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In this episode, I evaluate a new Self tape audition sent in by a Casting Actors Cast listner/viewer! You'll get immediate understanding of how a casting directors' first impression is to your submissions. Both technical choices and acting moments are evaluated for their effectiveness and impact.  Learn how you can get live feedback for your own auditions by submitting to or going to for more information!
Act Better! So maybe the title of this episode caught your attention. Perhaps you’re thinking that there is some secret sauce to making your acting more appreciated by others and therefore feel more successful. Whatever the reason, I want to share some insights I’ve learned both as an actor and now as a casting director that will eliminate the need for you to ever hear “Act Better” from anyone…. including yourself! In this episode of Casting Actors Cast!           
WHEN DIRECTORS SAY THE WRONG THINGS…  It’s no mystery that directors/teachers/casting directors, can say the wrong thing to an actor sometimes. Whether it’s for auditions, stage, TV, Film or even voice acting, something might be said that you don’t understand or can’t relate to. What do you do about those weird, uncomfortable, confusing moments? Is there actually a way you can salvage a potentially negative situation into one that gets the job done? Let’s find out on today’s episode of Casting Actors Cast, the podcast for actors from a casting director! Introduction We Earn money by being a reader, find an acting partner, get career advice. You can get 25% off your membership fee with promo code cac25! (Actors connection spot) Looking back to my acting days I can relate multiple times I didn’t understand what a director was looking for when they gave me notes. (Example) On one hand the director is the “over-seer” of the project and must be fully trusted because they have the vision for the story. On the other hand, you might not key into the same vocabulary as the director, leaving you confused and frustrated. Here are some tips to making this a positive experience and not one with regret. Here are seven take-a-way’s for working with directors: 1) Set up the ground rules-a mutual understanding of the working process: “Best way to ask questions or how do you like to work?” 2) Key into the way the director speaks to others (actors, producers, assistants) 3) Once a note is given take a moment to process what is said and then see if it works 4) Making an effort to try the direction always wins over starting out disagreeable. 5) You are not clay needing to be molded. It is a collaboration of creatives. 6) If you really don’t understand try to ask, “Can you put that another way? If you say, “I don’t understand” it has the potential of feeling like a push back. 7) Unless the motive is unclear, trust that there is a desire for a mutually creative process and outcome. When you find yourself in a situation with a director that you have trouble translating their words into action, it is your right and obligation to dig deeper until there is comprehension with what is being asked. Maintaining professionalism and a positive mental attitude will almost always work to your benefit.   
HOW TO MAKE A SLATE GREAT! “Hello, I’m Jeffrey Dreisbach?”…”What’s up, this is Jeff Dreisbach”…”Hi, I’m Jeffrey Dreisbach and I am reading for Hamlet…I am 6’2….on a good day!”. Your slate is the proverbial handshake and first impression we get from you. I have seen actors “loose out” because of a bad slate. No kidding! Let’s end the great slate debate and give you the right way to make your slate great on this episode of Casting Actors Cast, the podcast for actors from a casting director…that’s me….Jeffrey Dreisbach! We CAC25 for a 25% discount-Self tape partner-Audition and meetings-industry advice. Become a member today! Slates are used in every audition situation you can imagine; Voice over, self tape auditions, live meetings on Zoom, and, in-person soon! * History of the slate * What are they used for today? * Why are the important? Voice over slates: * Not in “Character” * Warm/meeting someone for the first time * Breath, beat, moment before the read Film/TV Slates: * Looking into the camera lens * Warm/friendly/ genuine moment * Breath, beat, pause before read Live, in person slates: * Eye contact * Genuine interest in the other * Not a formal presentational moment (too stiff) Be careful not to dismiss the value of a good slate. It is a first impression about how you look, sound and an opportunity to show US you. Getting a sense of your personality, energy and sincerity can leave a lasting impression long after the actual audition is over. While the importance of a good slate has been discussed, over thinking it can also cause you to feel presentational or over rehearsed. Use the moment to connect then invest in the most important thing…your audition.
“Lights, Camera, ACTION!” Does this phrase make you nervous, excited, tense or maybe even happy? This phrase, when taken literally, is about you on a set, ready to act, ready to create through your character. As an actor, there is no better moment than hearing that phrase. Really. We’ll talk about that moment and also dissect the phrase into the perfect metaphor for your acting and your acting career. In this episode of Casting Actors Cast, the Podcast and video or Podio for actors!   Introduction Sponsor mentions.   Being on a movie or TV set The waiting game Feeling prepared; Recall the audition, breathe Ready to work/constructive confidence Re focus nerves into the right container During the shoot Multiple takes mean staying present Don’t think more is better Enjoy the rife (Why you wanted to do this in the first place) It’s a Wrap Professional courtesy Exit stage right (don’t hang around) Reward yourself/spread the word The Metaphor:               Lights: Shine a light on where you are in your career right now               Camera: Know what tools you need to accomplish the goals. See the purpose               Action: Make a plan, forward movement is the right direction. How to get it done Whether you are on the set or planning on being on the set, it is a matter of having then trusting the tools while you move forward with your acting career journey!   JD
Very few things annoy me when I audition actors. I really enjoy the process and love to see accomplished talent show me how they would play the part. I have had actors faint, cry, mumble and explode…and that was before the actual audition! Here are some things I have experienced in auditions that are quite detrimental to the actor and can sabotage their chances of getting realistic consideration for booking a role. In other words…Don’t Do This! :)
Acting Myths and Mistakes for 2021 Based on the questions Jeff's received over the past few years; it occurs to him that many actors seem to still be hanging on to misconceptions and untrue claims about being an actor. So, let’s clear the air on some of these weird untruths so we can launch the new year with a realistic perspective and clear eyed understanding of those acting myths and actor mistakes!
Jeffrey kicks of this episode with the answers to questions you've wanted to hear about acting reels! What are they? What are they for? Why are they necessary or are they? Acting Reels are an important tool for the industry. Done right, it can open doors and accelerate a career. Poorly done, it can leave a bad impression of where you are in your career and set you back financially. Take time to think through the purpose of your reel and whether you will move ahead or spin your wheels because it does not achieve what you need it to do.
Air Date: 12/31/2020 What About Acting in 2021? What are the plans for your acting in 2021? What about making New Year resolutions? Might that help? Some actors think that planning your acting is wasted energy while others spend a lot of time making plans only to feel defeated in a short period of time... Jeffrey explores the value of looking forward with a clear view of what acting can mean for you in the New Year. Please consider leaving a review on your favorite podcast platform and visit    
 Jeffrey departs from the usual format of Casting Actors Cast to share his first professional New York experience as a performer. The Radio City Christmas Specular continues to be an iconic event year after year. With the Covid virus still haunting our holidays, this episode hopes to warm your spirit and perhaps help you recall fond memories of being a performer during holiday times. As always, please consider leaving a review, thumbs up, or hitting the subscribe button. Spread the joy, share the love! Happy holidays!
Today, Jeffrey evaluates a self tape Shakespeare submission on video and provides a detailed critique! The response for a spontaneous evaluation of your auditions has been really exciting and this episode will give you some great tips and suggestions for your auditions. If you like this content, please consider letting Casting Actors Cast know by posting a review, subscribe to the YouTube channel or sharing this episode with other actors! Visit more more information and past episodes!
Jeffrey decides to answer questions from listener's and viewers of the "podio"! Questions about moving to New York, staying focused on an acting career and finding out what it means when your hear things are, "starting to open up". Always fun, always insightful, Jeffrey spells it all out on this packed episode. Check out the YouTube video of this podcast by going to Casting Actors Cast channel or for more!
Jeffrey selects an actor's self tape to critique live! He provides feedback and responds to the audition without having seen it before! Really a great way to learn how to make your submitted auditions work for you! This is a must see/share event that will change the way you want to be seen. You can submit your audition videos too by going to and send a link your audition! Who knows, maybe Jeffrey will feature your work live too!
A regular listener of the PODIO (podcast/Video) asks Jeffrey for some tips on how to manage an acting career and the money gig. Taking a look at how to stay afloat while pursuing your acting might require some perspective and positivity! Jeffrey provide an honest way to balance the challenges you might be facing. Also, stay tuned to the end for for some bonus tips and an invitation to have your self-tape auditions evaluated by Jeffrey in a future episode!   Cheers!
There are 5 common mistakes actors can make in their video submission auditions when acting. It's true. Jeffrey provide excellent advice on how to fix those issues and make the entire experience enriched, interesting and fun! In this episode, Jeffrey is requesting you send your audition video to him for a FREE on air evaluation for a future podio. Your audition will be used to help others AND offer some personal advice and suggestions from Jeffrey! Submit your audition video (link only please) to Cheers!
Do you talk to yourself...out loud? We're still in isolation and this seems to be happening more and more! Jeffrey turns this into what he calls Monologue Magic. You will find these tips and suggestions for new monologue material extremely helpful. Monologues are still a fantastic tool because they are self-contained acting moments and are being asked for either in self-tapes or Zoom! Please listen to the entire episode as Jeffrey proposes an idea for future podcasts that can involve you directly (toward the end). You will want to hear this idea to help you personally! check out Thanks!    
This question needs an answer. Do you still think in terms of your "type"? Jeffrey will do an in depth analysis of what you need to grow your acting career and stop thinking about "type"! There are marketing advantages when you are able to understand your brand and personal growth happens with that understanding. If this episode has helped you, please consider letting Jeff know. He loves the feedback!  
Many actors don’t know much about the relationship casting has with your representative (agent/manager). Knowing about this unique dynamic will help you better understand how and why your career is progressing the way it is. It definitely has an impact. So let’s un-pack this power coupling of the agent and the casting director! Please like and share it means everything!  
The title says it all. There is no time like the present to take a look at the choices you are making about your acting career. Jeffrey gives you 10 Do-able, practical ways you can re-ignite your passion and move ahead with your goals. Really! We would love it if you could like, subscribe and share this episode with a fellow actor and tell them all about, "Casting Actors Cast"! Cheers!  
Do you have it? You know, the "it" factor. That special quality that people are drawn to. Call it, star power, magnetic personality, presence or charisma. Many actors possess this unique gift which is what contributes to their success. Jeffrey takes this subject on and tries to explain how this is something you might already have or something that is a waste of time thinking about. A different kind of episode. One that is sure to get you thinking! Please consider a visit to the website and find out why actors are jumping in to this talent pool!
Understanding the relationship between the actor and their agent is really valuable whether you are seeking representation or currently working with an agent (or Manager). Many assumptions about how it works can lead to confusion and frustration. Jeffrey gives you some tips, hints and guidance that will help you navigate with confidence. We would love it if you could like, share, review, subscribe anything to help us get the word out about Casting Actors Cast!
It's said that more than half of good acting is good listening. What does that really mean? Jeffrey offers insight into breaking down the ways you can react truthfully in a scene or audition. You'll find out how you can make your work stand out and grow your confidence in the audition or on the set! Hey! It's about Listening....
This episode shares ways to manage your time as a creative person. Not setting goals but putting your professional life into modules that make sense for you. Jeffrey makes the case for structure without feeling trapped by circumstance. This may be advice worth listening to because he's been there! Your "like", review, or being a subscriber will go a long way toward growing this amazing community! Jump in...the water's fine!
Find out the most common mistakes actors make when editing their video auditions. Jeffrey will point out what can make your video submissions stand out! Specific information about good slates, basic editing and practical ways to look your best will be covered. Please like, share and review this episode to do your part and grow this podio! (podcast video). www.castingactorscast for more!
Jeffrey takes on three myths and three common mistakes actors make when it comes to classes. You might be considering college acting classes, professional training or lessons for the fun of it. Regardless of what you are seeking, addressing these issues will only help you become better! Please support Casting Actors Cast any way you can! Telling others about this podio (podcast video) will go a long way to continuing the conversation--Thanks!
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