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Casting Through Ancient Greece

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The eve of the Greek and Persian wars would see a point in Macedonian history where the transition of power from one king to another would take place. This would see Amyntas after his rule since the mid 6th century pass power to his son Alexand
This is a teaser of the bonus episode, The Lelantine War found over on Patreon.The Lelantine War is an obscure conflict to us today, thanks to the very limited sources focusing on this war. Though, what dose seem to come through in the various
Many tribes existed throughout the Balkan region in the Neolithic to the Bronze Age where we would see defined cultures develop with the onset of the Iron Age. We hear origin stories and hints at the early Macedonians in Myth through Homer and
This is a teaser of the bonus episode, Mycenaean Aftermath found over on Patreon.Having looked at some of the explanations for the Mycenaeans collapse at the end of the Bronze Age, we now turn to questions around what happened to them and where
Greek and Roman writers would highlight the Thracians as some of the best mercenaries fielded in foreign armies from the mid-5th century and beyond. They would excel at hit and run tactics, harassing heavier troops and being able to defend diff
North East of Greece would be a land seen as wild and untamed stretching from the modern-day nation of Hungary to the Ukraine, and then to the Black Sea and Aegean. The Greeks would view the people that inhabited these lands as barbarians, much
As the 6th century BC on Sicily was coming to a close expansion would continue to take place. Tyrannies were now becoming the common governing system in a lot of the Sicilian Greek cities, appearing to follow the lead of their Metropolises back
This is a teaser of the bonus episode, The Mycenaeans Trojan War found over on Patreon.We now zoom in a little bit closer on the Mycenaeans now that we have arrived at the Bronze Age collapse. Here we will look at what evidence seems to be show
**Give Away details**To coincide with this episode release I will be running a giveaway where I will be offering up 2 copies of Eric Cline’s Book, 1177 BC the Year Civilisation Collapsed, where winners will be drawn on the 1st of November 2021.
39: Sicily, Conflict & TyrantsThe wave of Greek colonisation taking place in the 8th and 7th centuries wouldn’t be the end of the Greeks seeking to establish new cities. More expeditions would be sent out from the Greek mainland, while the orig
This is a teaser of the bonus episode, The Mycenaeans Trojan War found over on Patreon.We continue our look through the Bronze Age arriving at the question, was the Trojan War a historical event. In this bonus episode we explore this question b
Todays episodes sponsor is Hello FreshHead to Hello Fresh here to receive $80 Discount ($50 - $20 - $10) Including Free Shipping on your First Box! with the code HFAFF80"Shattering the Myth of Spartan Warrior Supremacy"The Spartans are one of t
38: The Greek Periphery, SicilyThe prehistory of Sicily, well before the Greeks arrived is still to this day shrouded in some mystery. We are left with a written tradition from a number of Greek writer but they were writing about a past some th
This is a teaser of the bonus episode, Mycenaean International Connections found over on Patreon.We now continue with our focus on the Mycenaeans, this time looking closer at their relations with other lands. We will first look at their trading
Herodotus; The Father of Lies.“Because it is simple and lacking in effort and easily runs over events, has thoroughly deceived many people” (Plutarch, on the Malice of Herodotus)Plutarch would be but one historian to level criticisms at Herodot
“Herodotus of Halicarnassus here presents his research so that human events do not fade with time. May the great and wonderful deeds – some brought forth by the Hellenes, others by the barbarians – not go unsung; as well as the causes that led
This is a teaser of the bonus episode over on Patreon, the coming of the Greeks.In this bonus episode we move to looking at the next Bronze Age civilisation in the Aegean, the Mycenaeans. Here we will focus in on the notion that they were the a
The Greco-Persian Wars:The Greek and Persian wars would be a defining moment in the Greek world helping shape the trajectory of development in Greece and around the Aegean for time to come. Even today a detailed ancient account survives describ
In this interview Episode I sit down and chat with the author Mark Adams about his book, "Meet me in Atlantis". We talk about his experiences and what he learnt about Plato's tale of the lost city of Atlantis. He also talks about the many peopl
This is a teaser of the bonus episode, The Atlantis Minoan Connection found over on Patreon.Over on Patroen I had a little fun with the latest bonus episode looking at the connections between the tale of Atlantis to the Bronze Age civilisation
We have now reached the end of the Greco-Persian Wars, but with most of our sources focusing on the Greek experience and perhaps not giving us a completely accurate picture of the Persians. In this episode we are going to delve deeper into Pers
The Persian Empire had launched its first invasion against Greece in 492 BC after their involvement in the Ionian revolt. The campaign that came across the Aegean Sea would fall short of capturing Athens in 490 BC at the Bay of Marathon, seeing
The Hellenic league had now been victorious in two major engagements of 479 BC, at Plataea on the Greek mainland and Mycale in Persian territory. This would effectively see the end of the Persian invasion, and the Greeks victorious. Though, thi
Jeff Murray is a pen and ink artist that creates intricate works on canvas inspired by exploration and travel. He resides and has setup a studio in a rural setting in the UK where he can peruse his passion in a peaceful environment.Many of Jeff
The battle of Plataea had been fought and won on the plains of Boeotia, seeing the Persian land forces finally defeated. Though, this wasn’t the end of the campaign, there was still yet another battle to be fought. Tradition would have it that
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