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The Sower
Why doesn’t everybody take advantage of Jesus’ offer to be saved?  Why would anyone reject it?  Jesus looked at the question in a great parable (The Sower) in Luke 8.  This parable helps us understand people’s reactions and motivates us to keep reaching out to people who haven’t responded to Jesus yet.Support the show
The Lost Sheep
In Luke 15, Jesus tells about a lost sheep rescued by the good shepherd. The parable teaches about God’s permissiveness, God’s love for individuals, God’s aggressive search, and God’s joy when a lost sheep is found.Support the show
Sheep and Goats
In Matthew 25, Jesus’ teaches about caring for the needy.  Jesus made it clear genuine compassion is going to be very important on judgment day.  We will talk about why we should care, who we should care for, and how we care.Support the show
Workers in the Vineyard
In Matthew 20, Jesus told a parable about workers in a vineyard that deals with envy and unfair comparisons.  We’re going to look at the problem (unfair comparisons), the parable, and then the prescription (stop comparing, pray for people you envy, encourage blessed people, move closer in your relationships with blessed people, be thankful).Support the show
The Treasure
In Matthew 13, Jesus compared Christianity to a man who found a valuable treasure in a field he was plowing.  This parable shows the importance of the kingdom of God and why Jesus deserves full devotion.  It shoots down the myth Christians shouldn’t be too dedicated to their faith.Support the show
We will look at definitions of faithfulness, a demonstration of faithfulness (Jesus going to Jerusalem even though He knew what awaited Him) and some tips for developing faithfulness. The tips are: expect your faithfulness to be tested, establish regular spiritual habits, pray for the Holy Spirit’s support, and get back up when you fall down.Support the show
Mustard Seed and Yeast
These parables show Jesus wants Christians to make a positive difference in the world.   The parable of the mustard seed describes Jesus, the first church, and Central.  The mustard seed parable also shoots down the idea, “The church shouldn’t get too big.”  The parable of the yeast reminds us Christians are supposed to make a positive, vital difference in the world.          Support the show
High School Pastor Trevor Ile talks about self-control and how we can better implement this in our lives.Support the show
We look at the parable of the Good Samaritan and give some tips for becoming a kind person. The tips are: see the needs of others, sympathize with people’s pain, seize the moment to be kind, and spend whatever it takes.Support the show
We will look at several definitions of patience, the difficulty we have in being patient, give some ideas for developing patience.Support the show
We look at the peace Adam and Eve enjoyed in the Garden of Eden and how they messed it up. We will look at God’s peace plan (sending Jesus to bring peace). We will close with three lessons about the peace Jesus offers; it is an internal peace, and eternal peace, and a conditional peace.Support the show
We look at some enemies of joy (reasons so many people have no joy) an example of joy (Jesus as He went to the cross) and close with suggestions for having joy in your life (have a relationship with Jesus, give yourself sacrificially in service to other people, and focus daily on the eternal and not the temporary).Support the show
A life of love is rooted in Jesus.  A life of love is extended to a variety of people.  A life of love for others is vital for continuing spiritual growth.  A life of love is shown by sacrifice of selfish interests.Support the show
Mother's Day - 2019
Special Mother's Day lesson. Children's Pastor Phoebe Ile and Women's Pastor Maria LeCrone join Senior Pastor Jamie Allen in a lesson that focuses on parenting.Support the show
Changed Bystanders
We look at the cross through the eyes of four bystanders.  Simon (who carried His cross), the Roman Centurion, Joseph of Arimethia, and Nicodemus. All were there and were changed.Support the show
Awakened Followers
We look at the cross and the resurrection through the eyes of the 2 disciples on the road to Emmaus.  Once they realized they had been in the presence of the resurrected Jesus, they were filled with excitement and couldn't wait to tell others what they had witnessed.  When Jesus shows up in our lives, it should wake us from our dazed slumber and give us a passion for sharing our faith.  Knowing that Jesus is alive makes all the difference.Support the show
Doubt-Filled Thomas
We look at the cross and Easter through the eyes of Thomas.  Thomas wanted to believe but wouldn’t say he did when he didn’t.  Support the show
A Saved Thief
We look at the cross through the eyes of the one thief who was saved while on the cross.Support the show
Delighted Enemies
We look at the cross through the eyes of Jesus’ enemies.  They loved seeing Jesus on the cross because of their envy and hatred.  Christians today should expect opposition but remain confident.Support the show
Disappointed Friends
We look at the cross through the eyes of Jesus’ closest friends.  They are devastated because of wrong expectations about Jesus.  The resurrection and purpose of the cross would change them.Support the show
Sharing My Faith
An important expectation we have of everyone who calls Central their church is to share faith with people who don’t know Jesus.      Jesus said this about Himself in Luke 19:10; “The Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”   If that was Jesus’ life mission, it should be ours too.Support the show
Building Real Relationships
An important expectation we have of everyone who calls Central their church is to share faith with people who don’t know Jesus. Jesus said this about Himself in Luke 19:10; “The Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.” If that was Jesus’ life mission, it should be ours too.Support the show
Studying the Bible in Community
We want Central people to spend time studying the Bible with people who love God’s Word. It may be in one of our adult Sunday School classes. It may be in a women’s Bible study, a men’s study, another specialized study. For many people it will be in a small group. 2 Timothy 2:15 says, “Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive His approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.” Being a church member means doing your best to know the Bible so you’re able to live it and share it.Support the show
Worshiping Every Weekend
We talk about the commitment to worship every weekend. We look at why we should worship each weekend and how we can all make worship better.Support the show
In this lesson, we focus on serving at Central. We are all called to use our gifts, abilities, and passions to serve those in love. When we serve, we point people to Jesus. Galatians 15:13Support the show
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