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FANS: Actor Michael Ray Bower discusses playing Donkeylips on Salute Your Shorts, Roy Gublik on Friends and working with luminaries such as James Cameron, Martin Sheen and Rod Steiger. You won't want to miss his audition stories or when he recounts his first run-in with David Duchovny on The X-Files set! FILMS: TAKE THE LEG! Michael joins the review panel to talk about Ivan Reitman's Evolution (2001), which he starred in as Danny. We talk Head & Shoulders, Aykroyd, and box office disappointment. Then Michael details a cut scene involving slavery?!? FINDS: CF3 will moderate the Peter Macon (The Orville) panel at O Comic Con this month, more info on the Doctor Sleep trailer, and here comes Iron Sky: The Coming Race.
FANS & FILMS: Rise and shine, campers--it's GROUNDHOG DAY! Steve Fodor of Too Much Scrolling joins us for our star-packed 50th episode celebration covering the timeless Harold Ramis cult classic. You'll hear commentary and Cult Filmometer scores from Ken Hudson Campbell aka Groundhog Day's "Man in Hallway"--YUSS!! Plus Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall), Jewel Staite (Serenity), Jack Bennett (Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary), Dean Cameron (Summer School), Eddie Deezen (Grease), Scott Schwartz (A Christmas Story), Shelly Pack & Josh Sutherland (Chasing Molly), and Bruce Crawford (Omaha Film Event) all weigh in with their ratings, favorite quotes and praise for Bill Murray. We get philosophical on this one, y'all! FINDS: We did them on last Friday's episode so we didn't have to do them today. Sheesh! What more do you want? We did them on last Friday's episode so we didn't have to do them today. Sheesh! What more do you want? We did them on last Friday's episode so we didn't have to do them today. Sheesh! What more do you want?  We did them on last Friday's episode so we didn't have to do them today. Sheesh! What more do you...and so on ;)
FANS: We chat with actor Ira Heiden (A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark) about getting into horror films, auditioning for Elm Street and what it was like to work with Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira. He entertains with his favorite Steve Martin story from filming Father of the Bride and talks about developing relationships in Hollywood while starring in ABC's Alias and the direct-to-video Zapped!Again! FILMS: Ira joins us for our review of A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) in which he played Will. We ask him about working with Robert Englund, using a wheelchair, what he thought of his death scene, and prod him for stories from behind the scenes. We discuss what we'd be in our dreams, what our favorite manifestation of Freddy was in this installment, and spend some time talking about Dokken. Yes, Dokken! FINDS: Star Wars Episode IX runtime, a Freddy Krueger fan film, the Mandalorian, the Mr. Boogedy Challenge, and Tom Hanks is still wonderful.
FANS: Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 & 5) tells us about her early days onstage that led to UCLA and her eventual casting as leading lady Alice Johnson in parts 4 and 5 of the popular A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise opposite Robert Englund. We also hear fun stories about convention life, the jewelry business she ran with Elm Street co-star Tuesday Knight, and learn some exciting news about upcoming work, including a film with Michael Madsen! FILMS: After spending nearly an hour with Lisa Wilcox rapping about Elm Street 4 and 5, we recruit Kevin Smith to help us close out our official reviews of The Dream Master (1988) and The Dream Child (1989), including recasting Alice's dad, our favorite lines from both movies (many of which include Freddy calling someone a bitch), and quite a bit of disagreement over which of these is the superior movie. FINDS: Although Coronavirus has its foot on the throat of the entertainment industry, we still manage to discuss their efforts to go online to entertain from home (SNL at Home, That Thing You Do! live cast commentary reunion, etc.), to drool over the new announcement of an exhaustive and definitive Bruce Lee box from Criterion, and to threaten to shame Kevin!
FANS: Actor Scott Schwartz tells us about going toe-to-toe with comedic heavyweights Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason in his film debut in The Toy (1982). We also hear about Scott's amazing time volunteering as crew for WWF in the mid-80s, working with the likes of Roddy Piper, Andre the Giant and Big John Studd, and how he later worked to produce a celebrity autograph trading card series with Donruss. FILMS: Oh Fudge! We take aim at A Christmas Story (1983) and chat with Scott "Flick" Schwartz about his tongue on the pole, thoughts on the recent TV musical, his residuals from the TBS marathons, and some of the film's most impactful scenes. You'll want to shoot yer out eye if you miss this discussion. FINDS: CF3 alum Andy Dick is in hot water, the Screen Actors Guild nominees are announced, and the gang at CF3 talks about our favorite Christmas movies.
FANS: Colton Dunn (Superstore) leads us into the show and passes the baton to avid filmgoer and blogger Kyle Hickman. We talk 2019 films destined to become cult classics, TV binging and most anticipated movies of 2019's second half. FILMS: Don't expect a sub-zero (or plain zero) score on the Cultfilmometer for The Running Man (1987) because this one delivers on many fronts. In this laughter-filled review, we cover a lot of ground but probably not as much as Jim Brown's Fireball. FINDS: Kevin McDonald (The Kids in the Hall) brags about Putney Swope, CF3 is moderating Sam "Flash Gordon" Jones' panel at O Comic Con, Banana Splits get even scarier than it was before & Doctor Sleep has a trailer!
FANS: We salute Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment this week with writer/director Andrew J. Chambers whose After School Lunch Special (2019) is inspired by Troma films and features Lloyd himself as a tapeworm named Mitch! FILMS: We review Troma's flagship film, The Toxic Avenger (1984), while talking USA Up All Night, Melvin and bullies, the un-PC nature of Toxie, the cartoon series, Marisa Tomei. We ponder what happened to Michael Herz. FINDS: Andy Dick HIMSELF delivers us a cult find about his upcoming Troma project. The Barn 2 adds Lloyd Kaufman! Designated Survivor dies for Dames.
FANS: Space Ghost himself, George Lowe, regales us with tales of interviewing Adam West & Donny Osmond for Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast, working in the wild days of FM radio, and having Jackie Collins as a matchmaker. FILMS: In our review of Dan Aykroyd's lone directorial effort, Nothing but Trouble (1991), we ride the condiment train down Old Coke Road with Unky George Lowe and his pals in Digital Underground--Tupac Shakur included. Listen and see why George made this his personal pick for our cult film of the week. FINDS: Peter Griffin (Family Guy) leads us into our finds, which include Peele's Twilight Zone in black & white, a couple of deaths, and Dark Crystal & Ghostbusters casting news. Recorded all in the same room--freakin' sweet.
FANS: Corin Nemec (Stargate SG-1, Stephen King's The Stand, Parker Lewis Can't Lose) chats with us about Ted & Bud Bundy, fan interaction, and upcoming projects, including Rottentail--a film adaptation of the graphic novel releasing April 12! FILMS: Anthony Hebert (and Corin) join us on a quest beyond the stars as we review The Last Starfighter, a family-friendly sci-fi feature that helped pioneer CGI. All aboard the StarCar! FINDS: The Brigands of Rattlecreek, a Toxic Avenger reboot and thoughts on the final season of Supernatural.
FANS & FILMS: We've combined our first two segments for this 25th episode spectacular covering every angle of Stanley Kubrick's masterful The Shining (1980). We've also procured exclusive commentary and celebrity reviews of The Shining from Corin Nemec (Stephen King's The Stand), Andy Dick (NewsRadio), Robert Wuhl (Arli$$), Sean Whalen (Twister), Ming Chen (AMC's Comic Book Men), Mark Bernardin (Castle Rock, Fatman Beyond), Paul Walter Hauser (BlackKklansman), Johnny Pemberton (Superstore, Ant-Man), Michael Ray Bower (Salute Your Shorts), Kevin McDonald (The Kids in the Hall), and Rob Franzese aka Real Life Peter Griffin. Then our listeners weigh in with scores of their own. How does this mind-bending film rate on the Cultfilmometer once a whopping 21 scores are factored in? Don't be a dull boy--just listen! FINDS: King's The Stand reboot update, a Kickstarter for a King-themed cocktail book, Event Horizon & Resident Evil streaming TV reboots.
FANS: Zach Thompson of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return and The Gauntlet joins us to talk about pro wrestling fandom and his work as a wrestling commentator and ringside interviewer for the Chicago-based Freelance Wrestling and Resistance Wrestling circuits. We also talk about his favorite cult films and how they have weathered painful remakes. Thanks a lot, Tim Burton! FILMS: It's Rowdy Roddy Piper in John Carpenter's memorable They Live (1988)! The gang earnestly discusses the messages decoded by the Hoffman Lenses and what messages we might see in 2019. Also covered: Piper as the face vs. the heel, Frank and Nada's epic street brawl, the film's basic score, and our favorite one-liners (not all of them are about bubblegum either). FINDS: We discuss what we've been watching lately: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, The Boys, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Peanut Butter Falcon, The Banana Splits Movie, The Dead Don't Die, and more!
FANS: Former Jeopardy! champ and current Deputy Editor of Awards Daily Marshall Flores takes us behind the scenes of Jeopardy! and discusses his 'Statsgasm' statistical model for predicting Oscar winners. FILMS: Our discussion of Creepshow 2 is no mere hit-and-run job, as we dig deep into the 1987 follow-up to the 1st King/Romero smash hit anthology film. Thanks for the ride, lady! FINDS: The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs and ruminations on why horror films rarely see traction during Oscar season.
FANS: He was Robbie Freeling in Poltergeist (1982) and Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986) and few cult films get bigger than this! Yes, the great Oliver Robins joins us to discuss his biggest fears--cue lots of bees, trees and clown talk--the alleged Poltergeist "curse," and working with Sonny Bono in Airplane II: The Sequel (1982). Then we get the exciting scoop about the new horror/black comedy that Oliver wrote, directed and stars in: Celebrity Crush (2019). It hits VOD this month, and you won't want to miss it! FILMS: We get so deep into Poltergeist (1982) that we almost cross over to the other side. This review is NOT clean. Or is it? And will Oliver use his film school background to assign it an unbiased rating on the Cult Filmometer, or will he let his "Freeling feelings" take hold? Is this episode a blessing or a curse? Listen and decide. FINDS: Development news, Hamilton on Disney+, Together Apart with Josh Gad goes Back to the Future, the new docuseries Prop Culture is right up our alley, and we lost Jerry Stiller, Little Richard and Roy Horn. Oh, what a week it's been!
FANS: The sensational Dee Wallace, who has successfully pulled double-duty as scream queen and suburban mom in 200 Hollywood films over a 45-year-career, opens up about her delectable roles in 3 from Hell (2019) and Critters Attack! (2019). We couldn't help but to stroll down memory lane with her for a chat about Cujo (1983) and Critters (1986) as well. But the highlight of our chat was learning about her journey into personal healing--you don't want to miss this! FILMS: Joe Dante's The Howling (1981). We learn from Dee about how then-fiancee Christopher Stone was cast as her costar and what it was like to work with Dante. We marvel at the performances of Robert Picardo and Patrick Macnee, give thoughts on a controversial special effects shot, and draw the inevitable comparisons to the competing werewolf flick that year--An American Werewolf in London (1981). How do you take your burger?? FINDS: We bring you all the October Blu-ray news that's fit to record!
FANS: Devin DeVasquez (Can't Buy Me Love, Society) tells us how she was discovered by Playboy, won $100k on Star Search, and wound up acting in a slew of late 80s cult classics. Then in a surreal moment in CF3 history, she tells us how she believes her pint-sized Chihuahua Yorkie came into her life as a posthumous gift from late great ex-boyfriend Prince. Yes, that Prince. You don't want to miss this. FILMS: Like a football game in which "everyone punts," we keep passing the egg to one another and to stars Devin DeVasquez & Lar Park Lincoln during our exhaustive and hilarious review of House II: The Second Story (1987). We share our favorite Gramps moments and recast the film before asking Devin and Lar to help us rate this one for the Cult Filmometer! FINDS: Genesis reunion, Coronavirus affects the entertainment industry, Matt Reeves show us the new Batmobile, Corey Feldman will name his abusers, Overboard from Severin, RIP James Lipton.
FANS: Anthony "Right Boot" De Longis talks about his experiences portraying thug Ketcham in Road House, including his terrible audition, working with the late Patrick Swayze, and driving that sweet monster truck. Find out how you can hang out with Anthony at his ranch! FILMS: Be nice. We "roundhouse" kick Road House (1989) directly into our Cult Filmometer with two special guest reviewers, Ryan Osbahr (Pony Creek) and Dan Olsen (Sack of Lions)--two musicians who have certainly played their share of road house gigs. The things people will do to get a JC Penney in their town will blow your mind. Watch out for polar bears and bring your college transcripts for this one! FINDS: The Goonies cast and crew reunite on Zoom, Parks & Recreation returns for one night only, The Walking Dead, RIP Irrfan Khan, and Universal Studios takes on the chin from AMC and Regal in a move that might ultimately backfire on the theater industry.
FANS: Actor Bill Allen (RAD, Streamers, Breaking Bad) joins us to discuss working with Robert Altman, the valuable advice he received from Rod Steiger, playing Farm Aid in 1993 with Lou Diamond Phillips, and how his friendship with Brandon Lee will be remembered as part of an upcoming documentary on the late great actor. FILMS: Bill joins us for the entirety of our review of RAD (1986), in which he played protagonist and BMX wunderkind Cru Jones. Did he do his own stunts? What does he think of Lori Laughlin making headlines these days? Product placements, favorite lines, the Helltrack revival, and references in pop culture are all part of the obstacle course in this week's Films segment! FINDS: Our thoughts on Star Wars IX and The Mandalorian are divulged, Witcher arrives on Netflix, and the passing of some pop culture figures are met with interesting reactions.
FANS: Merry Christmas! The CF3 co-hosts are starting to get our drink on while discussing our favorite guests and episodes from Year One in the podcast biz. We smash the alarm clock and tell you what to expect for our epic 50th episode in January and more. FILMS: Yipee-ki-yay! We're getting pretty drunk now, and it shows! Join us for our in-depth review of Die Hard (1988). Is it a Christmas movie? Was the Karl vs. Carl moment necessary? Why would McClane rather be in Philadelphia? While everyone is donning now their gay apparel, John wears a wifebeater. But in the history of wifebeaters on film, where does this rank? Why didn't this movie have a script? Who's YOUR white knight? Download this bad boy NOW! FINDS: Kev Smith is here! 3/4 of us don't care about Top Gun: Maverick. Netflix greenlights a second new He-Man animated series, RIP to Danny Aiello and Caroll Spinney, the critics take issue with Rise of Skywalker, and more.
FANS: Author Rebecca Markus (The Crazy One) talks about how fandom, including her love of The Monkees, has influenced her writing. Diana Lindloff of Paranomal nrg talks about her experiences investigating haunted locales (and don't get her started on the Winchester movie). FILMS: Watch your feet! Roger Corman & Joe Dante's Piranha (1978) is swimming its way up your podcast stream, and you're gonna want to hear what our panel has to say about this Jaws wannabe! FINDS: Bill and Ted are coming back; rest in peace horror FX legend John Carl Buechler; plus the winner of our Penitentiary giveaway revealed!
FANS: Seth & Adrienne Breedlove of Smalltown Monsters, whose 5-year history documenting rural folklore and mysterious legends, join us to discuss Momo: The Missouri Monster (2019), their latest entry in the series, explaining for us how and why it departs from their traditional documentary approach. We find out if they are believers in Mothman, the Boggy Creek monster, UFOs and the other mysterious cryptids covered in their films. We discuss bucket list projects and the great Lyle Blackburn. FILMS: Seth & Adrienne help us review the cryptic The Mothman Prophecies (2002), starring Richard Gere, Laura Linney and Debra Messing. We discuss the true events that inspired this film and their coverage in the Smalltown Monsters documentary The Mothman of Point Pleasant (2017). We get into the film's impact on Seth, ponder decisions that were made to separate this film from the actual events in Point Pleasant, WV, compare it with John Keel's book, share our love for the film score, recite our favorite lines, and submit our scores to the mighty Cultfilmometer. FINDS: The Friends cast reunites for a new project, Keifer Sutherland recounts a gruesome The Lost Boys deleted scene, Netflix contemplates playback speeds and Judd Apatow is NOT having it, and a Supernatural star gets arrested for being a drunk.
FANS: Ira Heiden (A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) is back to talk about his passion project: a documentary about the late actor Brandon Lee, which he is working on with Bill Allen (RAD), Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba), Bill Mumy (Lost in Space), and Robby Krieger of The Doors, just to drop a few names! FILMS: Brandon's father Bruce is the subject of our cult film of the week, as we offer up Enter the Dragon (1973) to the Cult Filmometer! This segment was recorded at A Shared Universe PodcaStudio in New Jersey with Ming Chen of AMC's Comic Book Men and gamer Matt Miller in tow. Mike Moh, who portrayed Bruce in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood pops in to tell his favorite moments and quotes from the film, and Ira rejoins us in time to give his thoughts and rating. FINDS: Thoughts on The Irishman, Netflix brings us The Movies That Made Us, you can help rescue a deteriorating Abbott & Costello film, Sandler threatens to make another stinker, and the National Board of Review delivers its top 10 films.
FANS: Jackey Neyman Jones is an artist, actor and author who will forever be tied to one of the worst films of all-time... Manos: the Hands of Fate (1966). Jackey played young Debbie and her father, the late Tom Neyman, played The Master. She delivers production details, recounts the film's premiere, and shares how she rediscovered it via MST3K. She also discusses the props and costumes she recreates for sale, her acclaimed Manos autobiography, and upcoming film projects, including the long-awaited Manos sequel! FILMS: While The Master is away, we set about dissecting the atrocity known as Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966). We are perplexed by the editing, nauseated by the music, share our favorite lines, ask Jackey to rate the movie with us for the Cult Filmometer, and recast all the roles in our now famous Total Recast! segment. Also: lots of Torgo talk! FINDS: Indiana Jones 5 names its director, The Rock as Black Adam, Chris Evans and The Little Shop of Horrors remake, cult Blu-ray news, and much more!
FANS & FILMS: We've assembled 9 friends for a breakdown of Police Academy (1984), complete with a discussion of the films of 1984 and a character-by-character breakdown of this incredible ensemble. The epic cast is not exempt from our sprawling Total Recast endeavors. You'll hear Skeeter Slater debut on CF3 with the most bad-ass Michael Winslow impersonation ever recorded. You'll hear Steve Fodor (Too Much Scrolling) walk around his house! You'll find out how Jon Cohorn (Modern Horrors) earned the middle name "Comedy Sucks." Matt Miller (Team Mayh3m) joins us from the Blue Oyster. Will Nexii's back hurts. Shitty Kevin Smith starts the FTP movement. There's no doubt it--this truly IS an episode of CF3 Podcast. There, we said it. FINDS: Future guest Melissa Jo Murphy joins us and learns that Dames is a Scooby Doo fan. Jamie Lee Curtis directs, Snowpiercer spawns a TV series, the sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road evolves, and we pay tribute to Fred Willard and Ken Osmond.
FANS & FILMS: George Pilgrim has done hard time, was at the center of a billion dollar love triangle involving media mogul Sumner Redstone and Sydney Holland, and played the original A.J. Chamberlain on soap's Guiding Light. So it only makes sense that we spoke to George (almost) exclusively about his role as teenage punk Billy in the recently revived cult classic Tammy & The T-Rex (1994), which features Paul Walker and Denise Richards in their first feature films roles. George details the testicular standoff in the context of 90s homophobia, Buck Flower's onset stroke, Denise Richards' giant "Mac Daddy" cell phone, and just genuinely loves this movie. Sean Whalen then pops in to help George and the CF3 crew score this film for the Cult Filmometer. This interview must be heard to be believed! FINDS: Oscar nominations drop, Shameless goes to 11, D.J. Qualls shares his story, and Ozark season 3 release date revealed.
FANS: Musician and YouTube gamer Dan Bobek (The Game Beaters, Bobobot) talks about a new musical concept album based on the singularity. He also tells us about his time studying in France under legendary Nirvana record producer Steve Albini before the conversation shifts to his YouTube channel The Game Beaters and talk of classic NES games! FILMS: We head to New Angeles (got that, Dames?) for a review of Double Dragon (1994), mainly to see if it's any better than Super Mario Bros (1993). Can the script and special FX escape the crossfire? Then find out NES which games we all would have liked to have seen adapted into a film back in the heyday of the platform. FINDS: We really try to power through with news in a world that has suddenly hit the pause button on most everything. New reboots that include The Others and Doogie Howser, M.D. plus several notable deaths to cover (from both COVID-19 and other causes).
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