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Another Devstream, and so another episode chock full of info on upcoming updates to Warframe. The team at DE really went above and beyond this time, with a bunch of rapid-fire announcements and demonstrations one after another. It was a great Devstream, and definitely worth checking in on. If you want to hear our thoughts on what was shown off - have a listen! We had a great old chat this week, plus we covered some great topics with our beginner and advanced tips.
Wukong - The Monkey King! Much like the character from the Chinese saga, Journey to the West, upon which he is based, Wukong is a magical being with wonderous Abilities - so wonderous, in fact, that you would be remiss to overlook him. Listen on to find out why...
Zephyr - the wind frame. Old windy. Breezeface. Whatever you want to call her, she's all about the wind. And better still? Cephalon Lucas absolutely adores her. Probably best you listen to this one to find out why. Also... this is our last Mini for a little while. We will spit them out from time to time to cover new frames, but from now on it's the main episodes, and the Lorecasts! Hope you enjoyed our mini series!
With no Devstream this week, the Cephalons decided to throw a party - a modding party! Yes,it's a modding Special this week, with a focus on early to mid game to help players out there better understand mods. More than that,though, advanced players can get involved in the discussion - are mods getting out of hand? In addition, the guys have something to say about the future of Cephlaon Squared - get this episode in your ears to find out what that entails.
Stop DRAGON your feet - run, don't walk, to your nearest podcast listening station and put this episode in your ears! It's time to talk about that old dragonframe, Chroma! (Sorry for the bad jokes, but I am a Dad, after all.)
In this week's Mini, we continue our look at the warframes themselves, this time with a look at Atlas - his Abilities, Augment mods, strengths and weaknesses - let us know your thoughts!
Slow news week... Wait - no it wasn't! There was a Devstream this week, and the first Devstream in a while that was REALLY worth being excited about. Don't miss this one - or if you do, go watch the Devstream. Then come back and listen to us, because we miss you.
In this week's Mini, we start to take a general look at the warframes themselves - in order! Starting off with the Ninjaframe, Ash, we look at abilities, stats, and how to build him (including his augments).
Hildryn,the Shield Maiden is easily as tough as she looks. If you've got what it takes to do the grind for her blueprint (the rest of her components are pretty easily acquired), then she's worth it. Have a listen to find out why.
The first episode of Cephalon Squared, your (new) favourite Warframe community podcast, maybe! (Please forgive the audio - fixed in E2!) Join us as we discuss all things Warframe related.
This week, as always, CG&CL discuss the Warframe news for the week, alongside an initial look at the lore! What exactly is happening prior to the start of the game? The discussion is around warframe synergies, and the advanced topic is focused on Energy Regeneration. Get into it Tenno!
While there was no Devstrea this week, there was no shortage of news! Still, Cephalons Greg and Lucas manage to have a good chat about Umbral Forma and the Umbral/Sacrificial mods and where this seems to suggest the game might be headed. It's not as straightforward as one might initially think! Beginner topic: trading. Advanced topic: Focus schools part 4 - Zenurik.
Set the table and prepare for a feast of gargantuan proportions. Yes, here we tackle the mighty warframe Grendel, who just happens to also be mighty hungry. Able to not only consume his opponents but also to use them either as buffs or projectiles, Grendel makes a formidable foe. And more than that? He can roll into a ball and crush them should they resist. Grendel is an extremely tanky frame that also provides buffs for himself and teammates alike. He's a good friend to have on your team. Listen in to find out why.
Another week goes by in the world of Warframe, and yet again, there was no Devstream... HOWEVER, The Old Blood has gone to certification on all console platforms, so that's a good thing! It certainly makes me think, though - perhaps DE is delaying the next Devstream because they don't want to jump the gun on the next update before console players have even got their hands on the last one? Kind of feels that way... We can only hope - and with only 6 weeks left in the year, there certainly isn't much time left for DE to deliver on the remaining promises... In addition, we've got our Beginner topic (the Market) and our Advanced topic (Parazon mods, p1: Hacking mods)!
SPOILERS BEWARE! Welcome back for another Lorecast! In this episode, we look at the bittersweet love story that is "Saya's Vigil" as well as the bonkers insane story behind the Orokin Tower in Cetus, and the one that resides within... The Unum... Definitely a cool one - check it out!
We covered all the exciting things shown off during TennoLive at TennoCon, but what about the cool stuff shown on other panels? This week the Cephlaons discussed some of the assets revealed on the Art panel, and take a deep dive into Invasions. What are you waiting for?!
Vauban - the great engineer. The mighty tactician. He had some trouble with popularity for a while there, but a rework in The Old Blod update saw his toolkit evolve into something that better suited the modern game. Do we recommend you try out the new Vauban? I guess you'll have to listen to find out!
With modular weapons in Warframe and a bunch of new passives that we've noticed are warframe-specific, we decided to have a chat about how weapons have evolved over the lifetime of the game, and where we hope things go in the future. It's interesting the way things are going! For our beginner and advanced topics this week, we provide a roundup of all of the topics we have covered since Episode 25, just to get new (and old!) listeners up to speed.
It's March again, so you know what that means - yep, it's another Warframe Anniversary! With Warframe hitting 7 years of age, it's starting to get long in the tooth - even as it innovates. But do we think DE would ever make Warframe 2? How would we evolve Warframe? The Cephalons discuss this and more in detail. Beginner Topic: Anniversary Update for 2020 Advanced topic: Proton Mod Set
In this week's episode we discuss our thoughts on what end game means, among other things. Beginner tip: how to level and do you need to farm primes? Advanced tip: modding companions.
We were hoping that Update 26 would hit PC last week, but sadly, it was not to be. However, DE did the next best thing and showed it off to us in a good amount of detail, while also answering questions from the fanbase. In this week's episode, we discuss what was shown off and whether or not we think these are worthwhile changes and additions! (Beginner topic: Getting Eidolon ready; Advanced: Aero Set mods)
Wisp - the ethereal ghost. With Abilities like this, who needs friends? Wisp arrived with The Jovian Concord update and very quickly asserted herself as one of the best frames in the entire game. If you don't have her yet, you should probably look to fix that. Listen in to find out why.
In this week's Mini Modding Special, we're looking at modding Sniper Rifles! This is intended for newer and mid-game players, but let us know your thoughts. We'll see you in a couple of days for Episode 14, in which we'll cover Devstream 118!
The grind in Warframe - how much is too much, and how does it compare to other games? We discuss this, as wellas how we feel it impacts monetisation and replayability. Beginer topic: Playing Solo; Advanced topic: Sentinels, part 2.
We tried something really different in this Lorecast... While we still cover the lore contained within the game, we also take a slight dive into some of the real-world mythology behind the naming conventions. In this case, we look at the Fomorian, and the Balor Fomorian, which come from Irish pre-Christian Mythology. It's really interesting stuff. Let us know your thoughts via the usual channels.
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