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218. Ghosting is Trash. But we Prefer Comfort over Courage - Ask Dr. Joy Well

Released Thursday, 8th April 2021
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This episode started from one viral tweet which proudly says: “Sorry I ghosted you I started catching feelings”. 

Have you ever done the opposite of what you felt? 

Have you ever run away from what you wanted because you were afraid that it just might be right? That the person may be right for you? 

Or even better... that you may actually NOT get hurt this time, at least not intentionally...? 

Welcome to the Challenge Yo Self podcast - advice column - Ask Dr. Joy Well. Ask Dr. Joy Well is the virtual advice column for women who desire creative strategies to get unstuck and find their own version of JOY. 

This episode focuses on how we sabotage ourselves in relationships, or potential relationships and how to think BIGGER about your life, your relationships, your communication and your passion. And, Dr. Joy provides solutions for how to rebound from that.  

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Created by Dr. Joy Well, mental wellness expert, therapist, professor, author and speaker... and PhD: Ask Dr Joy Well - is a safe space for professional women to share their stuck points, struggles, challenges and even their joys every week and receive recommendations for releasing the dead weight and unleashing the joy inside. 

Ask Dr. Joy Well is the first virtual advice column for women that focuses exclusively on improving life, decreasing self sabotage, and unsticking the stuck points. 

For the sabotager who desperately wants to make different choices. 

For the perfectionist who obsesses night and day but dreams of dancing wild and free. 

For the stuck points, the salty times, the tough breaks, and the hard knocks... "Ask Dr. Joy Well" is a road to shining brighter, and higher, and lighter day-by-day. 

How to write a virtual letter to Ask Dr. Joy Well: Click to write and submit

Website - thejoyexpert.design 

Where to find Dr. Joy Well (Mental Wellness Catalyst): 

Instagram: @purposeoverpickles 

Email: askdrjoy@pm.me 

Text Dr. Joy Well: (919) 446 8621 

Website: thejoyexpert.design 

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