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Checkbox Other with Nikki Innocent

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Episodes of Checkbox Other

If you’ve been thinking about taking a leap, making a change or stretching outside of your comfort zone, now is a great time to start -- even if it’s just taking baby steps. In this week’s mini episode, Nikki shares her recent leap, an imprompt
Mixed-race Americans are the fastest growing racial group in the US based on the 2020 Census. One of the most common and often most frustrating questions that biracial and multiracial people get is “What are you?” it can be dehumanizing and ext
When you progress in your career, your life and your relationships, oftentimes making decisions becomes more complex. There is a more complex level of nuance needed as each call impacts both the long and short term, both you and other, both the
As an entertainer, rejection comes with the territory as does resilience. In this episode, Andrea Dora, Broadway actor, entrepreneur, mother and all around game changer joins Nikki to dive into the nuances of taking up space in a world that tel
The Great Resignation is in full swing, June 2021 brought record numbers in resignations and job openings but with the pumping of the brakes from the Covid19 Delta variant, everyone is waiting to see how that impacts the job market. In this epi
If you were asked to write a note of gratitude to one person in your life, who would it be? What would you say? Today’s guest Brian Doyle talks all about his passion for bringing more gratitude in all it’s nuanced beauty to the world. Brian is
September is Self Improvement Month -- our culture has a tricky relationship with the idea of it. Perfectionism, hustle culture and capitalism have us jockeying for position over one another and seeking validation and achievement outside oursel
Public speaking coach, Rhonda Khan, joins Nikki in today's episode to talk about the power of activating your voice, moving through fear, and owning the room by sharing your story. Nikki & Rhonda shine a light on the importance of public speaki
MIT’s women’s basketball head coach, Lucia Robinson-Griggs, joins Nikki to dive into the incredible influence and impact that sports, athletes and coaches have on our society. Lucia shares her experiences of growing up as a biracial Black girl
How many times in your life have you heard “trust your gut” and felt like cool, great but what does that mean!? In this episode, the final installment in this 6-part series on surviving burnout, Nikki talks about what it means to trust your gut
Failure is a scary word for so many of us. We’ve been brought up to believe it is the worst outcome and we should avoid it at all costs, but what if that is false? It’s time to flip the fear of failure on its head. What if failure holds the clu
The power of positive thinking, the importance of being open and receptive, the need to keep your cool and have a smile on your face are all things we’ve been told lead to success, but in order for those tactics to work, first we must have auth
Whether people know it or not, they react almost reflexively when you tell them you are taking a risk to do something outside of what is expected of you. The “Oh I could never do that!” or “I’d be too scared” or “that’s crazy!!” responses are a
Being right, being certain, being perfect, being confident and unwavering. These are all things that we’ve been told are the penultimate goal in life and are what make you a successful winner or leader. But with the world changing so rapidly, b
Everyone is talking about "being your authentic self" but what does that really mean? For me, it's accepting who I am and embracing what my experiences have taught me. Growing up we learned science, math, history, etc but we didn’t learn how to
Old school job searching is out, it’s time for a reframe. If you left your job, are considering leaving your job or looking to re-enter the workforce, the interview process can feel daunting.  In this episode, Nikki talks about the workplace tr
Anyone else feel like we’re going from zero to 60 from isolation to seeing people, from vague timing uncertainty to an urgent rush? It’s especially abrupt after this period of pandemic time dysmorphia. One of the things we’ve learned during qua
As many US companies begin to explore their “back to the office” plans, traditional leadership models, tactics and beliefs are being tested. Many leaders in the investment management industry are bluntly expressing their opinions of the appropr
Is there anyone in your life trying to control every aspect of a project, relationship or endeavor? Someone that is nitpicking every single facet of what you are doing? Listen in to hear how you can finally say goodbye to micromanaging for good
In the second episode of this two-part series to relaunch Checkbox Other, you'll hear about the importance of messaging during a global pandemic, Nikki's "other" story while getting her vaccine, her view on "getting back to work," the future of
In the first episode of this two part series to relaunch Checkbox Other, you'll get the inside scoop as to the relaunch of the podcast, why the podcast went on hiatus, what's being going on with Nikki for the last six months of navigating the p
Host, Nikki Innocent, focuses this episode around a topic that comes up in almost all of her coaching calls along with any live Q&A session at her speaking engagements: How to hack Imposter Syndrome and overcome the fear of being found out. Imp
Host, Nikki Innocent, centers the importance and power of taking time for a purposeful pause right now. As we start September and enter into "back to school" territory, the need for a thoughtful period of reflection and self-awareness is key. I
As a Culture Columnist for The Boston Globe, Jeneé Osterheldt often writes at the intersections of identity and social justice through the lens of the arts and culture. Jeneé joins host Nikki Innocent for a conversation featuring their discussi
As the first Black, Haitian American city councilor at-large in the city of Everett, MA, Gerly Adrien has experienced an inordinate amount of push-back from her colleagues even as she attempts to speak in the time allotted to her. After receivi
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