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30 albums later, and the singularity's power continues to draw us further in! But can you, dear listener, find our hidden clues and escape the podcast?! Ed Sheeran is hiding something in his photograph, Taylor Swift got that BEEF, and the Kidz
As Adam and Alex sift through the graveyard of past goofs, we should all ponder how we got here. This one's got a very specifically erotic energy friends. You've been warned.  Alex says a prayer.  Adam needs swaddling.  Support Our Show on Patr
Sometimes, things don't pass the smell test. And other times, they give you a bad child feeling. Adam looks to the future ; Alex looks to the skies Support Our Show on Patreon Check out our partner shows on the Missing Sock Network! And follow
Join in for a special episode, and watch some Kidz Bop LIVE performances along with us! And if you enjoy this experiment, join the Missing Sock Patreon for more. Kidz Bop Summer Concert Series #1 Kidz Bop Summer Concert Series #2 Support Our Sh
We have achieved singularity. Kidz Bop and Pop are one. One beat. One sound. Alpha. Omega. Infinite. The cosmic background radiation that permeates the universe is the Bop. There is nothing else. Nowhere else. We are the Bop and the Bop is we.
Due to the pandemic, we haven't been able to go see Kidz Bop LIVE and report back to you, fine listener. But they've come to offer us the next best thing... a live-ish album... Alex shares a momentous concert Support Our Show on Patreon Check o
The journey of a thousand Kidz Bops begins with a single bad decision.  Join us as we travel to the early 2000s with the compilation that started it all, Kidz Bop 1. Wait a second...haven't we been here before? Time for a redo. Alex unleashes t
Let it go, friends. Let it go. It's time to raise the roof so hard it explodes. This week we've got snow perverts, skipping hipsters, and leather clad horniness sorcerers. Join us as we dance on the rubble of our horrible choices!  Adam puts on
We're thumpin cups and crackin claws this week. Here in this arid pop music wasteland we've found an Oasis... oh wait... no. No. Ah dammit it's Adam Levine again.  Adam would like a hand.  Alex would like to own you.    Support Our Show on Patr
Hey kiddo, why don't you grab yourself a bag of Graffitos and fall into your bean bag chair? And while you do that, let's put Kidz Bop 24 in the CD player. We can kick back and listen to Taylor Swift's explorations in dub step, and if you're co
Hey!! Hey Lady!!! We're listening to Kidz Bop 23!! The Dubs are stepping, the ukes are leleing, and life is one big Subaru commercial. Welcome back to 2013.  Adam fights back against cancel culture.  Alex pumps up the crowd.  Wanna hit that str
A party needs to be started, this just isn't the playlist to get it done. Part 2 of our slog through the all time "greatest" "hits" reveals the true identity of the Sk8er boi, art directs a crash and burn noise, and absolutely wants to be your
Strap in. Kidz Bop is trying to rewrite it's history and we will have NONE of it! This week, we compare 11 of 22 "Redo Versions" to their classic bop counterparts. As ever...these maniacs have somehow rendered these tunes EVEN MORE INAPPROPRIAT
You got your pencils, class? It's time to study basic metaphors in pop music. This prep course sponsored by Hefty. "Hefty! Throw your Love in the trash." Alex tries to help a brother out.  Adam is right behind you.  Support Our Show on Patreon
Adam loved Kidz Bop 21 so much, he just had to make a song about it. Put on your dancin shoes and Bop along with us! Support Our Show on Patreon Check out our partner shows on the Missing Sock Network! And follow the Network on Instagram too. F
We love this album more than we love ourselves. After 20+ albums, Kidz Bop 21 has made the journey worth all the suffering, the pain, and the tears. This isn't a joke, we fucking loved this one. We dance together, and more importantly learn wha
Just like every Cowboy, Adam and Alex are singing their sad sad song yet again. Your boys discuss pretending to be sad for sex, the downfall of eastern socialism, Weird Carl's imaginary friend, and the raw power of a sick guitar solo. ...Kidz B
Consider this the third installment in the "Childz Play + Wizards" trilogy. In an exciting new exploration of sonic and visual wonder, Alex and Adam watch The Wizard of Oz while listening to Kidz Bop 20. Does it sync up? Are there meaningful co
We've heard a lot of Kidz Bop at this point...but can we definitively say which Kidz Bop song is the worst of them all? This week, we are joined by Jonathan Holmes (@NonTrotski) of The Worst Song on Earth podcast to try and find out! Pro Parent
What the hell happened to pop music in 2010-2011? Alex and Adam aim to find out as they sift through endless dance beats, discuss the merits of feeling like a plastic bag, and recall the greatest acting exercise ever conceived.  Alex helps ever
In what can only be described as a bold new direction for our show, we do our darndest NOT to talk about Kidz Bop. In doing so, we create an exciting new youth clothing line, put on our meat suits , and visit the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. Ki
New Year, same old Kidz Bop. Our grim pilgrimage has no choice but to continue. Time to sharpen our katana blades in preparation. Adam teaches a lesson about the zone, and Alex DOES IT! Epic Music Support Our Show on Patreon Check out our partn
In what can only be described as a marathon effort, we reviewed the Kidz Bop Christmas album. We blaspheme (as always), laugh at ourselves (expected), and share some happy thoughts (unprecedented). "The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is si
Consider this a little stocking stuffer before we embark on the 35-track Kidz Bop Christmas Party epic. Explore a naughty little bakery, let some strangers in your house, and get smacked in the grundle by the Krampus. Support Our Show on Patreo
If you thought that this would be a sweet 16, you've got another thing coming. Wizards intent upon your destruction, incomprehensible dance tunes, and fire everywhere. The end is nigh. Alex throws down, but not who you might expect. Support Our
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