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Season 2 comes to an end. I'll catch you all next year. If you haven't seen yet, most of this seasons episodes were also recorded in video format. Go have a look:, Sam Buy Sam A Pint: 
Andrew Frankel (@frankelandrew) is a freelance automotive journalist writing for the major uk magazines. We have a chat about journalism, road testing, modern cars, racing cars, hybrid cars and so much more. Check out the video podcast: you enjoy, Sam Support The Podcast: Notes: 00:00 = Intro01:24 = How much time is spent planning vs driving?02:34 = Where did it all start? 07:11 = Learning to review cars + Autocar08:16 = Has your journalism changed over the years? 09:31 = Do you struggle distinguishing the differences between modern cars? 14:56 = Is there a car you've driven recently where it doesn't meet expectations? SF9017:46 = Weight and the Caterham Super 718:55 = Ferrari F827:44 = Porsche 91730:47 = 2019 RSR32:09 = GT3RS vs GT3 Cup vs RSR34:21 = Does driving race cars put you off road cars? 44:44 = F Type P45050:10 = Hybrids, the next McLaren and tech1:00:00 = Back to working in Magazines1:02:01 = The lessons for approaching freelance. 1:08:52 = Do you find it stressful having to create your own work/ income? 1:13:58 = Where did you hone your road testing ability?1:16:17 = Favourite road test of all time? 1:18:10 = What's the next "McLaren F1"?1:26:43 = The T.501:29:15 = Should cars safe people if you turn everything off?1:41:38 = 5 Questions
Maximillion Cooper (@mrgumball3000) is the founder of Gumball 3000. The Gumball 3000 is a car rally which every year takes a hundred or so supercars on a crazy journey across multiple continents.  I have a chat with Max about the journey of Gumball from a one off rally to the global brand it is today.  Check out the video: you enjoy, Sam Support The Podcast: Notes:00:00 = Intro + the beginning of the Gumball 300003:27 = Trying to buy an F1 team07:15 = The beginnings of a rally10:18 = First year issues?14:33 = Where did the 3000 part come from?16:19 = It's an endurance event22:48 = It's a unique adventure23:25 = At what point did people start lining the roads along the route? + Jackass does Gumball28:03 = What's involved with shutting down Regent Street30:56 = What's the lead time on planning rallies? 31:25 = Is it difficult to get sponsors with Gumball's crazy party image?34:09 = How do the finances work on sponsorship vs entrance fees. 38:08 = When did flying cars in planes start?45:12 = Do you feel the pressure to keep upping the ante?47:27 = Do you have any standout stops?54:17 = Do you vet the entrants and the cars? 58:25 = Have you had border troubles? - The Germany saga1:08:31 = Is getting insurance simple?1:10:25 = Spirit Of The Gumball?1:13:35 = Do you have some favourite cars from the rallies?1:15:21 = Where is the next rally?1:17:01 = 5 Questions
Paul (@wallacepjw) is back on the podcast for the second time. Head back to episode 22 to hear about Paul's life story. In this episode we catch up on his exploits in the last year including; what happened to the 458 he was importing, the Lamborghini Murcielago finally breaking down and his new Nissan GTR.  Check out the Video Podcast here:'s first appearance on the podcast: you enjoy, Sam Support The Podcast: Notes: 00:00 = Intro01:05 = SSC Tuatara High Speed Record Controversy14:03 = The Bugatti Chiron19:20 = Spinning 812 On A Bridge28:46 = How is the Murcielago?30:21 = Problems with the Lambo34:46 = Coolant moments37:15 = Front splitter Porsche woes39:50 = The 45842:21 = Base spec56:12 = Starting to love Porsches58:36 = Detail before you collect1:06:01 = Take it to the limit when you first get it1:11:22 = 765lt 1:21:42 = Buying a McLaren1:26:43 = Tesla Model 3 + electric cars1:45:09 = Peugeot e2081:52:58 = BMW M41:58:23 = The daily2:08:23 = Appreciating older cars2:10:18 = 5 Questions Mkii2:17:04 = The GTR
Darren Turner (@darrenturner007) is a works Aston Martin racing driver. He currently races for Aston Martin in the GTE Pro category in the World Endurance Championships having previously won Le Mans 3 times! We have a chat about what it's like to race at this level along with Darren's work developing the Valkyrie, Vulcan and also his business providing high end simulators for driver development. Check out the video podcast: you enjoy, Sam Support The Podcast: Notes00:00 = Intro + Getting Into Racing03:26 = Jordan Grand Prix Team09:12 = Jim Russel Racing School11:04 = Formula First Championship12:57 = Sponsorship19:45 = Vauxhall Lotus20:45 = BRDC Young Driver Award24:08 = The jump up to an F1 car with McLaren and testing27:51 = The transition from real world resting to simulator testing28:49 = Base Performance Simulators32:05 = Where are your simulators placed vs F1 and consoles35:07 = How close are Sims to a real car? 38:42 = What software are you using?45:58 = Adjusting car models51:08 = eSports + Legends Trophy54:40 = Crossover between real world driving and eSports driving1:01:01 = Le Mans eSports Racing1:02:32 = Real Le Mans1:04:35 = The Aston Martin journey + the differences between GT1, LMP and GTE1:11:12 = Scything through traffic1:20:33 = Winning Le Mans vs Winning The Championship1:23:18 = Why is Le Mans such a different beast?1:26:18 = Do you get into a zen like state?1:32:50 = Development driving on the road cars1:37:47 = Valkyrie vs Vulcan - who are they pitched at1:40:12 = Are you sad we aren't seeing a Valkyrie GTR at Le Mans?1:43:14 = BOP1:44:27 = 5 Questions
Christian doesn't need much introduction. The founder and CEO of the Swedish high-performance automobile manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive AB (@koenigsegg). Koenigsegg create the most amazing hypercars on the planet and in this podcast we dig into some of the innovations in two of their latest products: The Jesko Absolut and the Gemera. Check out the video podcast here: you enjoy, Sam Support The Podcast: Notes:00:00 = Intro01:15 = The Gemera - Origins05:50 = The new tech in the Gemera08:20 = vs conventional hybrids10:50 = Propulsion agnostic11:37 = 1 Gear14:40 = Freevalve tech21:10= Michelin Pilot 4S22:30 = Driving in the wet and snow23:50 = The Jesko Absolut and why it's the fastest car on the planet. 27:40 = Will we ever see a high speed run?31:11 = What is your favourite part of your job?33:20 = How is Koenigsegg split as a tech company vs a car company?36:10 = 4 Questions39:49 = Tesla41:40 = An electric Koenigsegg in the future?
MZR Roadsports (@mzr_roadsports) are a specialist builder of custom Datsun 240Zs. They create an amazing version of this cool Japanese sports car with attention to detail in all areas. Rahail and I have a chat about the journey of the business, the cars and what's coming in the future. out the video: Hope you enjoy, Sam Support The Podcast: Notes:00:00 = Intro 00:43 = Datsun vs Nissan01:47 = Where did it all begin? 10:05 = What have been some of the hardest things along the way?14:40 = Who are customers for these cars? 16:50 = The Process18:35 = Corona19:28 = When do the specs need to be locked in?21:32 = Different body styles? + MZR 5023:50 = The engines26:10 = The chassis27:56 = What's the difference between driving an original and one of your cars?34:42 = How many cars have you made? 35:57 = How much does a car cost?41:20 = Would you sell parts to other people? 43:50 = What's been your proudest moment of this process? 49:10 = Have you had new customers come through instagram?53:46 = 5 Questions
Sam Hancock (@hancock_sam) is a Professional Racing driver, coach, consultant and commentator. Sam has just got back from commentating at Le Mans for Eurosport so we have a bit of a dig into what's been going on and a bit about Sam. This is a long one so might be worth getting a brew on. Check out the video: Sponsor: The Podcast: you'd like to sponsor the podcast please get in touch: info@sammoores.comFollow Me On Social Media:InstagramTwitterYoutubeShow Notes: 0:00 = Intro and what do you do? 2:30 = Commentating at Le Mans 24hrs9:13 = Toyotas leaving under electric power 12:23 = GT Car Sounds15:00 = The new hyperpole format18:15 = The end of the LMP1 era19:40 = The problem with the 919 Tribute26:59 = Track limits at Le Mans 202028:38 = Stand out moments of LM 24 '2039:40 = Hypercars at Le Mans50:14 = BOP58:39 = Ferrari F81:04:54 = 250 SWB and old cars vs new1:10:16 = Dallara Stradale1:12:52 = What is your typical customer like? 1:16:02 = Setting up a racecar1:22:29 = Testing at Silverstone + Ollie Hancock1:27:05 = Different coaching styles1:40:46 = Rob Willson - gentle, firm1:48:25 = How seriously are you taking your racing atm (me)1:52:20 = Don't be afraid of faster racing cars 1:58:27 = Road to Le Mans coaching programs2:04:57 = The difference an amateur can make at Le Mans2:06:36 = Fake silvers and the rating system2:11:08 = 5 Questions
Frank Cassidy (@blackbettyandco) is the founder of Boxengasse; a Porsche biased automotive hub near Bicester. Frank also has quite a collection of Porsches of all different types. We chat about what it takes to setup something like Boxengasse and a lot of Porsche. out the video podcast: The Podcast: you enjoy,Sam Frank Cassidy Show Notes0:00 = Intro + What is Boxengasse? 3:05 = Finding the location? 4:03 = What was the site used for before? 5:21 = Do you need to build buildings differently for automotive uses? 11:49 = First tenant is in, now what?19:40 = How is it having Bicester Heritage round the corner? 22:28 = Why Porsche?25:56 = Frank's Cars30:24 = If I gave you a blank canvas to create a road car how would you modify it? 38:40 = Older cars vs newer cars42:06 = 250 SWB48:29 = You can drive only one of your cars on a road trip which would it be? 55:21 = Are you eyeing anything up? 58:33 = Leicas + Well built stuff1:04:06 = 5 Questions
Mark is the founder and managing director of GTO Engineering; a classic Ferrari specialist offering in house restoration, servicing, car sales and a worldwide supplier and manufacturer of classic parts. Earlier in the day I got to drive GTO Engineering's 250 SWB. Check out the video podcast: The Podcast: you'd like to sponsor the podcast please get in touch: info@sammoores.comFollow Me On Social Media:InstagramTwitterYoutubeHope you enjoy,SamShow Notes: 0:00 = Intro + Where it all began6:08 = What led you to starting to make parts?12:17 = Assembling all of these parts into your own 250 SWB20:24 = How does that car compare to the other similar ones?21:35 = The next thing? 22:20 = How would you describe your perfect driving car? 26:30 = Can you compete in your builds? 33:27 = What's the process of restoring a car? 40:41 = Event Support, Racing and Prep50:20 = 5 Questions
Joe is back (@joeachilles). We have a chat about what he's been up to and a whole host of machinery along the way including the new M3 Touring, E46 M3 CSL, his M2 and much more. Check out the video podcast: The Podcast: you want to find Joe's original podcast it is here: you enjoy, Sam Follow Me On Social Media:InstagramTwitterYoutubeIf you'd like to sponsor the podcast please get in touch:
Tom Jaconelli ( @Romans International ) heads up buying and marketing at Romans International, a car dealership specialising in supercars and hypercars. When I popped in to visit they had 2 veyrons, a laf, an enzo, cgt, 918 and so much more. Check out the video podcast: The Podcast: You Enjoy, SamShow Notes: 00:00 = Intro + Where did it all start?04:45 = Are there certain things on cars that help sell them? 06:26 = Using social media to help customers and increase sales10:20 = "Launch Editions"12:50 = Will you modify cars for customers? 13:59 = What's it been like during the coronavirus period? 15:55 = Do you own most of your stock? 18:31 = Are cars over list these days? 26:36 = Low mileage cars30:02 = Pricing in the future32:28 = Some of the cars in stock35:37 = The Ferrari 812 and prices41:23 = Have you come across many cars just missing key items from the spec sheet? 52:12 = Are you interested in electric cars? 55:33 = The Gordon Murray T.501:07:27 = 5 Questions
Raz (@rokenr) is a Youtuber and car enthusiast who's specialty has always been Mercedes models but is rapidly branching out. We welcome him back to the podcast for a catchup and a chat about the latest Mercedes releases (S Class and AMG GT Black Series) along with his new Porsche 992 Turbo S. If you would like to know Raz's story head back to episode 29 when we first had him on: Help Support The Podcast: Hope You Enjoy, SamShow Notes: 0:00 = Intro1:01 = How has lockdown been for you? 3:36 = 2020 Audi RS45:52 = Raz's new 992 Turbo S12:10 = The new SL14:32 = What's the difference between 991 & 99219:01 = What are the main differences between 992 Turbo S and 4S?22:25 = Where are my Porsches29:48 = New S Class43:45 = AMG GT Black Series51:37 = New BMW M356:05 = Hybrid Cars57:45 = The Honda E
Adam Hawley (@theonporsche) is the man behind some really quite amazing Porsche 964 builds. A car designer by trade he has now turned his skills into creating perfect panels and an overall design that just looks "right". We have a dig into what makes him tick and the cars he has created. Check out the video podcast: The Podcast: You Enjoy,SamShow Notes:00:00 = Intro00:50 = It's all about the details06:41 = Why did you choose a 964 as a base and even a Porsche to begin with?12:47 = What have been some of the biggest struggles? 13:52 = How useful has 3d modelling been? 18:04 = In the event of a small accident what is it like to fix carbon fibre? 18:42 = Is this your perfect 911? 20:24 = What are the spec options on the car? What can you change? 23:40 = What is your response if someone has an extremely wacky project they want to make? 25:48 = What are some of your favourite design elements of the car? 30:46 = What cars are you into? 35:39 = What is a typical customer? 44:40 = OEM +52:31 = 5 Questions
Frank Stephenson (@frank.stephenson.official) is an automotive designer widely known for his design work at Mini, Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, and McLaren.He has designed:New Mini, New Fiat 500, BMW X5, Maserati MC12, Ferrari FXX, Ferrari F430, McLaren 12C up to 720s and P1 and the list goes on. A really interesting guy and a lover of all things design, we have a great chat about his journey before finishing off with some of his current projects outside of the automotive realm. Check out the video podcast: sure to check out the film about Frank's life on Netflix: The Podcast: you enjoy the Podcast.Thanks, Sam Show Notes: 01:36 = Intro + Backstory04:45 = What does a design director do?10:45 = Is it difficult to maintain that initial form and design direction throughout a15:31 = Are you an innately curious person?16:52 = Starting a new design language at McLaren18:49 = How do you create a design that will look good today but also in the future?23:56 = The McLaren P1 and how McLaren has shifted to performance led design28:40:00 = Manufacturers creating cars to fill niches without creating desirable products.35:18:00 = Do you think we'll see some radical changes in car design with driverless cars?38:06:00 = Autonomous flying vehicles and the future of mobility46:05:00 = 5 Questions56:59:00 = The Cybertruck
Richard Porter (@sniff_petrol) is the man behind the satirical blog "Sniff Petrol", writer of many automotive books, Evo columnist, script writer for Top Gear / The Grand Tour and much more. Watch the video podcast here: Richard on Twitter: Smith & Sniff Podcast: Sniff Petrol: The Podcast: you enjoy the Podcast.Cheers, Sam Show Notes:00:00:00 = Intro and bio00:04:50 = Starting Sniff Petrol00:12:56 = How did you get into writing?00:31:30 = The best way to enjoy a car is from another car.00:34:50 = The 997.2 RS00:44:07 = Quiet start and Italian politicians00:46:13 = Getting a job on Top Gear00:57:03 = Writing TV scripts and why Clarkson is so good01:03:23 = Refining scripts and hours and hours of Top Gear footage01:10:15= Smith & Sniff01:16:16= Are you on set when they film an episode?01:19:30 = Have you had some particularly hairy moments on set?01:23:29 = The license plate saga01:28:30 = Was the move over time to appeal to a wider audience intentional?01:34:01 = Were you involved in The Grand Tour from the beginning?01:42:22 = The Medium Sized Book Of Boring Car Trivia and self publishing01:53:45 = 5 Questions
Larry Chen (@larry_chen_foto) is a commercial automotive / car culture photographer from LA who is also behind the Hoonigan Autofocus youtube channel. A sick photographer and a nice guy too, I really enjoyed this chat about photography and cars. Check out the Youtube Video here:'s Instagram: Instagram: The Podcast: you enjoy it too,Sam
Simon Lambert is the Caterham Chief Motorsport and Technical Officer. We have a chat about the Caterham racing program and all of the things that make Caterham such fun cars to drive and race. Check out the youtube video: me on Instagram: you enjoy the video.Thanks, Sam Show Notes: 0:00 = How did it all begin?4:03 = Caterham Academy / Scholarshop7:05 = The rungs of the racing ladder16:37 = Do the competitors generally stay in a category?18:54 = How does the driving experience change between each car?21:09 = What tyres do they run on?25:57 = Value in racing34:40 = Keeping the racing closer by limiting ability36:01 = What does a race weekend look like for you?40:21 = Do most drivers work on their cars?44:14 = How would you spec your perfect Caterham?48:46 = What are the different gearbox options?53:22 = Do you think a Caterham encourages you to get a bit over excited on the road?55:26 = Setting up a Caterham?59:38 = The Lego Caterham1:03:36 = The future of Caterham with electric?1:09:40 = 5 Questions
Olly Bryant (@ollybryant) is a professional racing driver and driver coach who mainly races in classic and gt3 cars. He has raced a massive variety of classic cars including Cobras, 911s and GT40s. Check out the video:'s Instagram: you enjoy the Podcast.Thanks, Sam Show Notes: 0:00 = How did you get into cars? 1:24 = The early years3:54 = GT Racing10:00 = How does racing at LeMans compare to other endurance races?14:11 = What is the cost of a GT endurance race?17:55 = What would you like to see going forward in WEC?20:52 = The difference driving a GTE vs a GT3 car?25:22 = Historic Racing26:44 = Different styles of going fast30:13 = How does a road 911 compare to the race versions. 35:17 = If you could only go to one European track to race what would it be?35:39 = What have been the most memorable classic cars to race?37:14 = What's it like to race a Cobra?40:54 = Why does the new RSR sound odd?43:20 = Where would you point someone who wanted to get into historic racing? 55:30 = Do you play on a Sim?1:08:41 = Did you have to do neck training when you were racing GT?1:16:00 = 5 Questions
Craig Williams (@craig_williamsav) was the founder of Vmax and is a Director of the Auto Vivendi Supercar Club where members pay an annual fee to have access to the latest greatest supercars. We have a chat about high speed runway events and the inns and outs of running a supercar club. you'd like to support the podcast check out our patreon page: Sam a pint: you enjoy, SamShow Notes: 0:00 Where did it all begin? 2:06 = The start of Vmax4:56 = What tricks did people employ to go faster?5:35 = Did anyone miss the braking zone?8:07 = Do people come back for more Vmax's?10:43 = What does Vmax look like now?12:42 = When did the Autovivendi involvement start?13:35 = What is Autovivendi?14:40 = How much does it cost? 16:43 = The car list22:31 = What are the most popular cars?24:02 = How do you decide what cars to buy?28:55 = Are some brands more reliable than others?29:50 = Why don't you have classic cars? 36:01 = What events do you put on?38:25 = What are the standout public car events for you?39:58 = Has anyone bought a membership as a gift? 41:14 = How do you vet people? 42:06 = Do you have any electric cars? 42:54 = What part of the job drives you out of bed in the morning? 45:32 = 5 Questions
Bisi Ezerioha (@bisimoto) is an engineer and builder of some absolutely crazy cars. A serious Porsche nut; he's famous for his 1000hp 930 Turbo, 1000hp+ Honda Odyssey, a 935 K3 that is now electric and much much more. We discuss Bisi's story and the thinking behind the builds along the way. A really inspiring guy to follow who lives and breathes amazing engineering. Check out the video: Instagram: you would like to support the podcast check out our patreon page: Hope You Enjoy,SamShow Notes: 0:00 = How did it all begin?13:26 = Working with OEMs17:10 = Red Porsche 935 and modernising old cars22:05 = What made you start working with electric cars? 27:02 = The back story and build of the Electric 93536:43 = What battery packs do you use?41:07 = Have you kept most of the crazy builds? 43:25 = Bidi's wife's mental car build44:28 = Can you convert small Porsches to electric?46:53 = What's a normal amount of bhp for one of your builds?50:20 = How heavy are the cars? 50:44 = Do you have some plans to do newer Porsches? 52:00 = The central seat Boxsters and Caymans1:07:00 = Shop Tour1:15:00 = 5 Questions
Ted Gushue (@tedgushue) is the Editor In Chief of the Porsche Magazine (@type7). Formerly from Petrolicious, Ted is always travelling with his camera bringing his audience into all kinds of exotic and interesting places. You can find the video podcast: Podcast: Hope you enjoy, SamShow Notes: 00:00 = Where did it all begin? 09:20 = Starting your own magazine10:40 = Petrolicious15:00 = How is Petrolicious monetised? 17:20 = Finding a love for photography30:06 = Needing less stuff33:55 = Type 7 Magazine47:00 = 5 Questions
Niels (@nielsvanroijdesign) is an automotive designer and coachbuilder specialising in bespoke products for wealthy clients. One of his more famous designs is a Tesla Model S shooting brake but he has worked on quite a few cool projects. We discuss automotive design, photography, making cars look "Right" and much much more. Thoroughly enjoyed this chat with Niels. You can find the video podcast here: Niels' website: Hope you enjoy, SamShow Notes:0:00 Your journey6:35 = What do you learn studying industrial design?6:48 = Designing a London taxi11:50 = Having a fresh perspective 15:57 = The Porsche Cayenne20:37 = There is so much happening in the industry right now21:08 = Why would you go back to study at the RCA when you've already got a job in design?26:19 = What is coachbuilding in 2020?28:48 = The Breadvan Homage34:35 = The Rolls Royce Shooting Brake41:40 = It becomes about more than the car49:58 = How do you stop a car looking like a concept car55:52 = What's your favourite bit of new design?59:28 = Mclaren Senna, what went wrong?1:10:30 = You must get a high amount of job satisfaction1:14:10 = Car Photography (and tiny things that mess it up)1:18:14 = Good photography vs bad and bad press shots1:22:20 = Cars need an environment 1:24:00 = Cars are not cows1:32:35 = Adventum Coupe1:36:20 = Making a car with a singular message1:38:49 = 5 Questions
Jens Sverdrup is the CCO of Czinger Vehicles (@czinger_vehicles), he is the man in charge of marketing, sales, product development etc. Jens has worked for a number of interesting companies over the years including director of sales and marketing at Koenigsegg. We have a chat about Czinger as a company, the car and dive under the hood of this new hypercar manufacturer. Check out the video podcast: Hope you enjoy, SamFollow me on instagram: Show Notes: 0:00 = Your journey7:00 = Koenigsegg10:28 = Czinger24:21 = Are we going to see more cars in the future?25:52 = What is the Czinger ethos? 28:10 = Being given a blank canvas at a new company41:09 = Are you entering the top speed game contest? 46:47 = Driving a hypercar on small roads49:36 = Do taxes in different countries affect the amount of cars you sell?51:22 = Will cars go back to the states for servicing? 53:27 = Will we see a Nurburgring lap?55:07 = Seeing the car out and about and containing leaks (media)59:37 = 5 Questions1:05:22 = Is crash testing an annoying process to go through?
Abbie Eaton (@abbieeaton44) is a professional racing driver, coach and precision driver. She is well known for being the test driver for The Grand Tour. You can watch the video podcast here: me on instagram: You Enjoy,SamAbbie's Instagram: Notes:00:00 = How did it all begin?14:21 = Working for the grand tour?19:35 = Was it difficult jumping into lots of different types of cars? 23:10 = Do you have a favourite era of car?25:30 = How do you get these drives in race cars?27:14 = Tell me about racing Rallycross? 29:32 = Who's the best driver out of Clarkson, May and Hammond?30:18 = How have you found being a woman in motorsport?37:28 = The W Series43:57 = Do you use a Sim?50:51 = What's the number 1 mistake people make driving on track?55:47 = How do you go about getting more seat time?1:04:26 = 5 Questions
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