speak to some luminaries of Comic-Con including William Stout (one of five people to be at all 50 Cons), Sergio Aragonés and Ryan Ottley. We had an amazing time and we want to share it with check it out!!      see more photos on our Instagram! 
Another week and it's the last week at the DTLA Cosmic Lion Studios but not an end, more, a new beginning. Bittersweet as Manus and Eli both are moving but onward and upward they go!! Another great week of comics is comin' at'cha and tons more to come!  First we get into some more Blind Boxes cause we couldn't wait.   Manus got a Sonny Angel and Eli got A Batman Black & White this week Manus chose the BOM (Box opening music) and it's Slum Village!  This week NEW BOOKS!  1. Frank Miller and JRJR's new Super man: Year One!  2. Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day that Manus missed 3. Web of Venom: Carnage Born 1 4. Usagi Yojimbo #1 5. Hit Girl: Hong Kong 6. VOODOO CHILD: The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix 7. Street Fighter #1  Then we jam out more and play the classic hit from your hosts "Put Your Boobs On by the Thwipp It Boys"  Until next week Thwippers!!! 
Another week of us talking about how hard comics rule!! Comics are so tight...take a listen as Eli and Manus get really psyched up about comics.   This week we got so into our books that we we really went off on a few amazing reads!!  Silver Surfer Black, is so, so RADD!! (eli)  We continue with Manus' Hunted recap, epic y'all, epic...  Epic Illustrated Vol 1 #27 feat. Groo, Cobalt 60 (By Vaughn and Mark Bodé)  and a killer Galactus story. and that's it man.  Just Epic nerd talk from two jazzed up nerds.   Have a listen! 
Twas Another fantastic week for comic books! The quest for the Sonny Angel Goat Baby has concluded and Manus has emerged victorious... Thanks angel baby luck! After an arduous battle with the lords of the blind box japanLA broke down and sold manus the Goat baby in the display. YYYYAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!   Another killer week of new books too!!  Tank Girl - Eli Batman TMNT 3 #2 - Eli More into Immortal Hulk - Manus Drawing Blood #1 - Eli  AMS Hunted - Manus Then we debut Manus' new song "Serve It Cold feat. Lauren Hashian" and it bangs, obviously.  Another great week!!!  
This week, Manus continues his quest for Goat Baby, will he find it?  You'll have to tune in to find out...  Manus got a ton more blind boxes and we tear em open...what did he get??? We get Jazzy and then we get into NEW BOOKS:  Manus: Street Fighter Pin Up Special 2019 Eli: Killer Groove  Star Trek Year 5 #2 TMNT Urban Legends Spawn #297 Mage 6 (First Color Grendel)  Street Angel #1 Image Firsts X-Men Grand Design: X-Tinction #1 Both: Batman Last Knight on Earth Manus’ Spidy Stax Manus’ new toy Eli: Copra and Afrodesiac Tons of fun this week also Manus' pushes Hamburger helper and we talk a lot! Hey!  Hit us up on instagram to win free comics!! 
Another wild week for these Thwippers. Scooting through town in search of little Goat Babies and delayed comix...Check it out!!  This week was DOMINATED by Manus's quest for "Goat Baby." That is from the "Sonny Angel Animal Series 4" line of blind boxes we found at JapanLA in Little Tokyo. Then we got some new books.  Eli: 1. Batman Maxx was delayed a month  2. Star Trek The Q Conflict #4 3. Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls #1 4. Major X  Manus: 1. Silencer 17 2. Some Spidy Book.  Then we talk about some comic news including Spawn #300 and as always, some Spidy news.  Then we rock out to "Great" by Manus, it's a really good song man!  Another thwippin' awesome week!! Enjoy!  
Another eventful day of diggin' and eatin' as chronicled by Eli and Manus. Blind Boxes, Movies and Nashville chicken, OH MY!  This week we went to a bunch of places but we started off at The Jungle. There we got some Blind Boxes and Manus spazzed, again.  Then off to Shop Called Quest for new Books!  Eli: Spider-Man Life Story #3 Shredder in Hell #3 Supernaut by Jim Mahfood Manus:  Immortal Hulk  Amazing Spider-Man #21 Eli also went to FlipSide comics, a sweet record and comics show in Woodland Hills and got some great Old Books!  Also, HOWLIN' RAYS!!!  The boys got to take in two amazing fils this week as well.  What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Detective Pikachu and Batman vs. TMNT finally came out. We watched a few fight scenes (Eli watched the full movie twice) and then chatted about it.  Another great week of Nerdom!!! We love it!!   
This week we got to check out Neil Adams Crusty Bunkers Comic book shop in Burbank and wow, what a great place.  We got a ton of books and even chatted with Eric who runs the joint, check it all out!!  Tons of amazing comics to talk about this week!!  Eli got some Continuity Comics Manus got into his "Huge pile."  1. Silencer 2. Green Lantern Eli’s New 1. DCeased Then we got to the Crusty Bunkers interview.  We had a little feedback issue but I edited it a bit.  Then Eli got into some more of his Old Books 1. The Comico Black Book 2. Batman/TMNT III #1 ReCap 3. Spawn #296 4. Love & Rockets #2 Then we talk about how Manus Spazzed at The Jungle again Then we watched the Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer and talk about Dark Phoenix and all the Steves in Time. Then we blast Manus new banger "Can’t Realate!"  Then it's over.   
The Thwipp It Boys make their triumphant return!!!  It's been a few months but Manus and Eli return to cover the End of Games, Live in person at what used to be up state New York and Avengers mansion.  This episode the boys recap all their adventures during the break and then go deep into new books, natch'! Batman vs. TMNT III #1 Savage Avengers Manus' mad stax!  Also Eli tells us about all the old books he got a Joseph Koch's Comic Book Warehouse in Brooklyn.  Photo's below.  As we record a savage battle wages topside (we record in the Avengers underground podcast lair), we manage to give our opinions on the documentary film Avengers Endgame (or as eli says En Gáme) and give a rundown of the MCU in general.   Then we blast into Manus' hit single "Shire Party" DIG IT!!  More Manus tunes on Spotify or Apple Music  Enjoy!!!   
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