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There are so many articles out there telling us how to be better advocates for others. Rarely are we reminded that we should also be advocates for ourselves. In this episode, there are three ways we can put that energy into our lives first to b
For the past few months, I kept wondering why I felt indifferent to so many things that used to matter to me. Well, I had an epiphany and as Lauryn Hill said, "nothing even matters at all." If you've been struggling with this feeling, take a li
After having a birthday last month, I thought about how women's ages become associated with how valuable they are to others. I also thought about how the "loss of youth" can cause us to hate the physical aspect of aging. Let's talk about it.  B
Long time no see! In this new episode, I'm talking about the idea of creating new things as a means to alleviate negative feelings. It's great to create as a release, but what happens when the pain subsides? Do you still feel inspired?  Become
This one is for the people that say, "colorism doesn't exist" and the people that have been subject to colorism for their entire lives. Let's break down what colorism is and why it's still prevalent in our community today.  Become a patron for
This has been a topic that I've been holding on to for months but this week we need to talk about the scarcity mindset. I need you to know that hoarding knowledge and resources in hopes that someone else may not have access, is a terrible minds
This episode is for all of the people that are afraid to be seen trying because it requires vulnerability. I hope that this episode reminds you that it's ok to be seen trying things you aren't good at yet.   "We love a good come up, but we don’
Let's talk about what happened at the Capitol last week and about who the real thugs are.  Become a patron for exclusive content: Shop Carefree Merch: Follow the Instagram: https://bi
Raise your hand if you felt personally victimized by 2020? 🙋🏽‍♀️ Well, the good news is that you weren't the only one. As we begin the new year, I know this is a popular time for goal setting, but I wanted to give you 21 lessons to carry with
This week's topic is a conversation with one of my best friends, Crystal. We spoke about the history of our friendship, the toughest things we've had to overcome and more. However, the basis of the episode is to encourage you to extend grace to
This week's podcast episode is about the "war on drugs" and how it started in an unlikely manner. Did you know that Billie Holiday was one of the first celebrities jailed behind this movement? Did you know that the Federal Bureau of Narcotics w
Did you know that the federal government used policies to segregate America back in the 1930's? By building housing projects, redlining neighborhoods, and denying Black and Brown people access to housing, government agencies shaped America's ne
This week, we're talking about respectability politics and how it relates to the word "coon" and "shucking and jiving". We also discuss why subscribing to respectability politics will not save you or make you the exception to the rule.  Respect
This week is the kick-off to our Blacktober series. Throughout the month of October, we'll be talking about issues facing the Black community. In this episode, we're talking about the history of the term "ghetto" and who gets to define what tha
In this episode, I sat down with a best friend to discuss what it means to "protect Black women." We talked about the Breonna Taylor case, Meg thee Stallion, and our own personal experiences living as Black women in America.  You can watch the
Welcome to season 5! Missed us?  This week we're talking about why it's important for you to craft your own idea of success. Inspired by a conversation with Chadwick Boseman, the episode dives into why you shouldn't let others determine what su
In our Season 4 finale, we're talking about grief. Grief isn't something we talk about enough but we really should be. There is a common misconception about the stages of grief and how we should go through the grieving process, but we're here t
This week's podcast episode is more of a relaxed conversation between me and you. I recently reflected on some opportunities I thought were for me but didn't pan out the way I imagined. The overall message though is the question- What is this s
In this episode, we're discussing self-awareness. Many of us are not self-aware and because of that, we miss out on a lot of self-improvement and honest reflection. Listen to this episode and stay tuned until the end so you can practice a self-
With recent events, I've had quite a few thoughts about the label of the "strong Black woman" and how Black women go unprotected. This podcast episode is my stream of consciousness surrounding the ideas of Black womanhood today.  Teen Vogue Art
We are back with part 2 of the conversation on dealing with rejection, social media, life after college, and more! If you have not listened to part 1, I promise you don't want to miss that one. Don't forget to share with someone who may need th
Listen, sometimes it's HARD being told "no"... and that's exactly why I sat down and chopped it up with a dear friend, Cecil, so we could talk about how to deal with rejection. We also talked about depression, social media, and more! Part 2 to
If you're wondering what it's like to be a Black creator in 2020 amidst a global pandemic and a racial revolution, this is the podcast episode for you. We sat down with two creators, Diamond and Abigail, to learn how they've been navigating the
Well, the cat is out of the bag. I have no idea how to handle criticism without automatically becoming defensive. In this episode we're talking about the difference between constructive and destructive criticism. We're also talking about 5 thin
Hey family! As promised, this week's episode is featuring Jasmine, my best friend from college. We started off talking about childhood trauma and then we somehow veered into colorism, parenthood, and more. Don't forget to subscribe and share wi
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