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100. The Last First 10s: Top Ten Ways to Stay Woke - Season Finale

Released Monday, 17th August 2020
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Episode 100 - Congratulations to the Challenge Yo Self podcast for an unbelievably marvelous journey to 100 episodes.  Thanks so much to our listening community for listening, sharing, adding us as friends on social media and interacting daily with us.  We look forward to getting to know our global community so much more in Season 2 and on our website and social media pages. Ashley and Joy send you MUCH LOVE.
We challenge you to stay woke in the following 10 ways:
10.  Wash Yo Face and Stop Apologizing (Rachel Hollis)
9.  Stay up on the latest news (except when you need a break from the noise)
8.  Listen to and check your gut
7.  Ask questions
6. Serve and interact with people and communities who are not like you. 
5. Volunteer one day a month with a small group of trusted friends
4.  Read to grow and watch documentaries to not repeat past mistakes
3. Communicate with your governmental leaders/congressional leaders.  Go to congress.gov to check the voting records of your state elected officials.
2.  Get to know your local officials.  Reach out and connect. 
1.  Become a Mentor.  And, yes, you can mentor virtually.  

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