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"Lower Decks" - An Embarrassment of DooplersThere's a lot of duplication going on with the Cerritos - and maybe it's the plot lines? A crazy occurrence with the bridge crew provides the background to this episode featuring a Boimler/Mariner mis
“Lower Decks” - Mugato, Gumato. It’s time to bring back a TOS-era “monster,” the Mugato! The trio look at his Boimler, Rutherford, and Mariner tackle some “Last Outpost”-type Ferengi and … really earn that “SV” rating. They also chat about Tend
"Lower Decks" - We'll Always Have Tom ParisThey got our e-mails! Or at least listened to our podcasts.Okay, maybe the writers of "Lower Decks" just know what they are doing. But the third episode of season two finally brings "new pairings" for
“Lower Decks” - Kayshon, His Eyes Open. The animated adventures of the USS Cerritos continue with the introduction (or even “re-introduction”) of new characters, the parallel stories of the trio on the California-class ship and Ensign Boimler o
"Lower Decks" - Strange EnergiesIt's back! The wacky crew of the starship Cerritos returns in their second season opener with an episode that catches up new viewers and entertains existing fans. The trio look at how a mostly Boimler-less episod
Phillip, Daniel and Darren discuss what the rest of the core crew members in Star Trek: The Next Generation may be up to during the time of Picard. How might we see these characters and their interactions with the new crew and story coming in S
David Warner in TrekDavid Warner is an accomplished actor, in both the U.S. and U.K., who has portrayed many dramatic characters, especially those in sci-fi/fantasy genres. He memorably appears three times in the Trek franchise - "Star Trek V:
New Trek Animation. It’s time for season two of “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” and the trio couldn’t be more excited. And waiting in the wings is one the newest editions to the franchise - “Star Trek: Prodigy.” The trio look over the latest news con
Discovery Season Four Wish ListNew episodes in the Star Trek franchise will begin this fall - and we're excited. It won't be long until season four of "Star Trek: Discovery" drops - and the trio have created a "wish list" for all the main (and
Fan Set Pitches. For those Trek fans who shopped during the “peak” DVD era, we remember the various themes, characters, etc. used to bundle together episodes from across similar and separate series. In the age of streaming, it’s a lot easier to
What if ... K'Ehleyr Lived?Two episodes. That's all it took for the half-Klingon, half-human K'Ehleyr to create a lasting impression to Trek fans. The trio thinks she deserved more - so what if she had survived her fatal encounter with Duras an
Woman in Motion. We know Nichelle Nichols at Lt. Uhura from the original Enterprise. But after the cancellation of The Original Series, Nichelle began another space adventure - changing the history of NASA. The trio looks at the documentary “Wo
Star Trek Series Pitch, Part 2Last episode, the trio pitched a new Trek series set on an alien Starfleet Academy-based campus. The fresh-faced class of cadets, along with some familiar faces as professors, established a series promising adventu
Star Trek Series ConceptCome up with an original Star Trek show concept, how hard could it be? Darren, Daniel and Phillip pitch a series set after Star Trek: Nemesis involving a new second Starfleet Academy on Alpha Centauri. Who will they brin
TOS-era TriviaIt's a holiday here on Ceti Alpha 3 - so it's time to invite the gamemaster to join us for some Star Trek: The Original Series trivia. However, we are not all TOS experts, so these trivia questions are a little ... different. So p
Is It Really That Bad? "Unexpected" Edition.We all know the line from the infamous "Star Trek: Enterprise" episode - "This is a nipple." Yes, that's right, the one where Commander Tucker gets pregnant. This is our "Enterprise" installment in ou
Ro in Voyager - Ro Laren captured the hearts of many fans in her few appearances in The Next Generation. There was the attempt to get her into Deep Space Nine, but the actress moved on in her television career. However - what is we managed to g
TOS "Prequels" in "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds"Every Trek series has unique and wonderful stories. There are also many episodes that look into the vast Trek canon to delve into planets, characters, and aliens that were touched on prior. We al
Is it Really That Bad? “Spirit Folk” Edition. We’ve all thought about what we would do on the Holodeck. From adventures, fantasies, Starfleet training, and more - maybe creating a work group field trip to an Irish village might not be on the li
What if ... ? - The Dax SymbiontThere are some stories in the Star Trek franchise that are missing some context. A minor character we wished we knew more about. A story told that we never see. And then there are the big ones - the Jadzia Dax go
Animated Enterprise, Season Five. The first Star Trek series of the twenty-first century was canceled. Many fans have speculated about what a fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise would have looked like. In this era with an animated “Star Trek:
Is it REALLY That Bad - "The Storyteller" EditionThere are Star Trek episodes that have bad reputations, but do they always deserve them? The stories that are usually the target of audience "hate" occur during the first season. In that spirit,
Ro on DS9. Many Star Trek fans have heard the story that Michelle Forbes was originally approached to star in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,' reprising her character of Ro Laren. Whether it's true, we are glad that Nana Visitor/Kira Nerys got to
Is It Really THAT Bad? - "The Last Outpost" EditionIt was the first season of The Next Generation, and it was time to introduce the newest alien in the franchise. They would be equal to the Enterprise in power and technology, would be feared by
For the Love of Spock - The “Star Trek: Voyager” documentary crowdfunding campaign is nearing the end, so what better time to look at other 455 Films productions? In 2016, they released “For the Love a Spock,” a feature spotlighting Trek’s most
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