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You may be aware of ways to accommodate physical and mental disabilities. But what about episodic disabilities?If you don’t know what an episodic disability is, you’re not alone. Once you hear Melissa Egan describe it, you’ll probably realize t
If we see poverty as the result of financial illiteracy, irresponsibility or a lack of self-control, then the blame falls on the person living in poverty, and the answer is to find a job, spend less, and get financial training.Financial literac
We’re single, but we’re not alone. The population of singles are growing in North America – but we’re still a minority group. And like any minority group, we face discrimination and marginalization purely because we don’t have the power of the
Carissa Begonia is a Filipina-American who left a safe corporate job to start her own business.  Until I met her, the only examples I had of entrepreneurs or people following their passions were completely unrelatable for me. Because they were
Many employers are asking where to find and hire “diverse talent”. What they SHOULD be asking is how their recruitment process might discriminate against these candidates once they apply.In this episode, Safiyah Husein, a lawyer and Senior Poli
If you’re wondering what you can do in bringing reconciliation and decolonization to Canada – this episode is for you. First, we learn what colonization actually looks like. Jessica Dumas of Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation shares personal s
“I started learning about residential schools. I started learning about generational trauma and that's when I realized like, okay, there's nothing wrong with us. I'm not broken. There's things that happened that caused us to be living this way.
Lots of companies have been asking, “What’s the business case for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI)?”Thomas Benjoe turns that around and asks us to think about how JEDI benefits our community and economy, not just ourselves. Thoma
“I will always be the Black girl first, before Miriam Njoku. I cannot achieve my way out of being seen with prejudice. That's how they view people like me.”In this episode, Miriam Njoku changes our lens to reveal the racism she experienced work
Have you ever been told you can’t do it, or you’re not good enough for something you really wanted? What if you got that message in your whole life starting from childhood? What if abuse or racism you’ve endured created trauma that affects your
What do you think is the business case for equity, diversity and inclusion? In business, or even not for profit, should morality or humanitarian reasons play a role? Or should it strictly be about profit and shareholder value?I have some opinio
Ali Ahmed is a professional designated accountant who worked for one of the Big Four international accounting firms before immigrating from Pakistan to Canada. But despite having that professional experience, he couldn't get an accounting job i
As I reflect back on the first season of the podcast, it’s become clear to me that systemic change starts with personal change. I believe true inclusion and equity requires sacrificing some of our self-interests, like power, position, even prof
“I think our greatest fear is that people are jumping into it just because it's good opportunity, or it's good PR. As opposed to knowing, and thinking, and believing that this could actually make us all better as a people.”Rev. Dr. Timothy Tang
“First, in order for racism and discrimination to continue, you need silence. And the second is the 'Otherwise Good People' who won't stand up and support the target of the discriminatory behavior.”Shanaaz Gokool, human rights activist and form
What happens when capital markets and individual landlords control access to a fundamental human right?A house or condo has changed from being a place to live, and a shelter for families, into a profit-making business – something to help us ret
Did you know that if you don’t have private health insurance, you likely have to pay for life-saving drugs out of your own pocket? Did you know that Canada’s healthcare ranks second last out of 10 countries? Without pharmacare, Canada’s “health
In this two-part series on healthcare in Canada, we explore (and dismantle) some myths about our “free, universal” system which is so lauded by Americans.Join us for part one, as pharmacist Doret Cheng takes us behind the scenes of a Toronto Fa
Do you feel overwhelmed, lost, and alone?Are you engaging in unhealthy behaviours to avoid the things you can’t face?Are you struggling to find the energy and motivation to make it through the day?  Or maybe, you’re too “on” and can’t switch “o
“Research actually demonstrates that the two most targeted groups or communities in Canada that face discrimination are Muslims and Indigenous people.  Polls in the United States have found that…even communities of colour, including Black peopl
Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman, a psychologist specializing in diversity and inclusion, shares his personal experiences of racism and discrimination – as a child, and as professional.  We also chat about explaining privilege to White people; being acce
"One of the things that is interesting with speech and voice is, it's not - it's not like race, right? You can change the way you talk, and you can change it to varying degrees. But just because you can, should you?"In our first-ever episode, K
An excerpt from the pilot episode, Speak and Be Heard. Guest Katie Gore, a speech language pathologist, talks about diversity and inclusion around speaking and communication in the workplace. Theme music credit - Morning Sun, by ANtarctic Breez
Welcome to the Changing Lenses podcast, where we learn about discrimination, racism, and exclusion from the people on the front lines. We see the world through their eyes, and we hear their personal story of their fight for social justice. I’m
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