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Join Jed Ryan, West Givens, Sennett Holcomb and Candi Fox as we continue the discussion for the DSRA event of the season. You don't want to miss the episode or this fun charity event. DSRA is currently hosting The Skivvy Strut in both a private online auction and later at two socially distanced gatherings. The Skivvy Strut will feature over 20 diverse male models donating their time to showcase some specialty fun-derwear. All proceeds raised will benefit the annual DSRA Rodeo and their chosen charities. The online auction has begun here. 
Attention, lovers of boxers, briefs, jocks, and everything in between: The Little Rock, Arkansas based Diamond State Rodeo Association (DSRA) has created a fun and sexy way to get some “new” undies for your collection– and to raise money for some deserving charities in the process!   DSRA is currently hosting The Skivvy Strut in both a private online auction and later at two socially distanced gatherings. The Skivvy Strut will feature over 20 diverse male models donating their time to showcase some specialty fun-derwear. All proceeds raised will benefit the annual DSRA Rodeo and their chosen charities.  The online auction has begun here. There is a private event at Chaps Dive Bar, 2695 Pike Avenue in North Little Rock, AR, on October 10th, from 9 to 11 PM. This event will be by invitation only. A second open-invitation event will be held on October 16th at the same venue from 9 to 11PM. Both events will strictly adhere to all community gathering mandates to remain safe during the current health crisis.  Bids and donations will be accepted via the Associations’ PayPal. Each model is encouraged to solicit individual bids. The model with the overall highest bid will be allowed to donate 10% of his earnings to the charity of his choice. Bids may be placed in the comments section of each model on the social media site. 
Join me with co-host Jed Ryan. Jed Ryan is currently Mr. Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association 2018. Here is the info: The Keystone State Charity Rodeo will be held on June 22-24 in Dillsburg, PA. Brought to you by Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association (KSGRA), the weekend-long event is an all-inclusive, family-friendly, unique rodeo experience and community event. It is currently the only International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA)-sanctioned rodeo in the Northeast. Men, women, members of the LGBTQ community, and their straight allies will be competing equally in all rodeo events. Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome to compete. A portion of the rodeo proceeds will go directly KSGRA's charity partner, the LGBT Center of Central PA.
Join Candi and Jed Ryan along with other men of the 2018 Homo Rodeo Fundraising Calendar. This hot calendar is still for sale. You can get yours at The funds go to supporting Gay rodeos around the U.S.  This is the 12th year the calendar has been available. This year's calendar is "Cowboy Wanted" with twelve months of fully nude hot men. Who wouldn't want a copy of that? The goal is to further increase donations to the Men of Homo Rodeo project allowing more participants in each rodeo. 
Join Candi and Jed Ryan along with other men of the 2018 Homo Rodeo Fundraising Calendar. This hot calendar is still for sale. You can get yours at The funds go to supporting Gay rodeos around the U.S.  This is the 12th year the calendar has been available. This year's calendar is "Cowboy Wanted" with twelve months of fully nude hot men. Who wouldn't want a copy of that? The goal is to further increase donations to the Men of Homo Rodeo project allowing more particiapants in each rodeo. 
Join Candi with special guest Nadia Romanov as they talk about Yule, seasonal food, scents and winter magic. Yule pronounced EWE-elle celebrates the winter solstice on December 21st. (Can be any where from Dec. 20th to Dec 23rd.) Its a celebration of the dark half of the year. Solstice Night is the darkest night of the year. The next morning gives way to a celebration of the sun as the days begin to grow a little longer.  Celebrations vary around the world. Many include bonfires, wassail, evergreen boughs and more. Candi and Nadia will be talking about old and new traditions. Food for the season, candles, incense, magic and more. 
The Rock n Roll psychic Andrew Brewer will be joining Candi and Company this week. Listed as one of the top 100 psychics in the world, Andrew is no novice at predicting world issues. Today he is ready to give us some truth. Most of us search for that. In a time were most of what you see on TV, including the news, has been cut and scripted where do you go to find out what's really happening?   Wednesday will be tackling some tough topics and revealing truths' that will be relevant to you. Tune in and find out what's really going on. 
This week Candi and Company is proud to welcome back Rae Brand, the Scarlet Pillow's famous Gosling. How did a quiet young girl become a vivacious Irish Wench at one of the most popular Renaissance Faire's in the Nation? What you may not realize is the level of time put in to develop a character or that the cast of the faires are indeed fine actors.  Ashley Kelln Nielson and Kate Galatian will be joining me as co-host. 
This week on Candi and Company we welcome special guest Linda Dix. Linda is a psychic medium who also hunts ghosts, and helps "clean homes". Not the type of cleaning a maid would do, but a special kind of cleaning to remove negative energy and possibly repell negative entities as well.  Linda an experienced practitioner in clearing negative energies from homes was called to a house bey a friend of a friend. What she found is thrilling, horrifying and hard to believe it really happened. Tune in to hear the whole story. Find out if demons really eixist. 
This week Candi and Company takes you on a journey to a small village of Crossroads in the Wiltshire in South West England. The year is 1537. The upcoming festival to celebrate the journies of her Highness Marie de Guise, Duchess of Longueville, progresses through England on her way to meet her betrothed, King James the V of Scotland.   The Duchess if accompanied by Laird McRea, an emissary of King James. Working against the Laird, Sir Francis, Emissary of King Henry, is trying to steal the Duchess away for his king. Lord William Stourton, and his lovely daughter, the Lady Ursala, are hosting an event of merriment for the Duchess as she passes through. 
Candi and Company is proud to have special guest Reverend Paul Bagge on the show this week. We will be discussing the power of the orgasm. Paul Bagge is a message therapist, relationship counselor, sex and intimacy coach, Ordained Spiritual Minister, women's empowerment coach, and the developer of sensual reiki.   In addition to the above Paul offers services in sensual massage, tantric massage, chakra balancing, sensual rebirthing and Goddess empowerment.  Specialties:I specialize in helping women become "The Goddess You Were Born To Be" Paul will educate us on the power of the orgasm and how that can benefit our every day live. 
Candi and Company are proud to have part of  Where the Bears Are cast on our show this week. The world famous crime solvers will be at it again. You don't want to miss this series its a cross between The Gold Girls and  Murder she wrote with hot bears. Joe Dietl, Ben Zook, Rick Copp, and Ian Parks AKA Hot Toddy will all be reprising their roles. What hijenks will they get into this season? There is only one way to find out.  Join us Wednesday let's see if they will give up any juicy tidbits for the upcoming season.  Special guest host will be Kate Galatian. 
Join Candi and Company as guest co-host Author Teresa Haridister welcome New York Times Best Selling Author Izzy Szyn. Izzy Szyn was born in May of 2014 when a friend dared her to write. Born and raised in Detroit, Mi. Izzy now lives in Oklahoma City with her furchild Misty, the friendliest Chihuahua/Terrier you will ever meet. Currently works in a call center, where she writes in between phone calls.  Izzy loves to keep in touch with her readers. You can follow her on Facebook, write her on Amazon.  Stay tuned as we talk about some of her most sizzling work. 
This week on Candi and Company we are joined by The Men of Eden and The Daddies of Eden. Founder Bryce Eden will be joining us with several memembers of his crew. We will be Live. Log in to the chatroom and join in the fun. You are also welcome to call in and ask questions.  The Men of Eden or MoE are new englands hottest male strippers. We currently have a location in New haven, where we have a show every saturday night. 
On Candi and Company this week we are joined by Pete Stellato, Fransisco Calero, and Dustin Schaffer.  Fitness peeked Pete's interest at the young age of 13. Growing up in a tough family situation he focused most of his energy on fitness and dancing. Yes, he dances too. Earning his degree in excercise science Pete founded E.nlightened T.raining "Train Like an Alien, and is now a part of Pruvitnow Alien Invasion an industy revolutioninzing product called Keto Os. Pete has been a WBFF medalist, featured in Boys Next Door calendar, Men's Health Magazine, and more.  Francisco Calero a coach at Orange Theory Fitness in downtown Sarasota. He earned his Radiologic Technology degree at Manatee Community College. Francisco has modeled and is currently an independent distibutor for Pruvit Now. His outgoiing personality and winning smile make him easy to train with.  Dustin Schaffer a former reconnaissance marine, collegiate athlete, MAT-specialist (Muscle Activation Technique), and fitness and health consultant. Dustin is a health and fitness coach at Nakoa Fitness. This former Marine is an expert on ketones.  Tune in and find out about the Keto revolution. You can call in and ask questions. Take your fitness to the next level. Laare from the experts. 
LET US ENTERTAIN YOU WITH GUESTS JED RYAN, BRYCE ADONIS, KEN BENOIT, AND RICKY MESTRE! Jed Ryan is a Leather and Bear title holder, a prolific writer covering the New York City LGBT social scene and pop culture, and he is a performer with a variety of BEARlesque revues. Bryce Adonis has soared to fame as a stripper/entertainer with The Men of Eden and his Daddies of Eden revues at various locations on the east coast. Ricky Mestre is an award winning artist, video performer, and outreach activist whose work has earned recognition from art affectiandos as well as performers like Ricky Martin. Ken Benoit (Mr. Connecticut Bear 2016) has appeared in music videos, on radio shows, and hosted a variety of fundraisers that support diverse communities. All four men will be on our show to entertain and engange us in what will surely be a provocative discussion! DON'T MISS IT!
This week on Candi and Company we will be joined by the fabulous Miss Jewcee. Miss Jucee is an expert in black erotica, sexuality and bdsm. She has her own naughty show on Tuesday nights. Jewcee Tails Erotc Chat. She always brings the fire.  The author Zane let black erotcia to the forefront with her 1999 novel "Sex Chronicles" followed by her hotly successful "Addicted" released in 2000. The later became a popular erotic movie that put "50 Shades of Grey" to shame.  Pull up a chair, get comfy, and slide on in. 
ON THE NEXT CANDI & COMPANY! This month marks the beginning of Black History Month. Two men who are activists, title holders, and leaders in their communities will be our very special guests. Please, join us as we welcome Trell Walters and John-John. JOHN-JOHN: John-John is a Puerto Rican / Sicilian native New Yorker. He is Mr. RockBear 2015, becoming the first bear titleholder representing Rockbar NYC located on Christopher Street, in the West Village of New York.  TRELL WALTERS: At 33, Trell Walters of Berlin, CT holds three titles including Mr. North American Daddy Bear 2015, Mr. Bear it All 2015 and Mr Connecticut Bear 2014. 
Special guest Andrew Brewer will be joining us as we pay tribute to David Bowie. Andrew is also known as the Rock and Roll psychic, listed as one of the top psychics in the world. We will endeavor to talk about the great legacy that David Bowie has left his. David's journey in life. Ziggy Stardust and if there is really any hidden meanings in David's music and performances.  Join us for the man, the music, the myth. 
In a world where sycophants  reign, I believe it's time for the truth to come out. Tune in, and listen to Joe Mannetti and Candi Fox as they lay out the truth on today's hot topics. Candi Fox is an author and radio show  host with nearly a million listens and over a hundred podcasts under her belt. Joe Manetti is an actor and activist that brings his own unique style to the table.  Join us for the launch of Candi and Company, as we begin our new journey. 
Welcome Special Guest Host: Shakir Rashaan along with Author and radio host Teresa Hardister as they interview Author Candi Fox.   Candi is a married mother of 8 (6 with fur, two without), with a passion for writing. However, she's not your average stay-at-home soccer mom by any means. She is also a published poet, a radio talk show host with over 750 thousand listeners, a writer for an International online magazine with over 300 articles published, and she's been paid to manage social media for models, radio personalities, and life coaches.  She has also done extensive work in what could be considered the occult. She is a wolf priestess who works with several deities, a reiki master who is also training students (primarily her oldest son), She is the Head Priestess of the Mystic Order of the Red Oak (a fully functional, period accurate renaissance order based out of Tulsa OK). She studies a variety of occult genres and has been mentored by one of the premiere psychics in the world. Her hobbies include Sunday night bonfires with her family, polishing up her bartending skills, busting out the period garb for the annual Muskogee OK Renaissance Faire, horseback riding, and exploring vast dungeons with her husband (Robert) and her son (Alex) via virtual reality.
Randy Slovacek will join us today to talk about author Teresa Hardisters newest book "Sole Establishment". This poignantly beautiful book will still your heart and touch your soul.  It's incredibly moving and I'm honored Teresa is launching her book here on Blog Talk Radio. With incredible strength and grace Teresa bares her soul and lets us into her life. This is one of those books Oprah should have on her list. Join us as we celebrate this new book.
Welcome everyone this week Candi and Company is thrilled to have renowned psychic Linda Dix joining us. Linda is amazing, accurate and did I mention amazing? She has been a psychic for over 20 years. Linda also enjoys paranormal investigation and has often been called in to "clean" house. She does work with a team for invesgation and spiritual cleansing. Please join us as we delve into the world beyond with this gifted psychic. What will she have to say? We will  ask for a few predictions, and may take calls depending on the time.   *special note to those who call in:This is a 30 minute show, but if you have called in we do have the ability to bring you online for up to 15 minutes afer the show closes. Please wait to call until after you here us ask for it. 818-495-6931
We often find ourselves in a spiraling thought pattern which prevents us from having true joy in our lives. Have you noticed if something goes wrong in the morning our day seems to spiral out of control? It's because that is the thought pattern we are sending out to the Universe?  I know, I know, but it really is true. Join Candi and Company as they discuss finding your joy. The ways to find and keep joy in your heart. Just in time for Deepak Chopra and Ophra Winfrey's new 21 meditation.
Today the world lost an icon. A man who made us laugh for more than four decades. We lost him to an apparent suicide. The actor reported to have been battling severe depression. Tonight will be an ode to the amazing man who made us laugh, cry, and stole our hearts. Please join Candi and company as we relive our favorite Robin Williams moments.
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