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Our own Tim Staples discusses the Catholic claim that there is no salvation outside the Church? How are we to understand this truth, and what does it mean for those who do not enter the Church? Cy Kellett: Can we settle this once and for all?
In his new book, Love Never Fails, Madison Wisconsin Bishop Donald Hying helps Christians to take up the adventure of living in Christ, even in the modern world, every day. We asked him if we Catholics have taken on too much of the culture and
Karlo Broussard, author of Prepare the Way: Overcoming Obstacles to God, the Gospel, and the Church, answers the common Freudian objection to belief in God—It’s just wish fulfillment. Cy Kellett: Is religion just a coping mechanism. Karlo Brou
Tim Staples draws on his new School of Apologetics course — Evidence for the Church — to address the growing reluctance of some Catholics to accept the authority of church councils. Where do councils get their authority, and how much deference
Karlo Broussard takes up the challenge of those who say Romans chapter 8 assures the Christian that salvation cannot be lost. The author of Meeting the Protestant Challenge puts this passage within the context of the full teaching of Jesus and
Tim Staples returns to Focus with a question taken from his School of Apologetics course “Evidence for the Church“: Did Jesus really give his authority to a human institution? Cy Kellett: Did Jesus found a church to have his authority and powe
Clearly Catholic bishops need closer collaboration with lay Catholics if we are ever going to get past the leadership models that led to the sex abuse crisis. But what is appropriate lay participation in keeping bishops honest? Jason Negri disc
Fr. Simon Esshaki talks about the call from Jesus Christ for all Christians to go out into the world, sharing the good news. The call to evangelize has only grown more important, though it may look different today than it did in 100 A.D. Cy and
With his death and resurrection, Jesus completes the great work of our salvation and gives us the perfect sign that he has conquered sin and death. So are the Ascension and Pentecost just add-ons? Apologist Tim Staples says no. They are essenti
Not all opposition to the idea of free will comes from atheists. In fact, a prominent strain of Christianity denies free will as it strives to defend the omnipotence of God. But does such a strategy turn God into a monster? Trent Horn explains.
Does neuroscience, or any science, pose a challenge to believing human beings have free will? Trent Horn joins us for a discussion of today’s fashionable denial of the fact of free will. Cy Kellett: Is free will unscientific? Trent Horn is nex
Apologist Karlo Broussard responds to a common atheist critique of the God of the Bible, that he is a narcissist whose ego makes him hungry for the worship of his creatures. Does the Bible really give us such a creepy Lord? And even if he is no
A common pop-culture assertion is that if there are intelligent extraterrestrials then Christianity is ruined. The idea is that such a discovery would disprove the Bible. Is that true? We asked astro-chemist Karin Oberg to give us her view. Cy
Renowned scholar of St. Augustine, Father David Meconi, SJ, joins us for a discussion of the Apostolic Fathers. Did these men really know the Apostles? And if they did, what do they tell us about the kind of Faith the Apostles preached and live
In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus seems to soften his usual crystal-clear teaching against divorce. But what is he saying? Is he saying that adultery is an exception that allows for divorce? Karlo Broussard tackles this tough question. Cy Kellett: Do
What if my conscience says one thing and the Church says another? The Catholic Church clearly teaches that I must follow my conscience at all times while also teaching that the Church has authority over me. Joe Heschmeyer offers some help for t
Karlo Broussard, author of Meeting the Protestant Challenge, takes on a common challenge to the Catholic priesthood. If Peter says all Christians are priests — and he does — then what need have we of a Catholic priest? Why have priests if all
It seems like Scripture is so solid, and Tradition is so ephemeral. Why should we trust that God has revealed himself to us in Sacred Tradition? And which traditions, exactly are revealed truths? Catholic Answers’ newest apologist, Joe Heschmey
Canon lawyer and journalist Ed Condon from joins us to answer some hard questions about tithing. Is tithing required of every Christian? If so, is it just a tax? And if not, then what is required? Is tithing just a Catholic
As tempting as it may be to treat social activism as if it were our highest calling, in fact, it is not. Father Jeffrey Kirby’s new book, Real Religion, attacks the idea that biblical religion can be reduced to a kind of social activism. We ask
Karin Oberg is a professor of astronomy at Harvard University who also teaches Aquinas at the Thomistic Institute. Who better to ask about whether or not the Big Bang gives us slam dunk evidence for the existence of God? Does the science of th
We couldn’t get him to name any names, but we did get Jimmy Akin to explain what the Bible has to say about the nature of the anti-Christ. Without doubt many will be surprised by just how little the anti-Christ is mentioned in the Bible, and th
Modern governments sometimes demand that entire populations participate in this program or that, which, quite naturally for Christians, regularly raises the question of the Mark of the Beast. So, what is this mysterious mark? Jimmy Akin joins u
Taking our cue from his new book Real Religion, we asked Father Jeffery Kirby to explain a distinction he makes between the religion of self-help and the religion of the Bible. Cy Kellett: Biblical religion is not just a self-help program. Fat
CNN host Don Lemon took on the Vatican in a conversation with the women of The View. He explained that he doesn’t think God approves of the Catholic refusal to bless same-sex unions. We asked apologist Karlo Broussard to respond to Mr. Lemon’s
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