Episode from the podcastChicken Thistle Farm CoopCast

023 Planting the vegetable gardens, injured chicks, humane treatment of animals / livestock, building a chicken brooder

Released Sunday, 3rd June 2012
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This week’s updates around the farm and gardens:

Piglets getting porked up;
getting names and getting weaned,
New layer chickens now in coop with the rest of the flock,
Cornish X chicks in the brooder had some pecking issues,
Managing hurt chickens and turkeys,
New brooder for turkeys,
Veggies planted, seeds planted, mulching has begun - the gardens are in,
CSA starting this week!

In the News:

Factory farm and its treatment of animals -
Baby chicks made 300 people sick over 8 years - ohh the horror - CDC Report on foodborne Salmonella numbers -

This week on Farm U:

Building a chicken brooder,
What makes a good brooder,
Differences between broiler chicken / egg laying chicken and turkey brooder design,
Some tips for managing your brooder to make life easier for you.