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For 25 years, Alan Lancaster was bassist with one of the most successful rock bands of all time. A band he founded with school friend Francis Rossi and one which enjoyed multi-platinum album sales and stadium gigs. But an acrimonious split after Status Quo opened the stage at Live Aid in 1985 left Alan alone in the wilderness, trying to navigate his way through the music business jungle. Alan tells me about how he survived rejection, playing with the Bombers and the Party Boys, and what it was like to be part of the biggest musical event the world has ever witnessed.Track: Is This The Way To Say Goodbye (Bombers)
June 2020: Little did drummer John Coghlan know when that he joined Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster in the newly-formed band The Spectres back in 1962 his life was on a course for rock stardom. The addition of Rick Parfitt, a change of name and touring strategy later, chart-topping success beckoned for Status Quo which became one of the most successful rock bands of all time.  With over 60 UK chart hits, twenty-two reaching the Top 10, they appeared on Top Of The Pops more than any other band. Opening Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in 1985 and achieving a Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, Status Quo have written their place in music history. #JohnCoghlan #StatusQuo #JohnCoghlansQuo #rock #covid19
Charlie Harper is an absolute one-off. Back in the seventies this former hairdresser took the UK Subs from London’s punk clubs to Top of the Pops and whilst other punk veterans have become idols, Charlie has become an icon. Now over seventy, he’s still performing with the band, still throwing himself around the stage and still entertaining audiences who refuse to grow old. But when he’s not on the road touring, he’s writing his autobiography and has a penchant for painting cats. 
As a young boy growing up listening to The Sex Pistols and The Damned, Steve Straughan could only dream of being a member of his favourite band the UK Subs, but fast forward a few decades and Steve found that dreams really do come true. Now the newest addition to one of the most respected bands on the punk scene, as well as being a member of Hi-Fi Spitfires and Loaded 44, Steve tells me about his challenges of learning the UK Subs songs on-stage, his solo project The Last Gang, and why he doesn’t like to make his lyrics too obvious.#UKSubs #Hi-fiSpitfire #Loaded44 # TheLastGang #Punk #Interview 
July 2020: In this second tale of a two-part series, I chat more to founding member of Motörhead and current Pink Fairy, Lucas Fox. We chat about how Lucas cheated death and why he has no fear of the afterlife, how Warsaw Pakt paved the way for Jack White and ended up in the Guinness Book of Records, and how Lucas worked with Ray Charles.  We also talk the early years of Motörhead, what it was like to leave the band and what it was really like to work with Lemmy. There’s no doubt that, after hearing Lucas’ tales, you will be queueing up to read his autobiography!#LucasFox #Motorhead #WarsawPakt #PinkFairies 
When Enuff Z’Nuff finally did say enough’s enough to lead singer Donnie Vie, it looked like it was all over for the man who had spent 25 years crafting melodic power pop and rock songs for the band that had been the darlings of the critics with their debut release.  The band’s history has been punctuated by drug-induced self-sabotage, inglorious failure, premature death and bankruptcy, so the acrimonious dissolution of the brotherhood between Donnie and Chip Z’Nuff should have marked the end. But Enuff Z’Nuff have continued on their way without Donnie who, like the proverbial phoenix, has risen from the ashes to release Beautiful Things, arguably, the best album of his career to date. We chat about life after the band, why he’s had more downs than ups, and the day he woke up in a morgue.Track featured: I Could Save The World, Donnie VieDonnie's website:  
July 2020: I call Paris and spend a very entertaining evening in the delightful company of Lucas Fox, co-founder of Motörhead, drummer with Warsaw Pakt and now member of Pink Fairies. He recounts lots of fascinating stories, divulges a few secrets and reveals all about some risky, as well as risqué, moments in his life. In this first tale in a two-part series, Lucas tells me about his early days, his big break into the music industry, a chance encounter with Keith Moon, Ringo Starr and Charlie Watts, and how his band, the WH Pierce band, were recorded by Roger Waters. And, of course, we chat about his first meeting with Lemmy and how Motörhead was born, but also about his obsession with ladies lingerie and why he is spilling the beans of all the sex and drugs in his forthcoming autobiography.#LucasFox #Motorhead #WarsawPakt #PinkFairies 
July 2020: In this show, I call France to chat with one of punk’s true originals. He’s the bassist who toured with Iggy Pop, played in Cheap & Nasty, has been a member of UK Subs on and off for over forty years and has recently released his first solo album, Your Disobedient Servant, with a who’s who of punk royalty guesting on it. Alvin Gibbs chats with me about the highs and lows of being in the UK Subs, what he got up to in between, all about his new autobiography, Diminished Responsibility, and gives me the scoop on who would like to be one of his Disobedient Servants on his second album.
In this series of revealing interviews, journalist Cat tells tales about influential musicians who have been at the heart of the industry for many years and have moulded and inspired others to follow in their footsteps. Taking a friendly and informal approach, these fresh and relaxed conversations are the sort of chat overheard in the backstage bar about life and music...and occasionally even an expose of a few secrets. Sit back, enjoy, and subscribe.
June 2020: Two-time World Superbike Champion and former MotoGP rider, James Toseland, admits that it’s a long was to the top if you want to rock ‘n’ roll but is enjoying every moment of his second career as a successful musician and songwriter. Collaborating with Little Angels legend Toby Jepson he has written two albums packed with classic rock and power ballads, toured with Deep Purple and Status Quo, and had Toseland’s We’ll Stop At Nothing adopted as the Special Olympics anthem in 2017. Now, he gives us the inside scoop on the music industry and tells how going on stage is just as much of an adrenaline rush as motorcycle racing.#JamesToseland #Rock #Toseland #WorldSuperbike #Champion #MotoGP #Interview 
June 2020: Ricky Warwick is the ‘lad’ from Northern Ireland who got to walk in his hero’s shoes, even though he refuses to admit he wears them. The now lead singer with Thin Lizzy, Ricky plays songs written by Phil Lynott and performs with Scott Gorham to bring them to life again. But, more than that, he is also the frontman of Black Star Riders, who have made four of the finest hard rock albums of modern times, and was also the frontman for the hard rock band The Almighty, who achieved chart success in the UK throughout the 90s.  It’s a while since Ricky and I last saw each other but he is every bit as humble as he was  then and we chat about stepping into those famous shoes, Ricky’s solo albums, performing virtually and shaking your bahookie.#RickyWarwick #ThinLizzy #BlackStarRiders #The Almighty #TheFightingHearts #Rock 
June 2020: In 1977 when singer-songwriter Judie Tzuke signed to Elton John’s Rocket label, she couldn’t imagine that over 40 years later she would still be performing. Her biggest success came a couple of years later with album Welcome to the Cruise with her single Stay With Me Till Dawn reaching number 16 in the UK Singles Chart.  Since then, she has released a series of quality albums, and lent her talents to albums by artists such as Tom Baxter and Morcheeba. Judie’s music has also been sampled by the likes of Mylo, and her cover of Lives in the Balance was featured in a popular TV series by order of the Peaky Blinders.We chat about Judie surviving #cancer and #COVID19, how being ill has affected her outlook on life and how her fans have helped her conquer her nerves onstage.#JudieTzuke #Pop #Music #Interview #Covid #MentalHealth
June 2020: Matthew Ferraro’s written, arranged and produced original music for Academy Award winning films like The Insider and The Incredibles, as well as Emmy Winning TV shows such as Futurama, Dune, and Olive the Other Reindeer. If that wasn’t enough, he also includes video games Spiderman and X-Men, BBC Radio 4 productions and hundreds of commercials amongst his portfolio, and he’s even produced a score for prayers by Pope John Paul II. The California Arts Council deemed Matthew Ferraro’s work to be “orchestral journalism” which seems very fitting given that he has just released his debut single created especially for a new short documentary film simply called Falling.#MatthewFerraro #PopJohnPaulII #Spiderman #X-Men #TheIncredibles #Falling
June 2020: When Suzi Quatro burst onto the music scene in 1973 there were almost no women in rock and certainly none who played bass, sang lead vocals and completely rocked. A trailblazer, she re-wrote the rule book for women in rock & roll and went on to sell more than 50 million records. Fast forward to 2020 and Suzi has added other strings to her bow – she’s an author, actress, radio-presenter and a poet and now, ‘Suzi Q’, a documentary of her life has been released with the promise of a film on the way.Amongst other things, we chat about Suzi Q. Due to my confusion over conflicting information online, staggered release dates for international markets and DVD launches, we didn’t get off to the best start but got there in the end.  #SuziQuatro #Rock #Interview #SuziQ #documentary Photo Credit: Anita Corbin, First Women
June 2020: With a career spanning over 40 years, Saxon have established themselves among Europe's greatest metal acts. Touring regularly, the band have sold more than 13 million albums worldwide counting eight UK Top 40 albums and numerous singles amongst them and have savoured success in Europe, Japan, and the United States. Now, I chat with lead singer Biff Byford about his outlook on life after a heart by-pass operation, the launch of his debut solo album The School of Hard Knocks, writing new Saxon material, and using the internet during lock-down for virtual concerts.#BiffByford #Saxon #Metal #Rock #SchoollofHardKnocks 
June 2020: In this show I’m joined by Sepp Osley, frontman and co-founder of progressive rock band Blurred Vision the week in which their second album Redemption is due to be launched. We chat about how the world has changed very little since Sepp and his family fled war-torn Iran in the 1980s, how the band came to prominence through adapting Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall into a protest song, and why John Lennon and Bob Dylan have been such an influence on their music.#sepposley #blurredvision #covid19 #johnlennon #georgefloyd #rock
June 2020: Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Martin Simpson is hailed as the hardest working man in folk music and, after years of relentless touring, has welcomed a little breathing space imposed by recent events. Widely acknowledged as one of the world’s finest guitarists, Martin is a true virtuoso, and has produced an impressive catalogue of solo albums as well as being in demand for collaboration as far reaching as Hollywood.  After over 40 years he is still producing music of astonishing power and passion, has been honoured with multiple Folk Awards, and has a fascination for bugs, butterflies and moths. #MartinSimpson #Folk #Music #Covid19
May 2020: Peggy Seeger is totally unique. A singer of traditional Anglo-American songs, she has carved a special niche for herself on both sides of the Atlantic and is considered to be one of the most influential folk singers of all time. Classically trained, Peggy plays no less than six musical instruments, has recorded 23 solo albums, contributed to more than a hundred others and her partner, the late Ewan MacColl, wrote First Time Ever I Saw Your Face in her honour. A well-known activist she uses music to broadcast her messages on nuclear, ecological and feminist issues and now, at almost 85, she continues to perform and still has something new to say.#PeggySeeger #Folk #activist #EwanMacColl #Covid19
May 2020: This tale is about a true rock original. He’s a vocalist, bassist, a songwriter and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.  No other rock musician has carved such a distinctive style and contributed to the sound of progressive and hard rock. From his first band Trapeze in the late 60s through Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, to Black Country Communion, he’s the ‘voice of rock’, believes that ‘love is the answer and music is the healer’ and now he’s the latest member of super group The Dead Daisies.#GlennHughes #DeepPurple #BlackSabbath #BlackCountryCommunion #VoiceofRock #TheDeadDaisies 
May 2020: My guest today really needs no introduction. She’s appeared in the 1978 film Jubilee, and Quadrophenia the following year. Her early hit singles included It’s A Mystery and I Want To Be Free, and by 1982 she had made two platinum-selling albums. And, after more than 40 years in the music business, she is as creatively hungry as she was in her teens. She is a singer, an actress, a writer, a punk, rebel, and an icon...but most importantly, she’s an independent, strong woman who doesn’t take any prisoners. #Toyah #ToyahWillcox #ItsAMystery #IWannaBeFree #Sensational #Humans #Quadrophenia #Jubilee #Music #Interview #Singer #Actress #Punk #Pop #RobertFripp 
May 2020: With over 100 million albums, four Grammies, three Brits, an Ivor Novello Award and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, John Illsley has done it all. Playing a pivotal role in the success of Dire Straits, John has been credited with the creation of the band’s original sound and is the only member, other than Mark Knopfler, to make it all the way from the first album in 1977 to the final concert in 1992.With the band a little more than a memory, John has released numerous solo albums, has a tour where he reveals all about his time in Dire Straits, and spends his relaxation time producing excellent pieces of art. #JohnIllsley #DireStraits #Covid19 #interview Image (c) Judy Totton
Once the biggest selling girl groups in the world, the Nolan Sisters performed in stadiums internationally, were the opening act for Frank Sinatra, sold over 30 million records and even won the Japanese equivalent of a Grammy. It wasn’t all a bed of roses, though, as Anne, the eldest of the siblings, reveals. Suddenly unable to secure any bookings, success came to a stop with jolt and 9-5 working came calling. But Anne Nolan is a survivor. She’s battled cancer, a marriage break-up, sexual abuse, and being shunned by her sisters who went on tour without her, yet she remains defiantly upbeat.#AnneNolan #NolanSisters #TheNolans #Covid19 #Pop #music
May 2020: This tale is about one of the best rock-blues guitarist of his generation. It starts with a boyhood dream and ends with him playing alongside some of the rock greats of the last 40 years. Co-founder of Whitesnake, he counts many of the band’s hits amongst his song-writing repertoire and co-wrote one of the most successful rock ballads of all time; the multi-million chart-topper Here I Go Again. With an amazing solo career, collaborations with the cream of the industry and a successful autobiography he has been described as a ‘musical treasure’ and a ‘legend’. #BernieMarsden #Whitesnake #UFO #RobertPlant #JonLord #GaryMoore #RingoStarr #CozyPowell #RoryGallagher #JackBruce #JoeBonamassa #IanPaice #LittleRichard #Covid19
May 2020: In this edition, I call stateside to catch up with the fabulous, one and only, Chesney Hawkes. Chesney shot to fame when he won the lead role in the film Buddy's Song, alongside Roger Daltrey, but it was when he found himself to be one of the first teenagers in pop history to bag the Number One spot with a debut release, that he made international stardom.  "The One And Only" stayed at the top for five weeks, going on to become one of the undisputed global anthems of its time as it crashed Top 10s world-wide, including the notoriously difficult markets of Japan and America. You can’t take that away from him, but there’s certainly a whole lot more to Chesney than one song. He has maintained a successful career in the entertainment industry that now spans nearly 30 years, writing music for TV and film, appearing in theatre and, of course, releasing his own music.#ChesneyHawkes #OneAndOnly #Music #Theatre #Star #covid-19Photo (c) Kate Carpenter
He’s the self-confessed Ronnie Corbett of the bass-playing world and, with a career in the music industry spanning almost 40 years, Grammy-winning Guy Pratt has a few stories to tell! The chosen bassist for many of the world's elite musicians, he’s played on countless hit records with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bryan Ferry, Robert Palmer, Iggy Pop and Elton John, to name a few. His latest project is being cast as a member of a super group with Pink Floyd's drummer Nick Mason and the band Saucerful of Secrets but there’s even more to Guy than that including acting, writing and even stand-up comedy.#guypratt #pinkfloyd #madonna #michaeljackson #davidbowie #iggypop #bryanferry #robertpalmer #eltonjohn #icehouse #newyorkdolls #nickmason #saucerfulofsecrets #jimmysomerville #jimmynail #bass #covid-19 
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