22: Ep 22: Women Tell All Recap

Released Wednesday, 6th March 2019
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MelCarr reviewed this episode 9 days ago
Colemanlily reviewed this episode 10 days ago
"You broads are the best and I look forward to listening to your podcast almost as much as the show itself! My Instagram is @vida_lily ! Thank y’all and don’t stop once this madness stops! "
court_byrne37 reviewed this episode 11 days ago
"I love hearing Bekah and Jess's perspectives on the Bachelor but also on life and relationships in general. They have inspired me to me more confident and true to myself. Instagram: @court_byrne37"
stephm reviewed this episode 14 days ago
"LOVE THEM! Great insights on women and so much fun to listen to! twitter: @stephlikescake "
GeidemanVitamin reviewed this episode 15 days ago
"Love Bekah & Jess! They make my car rides to work way more exciting. Their realness/ authenticity and humor in episodes regarding Bachelor episode recaps and motherhood captivates me as a listener. My email is nicole.geideman@yahoo.com and my insta is @nicoleee_34"
Jacquelinejiselle01 reviewed this episode 15 days ago
"Hella excited about the giveaway omg! I have The worst luck with winning but regardless I love y’all so much! Favorite part of the week is listening to the podcast:) "
Eh8! reviewed this episode 16 days ago
"The only thing better than listening would be if we could all watch the bachelor together! "
tajtay reviewed this episode 16 days ago
"I love Bekah and Jess! They are super relatable. You’re recap is spot on and I agree with your perspectives of the women this episode. @tajtay"
Maggie.Kerr reviewed this episode 16 days ago
"Stellar "
Toddeliz14 reviewed this episode 16 days ago
"This recap was more entertaining than the actual Women Tell All episode. I live for Bekah and Jess’s theories. Two down to earth woman who tell it like it is. AND I love how they can be honest and share their polarizing opinions about the ladies on the show while still supporting women and not resorting to “taking them down”. This is for entry into the Fab Fit Fun contest Instagram: @GremlinGrump"
Annramm_ reviewed this episode 16 days ago
"Hey girls! My @ on insta is @annramm_ 🤘🏼👍🏼 Listed to about every podcast you put out and I wasn’t into the Bachelor but now I’m hooked , can’t wait for the Bachelorette 🙃 Best podcast and super relatable, last weeks podcast I almost choked on my coffee in the middle of the office because I was dying of laughter. It was great lol Stay #Radical "
Chattybroads#1fan reviewed this episode 16 days ago
"I love both of your podcast! I listen every time you guys upload. Help a broke college girl look fab and hook it up w fabfitfun ❤ my email is cheeky715@mail.fresnostate.edu "
abloomingrose reviewed this episode 16 days ago
"I enjoy listening to your podcasts every week! P.S. I’m excited for the give away. Best of luck to all of us! Instagram: abloomingrose Adrianaivme@gmail.com"
rachelmmarie reviewed this episode 16 days ago
"Chatty Broads is my favorite podcast! The Bachelor recaps with Bekah and Jess makes watching the Bachelor 100 times more entertaining, and I look forward to listening to new episodes every week. Bekah and Jess really make the listeners feel like we are hanging out with funny and cool friends, and I appreciate the time and effort they put into their podcast. Thanks for always making my week!"
kacieann reviewed this episode 16 days ago
"My favorite bachelor recap podcast!! ❤️"
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