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Each of the contests in this series will showcase a martial failure from generals unfit to command or overly confident of their abilities to simple poor planning and the untimely (often unwanted) intervention of meddlesome politicians.  I'm goi
In this episode, I talked to Dr. Karl James, the head of military history at the Australian War Memorial. The book he edited, Kokoda: Beyond the Legend, was the principal source for this series, and let me tell you, it's a fantastic read! Vario
No general can say they will use the central position, and therefore, they will win. There is no plug and play preset list of maneuvers to fit all circumstances that guarantee victory. Victory relies on much more, and Napoleon understood that.
I had a great conversation with Josh of the Adventure in Historyland blog and author of the book Wild East: The British in Japan 1854-1868. He knows his stuff, and his passion for history comes through loud and clear! We talked about all things
This was a lot of fun, and I hope pretty educational; I know I learned a ton. I reached out to Matt and asked him to join me for 20-30 minutes to talk about Vietnam's small arms. Instead, he gave me almost an hour of his time! Jammed with insig
"After the bravado, you're left with the anguish." Col. Nadal US 1st Battalion 7th Cavalry Regiment Air Mobile Few battles have shaped the modern American mind while remaining mostly anonymous to the general public quite like Ia Drang. An iconi
The seeds of what would eventually become the Seven Years War or French and Indian War, a truly global conflict, were planted the moment Europeans landed in North America. Empire building was hungry work, and the British and French in the mid-1
The battle of Naseby decided the English Civil War in that by the day's end, King Charles I no longer had an effective field army. The two cavalry displays that define the fighting are a masterclass, one in battlefield control, and one in a lac
In this episode, we are diving into one of the more controversial and least covered battles of WWII - the fight for Monte Cassino. A sideshow to the main events of Normandy and the Eastern Front, the Italian Campaign was no less violent or brut
This past Sunday, Matthew Parker, author of Monte Cassino - The Hardest-Fought Battle of World War II, and I talked about his excellent history of one of WWII's least talked about battles. I had told him the whole thing would run about 45 minut
Let's go back to the time of the Mongols, Lord Novgorod The Great, and the Teutonic Knights. To the frozen landscape and icy lakes fo a medieval spring. To a time when the Pope in Rome wanted nothing more than to force the known world to follow
This episode is in honor of ANZAC Day and serves as a salute to Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations". This week I'm sharing an extraordinary story requested by Patreon Producer
"A place where empires go to die." Mike Malloy said this about Afghanistan, and there are plenty of examples to make his point. The British Empire, at its height in the late 19th century, suffered a genuinely smashing debacle of a defeat at the
Just a check in to let you guys know where things are at on the show. Things have been very hectic and crazy of late, for everyone I'm sure. I wanted to let you guys know that yes, everything is delayed, and content is coming out slower, but it
William "Red" Martin never thought he'd climb through a cloud. If he had ever given the idea a second worth of thought, he probably would have said such a thing wasn't possible. But, by God, he'd done it! Now he could tell everyone until the da
"My God! What is this?!" cried Francis I, the bewildered and soon to be captured King of France. Or at least that's what has come down to us; I'm always suspicious of battlefield quotes. Who heard him, and how did they hear him?? But, if it is
In this week's short fictional episode, we join Francis Valois as he tries to destroy the Habsburg army facing him. The Spanish arquebusiers, Swiss and German Landsknecht, and French gendarmes all find themselves fighting for their lives outsid
A civil war cracked off in the New World that would last four years and rip the Republic asunder. For more than 1400 days, brother fought brother, father killed son, friend cut down friend. Not for a minute did the suffering stop, whether for t
Unconditional Surrender - Col. Heath at Fort Donelson "Sleep poorly, you bastards..." grumbled Col. John Heath as he watched the Union officers trudge back down a snow-covered corpse-strewn palisade. The emissaries had, under a flag of truce, b
The world was on fire. Evil had spread across the lands and seas like a virus, infecting everything with death and hatred. The monstrous Empires of Europe and the East seemed unbeatable and destined to victory. To win the Allies would need to t
The General That Wept - Battle of Passchendaele - Jul 31, 1917 – Nov 10, 1917 “Harry Devers leaned up against the bonnet of his muddy, dinged up and dented Vauxhall D-type. The large, boxy staff car had a certain beauty and grace to it, and Har
Hello again, and thank you for listening to Cauldron. I'm your host, Cullen, and we have another doozy for you today but first some quick housekeeping. I want to thank all of you that have given the show a 5-star rating. Seventy-three people ha
Hello again, and thank you for listening to Cauldron. I'm your host, Cullen, and we have another doozy for you today but first some quick housekeeping. I want to thank all of you that have given the show a 5-star rating. Seventy-three people ha
Derfel the Clever - Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066 Young Derfel is not much of a fighter but he is a problem solver. This comes in handy as Derfel finds himself in the front rows of men being pushed towards certain death. In front of Derfel sta
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